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I await you with nervous anticipation. I know that you are on your way up and I want everything to be perfectly prepared. I have spent the last several hours getting myself ready for you and setting up the room the way you like it. My anticipation of your arrival has already made me wet but I am still nervous, as I want to be the perfect pet for you. Your sharp knock on the door causes my heart to leap inside my chest and my heart rate speeds up. My legs are slightly shaky as I rush to open the door for you. I open the door and meet your intense gaze for only a second and then drop my eyes as is proper for me. I open the door further, backing up behind it, so no one passing in the hall will see that I am naked.

You enter, going swiftly to hang up your coat and you then turn to me, to find me kneeling on the floor, knees spread wide, my hands behind me, head up, but eyes on the floor. You circle me slowly, perhaps checking that I have prepared myself properly or perhaps just enjoying the sight of your pet, aroused and kneeling before you. Your hand caresses my face and I turn to place kisses on your palm, seeking more contact. You bend and run your hands over my body lightly, causing me to gasp and arch into your hands. I tell you how much your touch is arousing me. You kneel behind me and pull me in close to your body, still running your hands over me, down over my belly to my thighs and then back up until your large hands cup my breasts. I moan in pleasure as your hands play over my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers and pulling gently on the gold rings that pierce them. I feel every touch like a shock wave, straight down to my groin, and tell you this, while pressing my ass against the erection I can feel behind me. I want you very badly, to feel your hard cock inside me, your hands on me, your mouth on me, but I know what you will take me only when you are ready and this excites me even more.

You push my shoulders down toward the floor, exposing my ass to you and my anticipation builds as your hands caress my ass cheeks and my thighs. Finally you run your fingers between my ass cheeks and I feel a heat wave of lust run over me. I tell you how good that feels to me and you reward me by doing it again and again. Slowly, your hand goes lower and finally, I feel your finger slide into my slick, hot cunt. The feeling of you inside me makes me want to open myself more, to spread myself open before you and beg you to take me hard. Your slick fingers slide up and penetrate my ass and I have trouble finding my voice for a few seconds. I want to tell you how good that feels, how much I like it, but I can barely speak. The feel of your fingers stretching and exploring that very intimate place, taking possession of me totally is powerful. Your xslot hands are warm and strong on me, controlling my movement and holding me securely and the knowledge that you can physically dominate me, control me, hold me, excites me. There is no part of my body that you do not own or cannot touch for your pleasure.

Finally, you stand and move a few steps away, sitting in a nearby chair, and command me to undress you. I take great pleasure in doing this for you and my anticipation grows once more as your body is revealed to me. I want to touch you, to use my mouth on you, but may not as you have not given me permission. My gaze returns again and again to your lovely cock and I want that in my mouth very much. I love to feel how hard you get when I take you into my mouth – the texture of your skin like silk in my mouth, the unique scent of you, the way you react to my touches. At last, you give your permission, and I eagerly take you into my mouth, enjoying the feel and taste of you, the way the foreskin slides back to reveal the smooth head of your cock… It is all so good. Your hands go into my hair, controlling my movement, and you fuck my mouth a little. I concentrate on keeping my teeth out of the way and on using my tongue on the underside of your cock, tracing the large vein there and then swirling over the head. You stop thrusting and I lean in to take your cock all the way in, until the tip of you is at the back of my throat, enjoying the way you react to this. I let you slide out until just the tip of you remains in my mouth and my tongue gathers the sweetness of your pre-come before I plunge down again, taking you all the way in once more. It is so good, and I very much enjoy serving you in this way.

Your hand in my hair pulls my head away at last and you stand once more, helping me up and then guiding me toward a large mirror on the wall. You stand behind me, with my back to your front, your hands cupping and squeezing my breasts, enjoying the weight and feel of them in your hands. I enjoy the sensation of having your hands on me as well and tell you so, but I also like the picture we make together. You are larger and taller than I and I feel small and feminine to see your body behind mine with your large hands on me. Daringly, I place my hands behind me to find your cock and balls, which I explore and tease as you play with my breasts. My ass also pushes back into your groin for more contact as I silently beg for more. My nipples are stiffened peaks after your treatment of them and my breasts ache for your touch, your mouth on them, anything… My pussy is swollen and throbbing now, wet and hot for you.

You turn me in your arms and kiss me. My hands start to slide up around your neck, but you catch them and hold them securely xslot Giriş behind my back. I pull against you a little, not because I want to get away, but because I enjoy feeling your strength as you hold both of my wrists in one large hand, easily securing me. Your fist your hand in my hair to control my head during the kiss, moving me as you wish and your mouth descends on mine again. My lips part under yours and your tongue explores my mouth at will. My body melts into yours, seeking more contact, rubbing against the hard on I can feel against my belly, asking for more, ready to give anything. I am almost lightheaded with desire and need and cannot help the small moans that I make as you continue to kiss me.

You know that I am ready now. Normally, you would take me to the playroom or bind me as you please, but tonight you turn me toward the bed and place me face down, my legs spread wide, my hands near my face. Your large hand presses against the back of my neck, holding me, as I feel your slicked fingers run down the cleft of my ass, wetting my asshole thoroughly. Your hands grasp my hips and I feel myself being raised up, until my knees are on the bed and my ass is in the air, with my head and shoulders still on the bed. I feel very vulnerable and exposed now, a delicious feeling that fills me with anticipation. You command me to “present myself” and I reach behind with both hands, spreading my ass cheeks wide, exposing my slicked ass and dripping pussy to you. The head of your hard cock rubs over my pussy and then up to my ass and I wonder which you will choose to take tonight. I feel the head of your cock at the entrance to my cunt and almost scream with pleasure as you enter me in a hard thrust. There is a little pain at first as the tip of your cock bumps the end of my wet channel, but this fades quickly, to be replaced by intense pleasure with each hard thrust of your hips. You place a small vibrator in my hand and direct me to use this on my clit as you piston in an out of me. I am so aroused now, I know that it will be only minutes until I climax, so I beg permission to come, which you give. The vibrator on my clit sends sparks that I can practically see behind my eyelids and you can feel my pussy tighten around your shaft as you continue to stroke in and out of me. Finally, my clit swells and begins to pulse sending waves of pleasure through my body and I contract hard around your shaft, thrusting myself back against you as hard as I can, over and over again, prolonging my orgasm as long as I can. You ride out the waves of my orgasm without coming yourself and then finally pull out of me, hearing me moan at the loss of your cock from my pussy.

Your body comes to my left side and I can feel your left arm encircle me, holding xslot Güncel Giriş me tight and my ass tingles in anticipation of what I hope is coming next. Your right hand descends on my ass cheeks in hard SMACKs!, over and over again. My inner slave is delighted to be used so by her Master and my ass eagerly anticipates each blow. Begging for more, I tell you how much I need this discipline and to be reminded of my place as your pet. You oblige my need until my ass is red and hot, stinging from the force of your blows.

You move behind me once more and I feel the blunt head of your cock against my slicked pucker, and you slowly press forward, the head of your cock stretching me open with a delightful burning sensation as I try to accommodate your size. The burning sensation and slight pain of the stretch causes me to have another orgasm and as I scream my appreciation of this, you press forward harder as my ass clenches around your rock hard shaft. Balls deep, you pause a moment to give me time to adjust to the length and girth of you, before beginning to fuck my ass with a strong, pounding rhythm. Your cock fills me in a way I can hardly express and feels oh so good sliding in and out of my slick hole. Just knowing that your large cock is in this most intimate of places is very erotic and I know that you enjoy the sight of your shaft disappearing into me. Your pelvis slaps against my red, hot ass with each stroke and it feels almost as if you have continued to spank me. Your rhythm becomes harder and faster and I know that you are close. I try to tighten my muscles around your cock and am rewarded with a groan of appreciation. Your cock becomes even harder and you begin to slam into me, causing me to have to brace myself to keep from being thrown forward onto the bed. You come hard, continuing to pound into me for a few more strokes, and then lean forward, letting me feel the weight of you along my back for a moment, before going back to your knees, pulling me up along with you, your arms encircling my body, holding me tightly, your cock still in my ass. My submission to you feels complete tonight, I have willingly given you all that I am.

I tilt my head back to you and you kiss me softly, as your cock finally slips from my body. You kiss me gently several more times and then finally send me off to the bathroom for a warm damp cloth. I return and clean you gently and then myself, wiping very gently over my ass, which I am sure will be sore in the morning! You draw me down into your arms and hold me against your chest, your large hand rubbing gently over my ass cheeks, which are still pink and warm from my spanking. I feel so content at this moment, warm and safe, well used by my Master, aware of my place in your life and how much serving you means to me. I start to speak of this to you, but your finger on my lips hushes me. The look in your eyes tells me that you know what I am feeling. I dare a gentle kiss to your lips and snuggle back into your arms as we both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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