Bob , Susan Ch. 01

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Chapter One: First Time Together and in Public

As they waited for the waiter to show them to their seats, Bob looked around the restaurant, well pleased. He has chosen it on the advice of a friend who told him that it had a very intimate atmosphere. It was dimly lit, with rectangular tables covered with tablecloths that hung down on the sides. The patrons seemed to be gathered at one side of the room, likely because it was easier for the waiters.

Soon, a young man approached, telling them he would be their waiter for the evening, asking them to follow him. Bob stopped him, handed him a twenty, telling him that they wanted some privacy. The young man smiled and nodded, leading them to a corner of the room away from the other people. He held the chair for Susan on the side of the table next to the wall. Bob started to sit across from her when Susan said:

“Why don’t you bring a chair over here and sit beside me, Bob.”

Bob quickly did as she requested, eager to please her. This was his first date with her, and he wanted it to go well. He had heard that she loved sex and was eager to get some of it, if at all possible. The waiter handed them the menus, took their drink orders – – a bottle of wine and two glasses – – and left.

As they looked at the menu, Bob dropped his hand casually, resting it on Susan’s leg. He wanted more than anything else at this moment to slide his hand up her bare inner thigh and touch her love opening, but was afraid to move too fast, afraid to scare her off. After finding no resistance, Bob began to rub slowly, keeping his hand on top of Susan’s leg, near her knee as they talked with each other.

Susan felt horny. It had been almost two weeks since she had been laid, and she wanted – – no needed some real sexual stimulation tonight. She loved the naughty, lustful feeling of sex in public places and wished Bob would move his hand further up her leg now. She was afraid, however, to push him for fear of scaring him off. After all, this was her first time out with him. She also knew Bob was married, that his sex life at home was nil, and his wife was out of town for the week. The married part didn’t bother her because Bob had a reputation for not playing around. That meant that she could have sex with him without a rubber and still not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. She sometimes dated married men who did not sleep around because of this. She had agreed to go to dinner with him, on condition that they found a restaurant at least an hour’s drive from their hometown. This restaurant was twice that.

Bob continued to rub Susan’s leg as they talked, staying close to her knee, but finally moving to her inner thigh. Susan spread her legs slightly, wanting to assure him that it was all right and felt his hand move further, then stop, caressing, but going no further toward her pussy.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Susan put her hand on Bob’s leg and slid it to his inner thigh, rubbing, moving upward to mid-thigh, just inches from his “package.”

Bob took it as a hint, permission, and began to move his hand higher. His breath quickened as he inched upward, feeling the warm, smoothness of her inner thigh. His heart beat faster as he hoped, prayed she would let him continue to explore. The long tablecloth hid their movements from the patrons and staff.

Susan shivered slightly with excitement and anticipation. She wanted him to touch her pussy here in this public place; to be able to look out at the patrons and waiters as her pussy was petted, caressed – – she love words like pussy, cock, fuck – – loved hearing, saying, even thinking them. They made her feel very hot and lustful. Now, she enjoyed the feel of his hand caressing near her pussy, loved him doing it in public. She had come partially prepared, wearing a skirt that reached half-way down her thigh. When she sat down, her skirt had ridden up a bit so that Bob’s hand could reach a lot of her thigh, but not enough for him to reach the spot they both wanted him to.

They talked, looking into each other’s eyes as Bob’s hand moved higher, feeling her soft, so warm under his hand. Bob felt himself hardening and Susan became aware of her growing moistness. Bob hoped as his hand inched closer and Susan willed him to continue. When Bob’s hand could go no further, Susan spread her legs a bit more and moved, sliding her sexy ass on the chair, making her dress rise higher – – high enough for him to reach her waiting cunt with his hand. She smiled encouragement, hoping he would know what she wanted.

Both were breathing hard by the time Bob’s little finger touched Susan’s panties. Bob realized that a mere bit of cloth separated him from heaven and his breath caught. Susan closed her eyes and gasped slightly at his touch.

It was then that they heard the waiter clear his throat and realized he was standing at their table.

“May I take your order, or would you prefer to wait a few minutes?”

Susan’s eyes flew open and she realized that casino siteleri Bob had quickly moved his hand. Susan noticed that the waiter seemed calm and his voice was fairly steady, but as her eyes met his, she could see, and enjoyed, a bit of a blush. The waiter looked away quickly. He had realized what was going on about the time he cleared his throat, but he was too professional to let it show, although he was a bit embarrassed.

“Could we have a couple of more minutes?” Susan asked, smiling at the waiter, enjoying the feeling that he was aware of what they had been doing. “I think we will be cuming to a decision soon.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Susan could tell by his sudden start that he understood the meaning of her words.

As the waiter walked away, Susan looked intently at Bob.

“Were you enjoying what you were doing?” Susan asked.

“God yes.” Bob stammered.

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yessss, Please!”

“Then don’t move your hand away again.” Susan responded. “You need to understand that I get very turned on by knowing that people can see me while I am engaged in some type of sex. But it is very deflating for me when you stop. If you want to get further with me tonight, don’t remove your hand from my pussy again.”

Bob nodded, hardly believing he was with such a sexy woman. He immediately moved his hand beck to Susan’s inner thigh, his finger touching her panty-covered, very wet, love (and lust) opening. He lost no time as he began to feel and rub her again, easily feeling her moistness through her panties.

Susan reciprocated by sliding her hand that had been on Bob’s inner thigh with one smooth movement to the bulge in his crotch, cupping his balls through his pants, then running her fingers up and down his shaft. Bob stiffened and sighed with pleasure.

“God, Susan, you are so damn sexy!” He whispered.

“So fucking sexy.” She corrected him.

“Yes, so fucking sexy.” He responded quickly.

As she continued to play with Bob’s cock and balls through his pants, Susan said quietly, “We need to choose something from the menu, lover.”

Bob nodded, barely able to focus on what she was saying. He was lost in fantasy about having his head between Susan’s smooth legs, exploring with his tongue the sex tunnel he was almost touching.

“Baby, we need to order.” Susan said again, playfully, laughing, excited, realizing that one spot on her body was all Bob was thinking about at the moment.

Susan squeezed Bob’s balls in her hand lightly, but enough to cause slight pain, getting his attention, telling him again that they needed to order. Bob reluctantly removed his hand, took the menu, looked briefly, set it down and returned his hand, petting her pussy through her panties, by now, not just moist, but completely soaked.

Susan also looked at the menu briefly and made a decision, then returned to playing with Bob’s raging hardon. As Bob raised his hand for the waiter, she deftly unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside, groping, feeling his erection through his briefs. The waiter moved toward them instantly, and it was obvious that he had been watching them. Both Bob and Susan were sure he had been doing so since he was at their table and realized what they were doing. As the waiter stood on the other side of the table taking her order, Susan smiled, finally able to slide her hand under Bob’s briefs. As Bob began to order, Susan’s fingers grasped his hard, bare cock, and he suddenly had great difficulty finding the right words and saying them without stammering.

When the waiter left, Bob looked into Susan’s eyes with pure lust, wanting her now. His fingers began to try to work their way under the crotch of her panties. He was in too much of a hurry, and when his fingers pulled her pussy hairs as he tried to lift the crotch of her panties, Susan stopped him. Working slowly, so as to not draw too much attention, she slid her panties down her legs, caught them on one foot and lifted them to her hand. Then she opened herself for Bob again, this time with no barriers.

Now, Bob moved more slowly, touching Susan gently, feeling her soft, delicate love lips. He was afraid that his dry fingers would irritate her and so he rubbed one finger up and down her very wet slit for lubrication and then slid easily inside her, exalting in the feel of her creamy, sticky honey. He moved his finger in and out slowly, then a bit faster, feeling her hips hunch slightly, keeping up with his thrusts. She was so wet his finger moved easily; he heard, or perhaps only imagined he could hear it squish inside her. Her very soft sounds of pleasure drove him higher and further and he slipped a second finger inside her, moving them in and out and up and down.

After a few moments, Bob withdrew his wet fingers, rubbed them on his thumb and began playing with her lips, touching them again, teasing, pulling gently. Susan had long, very sensitive lips and she loved having them teased. She only wished amerikan ruleti now that it were Bob’s lips sucking on them, pulling them, fantasized about him being under the table eating her as the patrons and waiters watched.

Bob’s finger moved further up, and Susan jumped as it touched her clit, sending electric shocks through her. Her grunt was almost loud enough to attract attention from the other patrons, but not quite. She fantasized it was his tongue – – and knew it soon would be. Bob felt her love hair, running his fingers through it, wishing it were his nose and tongue, instead of just fingers.

Susan had not been idle. While enjoying Bob’s fingers, she had extracted his cock from his pants and was running her fingers up and down his very stiff shaft. She felt gently, exploring his completely exposed member from his pubic hair at the base to the head mushrooming out with the little slit in the middle, taking note of his length and circumference, the feel of the large vein on the underside, imagining it in her mouth and in other openings in her body.

Susan loved the feel of a warm, hard cock, always wanting to see how much she could make it grow. She loved what she could do when she played with one, the feeling of power and control. She lightly ran her fingernails up and down his undershaft, teasing, feeling herself getting hotter as she heard Bob’s little gasps and a very softly muttered, “Oh God.” Gripping him firmly in her hand, she began to stroke him slowly, stopping briefly to pet his bulging head with each upstroke. Her hand stopped and reached inside again, cupping his balls, playing gently, separating them in their sack and holding each one in turn. Then she returned to playing with his cock.

She wondered if she could make him cum with just visual stimulation and decided to find out. Putting one finger on the large vain on the underside of his cock, Susan milked from the base to the tip, watching a large drop of precum ooze from the slit.

“I think I’ll have an appetizer first.” Susan said. Putting her finger to the tip of his cock, she caught it and put it to her mouth, sucking. “MMMMMMM, great appetizer, Baby.” Susan laughed at his expression.

Realizing that Bob was about to shoot his load, Susan realized that she could make him cum whenever and wherever she wanted, and that was enough for right now. Actually, she was not ready for him to cum yet, and grasping Bob’s cock again, she put her forefinger at the base, on the large vain, squeezing. She felt his cock thrusting, twitching in her hand and knew his cum was trying to spurt its way out, that her finger was all that was preventing it from shooting out, all that was keeping him very hard for the time being.

When Bob’s cock stopped jerking and she knew the risk of a climax was past for the moment, she released him and reached between her own legs, pushing his hand aside for the moment, sliding one finger inside herself, moving it around, coating it with sweet love honey. Lifting the finger to Bob’s mouth, she slid it across his lips.

“Here’s your appetizer too, Baby.” She said softly as Bob sucked her finger eagerly, licking it with his tongue, savoring her juices. He would rather taste her with his tongue inside her, but this was great too.

When she removed her finger from his mouth, Bob gasped, “More!”

“Get it yourself, Baby.” Susan replied, looking down between her legs and spreading them a bit more.

Bob lost no time in sliding two fingers inside Susan, pumping them in and out gently, coating them. Her hips moved, meeting him. She loved being finger fucked – – especially in public places. She wished she could find a way to have him under the table, licking her while she sat and casually and sipped her wine as she looked out over the restaurant. She glanced up, and yes, the waiter was still across the room, watching them. Other waiters glanced their way frequently, and she was sure they had been talking. She wondered if any of the patrons were aware and was assured that they must know what was happening, since some glanced over their way frequently.

Susan’s eyes returned to Bob’s as he removed his fingers, met her gaze, and began to lick the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods from them.

“God, Baby, you taste wonderful!” Bob whispered.

“Do you want to eat me”

“Yes! God yes!”

“You know that if you eat me, you have to continue for a long time. I love the feel of a tongue on my pussy and clit. And I like everything down there licked, not just my pussy and clit.”

“Everything?” Bob could only gasp.

“Front and back.” Susan replied, very hot. “I want your tongue inside me in both places.”


“Yes, I need to have your tongue inside both my pussy and asshole. Are you wanting to do that for me?”

“Yes.” Bob gasped.

Seeing his look of pure, animal lust sent Susan over the edge. She needed some immediate relief.

“Finger-fuck me and make me cum.” She sighed, avrupa ruleti uttering a slight moan as Bob’s fingers entered her again.

“God, that feels soooo fucking good.” Susan sighed as quietly as she could, feeling his fingers beginning to move in and out.

As Susan continued to pump Bob’s cock and her hips hunched Bob’s fingers inside her, Bob’s thumb began to touch her clit, moving up and down and then across it, side to side, lubricated with her sweet honey. Her hips moved in rhythm to his playing; wanting, needing her first climax of the evening. She came with soft grunts and groans, eyes closed, knowing the waiter was likely watching, knowing that he was seeing her cum.

Bob was also on the verge or cumming when Susan finished her climax and sensed it. A she grasped the base of his cock, circling it with her thumb and forefinger, putting pressure, stopping the creamy, white sex goo from shooting all over himself and her.

“Not yet, Baby.” She whispered as she heard him groan softly with disappointment. ” I need you to stay very hard for a lot longer, but I promise you will enjoy it when you do – – and you will cum for me more than once.”

Susan grinned, a bit sadistically, thinking that if this didn’t work out with him to her satisfaction, she might, on a future date, make him cum on himself and then enjoy him trying to hide it as he walked out of the restaurant.

Their dinner arrived and they ate, continuing to play and talk. As they ate, Susan picked a small piece of steak from Bob’s plate, and looking into his wide, unbelieving eyes, she slide it down between her legs inside herself, flavoring it, then put it in his eager mouth. On another occasion, she milked Bob’s precum and fed herself. As they neared the end of their meal, Bob began to play again, taking Susan to her second climax. As she came down, she knew she was so wet that she must have leaked all over her chair and grinned, thinking about leaving a permanent reminder of her public sex in this place.

As Susan looked around the room after her second climax, she noticed several more patrons looking their way. Either they realized what was happening, or they suspected. She felt hotter, more excited at the thought of knowing that others were watching her, realizing that the trouble they would be in if someone who knew them were in the restaurant . . . But this place was actually a long way from home and no one knew her here. Her public fun wasn’t finished yet.

“Did you notice the bulge in the front of the waiter’s pants when he came over here?” Susan asked.

“No, I can’t say that I did.”

“Well, I certainly noticed it – – a very nice bulge.” Susan laughed. “Bet he has at least eight inches, hard.”

“What?” Bob stammered.

“I’ll bet you that he has at least eight inches, hard.” Susan said again, laughing. “Care to take my bet? The loser has to do whatever the winner wants when we leave here.”

“So, how are we going to find out?” Bob asked, still not believing this.

“I’ll ask.” Susan replied.

Just then, the waiter was at their table. “Do you want desert?” This time, Bob noticed the bulge.

“What did you have in mind?” Susan grinned, looking directly at the bulge below the waiter’s belt and then up into his surprised eyes. She laughed as he began to blush.

“Sorry, but you are the subject of a bet. I win the bet if your cock is at least eight wonderful inches. Do you have eight inches?”

“What?” The waiter stammered, hardly believing the question.

“We were noticing the bulge in your pants while you were watching us and I estimated that your cock must be at least eight inches long. Do you have eight inches?” Susan repeated, smiling at him.

“Eight and a half.” The waiter replied, feeling very hard and almost unreal. He had never had a woman ask him such a question in public.

“Are you satisfied, Bob, or do you want to see it to make sure?” Susan grinned.

“I won’t concede loss until I have proof.” Bob smiled back.

“God, I’d love to see it to make sure too.” Susan grinned again.

Susan had a brief vision of being with both Bob and the waiter, but thought that a first date was not an appropriate time to suggest adding another man for sex. Perhaps some other time after she had gotten to know Bob a bit better.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Susan moaned slightly at the thought, but tonight she was here with Bob, who had gotten hotter with the interchange.

“Would a fifty dollar tip be enough for you to let the lady see and make sure?” Bob’s voice broke in, surprising Susan, who gasped and then grinned again, liking the way Bob thought.

“Fifty bucks? Sure. I’ll tell my boss I’m going outside for a smoke as you’re leaving.”

“Baby, I am so fuckin hot I am about to bust.” Bob whispered as the waiter smiled in anticipation and left. “I have to get you alone somewhere – – now!”

“Sure, Baby, I need you as much as you need me!”

After they had adjusted their clothing, they left, and the waiter followed shortly, meeting them in the parking lot. Walking over to a dimly lit part of the lot, the waiter started to unzip his pants.

“Why don’t you do that?” Susan heard Bob say. Looking at him, she saw the laughter in his eyes, and the dare.

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