Cutting Ms. Betty’s Lawn Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

“Why don’t we talk later G…It seems your sexy little shorts are wet and maybe we should take them off and let them dry…would you like that?”

I nodded, of course I did. I wanted my pants off and I wanted to be touched. I loved sex and would if asked, say I was addicted to it. Betty undid the button on my shorts and they fell to my ankles as I stepped out of them.

“Oh my, you have such a lovely cock G. You’re so smooth and hairless, do you shave it?” she asked.

“Well, a little. I hardly have any, the few I have look stupid, so I take them off.”

Betty cupped her palm over my cock. It felt warm and I shivered thinking how much she seemed to like it.

“Oooooooooh, did you just tremble?…I think I’m going to like teasing you and then making you cum.”

I saw her smile as she reached down to stroke her cock.

“Mmmmmm…I need to taste you…right now!” She said with animated excitement.

Betty’s lips were on my cock, her tongue swirling over the head, I was moaning and reached out to hold her head. She was sucking and licking, i was so close to cuming. Then she stopped.

Betty stood up and held my face, her cock was right at my lips. It was so hard and the head was leaking pre cum. Her cock was fully exposed from under her girdle. It looked amazing, her body dressed so provocatively feminine and yet her hard throbbing cock presented so erotically before me. Betty had taken her bra off and her large breasts hung down, her nipples were hard and dark brown.

She stared at me for a moment and asked, “Does Mommy’s little boy want to taste these nipples?”

I nodded as she pulled my face to one, then the other and then said, “Suck them G, suck them hard and nibble on them. That’s a good boy. Now bite them,yes, yes!”

Throwing my head back she caressed the side of my face and said, “Now be a dear and suck my cock.”

I was delighted, I loved how sweet she treated me and yet a bit demanding. The head of her cock was shiny and purple from arousal. I licked the clear liquid away as she moaned and sighed.

I pressed the pulsing cock against my cheek and then licked it’s length. Her scent was driving me crazy with the mix of a soft perfume, adding to my need to inhale more. I pressed my nose into the hair surrounding it. and pulled gently on the orbs hanging bellow.

“Mmmmmmmmm, yes baby, pull on them and suck me,” Betty moaned.

My mother was trying to keep me busy all summer, knowing too much idle time was a a dangerous thing for me. Not only did she commit to the purchase of the lawn mower, she also began soliciting our neighbors and friends to sign up for my services. Little did she know that even in this situation, I would still be looking for opportunities to play sexually. Maybe she did, she knew me all to well. She was fully aware of the fact her son was a very sexual male. She had caught me and the boy next door sucking each others cock in our dark back yard last summer. She also knew I would go to the near by woods and allow older males the opportunity to touch me. I would wear my very short denim cut offs with no shirt and wander around until I had a guy interested, which usually didn’t take very long. I would walk past him, looking at him with an innocent stare and then walk deeper into the woods. I wonder if she knew I was sucking Betty’s hard cock right now.? Mom knew I was addicted to sex and weak when it came to mature cock and pussy.

“Your mom said you wouldn’t be shocked when you discovered my secret.” Betty said.

I nodded with my mouth full of cock. Betty held my head firm as she fucked my mouth. I was still holding and pulling on her large balls, I was sure they were full of cum and I wanted to taste her, I wanted her to wash my lips and chin with her cum, I wanted to be her cock whore cum slut. I felt her balls pull tight and her cock begin to pulse, I knew she was ready as I sucked her in my mouth as deep as I could. I felt her throb, and then she filled my mouth. Her cum was oozing from my lips as she pulled me up and kissed me.

“Ooooooooh share my cum with me G…you’ve turned out to be such a good little cock sucker,” Betty moaned.

She felt my hard cock rubbing against her belly and cock as she laid back on her bed. Looking at me with her legs spread wide, she wiggled her finger at me to come join her.

“I need that boy cock in my pussy G, come fuck Mommy, fuck me deep and hard baby.” I stepped closer looking at her rosebud as I first knelt down. I had never really done this and I was a bit nervous. “Come on G…don’t make me wait.”

I nuzzled into her thighs, kissing one then the other. Leaning forward I licked her hole, as my tongue teased the opening. I felt it twitch and pucker and then relax. I loved how it felt as I licked and then spreading her smooth thighs even more. I nibbled sariyer escort on her balls. The scent of this very special woman was making me crazy as, I felt my cock throbbing and oozing.

I loved butt play. Most of the men who seduced me always touched my cute bubble butt. Fingers sliding up and down my crack, finger tips probing my hole. It was exciting, it made my cock drip and throb. When I went to the forest they walked close behind me, watching me wiggle my ass. I allowed my shorts to slip down a bit, exposing a portion of my butt. I was such a tease, and it would arouse me even more. I would be so hard by the time they caught up to me. And then knowing what they wanted, bending over innocently and letting them fondle and squeeze my ass was a dream come true.

Betty moaned as my tongue fucked her hole and pleaded with me,

“Fuck me, fuck my hole with your hard cock and fill me now.”

I stood up and teased her hole with my cock, my pre cum wetting her pussy. Her tight hole was wet and her hips were rising up and down on the bed urging me to slip into her. I pressed the head against her opening.

“I’ve been fucked many times G, I’m easy, just put it in me…Please G.”

I pushed and felt the head of my cock enter her. It felt amazing. I thought I was going to cum.

“Now thrust into me…POUND THAT HARD COCK INTO ME!”

It was incredible fucking Ms Betty. Her tight hole clenched around me, milking my cock. I was so horny I couldn’t hold back. I came, flooding her fuck hole with spurt after spurt of cum.

The day with Ms Betty was amazing. I was intending on simply cutting her grass like I had done other times, but the revelations of finding out she wasn’t the lady I knew her to be, and that she was so much more had me excited and aroused. She told me she wanted me to come back to visit on a day when I didn’t have to worry about her lawn, had me anxious. Ms Betty said she would be busy for a couple of days, and now I didn’t know what to do.

I had that secret place I always went to. It was buried back in the woods and had a few fallen trees laying on the forest floor. Laying in bed that morning I was determined to head to the woods and see if any of the regulars were hanging around. After a quick shower and some caressing fondles my cock was hard, but I wanted to save myself for later. When I arrived at the woods there were a few mature guys hanging around. Only one looked familiar. I winked at him and headed towards the trail. He was older, maybe in his late 60’s and always wore tight spandex workout pants. His cock always created a large lump I found so arousing. He was a kind and gentle man, and always seemed ready to play with a 18 year old male. He always called me his “good boy,” which I loved. It made me feel so vulnerable and not in control, which heighten my arousal.

I walked slowly into the trees, wiggling my cute bubble butt in my denim shorts. I heard his foot steps far behind me as I ducked into the brush leading to the opening I loved. By the time he reached me I was sitting on a log with my pants off and my hard cock standing straight up. I looked at him as he approached, and then looked away as I slowly stroked it and moaned and sighed. He stood a few feet from me moaning as he rubbed his palm against the front of his tight shorts. I could see a wet spot in the fabric.

He asked, “Is my good boy ready to suck Daddy’s cock?”

I nodded saying, “Only if Daddy promises to suck mine too.”

Nodding he pulled his shorts down revealing his hard fat Daddy cock. Stepping closer, he reached out and drew my head to his cock. I was so aroused I almost came without touching myself. The head of his cock was so engorged and shiny head. His pre cum was flowing down the shaft. I was so aroused and so willing to lick and suck his amazing cock as I knelt before him. He grabbed my head and gently guided my lips to his cock,

“Be a good boy and suck Daddy.”

When he came he drenched my face, his cum was dripping from my chin. I heard another moan and then another. Two other men where standing their stroking their cocks watching. I waved them closer. Two more hard cocks to suck, and the one I just drained was sucking me. Before I had the chance to suck either of them,

one of those men looked at me and asked, “You need a lift home?”

I shook my head, saying, “I’m good.”

He stooped over and told me he would drive me and to put those sexy shorts on. I stood up and and bent over pulling my shorts up. I felt his hand caress my butt. I froze enjoying his touch. I

“Mmmmmm…that feels so good,” I said quietly.

His finger was probing my hole. I spread my feet as far as I could with my shorts at my knees.

He asked if I liked it as I whispered, “Yes.”

“Would you like to drive around a little before eskort I drop you off, just to talk?” he asked, smiling at me.

I nodded I would as I pulled my shorts up and buttoned them.

I climbed in his pick up truck and leaned against the door, with my legs laid across the bench seat.

“My name’s Larry, he said.

I nodded, “You can call me G, ” I replied.

We drove in silence for a while. I watched out the window as we headed to the other side of town.

“Where are we going Larry?” I asked, feeling a little nervous.

I thought we might catch a matinee at the old theater on fifth, you game?”

I’d never been there, but I knew it was a porn theater. I had heard things about the place and while I was intrigued, I was even more hesitant. I didn’t know this guy and I was thinking of making some excuse to get out of his car, but I stayed.

Larry reached over and held my foot, caressed the sole and let his finger play with my toes. It felt amazing and arousing. My cock was hardening and now there was no turning back. I felt my face flush as I parted my thighs a little. Larry could see the head of my cock peeking out the leg of my shorts. I love teasing men like Larry, and I was feeling very flirtatious.

“Those shorts are sexy G,” Larry said as his hand caressed my smooth hairless thigh.

His fingers were just inches away from my cock. He was driving me insane, so I slid a bit closer. Then I felt his finger tip touch the wet head of my cock. I laid my head back, enjoying the teasing his finger was providing.

Larry made a turn and then another as he parked the car.

“Larry, Can I go in there without a shirt?”

“It’ll be fine, just follow my lead, you’re with me.”

I nodded and fixed my shorts before I got out. Looking around I saw the parking lot was partly full. The few guys that were smoking outside glanced my way and waved. I wasn’t sure if it was for me or Larry. I assumed it was me and I could feel their eyes scanning my body.

I had always wondered what this place was like, I had heard things, wild things. I heard that couples came here to play with others. I knew a few guys that came here to get their cocks sucked. I was still nervous, my legs were trembling. Larry sensed my hesitation and reached out putting his palm on my butt, pulling me closer. I leaned into him and hoped he would protect me.

We passed the two guys smoking at the door, one whistled at me. Larry ignored them and held the door open for me.

“Don’t pay them any attention G, they’re regulars here and are always feeding on the young guys.”

I nodded and entered the foyer of the old movie house. There were posters on the walls of porn stars, male, female, and transvestites. The transvestites captured my attention. Larry pulled me aside, it was obvious he wanted to tell me something.

“Okay, normally you should have a shirt on, but the ticket taker is a friend of mine and she’ll let you in as long as you suck her cock, then you can go into the theater.”

I looked at Larry and then over to his friend. His friend looked like a woman, but he said I had to suck her cock. Larry dragged me closer and introduced me.

“Well hello handsome,” the lady said.

I nodded.

Larry spoke up, “G, this is Charlie, I mean this is Charlene. Charlene’s going to let you in considering the circumstances, as long as you help her out”

I nodded again, looking her over. She was attractive, but I could easily see her best days were behind her. There was something very erotic about her. I just couldn’t put a finger on it though. I knew she liked me.

“Well handsome, you wanna follow me, let’s find a place a little more private. I wanna enjoy this without any distractions.”

Larry spoke up again, “Go ahead, she won’t bite, too hard. I”l be waiting for you here,” and then he chucked

Charlene put her arm through mine and pulled me softy towards a nearby door.

Entering the dark room I couldn’t see a thing. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. Charlene walked across the room and turned on a dim red light. There was more posters on the walls. All of them where ladies with hard cocks exposed, in all forms of dress and undress. Charlene approached me, caressing my face.

“G, you like the posters on these walls?”

I nodded. “Yes,” I said quietly.

“Do girls like me turn you on, G?”

I nodded again and began, Yes you do. I recently discovered a lady I know, is like you.”

“Oh my G, and is their more to that story?”

I nodded.

With that Charlene stepped back a step or two. Her hands dropped to her sides as she starred into my eyes.

“G, why don’t you drop to your knees and be a good boy. I think you promised me a blow job,” She said.

I went to my knees as Charlene stepped beyoglu escort closer, raising her skirt to reveal her cock encased in a pair of sexy high cut panties, framed beautifully by a black garter belt and stockings. Her cock was hard, her panties were wet.

I pulled her panties down to her knees and watched as her cock sprung out. Leaning in I held her hard cock against my cheek, feeling it’s warmth. I loved how that felt. It always made me feel a little more submissive and aroused. Charlene’s cock was wet and oozing her pre cum. I licked the head and tasted her juices. She was delicious.

“Okay, enough teasing G, I need you to suck my cock.”

Looking up at her I obediently brought her cock head to my lips and kissed it before I sucked the head.

“Oooooooooh, that’s a good boy, make mommy a happy girl G,” Charlene cooed.

Taking her cock in my mouth I got into a rhythm, Taking it deep, then pulling out, licking just under the head and taking it deep again. My nose was buried in her thick curly public hair, her scent was intoxicating. I felt myself gag as I pulled back again allowing her to hold my head and face fuck me gently.

“Mmmmmm, G, where did you learn to suck cock so well? You are a precious little cock sucker!”

All I could do was nod. Charlene began thrusting harder. Her cock was swelling and I knew she was close. I grabbed her bottom and opened my throat, trying to breathe through my nose. With a loud moan, Charlene came. Squirt after squirt, she filled my mouth. Her cum dripped from my chin and onto my naked chest.

“Mmmmm…aren’t you a pretty sight,” Charlene said after she caught her breath.

My mouth was sore, as were my knees. Charlene helped me over to a chaise and had me recline. She pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it aside, and then sat next to me. Leaning down she licked her cum from my nipples and chest. Reaching around, I unsnapped her bra.

“Mmmmmm, Charlene, that feels so good. Would you suck them some more please?” I asked.

Her big eyes told me she would as she stuck her tongue out to lick another puddle of her arousal. I’ve always had sensitive nipples and her attention to them was very welcome. My cock was hard and pulsing in my little shorts. I loved laying back knowing I was her treat, her submissive cock sucking boy. I closed my eyes as I felt her hand slip into my pants. I loved those first moments of touching and being touched. A strange and unfamiliar hand caressing or fondling me. It was thrilling and exciting. My cock jumped as her fingers wrapped themselves around it and held on softly.

“Charlene whispered in my ear, “Does my sexy boy like Mommy fondling his cock?”

All I could say was, “Mmmmmmm, yes Mommy.”

I was relishing the feeling of the manipulation of my cock. I knew it was wet, I could feel the slippery mess she was milking from me.

Charlene sat up, and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them off in one easy motion as I lifted my butt from the chaise.

“Ooooooooh G, you have a lovely cock, I think I need a taste of that right now!”

I laid back as Charlene licked, suck and teased my cock. Charlene was a great cock sucker. I loved how she licked my frenulum on the underside below my glans. Her tongue was making me tremble with pleasure.

Charlene had medium sized breasts, I guessed they were fake, but they were well done and her nipples looked delicious. For an woman in her late fifties or older, she really did looked fantastic. I was relishing in her sucking of my cock when she stopped and stood up.

“I want you to know, I don’t give my tight pussy to just anybody G. Regardless of what Larry might have told you, I’m not a whore like some of the girls that come here.”

I watched as she stood in front of me. Those lovely breasts were hanging perfectly, her hands on her hips and her now flaccid cock hanging deliciously between her smooth voluptuous thighs.

“Larry never really said anything about you other than you were his friend and I needed to suck your cock, we really never got past that as you swept me away. By the way where is Larry and who is he?”

Oh, you don’t know Larry well, Well, well, how do you know Larry G?” Charlene asked.

“I really don’t, he kinda just picked me up in the woods today.” I said.

I felt myself blush. I felt warm. My cock had softened, but remembering today in the woods made it begin to swell once again.

“Oh, you mean the woods on the other side of town?” Charlene inquired.

I nodded. I guess she probably knew about those woods.

“Hmmmm, what were you doing there G? I know what Larry was doing there.”

I hesitated for a few moments as Charlene smiled at me with a naughty grin.

“I go there sometimes when I’m horny and wanna suck or be sucked,” I said avoiding eye contact with Charlene of a moment.

“Did you suck Larry?” Charlene asked.

“No, oddly he asked me if he could give me a ride, and then he brought me here. I never actually got a good look at his cock.”

“G, you wanna fuck me? You wanna fuck Mommy?”

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