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Pulled Panties

A lot of my travel is for personal events. I really love live music and travel a lot for concerts and festivals. Sometimes (like in my midnight fun story) I would grab a motel room, but other times I crashed at friends or in this case, friends of a friend. I was going to be in town for a few days for a great run of concerts and remembered my friend saying he knew someone that lived just down the street from the venue and when I got to town I should look them up. I called them when I got out of the airport and they said my friend had already told them about me and they said they would be happy to give me a place to crash for a few days. he gave me the address and I grabbed an Uber and said I would be there shortly.

When I knocked on the door I heard a voice from the back… “Come on in and drop your stuff off, we’re out back by the pool”. I did just that, dropping my bag by the couch and followed the music to the back deck where two guys were drinking what looked like margaritas and sitting in the sun. The taller one jumped up and stuck out his hand, introducing himself as Brian and pointing to the other guy and said that was Sam. Sam waved his margarita at me and smiled. I sat down and we chatted for a bit before I stood up and said I needed to get ready for the concert that night. Brian took me back into the house and gave me a quick tour and led me to the guest room just down the hall from the master room. I didn’t see where Sam’s room was but it was a big house so I figured it was behind one of the doors. Brian left me with a key and told me to have a fun time at the show.

Coming back to the house at 12:30a, I tiptoed up the stairs quietly to make sure to not be a bother. As I got to the top of the stairs, I noticed a light on and some low talking (was that a moan?) from the master bedroom. Some more moaning and the very clear sound of skin in skin contact for my attention. I guess Brian forgot that I was staying in the guest room and had company. I could hear another voice as well, but couldn’t hear what was said followed by another series of moans. Damn! I was getting slightly aroused from hearing this. I quietly opened the door to my room and started getting ready for bed, slipping on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. From down the hall I could hear the bed squeak adıyaman escort and some more moaning. I could hear it and my cock heard it too as it started getting hard. Thinking I could maybe sneak down the hall and just close the door I inches out of my room and down the hall, making sure to stay behind the door. When I got down to the room I could see the foot of the bed and I saw Brian down on his knees but I couldn’t see into the room. I heard another moan and realized there was another guy in the room. “Doh! Brian and Sam were partners. My friend didn’t say anything about that. No wonder there wasn’t another bedroom”. Sam’s moaning really had my dick rising so I stood there in the hall listening to these two guys get it on. Sam really seemed to be enjoying whatever Brian was doing as I could hear him encouraging Brian to slow it down and make it last, followed by a low, lusty moan. My dick was fully erect and pushing my shorts in an uncomfortable way.

I started to turn back down to my room to deal with this erection when I noticed the mirror on the side of the bedroom wall. In it I could see Sam standing with his hard cock out and Brian on his knees licking his balls. I could also see Sam looking right at it and seeing me in the reflection from behind the door. I was caught. Sam motioned me to come in… but put his finger to his lips indicating to be quiet. I slid past the door and leaned up against the wall where I could see the action but not be seen by Brian, yet. I continued to rub my cock through my shorts, not yet brave enough to pull it out even though I was caught at this point. Sam leaned down to Brian and whispered something in his ear and he turned and bent over the bed with his ass in the air. Brian quickly dove in with his tongue, deep into Sam’s ass. Sam moaned and reached back to pull his cheeks apart to give Brian more access. Brian focused in on his tight hole, running his tongue over the hole and poking at it with his fingers and tongue. This went on for a few more minutes, Brian probing and licking and Sam moaning and encouraging Brian for more. I couldn’t take anymore of this and slid my shorts down and started stroking my dick. Sam looked back and smiled and moaned “nice” and I am sure it was directed akkent escort at me. He kept his ass up and Brian kept his tongue and fingers all over that hole for a long time. Finally Sam rolled over and pulled Brian up for a kiss. Sam whispered something in Brian’s ear and he turned and looked at me standing there with my dick in my hands and laughed.

Brian said “Damn!” as he looked over at me holding my dick and chuckled as he waved me to come over to the bed. He said, “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you… but it looks like you are up now” with a grin. I stammered that I had just got back from the show when I heard them and sort of peeped in on them before Sam saw me. He looked up at Sam and smiled and turned to me and asked “Do you want to play?”.

Sam leaned back with his ass in the air and Brian motioned for me to step in and have a go. I had never licked a man’s ass before, so I basically just repeated what I saw Brian do. I must have done it right as Sam responded with a low moan and Brian provided some encouragement as he got up the bed and took Sam’s cock into his mouth. I kept my focus in Sam’s hole, running my tongue around it and pushing it in a bit and occasionally sliding a finger in as deep as I could. I could feel Sam clench my finger and I knew he was digging the attention I was providing. I continued to lick his hole and watch Brian suck his cock. Shortly, Brian climbed off of the bed and motioned for me to switch places with him. I hopped up on the bed and quickly took Sam’s cock in my mouth. Brian grabbed the bottle of lube that was on the bed and squirted some in his hand and rubbed it on his cockhead and a little around Sam’s ass. I leaned forward so I could watch Brian enter Sam. He put the tip of his cock against Sam and just stopped. I pulled my mouth off of Sam’s dick so I could watch, but slowly kept stroking his hard cock. Brian pushed in into Sam and he let out a low moan. I sat there watching Brian slide his dick in and out of Sam while I slowly jerked Sam’s cock. I could hear the sound of his cock sliding in, the slap of their bodies slamming together and the heavy breathing from Sam as Brian slid in and out of him. I got back to sucking cock as I am sure Sam wanted a hot, wet mouth on his cock more gaziantep anal yapan escort than he wanted my hand and Sam responded by pushing my head down further on his dick. I focused on the head did his cock, licking the knob and running my fingers up and down his shaft. I could hear him grunting as Brian continued to fuck him and Brian was dripping sweat as he worked in and out of Sam. Sam pulled me by my arm up to him and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I responded by running my lips all over his face… nipping at his lips before kissing him. I straddled Sam while holding his arms above his head and continued to kiss him. All of a sudden, I felt Brian tugging at my hips. Turning, I see he has pulled out of Sam but he is not done as he squirted lube on his hand and slid it up his cock. Sam understood what Brian wanted and he pushed me down a bit, my ass sliding up and back as Sam positioned himself under me and Brian positioned his cock up against my tight ass. Sam leaned up to kiss me and Brian slid his cock deep into me. All of the air rushed out of me as Brian filled my ass with his dick. Sam locked his mouth on mine as Brian slid his cock in and out of my ass. It was big and it took all I had to keep from screaming into Sam. Sam kept his fierce lock on my mouth, breathing in sync with me and grinding his cock against my stomach where I laid on him. Just as quickly Brian pulled out of me and pushed me forward so he could lift Sam’s ass up and slid into him. Sam let out a moan and pulled me up to his face so he could lick my balls. I could hear him grunt as Brian slid into him deeper and deeper each time. I scooted back a bit so Sam could take my cock and I felt him slide a finger in my lubed ass at the same time as his mouth engulfed my cock. Brian was really working him and finally he pulled his mouth off of my cock and just started shaking as Brian had finally hit the spot and Sam’s cock erupted… shooting cum all over his stomach and even some on my back and ass. I slid down over the cum as Brian pulled me back and pushing me back down he switched from Sam to me and kept on fucking. My ass was pulsating and Brian was riding fast and hard. I heard him say to get ready and all of a sudden I felt a hot rush of cum deep inside me. Again he thrust in and his cock pulsed more cum and continued as he pulled his cock out and shot the last little bit on my back and ass. I was spent, Sam was spent and Brian just fell on the bed beside us, his cock softening as we sat there covered in cum.

… and to think, I’m staying for another three days.

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