Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 04

I was really confused about what had happened with Ryan. I wasn’t gay! I had basically never had a gay thought in my life. That is, until huge muscle teen stud Ryan…Dick. And while it was almost definitely the case that Ryan knew the effect he had on me, I didn’t know for sure that he did. He hadn’t really reacted to my climax on top of him (other than to say “good girl”, but he could have been talking about my massage).

After getting home that night, I tested myself out. I sat on my computer at home and looked through pictures and videos of naked guys. Tall, short, skinny, stocky, old and young, all I felt for any of them was disinterest and mild disgust. The only media that came anywhere close to turning me on was hugely muscular young men, but only to the extent that they reminded me of big Dick. Even within that demographic, no matter how many different guys I looked at, I found they were, at best, poor imitations of Ryan’s amazingly hard body and boyish handsomeness.

I closed out all my internet tabs and found myself instead thinking about Ryan’s masculine body. How small I felt compared to him, how nice it was to have his hands and hard body on me. Before I even realized what I was doing, I found myself grinding my ass into my chair and bending forward, imagining I was again grinding on Ryan’s lap.

A loud buzz sounded and gave me a jolt. My eyes flew open and I saw my phone had lit up. I leaned back. Jesus, get ahold of yourself, I thought. I grabbed the phone, assuming it would be Carlie. She often sent texts in the middle of the night with updates about her shift for me to see when I woke up.

Instead, it was from an unsaved number. Ryan, I thought, my heart skipping a beat.

“Thanks again for the massage, baby. Keep up the good work on your core and that ass. Feeling great.”

I stared at the message, thinking back to Ryan’s large hands squeezing me. l hesitated. I needed to show this kid that I wasn’t simply at his beck and call. I decided I wouldn’t answer him tonight.

It was difficult. I stared at his message and even typed out a couple lame responses before stubbornly deleting them.

About 15 minutes later, as I lay in bed, I pulled up my text chain with Ryan. Again I clicked the text box to respond, but once again decided against it. Then, after hesitating only a moment, I slowly scrolled up to the picture he had sent me earlier that day. I opened it.

My god. Seeing him triggered all the images of him now burned into my brain. Ryan peeling his sweater off. Ryan laying on the bench, my hands on him. Ryan’s wide strong chest beneath me as I sat on him.


“What you waiting for babe?”

I stared…confused. But I still didn’t respond. He’d probably just think I was asleep, right?

Another buzz. “Babe?”

I decided I couldn’t pretend to ignore him any more. “Sorry, was in the shower.”

“Thinking about me? ;)”

Before I could respond that I wasn’t, he continued.

“Just joking. Why do you keep starting to respond and then stopping. The indicator pops up every time you start typing you know.”

Shit…what do I say? What could I say? Phone glitching? I decided just to be straight-forward. I replied, lamely, “Sorry, wasn’t sure what to say…”

“You’re so cute. So would you say I take your breath away?”

I needed to say something but didn’t want to say that. “Ummm…” Killer response, I thought. So well composed, I thought, fuming at myself.

“Alright you little chatterbox, I’ll let you off the hook. See you for the next session on Thursday, same time?” That was two nights from now.

I paused only a second before saying “Okay.”

“Great. Also, I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know already, but you do need to shave off a few pounds babe. Exercise is great, but it all starts with diet. Lets say 1200-1300 calories a day, okay?”

What the fuck. That was nothing! Anger flared up. I began to type a reply that there was no way I was changing my diet just because he said so. But again he beat me to it.

“I know that sounds harsh, baby, but it will be good for you. If that’s not a good enough reason for you, do it for me?”

My anger melted away. As always I found myself wanting to please him. And it was true that it was really all in my best interest.

“Okay, Ryan.” I said. “I was planning to do something like that anyways.”

He replied. “Good ??”

I stared at the kissing emoji for a long time. But he didn’t text me again. I closed my eyes and settled into a fitful sleep.

Though I tried to put Ryan out of my head for the following two days, I found it impossible to do so. I was so confused about how I felt about this cocky teenage Dick. I was 13 years older than him, and completely straight. I knew I shouldn’t have paid him any mind.

Carlie noticed how distracted I was acting and on Wednesday morning asked what was wrong. I played it off as nothing, and that I was just hungry because I was trying this new diet. Still she persisted. She came up to me and gave xnxx me a deep kiss. I kissed her back, welcoming the distraction. We started making out and stumbled into the bedroom. As we stripped she asked “you want to be on top?”

“Sure,” I panted, excited. But as I got between her legs and looked down onto her soft body, I felt a pang of disappointment. I tried to stick it in but found I was rapidly softening.

“Jerry? Everything okay?”

It wasn’t okay. I wasn’t able to recover and we ended up just cuddling. This wasn’t normal for me and Carlie kept asking me what was wrong. I told her nothing was and, after a while, got up to go to work.

Thursday inched by and I found I had a growing sense of anticipation. I arrived at the gym around 10 p.m. that evening and there he was, ripping out sets of tricep extensions, his arms looking huge. My breath caught, seeing big Dick.

I walked over to the free-weight area and made eye contact with Ryan, giving him a slight head nod in greeting. He grinned and said “hey babe.” I wandered over to the free barbell, which happened to be right in front of him and, facing away from him, bent over to begin deadlifts. I felt a strange thrill knowing he was right behind me as I bent over and I wondered if he would help me out like last time.

However, when I straightened up, he was wondering away. I continued my reps. As I ran through my leg, core, and butt exercises (each as recommended by the girl in the video Ryan had showed me), I continually checked on Ryan and each time found the teenager immersed in his own exercises. Still, he would periodically make eye contact and come over, saying things like “keep it up” and giving me casual pointers here and there. He didn’t touch me though.

I finished my workout on the stairclimber and when I was just about done he walked up and stood behind me and to the right. He stood and looked at my butt and I felt myself sashaying a bit automatically.

“I’m gonna hit the Sauna.”

“Um…Okay.” With that he walk out of the gym and towards the locker room.

After about 30 seconds, I followed. I quickly got undressed and went to the sauna. But as I stepped in, I saw it was empty. After a moment, I sat down, confused. I must have missed him in the locker room, I thought. I waited and thought.

What was I doing? Here I was in the sauna waiting to…what? Give this kid, this cocky teen, another massage? What was wrong with me? What would Carlie think? I felt a stab of confusion and guilt.

Then Ryan walked in with only a towel on. My mind went blank as I stared at his massive frame.

“Hey babe – thanks for waiting. Was taking a shit.”

“Yeah…no problem.”

“You want give me another massage, then?”

Did I want to? Well? What do I say to him? “Umm, well I don’t know. I guess…do you want one? You keep giving me pointers so I guess I owe you.”

“That would be great, let’s do it.” He lay down, facing down though propped up on his elbows. and I approach, placing my hands on his wide back, which is bunched up with muscle in that position. I begin rubbing up and down his back, excited to again feel his strong body with my own hands. I squeezed his large triceps, each filling a hand with dense muscle. He sighed contentedly and I felt a surge of pride.

“I did some squats today can you get my glutes?”

I paused. His glutes. My eyes fell on his found and muscular ass, outlined by his thin towel. I was already light-headed from eating so little today. Add onto that the heat of the sauna and the effect Ryan’s body had on me and I was basically in lala land. In this state I didn’t even pause before bringing my hands to his two pump cheeks and started kneading. First softly then with increased enthusiasm. I ran my hands up and down his hard balls of ass muscle, so much firmer and tighter than my own bubble butt. I found myself cupping his ass and feeling along his upper thighs. This went on for a while with increased vigor and eagerness on my part. Then Ryan stood up, and I looked up at him, confused.

“Lets finish it in the shower. You can do my front there.”

“Umm, but…” But Ryan had already stepped away. He walked out of the Sauna.

After a moment, I walked out after him, not sure what was happening.

As I arrived at the open shower area, still wearing my bathing suit, and spotted him.

He was naked with water cascading down his strong teenage body. Small rivers of water streamed over his large mounds of muscle and through the valley’s of defined ridges. His massive cock hung flaccid between his legs. It was amazing how low it hang and how thick it was, even though not erect. I stood there, enraptured. He rand his hands over his body, spreading soap.

He glanced at me, “Okay, come finish the job!” I slowly walked over to him. He faced me grinning, and I nervously brought my hands to his chest.

His body was now slick with soap and I found my hands slipped over his body easily. I ran my hands over his huge rock hard chest that, like his back, was brazzers twice as wide as my own. His skin was smooth and covered all that muscle with no layer of fat in between. I ran my fingers over his shoulders and biceps, and eventually made my way to his abs. I couldn’t believe how hard they were without him flexing.

“Deep tissue, remember?” He said. I glanced up at his face now, breaking my transfixion on his body. He was looking at me with his eyebrows raised. I nodded.

I put both hands into it now. I ran my hands down his sides and onto the outside of his upper thighs. Of course, as I was now looking down, I simply stared at his massive cock. Even soft, he was easily twice the size of me hard, and well thicker. I found myself wondering if my hands would fit around it, would it fit in my mouth? What was I thinking!? But I didn’t stop rubbing Ryan. Out of sheer nervousness, though, I kept my hands well away from his groin area.

As I looked down, I briefly took in my own body. I couldn’t help but be embarrassed. My stomach was a bit flabby and undefined. My ass looked good but my legs weren’t too shapely. I only now realized that my own dick was rock hard, and probably had been for some time. But in my bathing shorts that was barely noticeable.

I switched my gaze back to Ryan and continued the massage in earnest. After a little while though. Ryan grabbed my wrists, gently. “Thanks, baby.”

He turned off the water and walked towards the lockers. I followed, sheepishly. We both got changed. “That was really nice, babe. I enjoyed it.”

“Me too,” I said shyly.

“See you in a couple days?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah.” I said, and smiled at him.


This went on for a few weeks. I would meet Ryan at the gym and we would both work out – him doing strengthening exercising and me doing toning and trimming exercises.

Each workout was followed by massages, both in the sauna in the shower. I grew to know each ridge and surface of his hard body. I knew where he enjoyed hard pressure and squeezing and where he preferred just to be petted. We even tried the steam room a couple times and even without being able to see him, my hands knew where to touch by muscle memory. I found myself thinking about these massages constantly and looked forward to them.

Ryan didn’t massage me, nor did he really touch me or guide me physically during our workouts. He said I needed to learn to do the exercises free standing. Even so, I found myself bending over and pressing against him, trying to entice him to reciprocate the massages, but he seemed not to notice, or he ignored these attempts.

I was sticking to 1200 calories a day. It was extremely difficult and I was basically always starving. But I also began to see results. With my diet and core-focused exercise, I began rapidly shedding inches off of my waist. In four weeks of working out and dieting my pants were getting extremely loose. Furthermore, my ass was gaining in size and definition, beginning to stick out more, and you could now see the beginnings of abs forming at my stomach.

Carlie noticed my transformation as well. One day suggested I shave, as a lot of her former muscle boyfriends had done. On a whim one day I began shaving my stomach and before. I knew it, had shaved off all my chest and stomach hair and a good portion of my pubic hair. At that point, I figured I may as well go for broke and I bought a cream that removed the hair from your body.

However, when I showed Carlie, raising my shirt, she seemed somewhat disappointed by my hairless, thin body. “Hmm…not exactly what I was expecting…more feminine.”

I blushed and dropped my shirt. She felt bad. “I’m just kidding baby – looks great, very manly.” I smiled and let her off the hook. “Thanks. And don’t worry, we’re still in the toning phase. Building real muscle is next.” She grinned mischievously. “Can’t wait.”

The following Saturday, as I got ready to go to the gym, I realized my normal grey sweatpants and backup shorts were with the laundromat. Thinking of only one solution, i looked into Carlie’s drawers to see if there was anything I could wear.

I quickly found a similar grey pair of sweatpants. When I put them on, though, I realized they were a fair bit different. They hugged my ass a lot more than my own pants and tapered closely to the legs. They really put on display what I had achieved with my hard work.

But while they looked good and were very comfortable, I wasn’t sure how I felt about wearing them in public. Nevertheless, I didn’t have any other options, so I left to the gym in Carlie’s pants.

When I got to the gym Ryan took almost immediate notice.

“Wow, you look great today babe. What’s different?”

Today Ryan wore a slightly different gym outfit – a tight black tank top, which seemed to accentuate his muscular arms and shoulders in particular, and thin jogging pants, displaying his tree trunk legs and noticeable bulge.

“Umm…I was out of pants and so had to borrow a pair of Carlie’s.”

“You’re wife’s sikiş izle pants? Seriously? Well they look great on you. I bet she looks good in them too huh?”

“Yeah…I guess.”

As I worked out, I found Ryan stared at me more than normal. More frequently than normal, he came over to adjust my form, gently laying his hands on my legs, hips and ass and sending shivers through my body.

As we neared the end of the workout I began to excitedly anticipate the upcoming massage. But then Ryan came up behind me. I saw him in the mirror as he walked up, he was staring at my ass. I couldn’t help but smile slightly.

“Let’s skip the massage today.”

My smile faltered. “Wh..why?”

“I want to buy you that workout outfit I promised you way back.”

“Promised me?” I didn’t recall this.

“Well, it was part of our bet and you ended up having to massage me instead. But I feel bad about that. I knew I could handle your weight for those chin ups so I knew I’d beat you.”

I remembered now. “Oh, okay.”

“Plus, according to you, you’re running out of gym clothes and are resorting to pretty desperate measures.”

“Yeah, I guess. You don’t need to buy me anything though.”

“It’s no problem. Let’s clean up and go.”

We walked to the locker rooms, showered quickly (we used the separate stalls this time) and headed out of the gym.

“We can take my car.” I hadn’t realized Ryan had a car but saw him walk up to a massive black ford pickup truck.

I stared in slight awe. I happened to know this was almost a $100,000 car. How did this kid drive a car worth ten times my own. I recovered an walked over to the drivers side door. Ryan followed me over.

“Let me help you.” He grabbed my arm and helped me climb up, throwing my gym bag in after me.

I looked around the cabin. It was huge. As we drove off, I was taken aback by the sheer size of the car, feeling the engine rumbling powerfully. It made me feel even smaller than I normally felt around Ryan. As I looked at him, leaning back confidently with one hand on the wheel and the other draped out the window, I realized the car suited him completely.

Ryan and I chatted about our workouts. He asked me how I was feeling and I answered truthfully that I felt great. He started telling me all about the science of muscle development, both in guys and girls. He spoke about his own muscles when he was explaining male muscle development. And for some reason he spoke about my body when he talked about female muscle development. This confused me slightly but I didn’t object, figuring this was just during the toning & trimming phase, before I began building muscles like his.

We arrived at a Lulu Lemon store, which specialized in fitness clothing. As we walked in, I noticed that most of the store was dominated by tight female gym clothes. But we walked to the back to the small men’s section and started sorting through the racks.

I found a few t-shirt and short combos that seemed okay. I suggested them to Ryan but he glanced at them and shook his head. Eventually he pulled out a pair of light purple pants of a stretchy material from a rack.

“Here, try these on babe.”

“Ryan, those are girls pants I’m pretty sure.”

“What do you mean, they’re in the mens section.”

I was pretty sure they were there mistakenly, though.

“C’mon, please try them on?” Ryan asked, smiling handsomely.

He was being so nice and generous, I guess it was the least I could do. Still, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Fine, but I get to choose the next outfit to try.”

“Deal” Ryan said, beaming.

I took the pants to the changing room and entered a stall while Ryan stayed outside.

I took off my jeans and looked at the pants. No way these would fit, I thought.

As I pulled them on, the purple spandex material seemed to grip my ankles and calves, offering slight resistance as they slid smoothly up my legs. I thought it was a pretty good thing that I had removed my body hair, otherwise this would be more difficult. I found it was especially hard to pull the pants up over my butt as my ass spilled over the top of it. After working at it for a few seconds though, I managed to pull it all the way up, and felt it hug every curve.

I looked in the mirror. No way was I going wear these out. They basically fit to me like skin. My legs were on full display as was, when I turned around to look, my ass. They looked like pants a fit girl would wear to the gym.

However, they were extremely comfortable. I felt them lift and support my butt as well as hug my legs tightly. And, after looking for a few extra seconds, I did have to admit that my butt looked good, albeit pretty feminine (especially in purple). True-I had an extra few pounds still, and my legs weren’t as trim or shapely as I would have wanted, but I thought I had made a lot of progress, and it seemed like there was potential for improvement. But I wasn’t wearing these to the gym, or anywhere.

I briefly wondered how Ryan would think I looked in them if I walked out to show him and the thought sent a momentary wave of heat through me. However I pushed this strange feeling away and put my hands on the waistband to them off. I wouldn’t be trying them back on.

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