Family Home Stay Ch. 14


The door opened and Rupert and Mariko stepped in, depositing their shoes at the door. Mariko walked through the house, calling out for Julia and Jim to see if they were home. Julia called out from the bedroom where she and Jim were still locked in a lover’s embrace.

Mariko stuck her head in the door and smiled at the two naked bodies lying on the bed, mother and son. Rupert walked up behind her and fit himself against her butt, reaching his hands around her to squeeze her breasts.

“Have you been fucking your mother again?” he said, his mouth twisting into a sly grin.

“Of course, and what about you? Been getting any of that Japanese nookie?”

“He’s so bad,” Mariko said. “He make me take off panties and then when I sit down everyone can see.”

“Well, let us see,” Julia said.

Rupert flipped up Mariko’s skirt, showing a brief flash of the soft hair covering her pussy. She slapped his hands playfully and shrugged.

“See, what I tell you? He’s bad boy.”

“But it looks so good,” Jim said.

“See, what’d I tell you?” Rupert said. “It’s not bad, it’s good.”

“Good and sweet,” Julia said. “How about giving us a little show? You know, showing us how sweet her pussy is.”

Mariko blushed a little, and the extra red made her face light up. She spun around and her skirt flared out, exposing her bare butt. Rupert smiled and reached for her, but she moved just out of his reach, starting a slow striptease. She encouraged him with her hands, and he eagerly left his clothes on the floor, joining her as she stepped out of her skimpy garments.

Julia and Jim moved aside to make room for the dancing couple on the bed, and Rupert pushed Mariko under him. She opened her legs wide and put her arms around his neck as he pressed forward, his dick moving up the crevice between her legs. The tip of it found her opening and started inside. She made a sobbing sound from deep in her throat and he worked his hips in and out, gathering lubrication from her wet cunt as he pushed his cock into her.

Julia edirne escort put her hands on Rupert’s back as he started to fuck Mariko, sliding them up and down in a loving caress. She massaged his butt cheeks and spread them apart a little, and traced the depression with one long finger, teasing at his asshole. He grinned at her and plunged his dick all the way into Mariko’s now sopping pussy.

“Feels good,” he said.

“Uh-huh,” she said. “But we want to see you eat her pussy.”

“Okay, sure,” he said, withdrawing his dripping dick from the tight hole he’d just been fucking.

He flipped Mariko over so he was laying on the bed on his back and she was straddling his face, her thighs touching his ears. She reached behind him for a pillow and stuck it under his head, then settled back down on his chest and began feeding her pussy to him so it was easy for Jim and Julia to see the hot action.

She brushed her hands through her sleek black hair and leaned back so it trailed down her back. She gyrated her hips, thrusting them forward so her pussy was in Rupert’s grasp. This threw her chest forward also, pushing her small high breasts up into the air at an enticing angle.

“Oooh, her little tits look so delicious,” Julia said. “And just look at Rupert’s cock, standing up so hard and wet.” She was squirming on the bed, moving closer and closer to the sexual display. “Tell you what,” she said to Jim. “I’ll take the tits and you take the dick. I love to watch you suck cock.”

Jim moved with his mother, rubbing his hands over her back and squeezing her breasts as she got into position to suck on Mariko’s breasts. As she moved aside, it gave him free access to his friend’s dick. He got himself sideways to it and grasped it with his hand, jacking him off and feeling the slippery cunt juice coating it.

Julia put a hand behind Mariko and another on one of her breasts, sucking the other one almost entirely into her greedy mouth. Mariko sighed and put her hands around Julia, hugging her and forcing her elazığ escort breast even deeper into the eagerly sucking mouth.

“Oh, feels good,” she said. “You kiss breast and Rupert kiss pussy. I feel special.”

Just then Jim’s mouth enveloped the head of Rupert’s cock and he thrust his hips to get even more of it into his friend’s mouth. Jim could taste the sweet pussy taste coating the cock in his mouth and it added to his excitement.

“Um, that feels good, too,” Rupert said, removing his mouth from Mariko’s cunt. “I love the way you suck my cock.”

“Tastes good,” Jim said. “Tastes like pussy. Japanese pussy.”

“Really sweet then,” Rupert said and returned to his enthusiastic pussy eating. He slurped inside her hole, swabbing his tongue up inside her, then licked around the outer lips at the top where her clit was. He sucked that little bud into his mouth and swirled his tongue over it repeatedly, bringing sobs and moans from Mariko, who was practically vibrating between the lips attached to her cunt and the mouth feverishly consuming her little breasts.

Jim was sucking hard on Rupert now, and Rupert was thrusting his hips up into the air, bouncing Mariko on his chest with his arms around her ass, pulling himself deeper into her wet sweet pussy. He shook his head back and forth, slashing his tongue in a vibrato that brought a cry to her lips.

“I cum,” Mariko shouted.

This drove Rupert wild and he got even harder in Jim’s mouth. At the same time, he slurped at the cunt juices that started flooding his mouth. He groaned at the onslaught and sucked voraciously at her oozing cunt. His hips were jerking wildly and Jim had difficulty in keeping up with his movements. Then he started cumming too. His cock jerked and a blast of juicy cum exploded into Jim’s mouth.

He kept his lips clamped tight and swallowed the sperm, waiting for more to follow. He wasn’t disappointed as his friend shot multiple loads of creamy goo, grunting with every wad. Mariko was trembling with her own erzincan escort release, and clutching Julia to her heaving breasts. Julia had a hand in her own cunt and was masturbating furiously. Soon her cries joined the others as she drove herself to release a flood of woman cum.

Gradually they disentangled themselves, all completely relaxed and satiated. It was a beautiful feeling, sharing sex. The ultimate, for Jim, was sharing it with his mother.

“Um, Julia,” he sighed. “That was so good. I just love having sex with you. It feels so special.”

“Yes baby. I love it with you too. You’re my darling son. My lovely little mother fucker.” She laughed a little, savoring the sound.

“You like calling me that, don’t you?”

“Mother fucker? Yes, I like it. Because you always fuck your mother so good.”

“And you like it when I suck cock too, don’t you?”

“Umm, of course. You’re a good little cocksucker too.”

“Then why did you get so upset about Dad doing it?”

“Huh? What’s that? What do you mean?”

“I mean, he said the reason you two broke up had something to do with him being with other guys.”

“That’s right, but it wasn’t the fact that he liked to suck guys off. I could go along with that. I even like that, as you say. The real problem was that he wasn’t honest with me. It wasn’t a sexual issue so much as an honesty issue.”

“So, you mean if he had told you the truth, that he was bisexual, that you two might not have broke up?”

“Very possibly. But it’s difficult to get over.”

“Wow,” Rupert said. “Your Dad is bi? I didn’t know that. Have you done him, like you do me?”

“Have I sucked my father’s cock? Yes, and it was good too. I sucked him all the way off,” Jim said.

“Oh my. What a fucking family this is turning out to be.”

“Yes, nice family,” Mariko said. “Nice fucking family.”

“And I want for us to be a real family again,” Jim said. “I’d like to get back together with Dad. Do you think you could give it one more try?”

“The sex is nice. I liked fucking him again, and seeing the two of you together was a turn-on, I admit. As for the other, I’m not so sure.”

“But you’d be willing to try?”

“Listen, don’t push it. I said I’d be willing to fuck him again. Then we’ll just have to see.”

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