Darling Nikki

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Big Dicks

Chapter 1 – The Setup

“I’m going to catch him!” Samantha thought to herself as she looked at her disheveled panty drawer. She now had proof that her roommate, Nick, had been wearing her clothes, but had to catch him in the act. She did a search online for ideas on how to catch him. She looked at cameras, tape recorders, etc… but she knew it wouldn’t hold up. Then she thought outside of the box and did a search for the word feminization. Sam saw a boat-load of sites that were exactly what she was looking for. She then saw a link that simply said “Trying to keep him dressed? Is he sneaking out of the clothes you set out for him? Click here and keep him dressed until the whole house is cleaned!”

“Perfect!” she exclaimed as she clicked on the site, it was a store front for clothes that locked together once they were put on, making it impossible to take off without a special key. she browsed for what seemed hours, filling up her virtual shopping cart. Then when she was satisfied, she went to the checkout. ‘Holy SHIT!’ she thought, ‘I’m going to have to save up for this stuff!’ She looked at her calendar, “March.” she said. “that could work perfectly! I could just say that I’m getting a Halloween costume and he’d be none the wiser!”

Over the next few months she purchased things that were on her list when she could afford them. The last, and most expensive thing, came at the end of September. They were pink patent stiletto 5″ heels. Part of the site’s “Perfectly Pretty Pink Patent” set. “Finally, everything is purchased… now just to wait for the box to arrive.”

Around the middle of October, Sam come home from work as usual, Nick was on the couch playing his video games. “You got another package today… you sure have gotten a lot of packages lately, what is all of that stuff?”

Sam’s heart started racing, “I-I got a package? really? where is it? did you open it? who is it from? how….” she was cut off.

“It’s by your bedroom door. I dunno what it is, why would I? it’s not mine, so I didn’t open it.” Nick defensively snapped back.

“Sorry, I just wanted to know who it was from, it’s probably just the rest of my Halloween costume, it cost a fortune so I had to buy it over time.” she replied as she dashed for her bedroom, grabbed the package, and locked the door behind her as she entered. She then began to pull out all of the unopened boxes that she accrued over the last few months. ‘Damn these things cost a lot, over $1000 for the whole set!’ she finally thought to herself, ‘He’ll be paying me back for what he did though, this better be worth it.’

Chapter 2 – Baiting the Trap

Samantha began opening all of the boxes and finally seeing what everything looked like altogether. She saw pink bows on everything and wondered how everything “locked” together. She then saw a piece of paper that came with the bustier, the paper read: “Congratulations on your choice to feminize your man! There is only one good man in this world, that’s an obedient one. All Black Widow clothing has clasps that are hidden to the naked eye, depending on what color of garment you have selected, there is a corresponding bow, or bows on it. These bows all conceal a small but durable clasp that cannot be taken apart without a key. The key can open every lock on these garments. You should also notice that everything that cannot be concealed by other clothing is very heavily ribbed. This is in the case that your man’s friend(s) happen to come over while he is dressed, he cannot simply rip OR CUT the garment off. You paid VERY well for this garment, and we can’t have him destroying it!….”

The paper went on to talk about caring for the garments, cleaning and storage. As she set the paper down with a wildly evil grin on her face, she started noticing all of the clasps that the instructions talked about.

“Well Sammy, it’s now or never” she whispered to herself as she added the key to the garment to her key ring.

She got undressed and took a shower thinking about how this plan would go. she then added a generous amount of scented body powder so that the latex would slide easily across her skin.

She began to put on the stockings, white seemed stockings with pink trim on top and perfect little pink bows around the top, two bows on each stocking had a clasp one front, the other in back. Then she picked up a very stiff boned bustier with pink bows lining the bottom of it, white lace lined the boning and at the top there was a frilly white lace trim. As she fastened the clasps at the front of the garment she could tell that even these clasps would not come undone without the key. Even though Sam wasn’t well endowed for breasts, she still felt the bustier squeeze her B-cup breasts together, giving her a very nice cleavage line. she then grabbed the attached garter straps and clicked them into the clasps in the stockings. She looked in the full length mirror to admire the shape that her body was taking. Then she thought about what Nick would look like in such a ridiculous get-up. Kartal Anal Escort Sam snickered to herself and realized that her heart was beating quite heavily, this was turning her on! the thought of feminizing a man was quite arousing!

Sam then picked up the pink satin lined latex panties. There were white lace ruffles on the butt and pink satin bows across the top. Sure enough there were clasps at the top of the panties that connected to the dress she would soon put on. when she slipped them up her legs, she noticed how wet she was becoming from all of this dressing up fun. ‘He’ll love that!’ she thought to herself as she rubbed her hand down the front of the slippery material. Next she grabbed the shoes, remembering the price of these things, the had better hold up to him thrashing around trying to get out of this outfit. she held them up and saw that there was an ankle strap with a pink satin bow on it. “Oh this just gets better and better!” she said almost a little too loud. as she slipped them on her feet she realized that they were a size or two too big for her, although she didn’t have tiny feet, Nick’s were a little bit bigger. These should do perfectly!

Next, she pulled out the dress, it was ribbed much like the bustier only not nearly as stiff. As she held it up to the mirror she realized that this dress was a cross between a princess and a maid… A sissy maid at that. It was very frilly and poofy. There were poofs on the shoulders and breasts, a slim waistline and very ruffly with petticoats at the bottom. the dress itself was vinyl and had long sleeves that hooked the thumbs at the bottom. (as to disable one from rolling the sleeves up) and underneath she could feel tiny little clasps that lined up perfectly with the clasps on the panties. As she got the dress on and zipped up the back she noticed that there was a choker at the top and a clasp at the back of the neck. She clasped everything together and looked in the mirror. the choker said “Sissy” at the front. “Oh NO!” she gasped, ‘If Nick sees that, he’d know something is up!” she then felt around the neck and saw that the word sissy could easily be removed with a key, she did so and looked in the packaging for the dress, where she found a smaller box that had “extras” marked on it. She opened it and found a new piece of paper with a hand written note on it: Interchangeable Tags for your sissy. one is personalized for your pleasure. all of the tags were made from latex and had different words on them, “Sissy” “Sam’s Slut” “Slut” “Bitch” “I Love Cock”

Sam almost burst into tears laughing so hard looking at the “Sam’s Slut” tag, wondering how long it would be until Nick would be wearing it. “Bitch will do for now.” Sam whispered to herself and attached it to the choker. She was now fully trapped in this outfit and completely unable to take anything off.

Chapter 3 – Setting the Trap

“Nick?” Samantha called from behind her door.

“What’s up Sam?” he replied never looking away from the TV.

“I need you opinion on something.” Sam said. “I’m going to a Halloween party next week and I need to know if this thing fits me, can you be honest for once and let me know how I look?”

“Sure, uh, lemme just pause my game.” Nick said as he stood up and turned around to see Sam standing there dressed in the absolutely most frilly thing he’d ever seen in his life. “WOW! uh, I-I uh… Geez Sam, y-you look g-g-great!!”

“Really? you aren’t just saying that are you?” she smiled and did a turn for her prey. “I really don’t know if these panties fit well.” she said as she lifted the folds of her petticoats and showed him her lace lined, latex covered, butt.

“Oh my GOD! y-your boyfriend is going to LOVE that!” Nick said, now with his face as red as ever and a not-so-surprising-bulge in the front of his jeans.

“Awesome!” she said. Now almost in a fit of laughter. “I can’t wait for the party now!” she then went back into her room and locked the door behind her. she could hear him pacing the floor and whispering things to himself, knowing that he would probably whack off just by seeing the outfit, let alone be trapped in it. Sam then took her keys and unlocked the clasps as she carefully took everything off and hung it up in the front of her closet for easy searching for him.

Just as she was finishing up, she heard the phone ringing in the living room, Nick answered it. a few moments later, there was a knock on her door, “Kim is on the line, y-you want it or should I take a message?” Nick stammered, obviously still thinking about what he had just seen.

“I’ll be out in a sec!” Sam replied as she picked up her satin robe off of the bed and wrapped herself up.

As she sat down at the dining room table, she began to set up a night out with her friend. Nick’s heart began racing as he heard that she would be going out tonight, giving him a chance to check out Sam’s new clothes.

Samantha hung up the phone and said “Hey Nick, I’m gonna go out to the club tonight, Kartal Yaşlı Escort Kim said she has a friend that you might like, you wanna come along?”

“Um, nah, I really have to get some things in line for work on Monday, I really shouldn’t have even been playing games right now, I’m pretty swamped.” was his reply.

‘Hmm, he’s got the bait, now to set the hook!’ she thought. “Come on, Nick. We never go out with our friends anymore, with you working crazy hours and me putting in 60 hours a week, we never get a chance to hang out, let’s go have a drink or two… you never know, Kim’s friend might be hot!” That might have been a little strong, she thought. He might take me up on that.

“It really sounds tempting.” Nick finally replied. “but if I don’t get these figures done, I’ll be out on my ass for a job, you go on ahead and have fun. Bring me back something to eat if you want, I’ll buy that… just call me and tell me where you are going.”

“Ok.” Sam sighed, relieved yet wanting to sound a little hurt. “I’ll call Kim and tell her you aren’t coming.”

Chapter 4 – Fly in a Web

About an hour or so later, Sam was at the bar with her friend Kim and another lady named Jessica. Kim was kinda short, even for a woman, at 5’3″ but wore 6″ heels whenever she could get away with it to seem taller. Jessica was just the opposite at 5’10” but also wore 4″ stilettos to enhance her already statuesque legs and butt. They were all wearing club dresses that sparkled in the lights in dazzling blues, reds and greens, but it was all unnecessary as every eye in the club would have been glued to them even if they were wearing shapeless coveralls. “Let’s get a drink and talk for a bit.” Samantha said as a song had ended and everyone stopped dancing. They walked up to a table back in the corner that was empty and ordered a few cocktails. Kim looked at Sam and said “What are you plotting? you never have that look in your eye unless there is something going on.”

Sam smiled her pearly whites at the two ladies and began to tell them about the dress and how it locks and the trap that she had set for Nick. The more she talked about the situation, the brighter Jessica’s face got.

“Are you saying that your roommate is not only a crossdresser, but he snoops in YOUR panties?” Jess said finally.

“I’m afraid so, I’m kinda glad that he didn’t come out tonight. That way you didn’t have to get mixed up with him. I’m gonna nail him when I get home.” Sam said as she took another drink from her rum and soda.

“Actually, that sort of thing sounds like fun. I mean, humiliating a man and make him wear women’s clothes.” Kim said.

“Oh my GOD, could you imagine if we made him come out to the club dressed like that? He’d get ripped apart by everyone, either straight men who are homophobes or gay men who want to fuck him!” Jess laughed.

The three women started laughing almost uncontrollably when Sam told them about the tags for the choker especially “Sam’s Slut”. They then decided that they had enough fun at the club for one night and agreed to make Nick’s night a very memorable one.

As they exited the club Sam realized that Nick had told her to call him if she was going to pick something up to eat. She hushed the girls as they climbed in Kim’s car and dialed Nick’s cell number.

“h-h-hello?” Nick’s hesitant voice said from the distant end of the line.

“Hey, it’s me, just thought I’d let you know that we are leaving the club now, and that we are about to go to Gino’s Pizza to get a bite to eat, you want anything from there?” Sam said, in a cheery almost lustful sounding voice.

“uh, I-I… Um… n-no, Uh I d-don’t think I’m that h-hungry… I um think I’m coming down with something… I-I don’t feel too well.” Nick replied.

Sam wickedly smiled and winked at the girls and said “Aww, you poor thing, I’ll just come right home and make you some tea, would you like that?”

“NO!!! uh, I m-might be contageous!!! I uh, don’t want to get you sick too!!” Nick exclaimed a little too loud. “I think I’m just gonna go to sleep and try to see if I get better by morning.”

“Nonsense! I’m coming home right now to get you better, you know Kim is a nurse, she might be able to fix you right up!” Sam said almost laughing, as she hit the End button on her phone. “He took the bait, Hook, Line and sinker, girls, I think it’s time to see my handy work!”

Chapter 5 – A New Surprise

The house was completely dark when the girls entered. Each of them were giggling and wondering where he was.

“Nick? Where are you?” Sam said with a huge ear to ear grin on her face. she walked to the livingroom light switch and flicked it on, as Kim and Jessica sat down on the couch, waiting patiently.

“I-I told you, I d-don’t feel well!” Nick croaked from his bedroom, as he let out a few fake coughs.

Sam went to her bedroom turned on the light, she could see that either he had been in here, or a tornado had hit her room. Her desk drawers Kartal Zenci Escort were completely emptied out, no doubt looking for a key or scissors or a knife. the closet was missing every piece of the outfit that she had purchased and she couldn’t help but feel a little giddy, and a little aroused. Sam then went to Nick bedroom door and noticed that he had locked it, this wasn’t surprising to her, and she tried to put on her best mad face. “NICK!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY ROOM?!?” she could hear him inside his room tussling with the outfit trying desperately to take it off. “If you don’t open this door RIGHT NOW, I’m gonna break it down!”

The two girls in the living room looked at her as if she really were mad, when she saw them she smiled and winked at them. A few seconds later, she heard a click at the door handle. he had unlocked the door.

When she opened the door, and walked in, she saw there standing before her a completely embarrased, and completely helpless little sissy, wearing every item that she had purchased. he even clicked the choker closed around his neck with the word BITCH written across it. She couldn’t help herself, she started laughing so hard that she almost fell over. Tears were now rolling down her face and she was doubled over in a fit of laughter that she couldn’t control.

Finally, she was able to talk, or at least enough to get her point across. “G-Girls ha ha ha Come… Come look.. ha ha ha ha come look at my little sissy bitch!!!” the words that she just said were like a razor cutting away at his soul. He was helpless, there was nothing he could do. He just crumbled to the floor and began to cry. Tears running down his face just made Sam laugh harder. When the girls come to the door and saw him, they both started laughing at him too which made the entire situation that much worse.

“And to think, I was actually going to try to set you up with Jessica here, ha ha ha, we dodged a big bullet there huh Jess?” Kim said, Face red from laughter.

“I don’t think we’ve had enough fun yet.” Jessica said almost as sober as a priest on Sunday. “Let’s see what your little sissy bitch can do for us.”

Jessica then walked up to Nick and lifted his chin. “Sweetie, please tell me that you realize that this was all a setup to get you to stop sneaking around, stealing Samantha’s panties. and seeing that you are dressed like this, you may as well come into the living room with us, we all know what you are wearing now. That part must have been torture. The rest shouldn’t be as bad, as long as you do what we tell you to.”

Nick opened his bloodshot eyes and gave Jessica a strange look. “You mean, you guys aren’t mad?” he croaked.

“Hell yeah I’m mad! I can’t trust you around my clothes! you’ll wear them all and spunk in them. That’s pretty fucking weird, you really are a little sissy slut aren’t you?” Sam said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t know… I just like the feel of pretty frilly clothes.” Nick said. “are you gonna call the police or something, because I’ll pay you back for all of this stuff, honest!”

Sam grunted, “Well that’s a no brainer, you are currently wearing over $1000 worth of stuff right now… why do you think it took so long to get it all?”

Nick’s face ran pale, “are you saying you’ve known for that long?”

“Yeah, even longer than that, I’ve known for almost a year now, you little bitch.” Sam snapped, “Now get your ass in the living room and start earning your new uniform. From now on, if you aren’t at work, you are wearing this, and when you are wearing this, you are to do EVERYTHING I say. If I tell you to eat dog shit, you WILL! Oh, By the way…” she went to her room and came back with a digital camera “Smile bitch!” *CLICK*

“That will look nice on the bulletin board at your office, tears running down your cheeks, got your pretty pink dress and panties on…” Sam started.

“NO! Y-You can’t!! please don’t do that to me!” Nick exclaimed.

“Relax, you are MY slut now, and if you do what we say, you just might start to like this new life.” Sam continued. “By the way, I don’t think ‘BITCH’ suits you, because a bitch would have the power to think and act the way she wanted. We can’t have that. Come here, I’ll fix that for you.” Sam pulled her keys out and stuck the key to Nick’s new uniform in the clasps holding the tag on the choker. The tag fell to the floor as Sam pulled out another one and clicked it in it’s place. “There, that’s much better. See what your mistress did for you?”

Nick turned and his worst fears were confirmed, the tag in the mirror looking back at him said “Sam’s Slut”. he began to cry again.

Sitting down on the couch, the ladies made him spin and twirl his petticoats as they laughed at him, they began to call him Nikki as Nick was too masculine for him and his name needed proper alteration to fit his new appearance.

He danced, retreived drinks, everything that he was told to do. Finally Jessica couldn’t take it anymore. “Aren’t you girls getting a little turned-on by this show? I mean I know I am.” She said.

“He is just too cute for words, I don’t know what’s more precious, the clothes he’s wearing or the pink blush, eye liner and lipstick we put on him.” Sam stated with a smile. “I think he’s been fairly good, what do you think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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