Changing a Lightbulb


My wife’s younger sister has a nice little ass. I was sitting on the patio of their parents’ house watching her change a light bulb on top of a too-short ladder. Her cute little ass was right there within view and her leg muscles were flexing as she tried to remove the fixture so she could replace the bulb. She could’ve asked me to change the bulb, but Suzy was a flirt. She liked to tease me and the oldest sister’s husband Jim, by wiggling her ass, showing a lot of leg and wearing tight tops that showed her titties and nipples. My wife, Beth and her older sister Mary, had told Jim and I that maybe we should teach Suzy a lesson sometime. When I asked what type of lesson, Beth said she should get what she’s asking for. It was all said in a light-hearted way. Suzy was a charming young thing. She was about to turn twenty.

Suzy was wobbling on the ladder and asked me to keep her from falling. I got up and got behind her, reaching up to hold her waist, but I could only reach her ass. So, I boldly put one hand on her hip and slid the other hand up under her little shorts and under her panties onto her bare ass. She was soft and firm, and I spread my hand to get a good grip (and feel).

She said “Hey, what are you doing?” but she couldn’t do anything without dropping the light fixture and bulb.

I said “I’m just trying to help.”

She yabancı gaziantep escort giggled and said “Oh really?”

Since she didn’t object, I went further. I reached around her waist and unbuttoned the front of her shorts and pulled her shorts and panties down to knees. As I looked at her pretty white ass, she realized she could not move with her shorts restricting her legs.

She said, “I can’t move with my shorts like that, pull them back up.”

I refused and said, “You can move if you take them off.”

She wiggled her legs and let her shorts and panties fall to her feet and lifted one foot then the other out of them. I grabbed her clothes and threw them in the bushes without her realizing it.

She finished changing the light bulb, with her ass right in front of my face. I could catch a glimpse of her pussy as she moved around. Then she asked me to help her get down. Thinking “What the hell”, I held her by the waist and moved my hands up under her halter top as she stepped down. I pulled her top up and grabbed hold of her nice little titties with two very hard nipples. As she got down to the deck, I pulled the top over her head. Now, she was nude. What a beautiful sight. A nice, soft, shapely and naked young woman was right in front of gaziantep yabancı escort me. I took her in my arms and kissed her and she kissed me back.

She said, “What would your wife say if she knew you had stripped and were kissing her sister?”

I said, “She said I should teach you a lesson. You’re always flashing your goodies. Maybe you need to be punished.”

Suzy was surprised by that and suddenly had lost her cockiness. “We shouldn’t.” she said.

I said, “Why not?”

She said “Beth will kill us if she finds out.”

I said, “Let me worry about that.” I pulled my shirt over my head, unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants as I led her over to a chaise lounge.

She didn’t object as I laid her down and climbed on top of her. Her legs spread as I mounted her and my hard dick slid into her. She gasped as I pushed in all the way. Suzy’s cunt was divine. It was nice and tight and warm and wet. My cock had found a wonderful place to be. Suzy was excited too and she moved with me as I pumped away.

We were both really into it, when I heard “Well, well, what have we here?” It was my wife, who had walked onto the deck.

Before Suzy or I could say anything, Beth continued, “Fuck the little bitch good, honey. Come in her little cunt for me.” escort gaziantep yabancı She was taking a video of me screwing her little sister.

Suzy was shocked and lost focus for a moment, but I kissed her, pulled her legs over her shoulders and drove into her. She regained her focus and came hard. A few seconds later, I spurted into her with a nice load of sperm.

I got up, leaving her lying there naked while my wife looked on. Suzy stammered some apologies and begged forgiveness from her older sister. She tried to deflect responsibility to me. Beth was not having it. It was her turn to tease her little sister. “You little slut.” She said. “You wiggled your ass once too often, didn’t you?”

Suzy asked. “Were you watching?”

Beth said, “I was watching the whole time. Should I show the video to Mom and Dad to show them what a little tart they have for a daughter?”

They went back and forth, with Suzy accusing my wife of being an easy lay for all the boys in high school. I really didn’t want to hear that. Beth called her a liar, of course. Then Suzy accused me of taking her virginity, which caused Beth to break out laughing and then Suzy joined her.

The final shot from Suzy was when she said it was her fertile period and maybe she would get pregnant. Beth laughed and said, ‘You’d deserve it for flashing your tits and ass all over the place.

We heard a car coming in the drive way. Suzy couldn’t find her shorts and panties so she hurried into the house. Beth found the clothes and took them up to her room, next to where we were staying. I got laid again by Beth who was turned on by watching me fuck her little sister. She slapped me though, when I asked if I could have her other sister too.

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