Caught Jerkin’ Ch. 02


My Previous chapter ended with my MIL watching me jerckoff behind my desk just before she and my FIL left the office for lunch. When they returned I was nervous as to how she would act towards me. Did she tell my FIL what happened, woud they fire me?

They returned and my MIL Sharon, acted as if nothing had happened. I was releived and stayed in my office until the day ended and I went home. I was so horny that night, I couldn’t think of anything else.

The next day it seemed like it was before I got caught jerking off at my desk. Chuck, the upstairs tenant did not come home for lunch and there was no noon time show. My in-laws frequently went out to lunch and today was no different. I was there alone again, but with no nooner happening above it was no fun and no masturbating for me. Things went along fine for the next week or so. The upstairs tenant was in fucking his lady at lunch time twice, both times my in-laws were already gone so I was free to take my cock out and jerk off without fear of being caught. Life was back to normal.

About a week later, my FIL was going to be gone all day at a meeting about and hour and half drive away. I was in my office doing paperwork around mid morning and my MIL came in with some papers for me. She stood there and made small talk and I couldn’t help but notice she looked a little different. She was wearing a more revealing outfit than normal, lower cut top and a tighter skirt with nylons.

As she turned to walk away I stared at her buxom ass and felt a twinge in my cock. When I looked up I saw her head was turned and she saw me staring at her ass. My mind started running scenarios of how I could get her out of that skirt. I envisioned her bent over the desk with the skirt up over her hips and her stockings pulled down around her knees or ankles. My cock was rock hard now!!

Around noon, I heard the buildings front door open and someone walked in and up the steps to the apartment above my office. I knew it was Chuck. I was hoping his girlfriend was coming over today and that I would be treated to another audio sex show. As luck would have it, I heard the door open again and footsteps up the stairs about ten after noon. I hoped they would be fucking soon and I knew my MIL had heard both people head up the steps. Not 5 minutes later, my MIL poked her head around the door of my office and asked me what I was doing for lunch. I told her I kind of liked heading out a little later and that I was probably going to go out around 1:00. “You’re welcome to join me,” I offered.

“I think I might like that,” she replied as she headed back to her desk.

A few minutes later I heard the sound of the bed squeaking in the apartment above me as Chuck and his lady got on it. I knew they would be fucking soon and even though my MIL was in the next office, I was determined to jack off while I listened to them fuck. Normally I just unzipped my pants but this time I actually undid my belt and unzipped and pulled down my pants to my knees. I imagine my MIL heard the sound of the zipper and the belt buckle jingling, and I was hoping it got her attention. Another minute or two passed and the rhythmic sounds of someone getting fucked on a squeaky bed had begun. My cock was in my right hand now and I was stroking with an even pace.

I know by this time that my MIL could probably hear the couple above us fucking too because they were pretty raucous today. I heard her get up from her desk and head toward my office door. I was fully ready for her to ‘catch me’ jerking off again. This time we were the only ones in the office and my FIL wasn’t due back for 3 or 4 hours. She peered around the doorway and I looked right at her.

We locked eyes and then she looked down at my lap. I stood up and let my pants fall to my ankles. There was my rigid cock in all its 7″ glory bobbing out in front of me for her to see. She stood there and stared at it for what seemed like minutes. She then stepped into my office taking two or three steps toward the front of my desk. She briefly looked up at the ceiling. We could hear the full fledge pounding that was going on above us. Chuck’s girlfriend was moaning and moaning and I was listening to her get fucked hard as my MIL was staring at my cock. I began to stroke it slowly up and down.

MIL watched me intently, her eyes darting back and forth between my eyes and cock. I was on fire with lust and so was she. Her face was flush and she looked so hot and horny, like I have never seen before. She moved closer to me and continued to watch me.

“Why don’t you join me?” I whispered, not wanting to let Chuck upstairs know we were down below listening. “Pull your skirt up, you’re looking at mine, I want to see yours” I said.

She shook her head no but her face said she was really wanting to. I moved around the side of my desk and out closer to her. She stepped back slightly but stopped. She could not take her eyes off my dick.

“Come on” I said, “it’s only fair, you’ve seen me twice now! Escort Bayan Gaziantep No one will see us; we’re the only ones here.”

The moaning was getting louder above us and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was super horny now. She slowly pulled her skirt up until it was above her hips. She slightly spread her legs and I immediately focused on her crotch. She was wearing nylons with no panties underneath. I could see a wet spot between her legs and could tell there was a thick dark hairy bush under the material. I moved even closer to get a better look as she began to touch her self through the nylon material. Her finger was moving back and forth along the furrow of her pussy lips. The moisture in her crotch was spreading and I could tell she was really hot.

“Pull down you stockings” I insisted. “I want to really see it!”

She didn’t respond right away and continued to rub herself through her stockings. I moved right in front of her and put my hands on the waist band. We were now looking in each others eyes and we were both on fire with lust. I grasped the nylons and pulled them down to her knees. Her black pubic hair was glistening with her pussy moisture. I stood back up and looked her in the eyes. I started to stroke myself again and she put her fingers on her pussy and started to rub it. We watched each other, she was staring at my cock and I was watching her, now fingering her own hot hole. I could smell that musky pussy juice and it smelled so good! I love the smell of an aroused pussy.

Suddenly, she reached over with her other hand and took hold of my cock. She started to stroke it back and forth, somewhat clumsily at first. I let her continue and moved my right hand to her hot hole and started to massage her clit. I put my other hand on her ass and began to knead it. By this time the fucking session in the apartment above us had stopped, we barely noticed as we stood there masturbating each other. I was so turned on and horny I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I was concentrating on her hard nub and I could tell she was enjoying it as soft moans were coming from her mouth. She picked up the pace on my cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

With a sudden blast, my first shot of hot spunk erupted from my cock and landed right on her lower stomach. The next spasm sent a string of cum right onto her hairy bush. The third and forth globs landed on the carpet between us.

The hot jism hitting her skin and my furious rubbing of her clit sent her over the edge. She began to convulse slightly and almost lost her balance as her orgasm overtook her. She shuddered and moaned in a low voice for 20 seconds or so until her climax subsided with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open.

When she opened her eyes again seeing me a look of horror came across her face.

“We shouldn’t have done that” she said almost shouting and about to cry. She dropped her skirt and waddled with her stockings around her knees through the back of my office into the powder room behind it.

The water started running immediately as she cleaned herself off. I grabbed some napkins and wiped off my cock and cleaned the carpet. MIL stayed in the bathroom for several more minutes.

When she emerged she said “I’ll be back later,” and grabbed her purse and left.


MIL was gone for more than an hour and while she was out my FIL, Dale called to say he would be staying later to have dinner with the client and that I should tell Sharon, my MIL that he would be back later in the evening. After I hung up the phone I wondered what he would say or do if he knew that his wife and I just masturbated together in my office. What would he say if he knew she took hold of my cock and jerked it for me till I shot my load on her stomach and furry black bush? What would he think of me fingering her hot hairy cunt and rubbing her clit till she shuddered in orgasm?

She returned and came in the back door from the parking area and went through the other side of the office to her desk at the reception area. It was about 2:30 by now and I called out to her from my office.

“Dale called, he said he will be staying to take the clients out to dinner and probably won’t be back until 9:00 or so.”

“O.k., thanks” she called back to me.

Her voice was slightly trembling and uneasy. There was an awkward period, I wanted to go talk to her about what happened but I could tell she was feeling guilty about what happened. I decided not to press the issue but I wanted our new relationship to progress further.

My mind was racing now. I was still super hot and horny from the events earlier and now knowing her husband was not coming back till late that night, I thought I had a chance to capitalize on the progress I had made so far toward my goal of fucking my mother in law. We normally locked the office door around 4:30 pm but the three of us would normally be there until at least 5:30 or 6:00 each day. My wife did not expect me home until 6:30 or later each evening, so I knew I had some time this afternoon to try to achieve my goal.

Things were quiet for the next few hours, normal client calls and issues to handle. Sharon stayed at her desk and did not come to or through my office. I could not concentrate on work at all and had a perpetual hard-on for the next two hours as I schemed in my head how I was going to make it happen. Around 4:30 as usual, Sharon my MIL got up from her desk and closed the front office door and locked it. At the same time, for safety, I got up and went through the back storage room and locked the back entrance to our office from the parking lot. Just in case my FIL plans changed and he came back early, we would have some warning that he was trying to get in.

I was back to my desk and I heard one of the tenants enter the foyer by our front office door and head up stairs. It was Chuck again, the guy who lived above my office. I heard him walking around above me but I wasn’t expecting him to put on another show this afternoon, since he plowed the shit out of his girlfriend at lunch time. This got me thinking.

It was now almost 5:00 and Sharon knew Dale was not coming home for dinner and she was still at the office. She didn’t rush out at the end of business hours. Was she hoping something else would happen too? She knew we had at least an hour or two alone in the office.

I was playing back our encounter in my head, remembering the musky smell of her pussy and the feel of her hand on my cock. I still had her pussy juice on my fingers and I sat at my desk smelling the wonderful scent. I decided to start to play with myself. I stood up and completely removed my pants and underwear. I know she heard the sound of my zipper and the jingling of my belt buckle, because the office was totally quiet.

I sat on my chair and began to stroke my cock slowly, envisioning her with her skirt up around her waist and her nylons at her knees. MY cock was rock hard and I began to formulate my plan. I decided I would just walk in to her, nude with my hard cock in hand and see what she would do.

I got up and unbuttoned my dress shirt and removed it and my tee-shirt. I was now totally naked and my hard on was bobbing out in front of me. AT the time, I was about 32 years old and I was still in good shape. I am stocky but athletic, with big strong thighs and calves. My shoulders are broad and at the time I had quite a developed chest and set of arms. I didn’t have a six pack but I was trim. My chest is hairy as are my legs. My MIL was probably 55 at the time and my FIL was a few years older. He’s a handsome guy but not quite in good physical shape at the time. I had a feeling my MIL liked looking at my body.

I walked over to the door way of my office and stepped out into the reception area. There were no windows into this area so I didn’t have to worry about being seen from the street or the outside. I stood there totally nude just leaning up against the wall, slowly jerking on my prick. My breathing was heavy and my MIL immediately noticed me. She looked up and just froze, staring at me not saying a word. I knew I had her then. Her eyes had the lustful look in them that I had seen earlier as I was fingering her cunt.

She was hot still and it was apparent she wanted more too. She didn’t say anything just stared at me, studying my body from head to toe, then focusing back on my dick. She sat there and stared at it for a while so I began to walk towards her desk. The whole time she just stared at me with a wanton look on her face. As I approached the side of her desk, she turned her chair slightly sideways to face me.

I positioned myself directly in front of her chair and moved my feet between hers, forcing her to spread her legs. My cock was now right in front of her face; her desk chair height put her mouth at perfect height for sucking me. We didn’t say a word as she looked up and looked me in the eye with a flushed face betraying how hot she was for this. She began to stroke me slowly with her right hand and like a women experienced in cock sucking, grabbed my nut sack with her left.

After a few strokes, she moved her head in and put the tip of my cock between her lips. She almost always wore lipstick and her lips looked so sexy. She slowly took my 7″ cock all the way in until her lips were brushing my pubic hair. She reversed course and slowly pulled off till she was back at the tip. She repeated this for several minutes and each time she pulled back she would use her right hand to pump my hard cock while her tongue danced around the head of my dick and tickles the slit on the end.

All the while she was massaging my nuts and alternately using her left hand to knead my right ass cheek. I was getting so hot. She started to pick up the pace and was now bobbing feverishly up and down on my cock. She was looking up at me with this hot look on her face; I loved looking at her when she was on fire with lust. She’s a beautiful woman and it made me so hot to stare into her eyes as she bobbed up and down on my dick.

I knew I wouldn’t last too long with her tongue dancing all around my cock so I pulled my dick from her hot hungry mouth and pushed her head toward my nuts. She licked my ball sack and alternately took my nuts into her mouth sucking them gently. Wow, she obviously had some experience with this. She always acted so conservative and almost prudish before this, but now a lusty MILF had been unleashed.

I decided that I needed to switch positions and return the favor to her. I wanted to get her hairy snatch in my face so I could inhale that wonderful musky smell and taste her pussy juices. Her desk was small and quite full of stuff so I stepped back and grabbed her hand, leading her out of the reception area to my office. No words were spoken during this whole time so far, just looks of lust.

When we got to my office I turned her around and moved her to the front of my desk. It was a big old executive style desk with just a blotter in the middle and a couple mail trays on one side. We were now face to face and I moved in and kissed her hard on her mouth. She opened her lips immediately and accepted my probing tongue. It was so good and hot. We kissed that way for several minutes while her hands ran up and down my back and hips and ass. My cock was pushed up between us, rubbing her belly. I wanted to see her in her naked glory so I stepped back and unbuttoned the top of her skirt and undid the zipper. If fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and slid it aside with her foot.

I pulled her blouse up over her head and as I did, leaned in to kiss her hard again. She was now standing in her heels, nylons and bra. As I mentioned before, she had a few extra pounds on her belly and ass, but I love a pleasingly plump woman. She looked so hot. I looked down at her crotch and could see a fresh wet spot, which told me how hot she was.

I pushed her back up onto the desk so that she was sitting with her legs over the front edge. I spread them apart and knelt in between, inhaling the pungent smell of an aroused female sex. I began to tongue the crotch of her nylons, tasting her juices in the fabric while putting pressure on her outer lips. God it tasted so good. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into, a groan escaping her lips. I continued to lick up and down her stocking covered slit for a minute or two but wanting to get to the main course now.

I stood up and grabbed the waistband of her nylons and pulled them down and off her legs. I tossed them aside and quickly knelt back down to get my face back into her hot hairy pussy. My senses were overloading, the smell and the taste were spectacular and I couldn’t get enough of it. I had to get myself in check and not go too fast.

I began to work slowly on her outer lips, lightly flicking them up one side then down the other. I then reached in with one finger and parted her outer lips and slowly slid a finger into her hole. It was so warm and wet in there, I wanted to climb in. Now that the lips were apart, I began to slide my tongue up and down the inner lips and then alternately putting my tongue into her sweet hole, trying to capture as much of her juice as I could. She was dripping wet now, with juice flowing down her inner thighs toward her ass crack.

My cock felt like it was going to explode it was so rock hard and standing straight up against my stomach. I reached up with both hands and grabbed her where her thighs meet her hips and pulled her into my face. I began to tongue her covered clit and tried to dance my tongue around it and then back down to her opening.

She now had her left hand on my head pulling me into her, moaning and panting. I then put all my efforts on her clit, almost sucking it like a mini cock. I was now hard and exposed and she began to shudder and convulse as I focused on her love button. She was cumming and her juices were flowing all over my face. She held my face in her pussy and I continued to lap up her juices as her climax subsided.

She finally released my head and I stood up and helped her to her feet. I was now about to perform the act I had envisioned in fantasy so many times. I was going to fuck my mother-in-law from behind over my desk.

I stepped back and said, “I have to fuck you!”

“Yes, you do,” she said with a smile.

I told her that I had fantasized about this and I wanted to take her from behind. “I love it that way” she said.

I spun her around and she then bent over the desk resting on her elbows. She spread her legs and pushed her ass back at me slightly. I stopped for a second. I wanted to burn this image into my memory. Her wide ass looked so good and I could see her juicy red pussy lips, open and inviting my hard cock inside. I ran my fingers over her hole and then took one final look at her bent over my desk. I moved in closer and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her steaming hole and paused for a second. I wanted to savor this but I couldn’t wait either. I felt like my whole body was buzzing with electricity.

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