College Days


My name is Brayden Strumm. I’m 20 and home for the summer from college and madly in love with the girl next door, Laura. Laura was 18, 5′-5″ with brown hair and eyes, a firm ass from years of dancing and nice sized breasts. We had known each other for years and I’ve been pining over her for just as long. She knew I loved her but she saw me more as an older brother. This summer I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to make her notice me.

Unfortunately Laura was in love with her bisexual dance partner Alex who was my age, hung out in the same group of friends as I did and was more interested in boys than girls and treated her like his annoying little sister.

Summer started out the way it always does swimming, bonfires, hanging out at the mall and some underage drinking in the woods at night. I always invited Laura along and she always followed Alex around like a puppy. As summer went on friends got jobs or went on vacation and the group got smaller and smaller until it was just the 3 of us.

One night while drinking Laura came up and sat next to me crying. I asked what was wrong and she told me that she had finally worked up the courage to tell Alex how she felt. Knowing it went badly because of her tears I had to hide my delight while asking her what happened. He had told her that while she was very attractive she wasn’t what he was looking for this summer and that he had his eyes set on someone else.

“Who”, I asked hoping that his answer would finally break his hold on her.

“You”, she said surprisingly.

“What?” I asked stunned.

“Yeah he has the hots for you that’s why he’s been hanging out with us so much lately.”

“Well that’s never going to work out for him.” I said confidently.

“What do you mean?” Laura asked.

Turning serious I look at her and say “Because the only person I want is you and I would do anything to have you”.

A smile spreads on her face I hope I’ve finally won her over.

“Really aksaray escort anything?” she asks with a grin.

“Anything” I say firmly.

“Why what do you have in mind?”

Grabbing my hand she asks if I trust her and of course I say yes. She takes off running through the woods towards Alex.

“Hey Alex!” she yells.

“Brayden and I are going to go skinny dipping do you want to come?”

I start to mumble a protest and she shushes me with “you’ll get to see me naked.”

Alex looks confused but follows as Laura leads us through the woods and too the nearby lake.

Once we arrive she quickly pulls off her clothes showing me every inch of what I’ve only dreamed of. She grabs my shorts and pulls them down saying it’s my turn next. As she pulls my erection springs free all 8 inches of it rock hard.

Laura giggles and says “Someone’s excited.”

Next she turns to Alex who’s watched the whole thing unfold, he’s trying hard to hide an erection even thicker and longer than mine.

“Your next” she says.

Alex tries to refuse but can’t tear his eyes away from my hard cock.

I speak up and encourage him “Come on Alex join us.”

Alex slowly removes his clothes and moves closer standing next to Laura and me. She reaches out and wraps a hand around each of our shafts and giggles again saying she’s in every girls dream.

I lean in to try to kiss her and instead met Alex’s lips as Laura moved her head out of the way. I wanted to pull back but an approving moan escaped Laura’s lips and she began gently stroking my shaft. My mouth opened in surprise and Alex took the opportunity to probe my mouth with his tongue. Getting lost in the moment of Laura’s hands working magic on my hard cock I began kissing Alex back. The kiss was harder and more aggressive than any kiss I ever had before, and secretly I enjoyed it.

The kiss broke and Laura released our throbbing cocks. We stood in silence for a moment. Before anyone escort could break the silence Alex kissed Laura on the lips and dropped to his knees in front of me. Laura followed him down burying her head in his lap taking his huge erection like a seasoned pro.

Alex took my cock in his hands and started expertly licking the tip. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy something like this but it felt so good. Soon he was taking my whole shaft in his mouth. He was good I’ll give him that, in a few minutes I was close to cumming. I begged him to stop but he kept going until I couldn’t help myself and I filled his throat with my cum. He must have came at almost the same time because as he was licking me clean Laura stood up with cum on her face and kissed me. I could taste his cum on her lips but I had come too far to give up now so I pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. She still had a mouth full of his cum and as we kissed it flooded into my mouth. Surprisingly I found I liked the taste.

Alex had finished cleaning me by now and as the kiss with Laura broke Alex and I kissed once again. This time we could taste ourselves on the others lips as our cum mixed. The thought of this made us both hard again as we turned back to Laura.

Laura was now on all fours with her cute ass up in the air begging for one of us to fuck her.

Without having to ask me twice I walked over to where she was and kneeled down behind her sliding my rock hard cock into her wet and ready slit. She was so tight, it was everything I dreamed of, and it was heaven. I slowly started to slide in and out. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips. Alex not wanting to be left out straddled Laura facing me and all of a sudden there was his penis in my face. It was about 2 inches longer than mine and much wider. Without pause I opened my mouth and accepted the tip. I tried to emulate what he had done to me as much as possible. Unbelievably he kept growing in my mouth his total length was kağıthane escort almost 12 inches and he had as much of it as he could down my throat. I could barely breathe but have never been so aroused. As he stopped growing he leaned forward and whispered “let’s both fuck her.”

Alex pulled out of my mouth leaving me gasping but wanting more and laid on his back next to us, his hard cock sticking straight up like a flag pole. Pulling out of Laura I gestured towards Alex’s waiting cock. She climbed on top of him slowly working her way down his cock until she had all of him inside of her. Happily filled she started bouncing up and down for a moment before I gently nudged her forward exposing her ass to me. She paused on Alex’s cock for a moment while the head of my dick slowly eases into her ass. Before she could protest I ram the whole length into. She gasps and Alex and I start thrusting in unison.

She screams in delight and tells us that she has never felt so full or been so honey before. We keep up a hectic pace for several minutes before I start filling her ass with cum. She orgasms at the same time and it’s a thing of beauty, both of us convulsing in the throes of pleasure at the same time.

Alex and I both pull out of her at the same time. Laura collapses on her back in exhaustion as I slip down and start locking her drenched pussy. My cock is starting to go limp when behind me I can feel Alex’s cock at the entrance of my ass. He didn’t finish in Laura and is still hard and ready to go.

I’m scared thinking of the size of his cock going into my ass but also excited and curious as to if I can take it all. I look back at him and nod permission before going back to Laura’s delicious cunt. Alex eases himself in and soon his whole 12 inches are savagely fucking me.

This makes me hard again and Laura wiggles down onto my cock. We continue like this with Alex fucking me and me fucking Laura until Alex triggers a chain reaction by cumming in my ass, feeling my ass fill with cum causes me to cum filling Laura up which sends her into another orgasm.

When all was said and done we were lying in a naked cum covered mess on the shore of the lake. No one spoke but we know our summer had just begun.

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