Chloe and James


“Hold still,” he said, wrapping the second turn and pushing the working end through the back of the partially formed knot. “This is the part I’ve always had a little trouble with.”

Chloe complied, keeping as still as she could as James tucked the working end back through the front loop and then gently pulled until the knot was tight. Once it was formed, he slid the knot down, tightening the loop formed in the end…not too tight…no, wait, that wasn’t right, it was uneven. With a frustrated sigh, he undid the knot, Chloe unable to suppress a small nervous swallow as he did so, and slowly retied it. There. That was it! Cinching the reformed knot down tight enough to do the job, yet not so tight as to constrict or cut off circulation, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“I knew I remembered how to tie one of those!” he exclaimed, smiling broadly.

Almost as an afterthought, he reached out and turned down the collar of the white button-down blouse Chloe was wearing over the necktie, then paused to take in the overall effect. The tie he’d just finished tying was plaid, though James was pretty sure there weren’t any authentic tartans that were predominantly bubblegum pink. The tie matched a pleated skirt, not quite short enough to qualify as mini, but almost certainly too short to pass muster in an actual school uniform. A pair of white knee socks and – Chloe’s idea, those – a pair of two-tone Oxfords completed the ensemble. Her honey-blonde hair was pulled into a pair of pigtails, and her grey eyes held a mix of excitement and just the slightest bit of uncertainty: after all, this was going to be something…new,for them.

“Okay, you remember the arrangement,” said James. “One hundred after the door closes, then follow me in.” With that, he turned and went through the heavy wooden door they’d been standing in front of, closing it behind him as he did.

Chloe closed her eyes, took a deep breath, tried to stop herself trembling even though it was with excitement rather than fear…one Mississippi…two Mississippi…what was the safety word again?…

Ninety-eight Mississippi…ninety-nine Mississippi…okay, here we go…she raised one hand, closed it into a fist, rapped on the door…

“Enter!” came the sharp, loud reply. Chloe grasped and turned the knob, pulled the door open, and stepped through.

The walls of the room were paneled in dark wood, the built-in bookcases matching it and the trophy case and massive desk coming close to doing so. There was a maroon armchair in a corner, and two straight-backed chairs facing the desk from near the center of a predominantly maroon patterned rug. James was sitting behind the desk. He rose as Chloe entered the room.

“Close the door behind you, Chloe” he ordered. She quietly pushed the door to the hallway closed, walked across to one of the straight-backed chairs, and started to sit down.

“I did not say ‘have a seat’!” barked James. Chloe straightened and stood next to the chair she’d been about to sit in, hands at her sides, just managing to suppress a smile. Kind of like “Simon says” when I was a kid, she thought. This is a fun game, so far anyway…

“Do you know why you’ve been called to this office?” asked James, stepping out from behind the desk. Chloe suddenly found herself having trouble keeping straight in her head what exactly they’d decided her infractions should be…she remembered that her skirt was supposed to be too short…and the bubblegum in her mouth reminded her of one of the other infractions…but what were the others? And what was supposed to come first?

“Well, um, uh…” she began awkwardly. Great. Our first scene and I start it out by flubbing my lines.

“Chewing gum in class?” offered James, scowling down at her.

Oh yeah, that was supposed to have been first on the list, Chloe remembered. She smiled up at him and blew a bubble. As it popped she drew it back into her mouth with just the slightest little suggestive flick of her tongue and smirked defiantly up at her boyfriend.

Chloe nearly inhaled her gum in the involuntary gasp that ensued as James swiftly cupped the back of her head with one hand, pulled her close against him with the other and drew her into a hard, almost brutal kiss — his mouth was on hers, his tongue thrusting aggressively into her mouth, nothing like the almost tentative probes she was more used to his kisses beginning with. She tried to match his movements as his tongue swirled around hers, then the kiss was breaking…and she noticed how her heart was racing and how breathless she suddenly felt — right before realizing her wad of bubblegum was no longer in her mouth.

James turned and spat the gum into the wastebasket next to the desk. Chloe was still recovering — even actually swaying on her feet a little — when he said: “Now that we have dispensed with that, we can proceed to the next infraction: the allegation that Bostancı Öğrenci Escort your scooter is too short.”

Scooter? Thought Chloe with a start. Those things like a skirt only with shorts inside? But, I’m wearing a skirt! That’s how we planned this scene…wasn’t it?

As she was pondering this, James walked around the desk, opened one of the top drawers and removed a steel ruler, and walked over to where Chloe was standing. He squatted down next to her so his head was at about waist height, then laid the ruler along the outside of her thigh. She shivered as the cold metal contacted her bare skin below the hem of the skirt, then realized she’d already been shaking with excitement — in anticipation of what was planned…in the slight uncertainty James had introduced with his “scooter” comment…

“Yes, just as I suspected: a good two inches too short!” came the pronouncement from just to one side of Chloe’s left hip. “And…what’s this?” he added, fingering the hem of her skirt. “Why, I believe this isn’t a scooter at all…no, not any shorts inside…apparently not anything underneath!” he continued.

Chloe sucked-in her breath sharply and stiffened as, coincident with those last four words, James’ hand slid beneath the hem of her skirt and upwards: along the outside of her thigh, around to the back…up…to the underside of the nearest cheek of her ass…she tried to remain as still as she could as his fingers began to explore. As his fingertips found the edge of the thin, narrow strip of fabric running up between her asscheeks Chloe tensed even further, having a pretty good idea from when they’d worked this scenario out what was coming next.

“A thong?” exclaimed James. “You know our policy on thong underpants, Chloe!” She felt her heart begin to pound. They’d worked-out and agreed-on the general outline of what was to come next, but she wasn’t completely sure in what order things would be, or what form they would take. The uncertainty was even more exciting than she’d anticipated.

“Given the number and severity of your infractions, I’m afraid I’ve no choice but to administer disciplinary action,” said James, taking his hand out from under Chloe’s skirt and standing before her. “Your necktie, please.”

“Sir?” replied Chloe uncertainly, gazing up at him and trying with decreasing success not to start shaking.

With gentleness that surprised her, he reached up and began to undo the necktie he’d tied for her just before they’d entered the room, first loosening the loop around Chloe’s neck, then slowly — with deliberate slowness, she realized — James pulled the ends back through the four-in-hand knot, unraveling it. When that was done, he grasped one end and just as slowly pulled it free. Chloe found herself very aware of the sensation of it sliding slowly across the back of her neck, through the collar of her blouse.

And now he was doing something else with the tie, holding it up for Chloe to see as he did so. Chloe stared transfixed as she watched James form the necktie into two loops, loops he pulled through each other, tucking the ends of the tie over the center…forming a second pair of loops he then pulled the ends back through…

“Turn around, Chloe,” said James sharply, snapping her out of the reverie she suddenly realized she’d been slipping into. She knew (at least generally) what was coming next. She felt her heart begin to pound, and the shaking she’d been struggling to suppress begin in earnest as she wordlessly obeyed his command. Her back to him, she felt the fabric of the tie slip over her hands…onto her wrists… a sharp tug and she felt two of the loops she’d seen being formed tighten around her wrists. Another tug a couple of seconds later and, if James’ spoken “there” was anything to judge by, it was done.

Lightly, experimentally, Chloe tugged at her bonds. They didn’t budge. She tried again, a bit harder. Still nothing. She tried jerking her hands back and forth, shearing her wrists past each other — perhaps that would loosen her bonds some? Again no go. Her wrists were immobilized behind her back. A feeling of helplessness coupled with a rush of excitement ran through Chloe as she realized what she’d heard was true — even though she was unattached to anything and her legs were still free, with her wrists bound she felt tied-up…and as if she were now James’ to do with as he pleased…

And then James’ hand was back up her skirt, with a forceful suddenness that had Chloe reflexively jerking at her bonds and squirming, twisting, dancing from foot to foot in attempt to somehow evade…

“Be still!” ordered James with a sharpness that had Chloe freezing in place with a startled little squeak. “Now, you know from the rules listed quite plainly in your student handbook that thong underpants are strictly prohibited at this school,” he continued, relaxing the grip with which he’d Bostancı Çıtır Escort squeezed one of her asscheeks as he’d ordered her to be still. His fingers began lightly, slowly tracing their way along the waistband of Chloe’s thong as his lecture continued.

“Your insistence on ignoring this rule suggests that you may benefit from having it explained to you why it was put in place. At your grade level, Chloe, girls’ bodies are in the process of changing…you are, as you are well aware, becoming young women…” James’ exploring fingers reached the centerline of the thong and switched direction, following one edge of the narrow strip of fabric that ran down the crack of her ass. Chloe stiffened, wondering as she did whether this would constitute some infraction of “being still.” James’ fingers continued making their way downwards as he continued explaining the supposed reason behind the ‘no-thongs rule’.

“As you become more womanly, you will naturally begin to draw the attention of men, both young and…older.” He paused at that point, took a somewhat shaky breath and quickly licked his lips. Chloe managed — barely — to suppress a smile. He’s playing a pretty credible Leering Old Pervert, she thought. I hope I’m doing a good job carrying the Rebellious Teen Caught Misbehaving end of things — especially with us both in our late twenties…

“At the same time, you girls are going to begin having certain, reciprocal…feelings of your own,” added James. As he did his hand completed its journey, sliding smoothly between Chloe’s legs, cupping and lightly squeezing her from behind. Chloe’s eyes opened wide and she let out a squeak. A strong arm across her back prevented her from taking a reflexive step backward. She was pretty sure there hadn’t actually been an audible “squish” just then, but it had sure felt as if there should have, both to her and, almost certainly, to him. She felt her cheeks burning and realized she must be blushing bright red — though she really couldn’t say what she should find embarrassing about being found wet by her boyfriend of more than a year, in the middle of a sexual situation.

No sooner had James’ fingers arrived between Chloe’s legs than they started to withdraw – only to suddenly hook underneath the fabric of her thong and pull,sharply and forcefully. The panties ripped along the prescores that had been cut in them in preparation for the scene and then suddenly she wasn’t wearing any. The skirt still covered her, but Chloe felt so…exposed, and found her attention drawn again to the necktie binding her wrists together behind her back. She felt her face flushing again — or even more?, she wondered — at the sight of the torn and…moist…remains of her underpants in her lover’s — no, headmaster’s — hand, then he tossed them aside onto the desktop.

“In order for your punishment to make the necessary impression on you,” explained James, “there must be no impediment to it, not even the flimsiest of ones. Let’s see…” and then he was back up her skirt, groping and squeezing the cheeks of Chloe’s ass, making her squirm, making her shift her weight from one foot to the other. She tugged reflexively at the bonds around her wrists, stamped a foot in unexpectedly real frustration…

…and then froze, went rigid, let out a sharp gasp and, before she could stop or suppress it a strained little moan as James’ hand went between her legs, a finger slipping between already slippery lips…

“Why you little minx!” exclaimed James, making Chloe gasp again, and jump. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Chloe clamped her mouth shut to avoid letting out a second moan as the intruding finger began to move, then as James repeated the last two words of his question she suddenly resolved to make a contest of it…to hold back on admitting that yes, she was enjoying this more than a little, was in fact closer to coming than she herself had realized only moments before.

“Aren’t you?” repeated James, lightly massaging her perenium, then moving forward, pressing at her entrance as if he were going to venture inside her but instead just picking up a little more lubrication and moving farther forward…

“Aren’t you?” he asked again, this time with a smile that told Chloe he’d realized the contest was on, as he began to do the things he knew from experience she liked having done with her inner folds, the indirect tension tugging at her hardening clit…

“Aren’t you, you rebellious little hussy?” James’ finger was moving a bit faster now, beginning to make little circles. The thinnest little groan escaped from between Chloe’s tightly compressed lips as she continued shifting her weight from foot to foot as her hips began to squirm and gyrate, to answer nonverbally the question she was determined not to answer aloud.

A sharp inhalation through the nose followed by a squeal behind those refusing-to-part lips Bostancı Elit Escort as James picked-up a last extra dose of lubrication and moved forward to her clit. Chloe clenched her teeth as James began to slowly roll the firm little bump back and forth beneath its hood. A bit faster now; she clenched her jaw harder even as she began rolling her hips in time with his fingering and her breathing began to quicken. A strained little whimper escaped her throat as he began rubbing in little circles, the way he knew she liked it just before…as she was getting ready to…Chloe closed her eyes without even fully realizing she’d done so and concentrated on the sensations. She didn’t even notice that James had gone silent, had stopped repeating his question.

Yes…that’s it…right there…oh don’t stop don’t stop I’m going to come whatever you do don’t stop now…

As if he’d been reading her mind (more likely my responses, some part of her corrected), James’ hand was suddenly not only no longer on the brink of bringing her to orgasm but wasn’t even touching her at all, was out from under her skirt. Chloe opened her eyes, surprised, quizzical, only then realizing she’d had them shut, starting as she found James’ gaze boring intently into them.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you, Chloe? Answer the question, yes or no!”

The word came rolling up out of Chloe’s belly like a burp — one she caught and swallowed just in the nick of time. One thing she failed to catch in time to stop it was the briefest little flash of a smile at this small victory.

“I see,” said James. And then his hand was back up Chloe’s skirt, not delving into her cleft this time, at least not at first, instead drawing another whimper as he squeezed her labia around her now-swollen clitoris, then relaxed his grip, squeezed and released, squeezed and released…soon enough Chloe’s body slipped seamlessly back into the response-cycle that had been interrupted moments before, though climbing towards its peak more slowly at the attenuated sensation. The climb sped up again as James removed his hand just long enough to moisten his fingers with saliva then was back between her legs…between her lips…this time a finger pressed into Chloe’s flesh on either side of the ridge of her clitoris and began moving up and down, using the skin of her hood to stimulate it. It was another favorite technique of hers, though it usually took longer…not that it would this time…she was soon enough back to moving on his fingers…making little noises in the back of her throat…her eyes closed again…

Oh this is it this is it this is absolutely it don’t stop now I’m gonna I’mgonna…

And then James was out from under Chloe’s skirt again. “Admit it, you’re enjoying this!” he snapped. “Aren’t you?” he added, reaching back up and lightly tapping her cleft with his fingers, as if for emphasis, sending a jolt of pleasure through Chloe that almost was enough to send her over the edge. If my hands weren’t tied I’d be using them to bring myself off I’m so close now, she found herself thinking. She realized she was shaking, literally trembling for release.

“Aren’t you?” more sharply, accompanied by another tap that this time lingered just long enough for a brief jiggle.

“Yes! Yes!” the word tore itself from Chloe twice in rapid succession, as if independent of her conscious will. She only even fully realized she was saying it the second time. Her cheeks burned as she realized she’d lost this little battle. But at least there’d be a consolation prize, she thought, surely he won’t leave me just hanging this close to coming.?.

James folded his hands in front of himself and smiled. “There, now. That wasn’t so difficult to admit, was it?”

Before Chloe could even begin to formulate a response, he continued. “Something else I couldn’t help but notice, in addition to your rather evident…overeagerness…Chloe: Lift up your skirt!”

Chloe started at the sharpness of this last command, then froze for a moment in confusion. This wasn’t part of the scene they’d arranged. What was he getting at? A repetition of the command snapped her out of it and she fumbled to obey — not that it was all that easy with her hands bound behind her back — just the littlest bit of fumbling, though, and she had ‘hold of the edge of her skirt, managed to gather the fabric in her hands, pulling it up, lifting it up, until she was exposed, naked from the waist down (well, at least naked from my waist down to my socks and shoes she unconsciously corrected herself.)

“I thought so,” intoned James. “Shouldn’t girls your age have at least begun to grow pubic hair?”

This was definitely off-script, and a little confusing. It had taken James awhile to talk Chloe into shaving — not that she’d regretted it afterwards. The improvement to oral sex alone had been worth it…but before she could finish the train of thought, let alone start to try formulating an answer, James said “Very well, no need to answer. Unconventional removal of body hair. Obviously another infraction, I’ll have to think of a suitable punishment, perhaps while you’re receiving your discipline for your other transgressions. You may lower your skirt, Chloe.”

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