Another Love (Part 27)


“Hi Guys are you still ok for tonight?  If so meet at that cocktail bar we were telling you about the other night”I showed the text to Jade from Jen and Steve who nodded, so I texted back to agree to meet up and suggested that we meet at half-eight that evening. “So, are we lying by the pool today?” I asked as we continued with our breakfast and awaited their response.“Yes although I think I am going to cover up a bit today as I am feeling a bit tender on my shoulders and back.”I smiled, “That will be because of the photo shoot we did on the top of the dunes yesterday, the sun was beating down at the top.”“Don’t need to tell me,” said Jade, “at the time I was fine it was only later as we walked back to the hotel that I really started to feel it.”“Don’t worry baby, I will make sure to slather you in suncream today.”“Just so long as it is only suncream that you put on me, I am not sure about the protective qualities of your personal cream and I don’t wish to test it out.” Jade giggled as she said that. “Besides I think I will wear one of my swimming costumes today less skin exposed.I nodded in agreement but was not surprised to see that the costume she chose to wear was not really protecting much more than a bikini.  It was a high-legged, halter-neck swimming costume with a deep plunging neckline that showed off a deep cleavage, it pulled her breasts together with the material sweeping over the front of her breasts, it was just about covered her nipples.I pulled over a sun umbrella and we spent the morning and most of the afternoon lying on the pool beds reading and popping to the bar to get drinks.  Occasionally we took a leisurely swim for five or ten minutes to cool down.  The pool area was fairly quiet as it seemed to be a change-over day and a lot of hotel residents were flying home.Mid-afternoon we retired to our hotel room to relax and we both fell asleep on the bed.Our afternoon nap was slightly longer than we intended and I awoke with a start when Jade shook me.“Chris, it’s nearly half seven we only have an hour to get ready,” she said as she jumped off the bed and headed toward the bathroom.I slowly came around and then followed her over to the bathroom in order to get türbanlı gaziantep escort a shave but joined Jade in the shower first.We behaved ourselves and in what must have been a record time for Jade we were both dressed and ready to head out.  I had on a pair of light-coloured chinos and a pink short-sleeved shirt whilst Jade and gone for a white summer dress which buttoned up at the front and a pair of white trainers which somehow added an air of innocence to go with her young appearance.We headed up to the centre and dodged the guys trying to entice people into the various bars by walking across the top and using the steps on the far side of the complex which finished very close to the cocktail bar that Jen and Steve had mentioned.The bar was a small unit tucked in between a much larger bar on one side and an Italian restaurant on the other.  All three were open to the elements and had tables and chairs that spilt out onto the walkway.There was only one other table occupied when we arrived.  Two guys dressed in jean shorts and tight t-shirts sat towards the back drinking a cocktail each and talking to the guy behind the bar.We chose a table and sitting down picked up the cocktail menus.“Well, it doesn’t look like they are here just yet,” I said as I glanced across at the Italian restaurant next door, “going to be bloody hungry later and that will be torture, the smells wafting across.”Jade laughed, “Well we can have a couple of cocktails and then perhaps nip next door and share a pizza.  If Jen and Steve want they can join us, otherwise, we can suggest we join them again back here in thirty minutes or so after we have eaten.”I smiled at her, “Not a bad idea, seen any cocktails that you like?”“All of them,” Jade responded, “wonder if I could work my way through the list and have all of them by the end of our holiday.”I raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything, hoping that she was joking.“I think I will have a Strawberry Daiquiri.  What about you, are you going to have a drink tonight?”“I think I might, I will have a Long Island Tea.”Jade looked back at the menu, “Bloody hell, Chris, that will double your gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan alcohol content for the whole year if you have that, are planning on getting drunk?”“Not drunk, drunk, I think I can survive just one,” I laughed.The barman walked over and was just taking our order when we saw Jen and Steve approaching.Jen looked stunning, her long blonde hair fell down around her face and onto her shoulders in long loose curls.  Her breasts were pushed up into two perfect domes by a tight crop top which showed off a taught stomach.  Her lower half was encased in a long wrap skirt which split to show her long legs as she walked over to our table.  On her feet, she had a pair of black high heels which I thought unusual for a night out on holiday where all the other women I saw were wearing either trainers or wedge shoes.Steve was casually dressed in a pair of dress shorts and a polo shirt, with the boat shoes on his feet that he had been wearing the night before.  Unlike the last time though Steve was clean-shaven this time.Jen saw us first and waved as she grabbed Steve and hurried over to us.“Hi, guys, glad you could make it, sorry we are a bit late,” Jen gushed as we stood up to greet them.“It’s ok we were just picking our cocktails,” I responded.“Yes, Chris is even going to have one.”“Oh,” said Jen smiling, “is that unusual?”“Most definitely, I rarely drink, I only tend to drink on holiday.”The barman who had been waiting patiently whilst we did our introduction took our order and shortly after returned with all the drinks and we started to get to know one another.Jade swapped seats so that she could sit next to Jen and for the next half an hour they sat and discussed work.  Jade was particularly interested in the life of a surgeon.  Whilst they chatted me and Steve discussed sports in the typical fashion of men.“Chris,” Jade spoke my name to attract my attention and as I looked over at her she nodded down at her now-empty glass.“Oh, sorry, do you want another drink?”“That would be nice, glad you are paying attention,” Jade responded sarcastically.“Ohhh, that’s fighting talk,” Jen said gaziantep türbanlı escort laughing, “leave him alone, he has made a new friend.”“Thanks for defending me, you make me sound like a child but think I can confidently say I am definitely the oldest here.  Now, who wants a drink?”The others laughed and all hands reached for the menu to choose their next cocktail from the vast list of drinks available.“I think,” said Jade, “I would like Sex on the Beach, traditional I know but I have never had one.”“What you have never had sex on the beach,” intoned Jen, “girl, you are definitely missing out, the sand does get everywhere, and I do mean everywhere but there is nothing like doing it under the stars.  Chris before the end of the holiday you must rectify that oversight.”“We will see,” I responded smiling at Jen and Jade across the table. “What about you what are you going to have?”“I would like a Screaming Orgasm.” Jen paused before adding, “Now, which of you guys is going to deliver that?”“I think,” Steve said in a low slow voice, “that can be arranged later but right now you will have to settle for the cocktail,”“A drink is what I meant, but if you are promising me a screaming orgasm later, I certainly wouldn’t turn that down, is it you or Chris who is going to deliver that later?”“I think we should check that Chris and Jade are happy to join us later, but if they are, who would you like to deliver it?” Steve asked turning to me and winking.“Well, I know darling that you can deliver,” Jen said smiling sweetly at her husband before looking at Jade and then me, “but as you say, if you two are interested I would certainly be interested in Chris giving me one.”Jade looked at me and I looked back at Jade, both of us were amazed at just how forward Jen was being.I took a deep breath, “I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are interested and would be very happy if we could join you later and we will see if we can deliver what you desire.  Now, shall I get the drinks in?”We ordered our second round of cocktails and Jen stood up indicating to Steve that he should change seats with her so that she could sit next to me and him next to Jade.“So, Chris,” Jen said as she sat down next to me, reaching her hand out and placing it on my thigh, “I believe you said there was a long story as to how you came to be together, care to tell it to us now?”“Why not, it’s nothing exciting though, feel free to tell me to shut up if you are bored.“For the rest of the evening, I told our story trying to keep it as light-hearted as possible and then asked how Jen and Steve came to be together.

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