Fast Food Fantasy Ch. 2


It had been months since I left my job at the fast food place. My new job was going great but I had to admit that I missed the flirting and teasing of the young things in the restaurant. I know none of them were serious. What 18 year old would want to make it with a 36-year-old married mother of two? I was old enough to be THEIR mother. Still it made the days go by faster when they would rub against me in the kitchen or grab my ass when we passed in the basement. I would have loved to do any one of them, and actually had been with a couple of the older ones, but I wasn’t about to risk my neck just to satisfy their curiosity.

On this particular night I was driving around town when I saw one of the older boys, Mike, watching the traffic go around the cruising mile. I pulled in to say hi and see what he was up to. The conversation was friendly and light until Shawn and his buddies pulled in. Shawn was 17 when he started working with me. His girlfriend worked there too so I was always surprised at how far he would go with his flirting. He was forever coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my chest. He would grind his hips against my ass. Then laughing and winking he would walk away and plant a kiss on his girlfriend’s neck. I considered it another perk of the job and his girlfriend never seemed to mind so I just let it go. When Shawn pulled in, Mike went over to the car to chat. I was thinking what I was going to do next, being excluded from the conversation, when Shawn hollered at me, “Aren’t you even going to say HI!?”

“I thought you just wanted to talk to Mike,” I responded as I slid from the hood of the car I was sitting on and walked over to Shawn’s open window. “Hi. How are you Shawn? Long time no see.”

“No doubt. What ya been up to? You’re looking good.”

“Yea right. You just want something I know.”

Shawn got out of the car and stepped towards me forcing me to step back. “Funny you should say that because I was hoping you would do me a favor.”

“Like what?” I asked thinking I knew what he had in mind.

“Me and my buddies would like some beer.”

“Shawn!! I am NOT going to buy beer for you. You’re only 17!”

“I’m 18!! Come on. I’ll make it worth you’re while,” he said. I couldn’t help but notice the look of lust in his eyes. I thought I Bayan Escort Gaziantep had to be imagining things.

“17!? 18!? It’s all the same. I could get into serious trouble and you know it.”

“If we get busted I’ll just say we got it from a college kid.”

“I don’t think so.” Shawn let it drop and we all stood around chatting. Soon Mike had to go because he had to work early. “I probably should get going too,” I added as Mike climbed into his car. I went to my car and opened the door. I looked up and Shawn was on the passenger’s side climbing in. “What do you think you are doing?” I asked.

“WE are going to bet beer,” he answered matter of fact. I got in and just looked at him.

“You PROMISE no one will know where you got it.” I never could tell those young ones no.

“I promise,” he said, winking at me. God he had beautiful eyes. His long blonde hair didn’t hurt either. I started the car and put it in reverse. His friends had pulled away after he assured them he would meet up with them later WITH beer. “So what do you say? Wanna have sex?”

“WHAT!” I looked at him dumb founded. Surely he wasn’t serious.

“Come on. You know I’ve wanted you for along time. It’s just you and me now. Let’s find someplace nice and quiet to fuck.”

“I don’t think so,” was all I could manage as I drove towards the store for beer. Nothing more was said as we went inside and I paid for his illegal alcohol. When we got back in the car I looked at him and asked, “Where to?” I followed his directions without question.

When we stopped we were in a remote corner of a local park. Shawn leaned over and kissed me as I put the car in park and killed the engine. He knew there was no way I really meant it when I had told him no. How could I turn him down? He was young, sexy and I hadn’t had any fun in weeks. His hands roamed over my chest as he slid closer to me in the front seat of my car. He had the buttons of my blouse undone before I knew what was happening. Never wearing a bra caused my excited nipples to spill out into his waiting hands. He sucked my tongue into his eager mouth as his fingers tweaked my swollen nipples.

“Oh Shawn,” I moaned pushing his head towards my aching nipples. I wanted to feel his young, hot mouth wrapped around them. He obliged by sucking first one then the other between his lips and flicking them back and forth with his tongue. His hands roamed further down across my heaving stomach causing me to squirm in anticipation. He wasted no time in getting me out of my jeans once he reached his goal. When they hit the floor he pulled away from my nipples amidst whines from me.

“It’s ok. Let’s get in the back,” he consoled me. I couldn’t get across the seat fast enough. He stayed behind only long enough to shed his clothes. Then, naked, he climbed in back with me. He kissed my neck lightly before sliding down to the floor so his lips were on the same level as my throbbing cunt. His fingers parted my smooth shaven lips ever so gently allowing his talented tongue unimpeded access to my dripping snatch. My hips rose off the seat to meet his probing tongue. My fingers found the back of his head, pulling him even closer.

“Eat me Shawn!! Lick my pussy!!” I moaned. I started to rock my pelvis back and forth in time to his ministrations. I was grinding my pussy deeper into his face with each stroke. The car smelled of wet pussy and hot sex. I didn’t care who might come by as I screamed out in ecstasy. I flooded his face with my sweet juice and he lapped up every drop.

Even though I had just cum I needed more. I was not to be disappointed as Shawn crawled up on the seat over me. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my thigh. He leaned down to kiss me so I could taste my juice on his lips as his raging hard on loomed ever nearer to my wanting sexual tunnel.

“What do you want?” he teased me.

Oh Shawn!” I breathed. “You know what I want.”

“I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

I was dying to feel that young hard cock slicing its way into my neglected honey pot. I all but screamed, “FUCK ME SHAWN!! BURY YOUR HARD COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW!!”

“Yes Ma’am!” he responded as his cock took on a mind of its own. It slid in to the hilt of my dripping cunt on the first stroke causing me to inhale sharply. He didn’t even slow down as he drew it out and stroked in again. His movements were a blur. His stamina was mind-boggling. Each down stroke hit my g-spot with the practiced skill of someone twice his age. I was coming almost constantly, my nails scraping his back. I was sure the whole town could hear.

Just as quickly as he had started he stopped, pulling his cock from my convulsing pussy with a loud pop. I looked up at him with lust filled eyes. He didn’t say a word but gently slapped my ass and helped me to flip over onto my knees. I understood immediately where he was going with it and I cooperated eagerly. Once I had turned over I brought my knees up close and put my face into the seat so my ass was high in the air. He put both hands on my bare ass cheeks and I thought he was about to penetrate me from behind in classic doggy style. I was in for more surprises as I felt his tongue running along my ass cheek.

He licked his way along my swaying ass giving me shivers until he reached my exposed pussy lips. His tongue dove right in tasting more of my sweet juice that he had stirred up. This time the seat muffled my moans. I arched my back and drove my pussy as tight against his face as I could, grinding my hips back and forth. His fingers worked their way across my cheeks towards the wetness between my legs. Another surprise came when I felt his finger playing against the tight bud of my nether hole. I quit bucking and grinding and allowed him to slowly penetrate my tight little pucker while his tongue sent me over the edge yet again.

Convinced that I was ready he came up on his knees behind me. My body tensed not sure of what to expect from my imaginative young lover. His finger remained in my ass while he positioned himself outside my impatient fuck hole. Had it not been for his finger banging holding me in place I would have impaled myself on that rock hard shaft. He took his time this round, easing into me with slow deliberate strokes. His fingers in my ass matched his strokes. His smooth young balls slapped my clit with each in stroke causing me to tremble with excitement. The car was rocking with our movements as he stroked long and hard. My mind was numb as his finger slid out of my ass and I felt both of his hands on my hips. His strokes got faster and more urgent as I realized he was about to cum.

“YES!! FUCK YES!! Fill me with your hot seed!! Cum in my pussy you young little stud!!” I screamed my encouragement as he threw his head back and pumped me full of his creamy white fluid. I was momentarily disappointed that I didn’t get to taste it but then when you’ve been ridden like he rode me who’s to complain…

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