Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 22

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Eric: Their Target

Shyanne led Claudia into Ashley’s office for her weekly report on the Claudia’s transformation from a featureless, dull General Counsel into an object of sexual amusement. Claudia wore a grey business suit, a white shirt with starched collar, and a blue tie—perfectly acceptable apparel, office appropriate, perhaps a bit too austere and mannish, but eminently suitable. The style was little changed from her former attire except for better fit and quality—from the waist up. The matching skirt was cut from the same quality material, just not enough of it. It was short, way too short. The skirt was cut above mid thigh accenting the earthy thickness of Claudia’s peasant legs and pushing a disturbing fashion trend. The platform heels and fishnet stockings were simply disgraceful.

Ashley was writing a book on the sociology of masks in the contemporary work place. As research, she ordered that Shyanne dress Claudia in manner that progressively pushed the edge of humiliation. Shyanne was to keep notes on the reactions of their co-workers. It was a field study, all in the interest of science.

Claudia still functioned as General Council, which meant she supervised a group of attorneys. These people did not like Claudia at all, but they were ambitious ass kissers who did circus tricks for the loathsome young woman who had taken the job they each thought they deserved. The attorneys begrudged Claudia’s special connection with Ashley, the princess in charge of their careers and fortunes, but they were far too sensible to breathe a word to their colleagues of their resentment and distain for Claudia. But to their spouses and lovers they mocked everything about the awkward Claudia—she was an impractical lawyer, she talked too much, she was absurdly boring, her dress was plain to the point of being repulsive and/or comical, and furthermore (what a misfit) she didn’t play golf.

Then something changed. The skirts started getting shorter, the makeup more obvious, and the nauseating feminist lectures stopped. Their boss’s boring clothing became weird in a new way. She was showing way too much leg. She also wore too much make up. Was this peculiar geek actually becoming hot in a creepy way?

And Claudia was utterly distracted. She still talked too much, but now that she wasn’t giving intimidating lectures on feminism and progressive politics, everyone finally understood that Claudia’s chatter was pure, vacuous nonsense. Claudia was absent a lot, physically and mentally. She was unpredictable. She would call her attorneys together for meetings, and then cancel at the last moment. When she finally did hold a meeting she seemed more interested in showing off her legs than talking about work. It was all they could do to keep a straight face in meetings.

Shyanne led this caricature of an office whore to stand before Ashley. Ashley examined Claudia up and down, smiled, leaned back, and put her legs up on her desk. Besides the ridiculous clothing, Claudia wore the sour look of a petulant child. Shyanne began, “Good morning Ashley. Claudia is making excellent progress. Claudia, say good morning to your boss.”

Claudia frowned, shook her head and gave Shyanne a pleading look. “Come now Claudia, I wouldn’t want Ashley to get the impression that you are disobedient or stuck up. Turn that frown upside down. Say good morning.”

Claudia opened her mouth as if to speak. She winced, and then tried again, “Gu morring.”

“That’s better. Now show Ashley your new tongue ring.”

Claudia grimaced in pain clamping her eyes shut. She leaned forward stiffly from her waist, opened her mouth, and gingerly stuck out her swollen tongue. She winced as a thick silver ring slipped over her teeth to hang from a fresh stab wound at the end of her inflamed tongue. Claudia stood rigid, bent from her waist, and eyes crunched shut. A single tear escaped and ran down her cheek. She held her arms stiff and straight off to her side; her widely spread fingers trembled. Ashley thought she looked like a cartoon whooping crane.

Ashley approved, “Nice pose, hold that Claudia. Shyanne, I think Claudia’s ring is entirely fetching. I know you had some doubt about using such a large piece, but isn’t it lovely, and it is the perfect way to control her excessive gabbing. She was such a xslot bore. While Claudia stands there posing for us, give me an update.”

“Well, I had Claudia’s tongue pierced yesterday. It will take a couple of weeks to heal. I can’t imagine how she is going to function here at the office, but since you insist, she will try. She is still begging to be allowed a leave of absence. The healing process will slow some aspects of her training, but she is doing well. As you instructed she had been getting a steady diet of my pussy. Until her tongue heals, we will have to lay off that. Claudia really likes eating pussy; she is always begging for more. You can see she is dressing better, well at least more interestingly, no more of that bureaucrat-in-a-sack stuff.

“I took her out to a bar to give her a taste of trawling for guys before the tongue thing. You should have seen her. I dressed her up like a total whore—fetish stockings, heels, big ridiculous falsies, and a short tight dress. For an ugly duckling, she was looking ok; the slut look works on her. We went together and the guys were all over us. I picked out a guy across the room and made Claudia play him for cash. It was funny. The guy kind of liked her whore look, but he was looking for free pussy. He actually bargained her down. I guess I had overestimated Claudia’s market value. You should have seen his eyes light up when I met them at the door and told him he was going to get a two for one special. It was kind pathetic the way he tried to ignore Claudia and was all over me. He hurt her feeling, bad boy.

“We got him up to a hotel room and he immediately wanted to fuck me. I told him his deal was with Claudia and so he should romance her while I watched. He was starting to get it that this was going to be something new and different.”

Ashley interrupted, “Claudia, you look uncomfortable. Let’s all go sit while Shyanne tells me her story.” Claudia had dutifully held her pose, bent at the waist, tongue hanging out. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. A little blood was threatening to drip from the heavy ring pulling on the fresh wound. Ashley didn’t want it on her floor. Claudia straightened, cautiously took her ring back into her mouth, wiped her tears, and covered her sore mouth. The three women went to the sitting area in Ashley’s opulent office. Claudia knelt quietly on the floor at Shyanne’s feet as Shyanne continued her report.

“Well I promised to keep Claudia a virgin and this posed some difficulties. The guy threw Claudia down on the bed and tore off her panties. I had to intervene. ‘Slow down honey. Let the girl suck your cock.’ He was very happy to oblige. I told him Claudia was a trainee and that he and I were going to give her a cock-sucking lesson. This really was Claudia’s first cock sucking experience. She was an enthusiastic, if clumsy, student. He and I sat on the bed giving Claudia instructions while she knelt between his legs learning the art of cocksucking. You liked that a lot didn’t you Claudia? Which is better honey, eating pussy or sucking cock?”

Claudia struggled to respond. “I wike um bof. Bup I wike you befs.”

Ashley smiled and touched Claudia’s cheek. “It is so cute the way you talk with your tongue all swollen and pierced. It’s much more endearing than that bullshit you used to spew. And since it hurts to talk, you are succinct.”

Shyanne continued, “Well this guy was having the time of his life, but Claudia couldn’t get him to come. When he started getting bored, I told him it was his turn. I made him go down on me. He was an obliging cunt sucker. Then I made him strip and lie on the bed. I got down between his legs and sucked while Claudia straddled his face. He was really getting into eating cunt. Claudia was so hot she came almost instantly. I told him, ‘Darling let’s do something a little kinky. Let Claudia tie you up.’ He fell for it. By that time, the guy was ready to do anything. Claudia tied his hands behind his back while I sucked his cock. Then we tied his ankles to his wrists. He kept smiling until I kicked him off the bed onto the floor.

“I told Claudia, ‘Ashley wants you to learn a particular attitude toward men. She wants you to treat them like pigs. This guy is what we call hogtied. Show him exactly what he is good for. Squat over his face and piss on him.’ xslot Giriş

“The guy suddenly realized his predicament and he started to complain. I guess Claudia has a lot of pent up hostility. She kicked the guy in the mouth and told him to shut the fuck up. Ashley you would have been so proud of your General Counsel. By now, the guy was scared shitless. He just lay there sobbing while Claudia squatted down and pissed all over his head. The vulgar, abusive language Claudia let loose was a real surprise. Your girl has been holding a lot in. We left the guy there tied up and gagged with a note apologizing for the mess saying that he was a rapist who had been given his just deserts. We suggested that housekeeping should give him more of what he deserved and piss on him too. We left a nice tip.”

“Shyanne, that is wonderful. You’re doing such a great job. I wasn’t sure you got the concept at first, but you really do understand what I want. Good girl. How about the body building, is Claudia responding well?”

“Yeah. She was sore at first. I don’t think she has done a physical thing in her life, but she is starting to get some muscle mass. The hormone therapy makes her a little crabby and stupid, but it seems to help with the body. The tanning bed makes everything look better. She has lots of new clothes, sexy stuff. She’ll never be a feminine beauty, but she’s starting to get that hot muscle girl look. The hormones do make her aggressive, but she naturally directs that hostility toward men, which I think, would make you proud. We’re looking into some plastic surgery now that her body is taking on some shape. She had been eating pussy every day. She beats off every day watching herself in the mirror, but she knows not to bust her cherry. She says she wants cock, but I told her she couldn’t have any until Eric is ready for her. She likes the idea that he will be her first man.”

“Thank you Shyanne, you’re doing a wonderful job. Be sure to save that virgin cherry. Get started on the plastic surgery as soon as possible. I want her presentable in about a month for Eric’s coming out party. He is making fast progress too.”

“We’ll see the surgeon tomorrow to get things going. This whole thing is new to me, but I am beginning to see what you mean about the thrill of dominance. Of course, it helps that I am working on Claudia. She was such an obnoxious, stuck up bitch. I love pushing her around. Thanks Ashley, this is fun. One thing though, excuse me, but I have to know, how was it that you selected Eric for special treatment? There are lots of guys with submissive tendencies. I didn’t take Eric to be one of them.”

“Oh, Eric was all man, all macho, dominant guy. That challenge was just one more reason to go after him. But we picked him for a more particular reason. You met Anna, she’s kind my mentor. I met her when I was in prep school and I choose to go to the college where she teaches. Together we created a secret sorority dedicated to developing a ‘vanguard movement of woman to control the world’. If that sounds crazy, well in the beginning we were a little nuts. Eventually we had to admit that the world would do what it will despite the feeble attempts of any pathetic human cabal. Nonetheless, we were determined to control our own lives and our own chunk of the world. The storms of the world might toss us about, but we would surf those waves like no one else. We would have our fun.

“Fun. Freedom and fun. That’s the heart of it. And there is nothing more fun than sex, except fucking with people. Most people carry around so much baggage, conflicting agendas, and guilt that the best they can do with their lives is stumble around like a blindfolded blind woman lost in a moonless night. Most people have no hope of controlling their own lives. We tossed all that baggage overboard. The first things we tossed were submission to convention and guilt…and men. That done; people were no longer an annoyance. They were just more toys. We could run amuck in a world filled with toys.

“Anyway, back to Eric. Anna had this bright, but hopelessly fucked up protégé, Veronica. The girl was a mess, real fat and timid. Anna wanted to take this broken toy apart and fix it. It turned out that Veronica was fat because she liked to eat, but she was timid because in high school xslot Güncel Giriş she had been trapped in an abusive relationship with a handsome, sociopath of a boy, none other than our good friend Eric. We decided it would be fun to find that boy and fuck with him, to teach him to be timid.

“We did some research, and surprise, surprise, the evildoer worked in one of my Daddy’s companies. This was just too sweet. Daddy would do anything for Anna, so he stepped aside and gave me the company. Anna had been Daddy’s mistress. She’s been that special woman to many powerful people.

When I was in prep school, I visited Daddy and he was seeing this amazing, beautiful red head. I was so jealous, jealous that Daddy was so submissive toward this woman, and jealous that Anna paid more attention to him than I did. She was not just beautiful; she was the smartest, most accomplished woman I had ever met. I wanted Anna’s attention and I found a way to get it. Daddy was not too happy about that, but unlike with anything else in his life, in all things Anna, he relinquished control to her. But more about that some other time. Suffice it to say Anna and I became fast friends, and I eventually got the company. Back to Eric.

“Eric had fucked up Veronica back in high school by cruelly misusing her. We came up with a plan to make him pay. Just as Anna was my mentor, Gina was my protégé. She would be the perfect bait to trap Eric. The dashing playboy and an unscrupulous con man was making gobs money for Daddy’s defense company. The lying prick was stealing millions from the good taxpayers for Daddy. It’d a shame to lose a moneymaker like Eric, but, se la vies, our games come first.

“You’ve seen Gina, Eric could resist that. But Anna and I had taught Gina the craft female domination, the art of man control. Gina practiced on Anna’s fiancé Edward and since on a series of guileless men. Gina became a skilled dominatrix. Not a whore playing to men’s fantasies, not just whips, chains and black boots, but a woman who makes strong men shiver, fall to their knees, and grovel in gratitude for the slightest crumb of notice. Men crawl for a morsel of her contempt. Eric is sort of her postgraduate project.

“Gina is a genius. She’s transformed Eric the chauvinist libertine into Eric, woman’s boy toy. Now Anna has sent him to a finishing school for some final polishing up. He needs a good dose of the whips, chains and black boots thing. He is beaten every day and is learning to take pain without complaint. Shyanne, you thought he was not submissive, but you should see that cunt licker now. Your playboy stud buddy now is just a girl’s eager plaything.

“We’re going to have a coming out party for Eric and Claudia soon. Claudia, do you want to break that cherry on Eric? I’ll let you, but only if you behave, work hard, and obey. I want you to build that body. I want you to submit to Shyanne. If you are good, you can fuck Eric, bleed all over him, and then whip him. You’d like that; wouldn’t you?”

Claudia raised her tearful eyes to Ashley and nodded eagerly. Ashley laughed, “Oh, you poor horny thing. Cat got your tongue? Spread your knees, finger your clit, and beg.”

Dutifully, Ashley’s General Counsel reached up under her dress and abused herself for Ashley’s entertainment. “Peas mistress Afwee. May I peas fuck Ewic. May I peas bea im; vip im. I wan u hur im. I wan fuck im and hur him; I wan hur all cocksh.”

“Careful not to break into that virgin cherry of yours. Save it for my party. Save it for Eric. That’s it; just rub that tiny little clitty. Shyanne, this is fun, isn’t it? I’m getting hot. Get down and eat me while I watch my lawyer on her knees finger fucking herself.”

Ashley wore her old school mask. She was scrupulously dressed in proper, traditional business attire—a seersucker jacket, coordinating mid-calf length skirt, a pink blouse, and pearls (large, natural, and triple stranded). She wore an American flag label pin. Ashley took off her wire rim glasses. She didn’t need these for a prescription, only for the impersonation of solemn reserve. Ashley hiked her skirt to her waist and through off her plain white cotton panties. She opened her thighs for Shyanne.

“Slip that whore’s tongue up my cunt and make me come. Yes my dear, honor your mistress’s quim, cunny, precious love thing. Does my Vegas show whore know all the nice Victorian terms for cunt? Work on the Mons Venus. That means my clit stupid. Oh, this is so civilized—what a stylish way to wile away a morning at the old office.”

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