Cheated Me of Love I was Giving

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[All the sex in this story is hetero. No anal. The characters weren’t married so the story belongs in Erotic Couplings or Romance, while if the category “Justice” existed I would put it there.]


On the way back to my hotel after the funeral and reception I was feeling the profound loss of my Aunt Mary. She had been a major influence on my growing up and her home was a favorite place to visit when I was young. Of all the relatives of my youth, she was my favorite.

As an adult, I kept in touch and visited Aunt Mary at least once a year. During my visit three months before Aunt Mary had disclosed that she was dying. I had been back to spend time with her every month since. The last week of her life I had been with her. She told me that after her passing the house would be mine. When she died in the hospital I had moved out of the house and into a hotel. The house was too quiet, too sad. without her in it. I stayed at the hotel until after the funeral.

Back at my hotel I was met by a man I had seen at the funeral. He introduced himself as Aunt Mary’s lawyer, Mr. Brewer, and he asked if we could talk privately. That conversation changed my life.

He told me that he was bound by an agreement he had with Mary not to tell me what he knew until after her funeral. He told me of the time when I was born and how Aunt Mary was not married and the stigma the surrounded an unmarried woman who got herself pregnant and had the baby. Mr. Brewer told me that Mary’s sister took the baby when it was born and raised it as her own. That sister was married and could not bare children. I was that child.

I was shown the birth certificate from the hospital showing Mary Evans as the mother and the space for father’s name was blank.

Just hours earlier I had buried my mother, not my aunt!

The lawyer opened his briefcase again and handed me a large envelope. As I withdrew the contents he explained what they were. Papers giving me notice of all my holdings. Aunt Mary, Mom, had transferred title and ownership to everything she owned to me before she died. She and the lawyer had paid all the taxes and fees and I was left with what the papers told me was now mine. I read the cover sheet and went further into shock.

I had three and a half million in certificates of deposit in the bank. The house and two farms in the county where Aunt Mary had lived (estimated value of twenty-eight million dollars). Stocks and bonds totaling eighty-seven million dollars more. The cover letter let me know that the way Aunt Mary had set things up I could draw a million a year from the estate and never touch the principal.

When I finished the cover letter Mr. Brewer asked if he could remain my lawyer. He had been employed by Aunt Mary, my mother, and since she had set things up he now worked for me but needed a legal agreement to continue. He had a letter with him that continued his employment for three months on the conditions that no property was to be sold and that he had no authority do anything new without authorization from me. I signed.

He told me that the three months gave me time to look around and decide if I wanted to change firms.

The last envelope he handed me had a new VISA card inside with my name on it. He had opened the account with one card. The credit line was half a million dollars and the bills came to him. Aunt Mary had set up an account of half a million dollars to be used to pay her expenses and then mine. The funeral and burial had already been paid. He also gave me $3,000 cash and a new checkbook.

As all this started sinking in he excused himself and gave me his card.

“Call that number any time. I will either answer or whoever answers can find me quickly.”

I sat in the hotel room and read everything. Then I ordered room service, took a shower, ate something, and went to bed. As I lay in bed I began thinking about the changes this estate would bring to my life. I had talked and thought about what I would do if… many times. “If” just happened.

I slept well. When I woke up I showered again and dressed in casual clothes. Old casual clothes. I realized I could easily afford new clothes. While I ate breakfast downstairs in the hotel I realized that money like this could make me crazy. The clothes I had were just fine, and they were comfortable.

I used the hotel bus to get me to the airport. Before Aunt Mary had died I was scheduled to fly back home to Los Angeles on Saturday. It was Thursday. At the airport I took a two-stop from Lincoln to Los Angeles. It would take me a while to get home but I compensated by upgrading to first class.

A guy my size could get used to first class. More leg room, a wider seat and service that was actually pampering. A flight attendant even flirted with me!

It was getting dark in L.A. when we landed. I thought about calling my fiancé, Sue, from the airport but remembered how much fun we had when she came home from a trip early and surprised me. I retrieved my car from long term parking and headed home.

By eight thirty gaziantep escort I was home. The apartment was dark and Sue’s car wasn’t parked in its spot. I parked around back so when she came home she wouldn’t see my car. In the apartment I was greeted by a mess. It looked like someone had a party. I took my suitcase into the bedroom and discovered the bed looked like it hadn’t been made in days! Just before I put the suitcase on the bed I noticed a wet place. It wasn’t still wet but it smelled like sex and was in the right place to be evidence of sex. I looked around and discovered three used rubbers in the wastebasket on my side of the bed. I opened the nightstand and discovered that whoever he was he had been fucking Sue with my rubbers! Some things are just wrong.

After I swore and paced the floor for a while, I took my suitcase back out to my car and left. I drove around a while, thinking. We were scheduled to get married in three months. The invitations had gone out. The church and the reception hall were booked. I was getting madder and madder.

Around midnight I saw a Denny’s and stopped. Mad or not I was hungry. I ate something. Back in my car I wandered around and ended back at the apartment. Sue’s car was there and a blue Ford pick-up. The truck was parked in my spot. I was pretty sure he was in my apartment, in my bedroom and parked in my spot there too.

I wrote down the license number from the pick-up and drove away. I’ve never been a fan of confrontation or fighting. I have always been a fan of payback and having people pay for wronging me.

Not too far from our apartment is the police station where a few of my friends work. I stopped in and talked to one who happened to be on the desk that night.He ran the plate and we got the name, address and phone number for the owner of the pick-up. We talked a while longer and then I left. I checked into a nice hotel.

Early the next morning I was parked down the street watching the truck and Sue’s car. Living with me she always needed to be out the door by seven thirty in order to get to work on time. At seven-thirty-four out they came. They rushed to their vehicles only taking time for one parting grope and kiss. I got a good look at him.

Dale Jacobson, 38, lives in Glendale. Brown hair, 5’10” and 200 pounds. It certainly looked like the owner of the truck was the one kissing Sue. He was dressed in construction worker garb. He got into the truck and drove right past me as he left. Sue backed out and went the other way.

Ten minutes later I was inside. Another party for two had taken place. Three more rubbers in the trash. A fresh wet spot. Wet towels on the bathroom floor.

I used the phone in the bedroom and called two friends. Both had been friends of mine since I moved to L.A. eight years before.

“John, how are you?”

“OK. Are you still in Nebraska?”

“No. The funeral was yesterday so I came back. Listen, you know that great stereo I have?”


“I want you to come over and take it.”

“Why? You just bought it last month!”

“Trust me. I’ll explain when you get here. Can you come now?”

“Yeah! I’ll get dressed and be right over.”

“Bring your camera, too. Would you?”

” Yeah. Thanks.”

I called another friend and offered him my books and desk. He wanted to know what was up and I promised to tell him when he arrived. I asked him to bring his camera too. Next I called our landlord. I wanted to know how our lease was worded. He let me know that it was worded “Susan or Nick” which meant that written notice by either left the lease in the name of the other. I said he would get the letter today.

“It can take effect the day I get it.” He said.

At our desk I wrote the letter and took it to the mailbox. Next, I took six bags of stuff I didn’t want anymore to the dumpsters before my friends arrived. I took them into the bedroom and reminded them that I had been gone for a week and a half. No further explanation was needed for why I was leaving. They both took pictures and since one was a police officer he made a couple calls and a tech came by, took official photos and took DNA samples from the bed and two of the condoms.

My friends wanted to know where I was going. I told them I had wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest for a long time but hadn’t exactly picked where yet. I promised to keep in touch. I also promised to keep my email address for at least a month or two.

It was approaching eleven o’clock. I knew that Sue went to lunch at twelve every day, usually to the deli at the corner near her office. I called the number that I had received for Dale Jacobson. A woman answered.

“Is this the home of Dale Jacobson?”

“Yes, but he isn’t here right now. I’m his fiancé. Can I help you?”

“Yes. Yes you can. This name and number were entered in a contest and the winner is the person who answers when we call. That would be you.”

“Winner? What did I win?”

“First you have to answer one question. What giresun escort radio station do you listen to?”


“Now, I can tell you that you just won $500!”

“$500! That’s great!”

“Three other people have also been notified that they won. I will give you an address and you must arrive at that address to collect your money. The person who arrives closest to the specific time will get an extra $500. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Not early and not late. Give me the time and address.”

I gave her the address for Sue’s office and the time of 12:15. That gave her exactly one hour to get there from Glendale.

“I caution you not to tell Mr. Jacobson about winning until after you collect. If he were to show up he would be the one to get the money.”

“No problem.” The line went dead.

I called the florist across the street from Sue’s office. I had used him a few times before.

“Can you make a large bouquet of different colored roses and deliver them to an office across the street at a little after twelve?”

“How many roses do you want?”

“Three dozen.”

“Certainly Sir. I can do that.”

“It is important that it be delivered after twelve, right after I call you. It will be between twelve and twelve fifteen.”

“I can do that. Is there to be card?”

“Yes. No envelope. I want the message visible and printed if that’s possible.”

“I have an HP printer that does my message cards. What do you want it to say?”

“Sue, Thank you! Thank you! Finding out now that you slept around with Dale Jacobson and others saved me from marrying a slut. You can keep everything in our apartment including the used condoms in the bedroom trash. Sign it Nick”

“Are you sure?”

“I am.”

“OK. The charge will be one hundred forty six and twenty eight cents. Will that be VISA?”

“Yes.” I gave him the number.

I called Sue’s office. Marge answered and I spoke softly. She didn’t recognize my voice and so didn’t say my name. When I told her I wanted to talk with her and not to Sue she knew something was up. She agreed not to say my name. We had talked a few times and had met twice in the past. She was good looking and really nice to me on the phone whenever I had called. I had the feeling she was interested in me but since I was with Sue I had not done anything with that knowledge.

I told her that a delivery was coming for Sue after she went to lunch. She reminded me that “the girls” went to lunch at twelve. I told her to do everything she needed to do so they actually left at twelve. She asked why and I said the delivery was important in that I wanted it seen by as many people as possible before Sue saw it. I told her that another woman would be coming into the office to collect a $500 prize. She was to read the card and then meet the prize committee just outside the building for pictures. I had to tell Marge that the woman was the fiancé of the man Sue had been screwing. She gave me her condolences. I offered Marge $20 for every person who read the card before Sue did. She said that sounded like she could make some good money. I promised her cash. I gave her my cell number and told her to call me when Sue and company left for lunch.

I called the florist and said not to deliver until I called back. He said OK. I drove downtown and parked near the florist and where I could see the front doors and the deli. At one minute after twelve my cell rang.

I was anxious. Would my plan work? I would soon find out. I thanked Marge and hung up. Less than a minute later Sue and the girls walked out of the building and down the sidewalk to the deli. She really looked good in her black skirt, white blouse and heels.

The florist answered on the first ring. I told him to deliver. He hung up and personally carried the huge beautiful bouquet and vase across the street and into the building.

I sat in my car and waited. It didn’t take too long. I saw a woman come rushing out of the building and run to the deli. Less than a minute later Sue and her ladies were rushing back to the building. As they entered the building my cell rang again. Marge put the woman on the phone.

“This is a trick! He’s been on a job out of town for two days!”

“No. He’s been parking his blue Ford truck in my parking spot and screwing my fiancé for the past two nights. A woman is about to come into the office. Her name is Sue. Watch her face as she reads the note. You’ll know I speak the truth. When you know, meet me outside the building.”

She met me. I gave her the thousand. I told her that it was worth the thousand to save both of us from ruining our lives. She was crying as she walked away.

Ten minutes later my cell rang. It was either Sue or Marge.

I answered. It was Marge.

“They took the vase and flowers into Sue’s office. Sue was crying. They closed the door. The other woman never said anything to Sue. She watched Sue’s face and heard her friends say, “Looks like you’re busted.”

“How much do I owe you?”

“$20 gümüşhane escort each, right?”

“Yes. How many people read the card?”

“Thirty-six! But that isn’t the best! Lots of the people who saw the card are supervisors.”

“You get a bonus! Where do you want the money sent?”

“I’d like you to hand it to me at dinner.”


She gave me an address. I assumed it was hers. I said, “Eight?”

She said, “Perfect!” and the call was over.

At eight I walked up to her door and had ten one hundred dollar bills in my pocket. She opened the door wearing lounging pajamas and an apron. She really looked edible. The silky material seemed to be caressing her and from the way her nipples were pointing hard at me I assumed she liked how the material felt. The smells of Italian food greeted me as well.

Inside, she took my jacket and asked if I wanted a glass of wine. I mentioned that I was here to give her the money she had earned. She stepped close to me and said, “I don’t want the money. I want you.”

She kissed me. She tasted of wine. Good wine. I returned the kiss. When it broke she smiled at me.


“Yes, now that you mention it, I am.”

She served lasagna that was obviously not store bought. Obvious because I saw the kitchen. Store bought doesn’t take that kind of preparation. It was wonderful. I said so.

“Flattery will get you anything you want.”

“It wasn’t flattery. It is the truth.”

“The truth will get you me.”


“Sue gives good women a bad name. Sue treated a good man like shit. I don’t want that good man to think all women are sluts like her.”

“Are you different?”

“Yes. I was married and he wandered. That was six years ago. I haven’t been on a date or in bed with a man between then and now. I am not a slut. I have never fucked around. I’ve been in bed with two men in my life. The man I gave my virginity to and my husband. With any luck, the next man in bed with me will be you.”

“But, why me?”

“I saw and heard how Sue used you for the last two years and how good you were to her. I know that you are a good man. Your response to her cheating says that too. I have thought for two years that I could love again if I could find a man like you. Today, I did.”

My cell picked that moment to ring. I answered. It was Sue. She was crying. “Nick, please come home. It was a mistake. I’m so sorry.”

“It isn’t my home. It can’t be my home when another man uses my condoms to fuck my fiancé six times! Wait! You just said it was a mistake? I’ll come to your apartment right now and I’ll marry you just like we planned if you can explain to me how you justify fucking someone else six times.”

“It was a mistake. He blackmailed me into doing it! I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

“Blackmailed? How? I have to know and I have to believe or we’re done.”

“I don’t want to tell you. You’ll hate me.”

“No. I don’t hate you and I don’t believe you. You are a memory. By the way when you got back to your office today did you see a woman there that you didn’t know?”

“Yes, I saw her.”

“At noon today she was engaged to Dale Jacobson. She came to your office to watch your face when you read the card. I don’t think they are engaged any more. You and Dale can fuck each other forever now.”

“I am so sorry! Can’t you believe me?”

“No. It was a mistake and you may never know how big a mistake, for you. I will probably never see you again. I’m fine with that. I found out that you have been using me and cheating me out of love I thought I was giving you. I am a man who doesn’t get cheated again after I find out I was cheated the first time.” I hung up. Then I disconnected the power to the phone.

I stood up and apologized to Marge for interrupting her with a wrong number. She stood and offered herself again. I took her in my arms and whispered:

“I haven’t bedded anyone except Sue in three years. I’m not sure anymore how to start first-time sex.”

Marge smiled and gently kissed me again.

“I think I remember how to do this. If I’m wrong we may need to do it over and over till we get it right.” She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. It was the soft and frilly bedroom of a romantic woman who lives alone. It stopped me cold.

“Marge, I am going to make you an offer I pray you don’t refuse. This has been your sanctuary for years. I am honored that you invite me here. I counter-offer that we get in my car and go to my hotel. I’m staying at the Bel-Age in Beverly Hills. You can call in sick in the morning and we can have room service bring us a wonderful breakfast that we can eat in bed.”

She let go of my hand and pointed to a chair.

“I’ll need a few things.” Quickly she packed some clothes for the next day and the bathroom kit all women seem to need. She put on some shoes and a coat over her pajamas.

“Ready.” She announced. Half an hour later we were in the elevator at the Bel-Age. In the elevator we kissed again. We walked down the hallway to my room holding hands.

In the room she asked me to undress her. I removed the long coat from her, showing me again the silky pajamas and her pointing nipples. I embraced her and we kissed again. I wanted to go slowly. I wanted Marge to enjoy this.

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