Note: This is not my story, I found it a few years ago on a site that I can’t locate again and don’t even know if it still exists, just thought Star Wars fans would like to read what I thought was a great story, so credit is given to the original artist.


Chapter 1: A Betrayal and Passing Jabba’s Guards

Anakin Skywalker hated the sand. He always had.
And here, on the surface on Tattoine, he saw something that caused him more anger than he’d ever felt before. Only his Jedi training was keeping his temper in check…barely.
It wasn’t the face of the man standing before him that caused his blood to boil. It was all he represented. The lives he’d taken with that aura about him. That cold arrogance.
And his hand. Anger on his own behalf also fueled his rage. He was having a hard time controlling it. Padme may say diplomacy is the best path, but he knew the real truth behind Dooku.
The man, no, this monster was a villain. And villains did exist.
Dooku had led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and would lead to his own as well as his new Padawan if he was not careful. Dooku must not be allowed to stop Ahsoka, or Jabba’s son from reaching the palace.
He wouldn’t let Dooku beat him again. Not this time.
Dooku gave a calm smile amongst the darkness as he flippantly whipped his crimson lightsaber blade around, cutting a pattern in the chilling desert air. The nights of Tattoine were a stark contrast to the blazing heat experience during the day.
Anakin felt especially cold right now and it had absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Dooku was playing at something.
Why hadn’t he struck at him yet?
“You’ve become quite powerful Jedi. Why don’t we put this nonsense behind us and work together?” Dooku spoke over the whipping of the sand, the hum of his lightsaber suddenly coming to a halt. He had deactivated his saber. But why?
Anakin was itching to strike him down. The lack of noise from Dooku’s sword had been replaced by sizzling on the back of his neck. A burning sensation.
An itch to do the very un-Jedi like thing to do against this particular Sith Lord.
And yet he could hear Obi-Wan’s voice telling him to hold his ground, to stay loyal to the Jedi and to the Republic. So he did. He tried to disguise the unease in his voice; it came out as guarded caution.
“I’d never join you Dooku, you want to destroy this Republic. You know how this will end.” Anakin couldn’t stop the last part coming out as a throaty growl.
“Nonsense. We’re working for the same side. Here… prove it to you…” On the same side? What games was he playing at now? It’s a feeble one for a man like Dooku, Anakin thought.
Dooku slid his hand into his robes and Anakin immediately brought down his lightsaber with a sharp yet short chopping motion, pointing it at The Count. A clear threat, despite the fact he didn’t advance his position at all. He didn’t need to, he was a Jedi.
He could clear the distance in no time, If need be.
“Don’t you dare try any tricks…” He was dealing with a Sith Lord after all.
“Don’t be so hasty, boy. I have something to show you.” Dooku pulled out a small silver disk, somewhat like a transmission device. Yet the blinking lights suggested it had been modified. Anakin’s sharp mechanical eye could tell that even through the desert storm.
The answer was both a transmission and recording device. Dooku threw it down onto the sand. As it slid across the ground it seemed to sprout legs and move about, typical CIS technology. Then it began to play.
A robed figure appeared flickering in the desert air. It was… some sort of recording of someone who looked a lot like the Supreme Chancellor. Except wearing very heavy robes over his head.
“They must not be allowed to deliver Jabba’s son at any cost, Lord Tyrannus. Be sure to kill the Padawan.” The transmission echoed.
And echoed. Anakin felt the sounds within him had stopped, and suddenly all noises around him swept into focus. As if he wasn’t even there anymore.
On the same side? On the same side? His mind was swirling.
There was another noise coming from somewhere. His dulled senses seemed to register it, barely. It was from…Dooku. Dooku was saying something. Why was he saying something?
“…is all the same. So what do you say?” He was proposing something. Anakin didn’t know what was going on anymore. Palpatine ordering him to stop? Working with Dooku? Was…no, was Palpatine the Sith Lord they were looking for all this time?
Or was he just enlisting the help of Dooku? Was this a holo fabrication? Yet the voice… he knew his machines, and that was hardly synthetic. Its pitch was too perfect.
He heard his voice, yet he didn’t remember telling his mouth to speak.
“… Tell me more. But it doesn’t mean I believe you.” Anakin tried to regain control over his swirling thoughts, haphazardly spinning out of control just like the sandstorm. And his world, He needed to know…at any cost.
As long as Dooku was preoccupied, Ahsoka would be fine to make it to Jabba’s Palace on her own.
He had faith in his new apprentice.

“Gma fo varo naako, grosha!” What? Huttese, she knew a little, basic language. The Jedi Order taught her this much, to help her with any future missions.
But she didn’t understand all of what the droid just said. She couldn’t even hear the tone, since it was a droid.
She really hoped it was a yes. She was desperate at this stage.
Her patience, or lack thereof, was soon rewarded with the screeching of the massive stronghold doors opening to Jabba’s Palace. She was running through before it had even finished. This was very normal considering the size of the door.
What did they try and fit through those doors, a rancor?
Even when they came slamming down behind her, and a white twi’lek with red eyes and a disturbingly lingering expression began to walk up to her, she did not start to feel cornered in the least.
She may have if she wasn’t so urgent to reach her goal. If she’d had any understanding of what that lingering appraisal meant. But at her young age she had no idea of the implication of mating.
She did understand the idea behind slavery, however, and how a Twi’lek may want to have a nice Togruta pet for his master. She firmly bared her teeth and growled at him.
“Look, I’m here with Jabba’s son. See? Not a slave!” Ahsoka pulled off her backpack and thrust out the huttlet, perhaps her first mistake, as the Twi’lek snatched the cooing huttling away from her.
Bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt’s major domo, hated being snapped at. And this… small Jedi thing that Dooku, the Separatist leader had spoken of, was insulting him.
All knew to obey Jabba’s most trusted minion, or slave. But he saw opportunity, at the stupidity of the youngling, and had snatched it. Literally.
“Goro no flasa greek! Emot’fa solu, Jabba!” Bib hissed out to Ahsoka’s utter confusion. Only at that moment did Ahsoka realize three Gammorean thugs coming up behind the Twi’lek.
She sensed through the Force that she’d made somewhat of a mistake. But she wouldn’t be dissuaded from her goal.
Jabba had to know it was the Jedi who rescued his son, and the Separatists were behind the whole thing.
Confident, she tried her mind trick, tentatively reaching out a hand and waving it at the gloating Twi’lek, and she tried to say it in the best Huttese that she could muster, or what Huttese she knew.
Mind tricks are always more effective in the creature’s language, or at least that’s what Master Yoda had told her.
“You will give me back Jabba’s son, and take me before him.” Ahsoka waited with a cocky air, she knew she was good at mind tricking. She’d been scolded by the Jedi Masters in charge of her early training, for being a bit too liberal with its use.
But her mistake was trying it in what little Huttese she knew.
Ahsoka’s pronunciation was awful, and the mind trick could not be put through to someone who didn’t understand her suggestions.
Instead, Bib Fortuna sensed in retrospect she was trying to use some sort of Jedi trickery, and grabbed her outstretched hand, dragging her forward.
It caught her so off-guard and the Togruta youngling was so tired that she didn’t begin to put up any resistance until Bib had already turned her around and put her arm behind her back.
And Bib was quite skilled at this sort of thing. This wasn’t the first young girl he had caught like this. He handed the huttling tucked under his other arm to one of the Gammorean, and shouted something in Huttese that she couldn’t understand.
Really, she was so dumbfounded that she didn’t even register them taking Jabba’s son off.
Ahsoka was stunned that this unnamed Twi’lek had been able to get the best of her, Master Skywalker’s Padawan. She may call him “Fly Guy”, but she’d already garnered a massive admiration for her master.
And now she was caught, here, rather embarrassingly by this thuggish Twi’lek and his two Gammorean cronies! And the Twi’lek must have some sort of weapon, because she felt it pressing against her back rather pointedly.
Feels like a lightsaber, but it can’t be! Dooku has another assassin like that lady? Ahsoka started to panic. The Gammoreans were also reaching down their pants for something, searching around.
She hoped they didn’t find it soon. A really dangerous place to keep a weapon, though. Don’t they have any sense of safety, Ahsoka thought.
When she was just debating reaching out with the Force, Bib grabbed her wrist and pushed her whole arm upwards in a sharp movement.
Her whole world exploded into pain and she gasped out, baring her still-forming fangs. She couldn’t think of any good way out of this mess.
But the Force had to provide her with something! Master Obi-Wan said it does!
Ahsoka screwed up her eyes as she tried to endure the pain now shooting up her fragile arm. She was skilled with a lightsaber, but not naturally strong.
Bib Fortuna smiled with his sharp fangs, staring down wide-eyed at his young prey. This Togrutan brat was going to be easily manipulatable, just with a few pointed words.
He took care to remove her lightsaber from her belt and tossed it far away at this point, one of the many cleaning droids picking it up and putting it in a disposal compartment. Ahsoka felt an extra pang of dread at this point running down her neck, she was always told she was naked without her lightsaber. Bib could feel the young Padawan’s panic. He enjoyed it.
He’d have her pleasuring him like all the rest of the slaves. It was the best part of getting to stop anyone who wanted to speak to Jabba.
He could force her, but he didn’t want that. He had grander plans than having his way with her right here. He wanted her to be the next assassin to Jabba. A Jedi assassin, young and malleable. He’d have to make her his, without forcing her too much.
“You want to see Jabba, but you are too young to pay the price. Those who come to see Jabba must prove themselves. You’d make a poor fighter.” Bib scoffed and pushed her arm further, causing Ahsoka to squirm and cry out. “But maybe something else.” “ I’ll do anything you want me to, just let me go so I can see Jabba!” She spat out the last part, she was unbelievably angry. And having a hard time controlling it.
“But you are too young, I don’t think you could handle this either. I don’t think you’d do anything.” The Gammorean guards were laughing and still touching themselves. Her small waist was still squirming and pushing against the Twi’lek’s lightsaber.
“I AM old enough, why does everyone keep saying that? I’m, a Jedi!” Self-sacrifice was part of the mission, if need be.
What they are asking me might hurt someone. But at this point the greater good may take priority, Ahsoka thought.
Would the Jedi want her to do something illegal to avert the war from spreading further? She had no idea what they may ask of her.
“ I’ll do what it takes, Let me see Jabba, PLEASE! The Jedi aren’t to blame here! Whatever you want, take it!” “Oh, is that so?” Bib pretended to muse. He knew well what Jedi were like. Dooku had briefed Jabba on what Jedi could do, and he’d been listening in.
He knew this youngling was coming to see Jabba while the Master was kept occupied. That’s when he sensed opportunity.
Ahsoka was getting furious. More so than she’d ever been in her life.
She may have even drawn upon the dark side, but her thoughts were extinguished at that moment as the Twi’lek reached around and grabbed her developing breasts.
Her wide blue eyes shot open! What the Force was he doing? She struggled wildly but he had a firm grip on her arm. Curse it to Sith!
“You can please me like a woman of your race would, if you can. Then you can see Jabba and say whatever you like, for as long as you want.” Ahsoka was confused, please him like a woman? What on Coruscant did that mean?
And what was worse is that his finger was pushing at the edge of her tight wrap-around top, slowly sliding it forcefully down.
And she didn’t wear any undergarments underneath it. They were purely kept in there by the tight confines of her top.
“This isn’t any good, at this rate…” Ahsoka strained to break Bib’s grip, but just ended up hurting her arm even more. Her feet dug against the dirt ground, she couldn’t do anything in this position!
The older younglings had always laughed at her when she said she didn’t need to wear a bra, because it restricted her movements. It made her feel even more sheepish, like a kid.
But now it was just plain embarrassing. This Twi’lek was going to expose her in front of these Gammoreans!
Wait, could this be his intention? Ahsoka thought. She didn’t understand why they’d find that fascinating, but at the same time the Jedi taught the need to cover up there.
She always thought it was movement related, but by the stares of the Gammorean guards leering at her half-covered chest perhaps there was something else to it.
She suddenly felt a little bit more powerful, in control of the situation.
“Fine, I’ll show you I’m an adult and a real Jedi I’ll do whatever it takes.” She acted haughty, but too many clones fought and died for her to get Jabba’s son back. Ahsoka then took a gamble.
“Pull down my top if you want to see them.” She watched, her glow in the dark, azure eyes looking slyly back and forth to gauge their reaction.
Well. It was music to Bib’s ears. He pulled down her top as her young breasts were liberated from their confines and she immediately flushed despite herself. The cold air touched her breasts, along with their unusual gazes.
Ahsoka’s breasts were not large but were nicely formed, budding with time still to grow. Her nipples were small and dark, but had white markings flecked around them. The same as her face stripes and those on her montrals.
And now her still forming breasts were exposed to the three men standing before her. Her nipples though, jutted out due to the cold hallway air. It was the first time she’d shown anyone her breasts, ever.
And they seemed to enjoy it. Bib’s hand took no time to slide around her smooth and youthful stomach and upwards. She instinctively wriggled at the tickling sensation of someone else’s hands on her body.
“Heeey, stop that!” Ahsoka shouted against her will. The outburst eliciting a harsh and boisterous laugh at the young girl.
Ahsoka swore she turned a deeper shade of red right to the tips of her montrals. Was it something she said? Ahsoka bit her lip. She felt she’d made herself look like a child again.
But what had she said or done?
“Young Jedi, I just wanted to touch your breasts. Or are you too young to let me do such things to you?” Bib faked disappointment, slipping his hands down her slender stomach.
It caused her to writhe and push her waist against the Twi’lek’s lightsaber again. But she wouldn’t have any of it this time!
She took a deep breath and grabbed the much older Twi’lek’s hand, forcing him to cup her young breasts.
“You’ll touch them all you like, and then I get to see Jabba!” Ahsoka’s voice was demanding, impatient. She forced his hand to stroke them forcefully.
“If you say so…” Bib Fortuna smiled broadly with fanged teeth, and enthusiastically cupped the young Padawan’s breasts.
She had fallen right into his trap, willingly, and with little resistance, Bib thought. And now he began to play unhindered with her teenage body, squeezing one of her perked nipples between two of his rough fingers.
Ahsoka squirmed from the sensitive zone being stroked, a virgin area for her to be touched by anyone else. She hated it because she didn’t have any control over it.
“Is…is this normal? All this wriggling?” Ahsoka spoke under her breath, not half expecting an answer. She continued to bump against the Twi’lek’s lightsaber, which she noticed was mysteriously radiating heat.
Why is it giving off heat if it’s not active? Ahsoka worried to herself now.
It was hard not to catch her breath from the strange air of excitement in the air now, with all this petting against her will. And she tried not to wriggle away from it, because otherwise she’d look like a child. She was curious to see what would happen next.
Still, they seem to be getting excited by it, Ahsoka thought as she found what was going on very interesting. She couldn’t understand what had got them so enthralled by her exposed chest.
Bib continued to cup and squeeze her small teenage breasts, running his rough hands across her skin. The sensation felt very alien to Ahsoka.
She had never let anyone touch her like this, and she found she enjoyed having their attention more than anything else. They were taking her seriously, not treating her like a stupid youngling. Not once did their eyes avert from her slender shaking form.
Her tiny dark nipples were beginning to become stiff, and she continued to encourage Bib’s hands to stroke her supple breasts so they’d get even more excited. They were barely formed compared to the other females in the order, yet they seemed to enjoy it so much.
The Gammoreans were panting heavily as they continued to move their hands around inside of their furred loincloths. She still couldn’t figure it out, but it seemed to be a sign of approval.
“But the faster they do it, the harder they’re breathing”, Ahsoka noticed with amazement reflected in her wide blue eyes. “At this rate I could get them to do anything for me, let alone take me to Jabba.” How much could she get out of them?
They seemed to like it when Ahsoka appeared like she was enjoying it too, so she moved around and let out the best imitation of a grunting noise like they were.
It came out high pitched and a little funny, but it seemed to rouse them even further. Perhaps a little too far, but she didn’t know that yet.
She found the entire thing very interesting. But then she liked people, and studying people. Master Koon had always thought so and encouraged it.
“If you’re trying to excite them, you should do this…” Bib Fortuna suddenly grabbed Ahsoka’s hand to her surprise; she felt her hand slipping over her naked barely developed breasts.
He was suddenly forcing her to stroke her breasts herself. But Ahsoka didn’t like being forced around just like that!
“Hey, stop that!” Ahsoka spat out and struggled against his forced movement, but Bib wouldn’t let go of her small hand with his own. The Twi’lek continued to force the small alien girl to stroke her small breasts, squeezing them forcefully.
She found herself breathing harder, mostly because of the yelling at the older man and something else she didn’t quite understand. The Twi’lek soon explained himself in deliberately slow, disrespectful tones.
“Well, I just thought you may not be old enough to do it yourself, so you may need a hand.” Bib sounded condescending and a little chiding, waiting for her to become flushed, He wasn’t disappointed. The Gammoreans were getting even more aroused by the display of defiance.
But Ahsoka was resolved that she was going to do this herself if need be.
“I am not a youngling! Let…let me do it.” Ahsoka conceded as she felt the electricity in the air heighten, hoping what she was doing was right with the Jedi Code. It felt right, and it was pleasing others.
Isn’t pleasing others what the Jedi are all about?
And to let her do it, the Twi’lek even let go of her arm as she felt her muscles suddenly relax, and then all eyes were on her bare chest.
Ahsoka was surprised, and her blue eyes darted around. She didn’t expect the Twi’lek to actually let go just like that.
And now she was being watched, and she felt excited. This was her chance to prove herself, not only to them but to her master and the Jedi Order.
Ahsoka filled herself with drive and enthusiasm as she raised her slender fingertips to her budding breasts, but was at a loss of what to do with them. Her mind rushed back to the Twi’lek’s hands, as she tried nervously to imitate them.
It was a little awkward, since she was doing it herself, she didn’t know exactly how they wanted it done. It was the first time she’d ever done something like this. At first she tried pushing them together, as they jiggled for a little bit and came to rest. That seemed to get their attention, Ahsoka thought.
Soon she was fingering her nipples and stroking her other breast, still not quite sure what the craze was, but feeling an unexpected rise in her own body heat. She touched her budding breasts with more vigor as the guards touched themselves. She must be naturally good at it, Ahsoka thought proudly to herself, because they were certainly reacting as she grabbed her breasts fiercely and touched the hardening nubs on the end.
As she ran circles around one of her small white flecked areolas, the Gammoreans seemed to react as if they’d been shocked; they began furiously stroke themselves again.
For some reason she was tingling a little bit from touching herself as the Gammoreans watched on in a fever, and even the Twi’lek behind her seemed to be enjoying it. She could feel his heavy breathing behind her.
And after a while of touching herself, the ends of her montrals deepening a shade, the guards suddenly began pulling off their loincloths to her amazement.
Ahsoka was stunned by their sudden move to undress, and then realized they had something massive and stiff within their pants. They had been touching that thing, and she could smell the musky scent released from here.
Wait, that was what has been pushing against me this entire time! Ahsoka realized in utter surprise. She knew about male organs, but not that they could become something big and hard like that.
And between her legs felt like it was tingling too, and she felt an excited sensation that she couldn’t explain. She was discovering a lot of new things today.
And she was more perplexed as the Twi’lek grabbed her once again, wrapping his arms around her waist and slipping one of his large hands between her thighs.
The Twi’lek’s hand pushed beneath her skirt, and moved lower to push against her soft white underwear, massaging her down there in another untouched place.
This time Ahsoka tried her best not to squirm, but it was hard. She now felt the Twi’lek’s had thing-now she knew what it was- pressing against the small of her back. Its heat was intense! She was burning up herself.
“Ahhh… what are you doing? I don’t understand…” She panted out now, cautious but excited to be trying this new thing, her dark lips parted along with her small sharp teeth.
She felt the Twi’lek’s hand rubbing between her legs, she felt heat from the friction, but it was a different sort of heat. Ahsoka clenched her thighs around his hand and let out a squeaking, squealing noise; it just seemed to egg the guards on.
The Gammoreans had come up and were now grabbing their rock hard members and stroking off to her naked body.
The Twi’lek’s fingers worked slowly on her, teasing her unspoiled folds. His fingers suddenly made small circles around somewhere and she felt a sharp zing move up her spine, causing her to gasp out loud.
She was now sandwiched between the Twi’lek’s hard cock against the small of her back and his hand’ and the Gammoreans who grunted and moved forward to stroke right near her.
In Jabba’s hallway this strange sight was free for anyone to see, Ahsoka though, and these things being done to her. She could smell a strange musky smell coming from them.
Those monstrous things in front of her, big and veined, were engorged and the source of the smells. Some were coming from her, her sharp Togrutan senses figured out. But why?
What she did know is that it was hard to think about anything while the Twi’lek major domo was touching between her legs with his hand, and when he rubbed her soft spot down there she let out a soft cry of pleasure.
She was certainly going red, or at least redder, in the face for many different reasons. And she was touching her breasts against her will, wanting to egg them on. They were certainly paying attention to her, Ahsoka felt thrilled with her accomplishment.
Suddenly there was a change of pace, and Bib was ordering around again. This time she wanted to see where this was going.
“Pull down my pants, now.” Bib forcefully ordered Ahsoka to do it, and she obeyed, sliding her petite fingers around his waist and hooking her thumbs under his pants, pulling them down.
She was sure he wanted to expose himself like the Gammoreans did, and she felt a strange warm yet hard pressure against her back. Where this was going, she had no idea. Her blue eyes staring around questioningly. Bib had suddenly withdrawn her hand from between her legs, where it was quite damp and sticky now. She could feel the damp cloth clinging to her skin.
“Hah, little Jedi! You’re closer to a woman than I thought.” Ahsoka opened her mouth defiantly to bite back, but was completely thrown by what happened next.
Something jumped from the tip of the thing the guard was rubbing and she could see a jet of thick pearl-colored fluid fly through the air. It suddenly splashed all over her exposed breasts, slapping into her cheek, and coating one of her hands.
The Gammorean seemed to shudder as it pumped spurts of the glob-like liquid onto her bare chest, it was sticky and burning hot. And now she was covered in it!
The strange white cream was touching the tips of her dark lips and she could suddenly taste it as she opened her mouth. Ahsoka noticed it was thick and salty, not too unpleasant.
The guard shuddered once more and moved back, as it dripped and oozed down her exposed chest and chin. There was enough of her breasts that some of it slid with a tickling sensation down her cleavage.
“You’ve made him do that. You’ve made him a very happy man.” The Twi’lek spoke up from behind her with a thankful tone, and Ahsoka felt as confused as she was pleased and fascinated. All men do that? Of all species?
She felt like she was opening up to a whole new dimension of things she never knew about. Things that had been kept from her. Bib was moving his hand away from her skirt, and shockingly to herself, she felt a small spike of disappointment.
She didn’t have time to think about it though, as the other Gammorean could smell her becoming aroused from Bib’s caressing and smell of his companion’s seed. It rushed forward, before Ahsoka could realize it; he grabbed her skirt forcefully.
Ahsoka was jolted by the sudden movement, but the Twi’lek kept her firmly held against his throbbing thing as she was helpless to stop whatever was about to happen.
She tried to strain her head to look down, since her montrals could not sense what was going on, and felt thick fingers pushing under her dampened underwear. There was a tearing sound of fabric and suddenly they were gone, and she felt a cool breeze between her damp legs.
He’d torn them completely off! Ahsoka was wondering if at this rate she wouldn’t have any clothes left, and would be forced to stand before Jabba completely naked.
Her skirt was now hiked completely up and her orange buttocks were completely exposed, not to mention her young pussy. There was air rushing down there, and she felt how damp she had really gotten by all this.
Her ass, breasts and pussy were all exposed in this hallway for the three to see, and there was this white seed all over her. What was going on?
But she didn’t have long to think about it as something was pressing between her legs.
The guard was now sliding a thick finger up her wet thigh and pushing against her dampened lips down there.
“What are you planning to do? Hey, stop that! He…hey! Really, stop that!” She tried weakly to resist, her body was in a worn out state and was being wracked by the confusion and electricity of what was going on.
If she wasn’t lubricated, the guard wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, even so he barely managed to get the very tip of his finger pressed into her pussy. But for the virgin Ahsoka, that was a lot.
It felt as if something much larger was pushing inside of her as she clenched her breasts, unable to move because she was being held. She screamed out as her small ass was pushed wildly against the Twi’lek’s exposed shaft.
No, nothing should be stuck in there either! Ahsoka had a dread thought for a split second. For her lack of knowledge, Ahsoka had drawn a correct conclusion about how sex happened.
Her small athletic and small ass clenched instinctively and he pressed against her. It was driving Bid crazy.
“…Don’t you worry, I won’t be doing any of that just yet.” Bib laughed with great amusement, his sharp teeth bared as the Gammorean began to stick his thick finger inside of her dampened pussy lips.
She cried out lightly with a bit of pain, as it failed to slip inside of her. It was simply too large, and she was resisting it too much. It was moved slightly within her and she clenched around the invading green finger.
“Don’t try and resist it, let yourself go or it will hurt, see?” Bib egged her further, giving tones of great experience.
It made sense, if she seized up she’d only hurt herself. Master Koon had told her that during training. And she’d come this far, she wanted to see how far she could go.
Ahsoka strained to remember her Jedi training, focusing on every part of her body and willing herself to remain calm. It was so hard because of the guard’s massive finger trying to push into her folds.
But suddenly those muscles that Ahsoka had never thought or really known about began to loosen a little bit more around the guard’s insistent finger.
The guard grunted and pushed his finger further, as Ahsoka felt it penetrate her dampened depths. Her small cunt was extremely tight, especially for such a large Gammorean finger.
But the young Padawan had relaxed enough that it pushed a little bit more inside. Ahsoka squirmed and squeezed at this movement, clenching around his finger as it probed what insides it could reach. As he began to move it back and forth, it made a squishing wet smacking sound. The guard had a look of utter delight on his face as it was still stroking himself with his free hand while he recklessly pushed his finger around inside the young girl’s orange lips.
Ahsoka decided on a whim to go with it, focusing on the Force, and relaxing every part of her body. Suddenly the Gammorean was surprised as his finger slipped inside of the young girl’s cunt; squishing around inside her extremely tight depths.
She didn’t know what the wetness and the smacking sounds meant coming from her body, but she didn’t have long to think about it as the guard thrust his thick finger deeper inside of her from a different angle. It penetrated right into her depths, making her sharply cry out. Her red ass was shaking and her montrals were hot and her blue eyes dilated.
She was enjoying her body being appreciated in this way, even if she didn’t understand it, as she wriggled her waist with the Gammorean’s finger goading it to push further. She knew that’s what he wanted, and that’s what she wanted as well.
“Good, you dirty little Padawan. Show us how much of a woman you really are.” Bib Fortuna rewarded and teased her, though Ahsoka didn’t know what he meant, though she was sweating now, and there was that salty white liquid all over her body.
But she was just starting to get into it, quite excited by it and marveling at this strange experience. It wasn’t comfortable, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either. But the longer the guard did it, the more she enjoyed it and the less it hurt.
Her youthful ass was pushing with need against the Twi’lek’s firmly rigid shaft, though what she was yearning for now she didn’t quite know. Her mind was in a deep haze and it felt like it would explode any moment now…
…But right at that moment when she was about to cry out from not being able to take it anymore, the Gammorean pulled out his finger and she suddenly felt her insides relax. She felt disappointed, and she didn’t know why; why did they stop?
“Why did you stop?” Ahsoka was surprised to hear her voice had such a dismayed tone in it, as the Twi’lek had even let go of her.
“We’re going to really make you into a woman. But you’re going to have to relax and take it.” Bib Fortuna said with a false kindness and a condescending tone, yet sounded of great experience. He spoke as if explaining this to a child. Sex hikaye It was very deliberate on his part. “Lean over towards the Gammorean, and we’ll show you what comes next.” Both the Twi’lek and the Gammorean who hadn’t cum were stroking their things, jutting out as if to do something with them. Ahsoka was excited, but she still had no idea why. She’d even forgotten about her mission at this point, her mind was in a fever.
As she leaned over submissively, she wriggled her small orange-skinned ass towards the Gammorean and he seemed to grunt approvingly. She loved enticing them, even though she didn’t know what she was doing.
Bib knew she was ready for it, and as she leaned forward with a smug expression of confidence on her face and in her blue eyes he grabbed her red-ended montrals. It took very little to make her follow the movement, and soon she was faced with his pale veined cock that smelt incredibly musky, right near her darkened lips.
It was at that moment that Bib saw fit to give Ahsoka Tano some instruction on what to do next.
“open up your mouth and bring my cock into your mouth. But do not scratch me with your teeth.” Bib ordered in a demanding tone, touching it to her dark mouth, yet her mouth remained closed. She didn’t understand at all! How could she possibly fit that thing in?
“But it’s far too big…!” Ahsoka didn’t have time to finish her sentence as the Twi’lek pressed it against her open mouth, and she willingly obliged its entry.
If he thought she could, Ahsoka thought to herself, maybe she just needed to relax like everything else. He wouldn’t risk it otherwise, what with her sharp teeth and all.
She took the head of his phallus into her open, inviting mouth, as she tried to relax it slipped inside and pushed against her tongue. It had an odd taste, just like the white liquid from before that was still all over her cheek and breasts.
At first she found the tips of her teeth were lightly brushing against the flesh of his shaft but, thankfully they weren’t fully developed. But she managed to pull her mouth open enough that they wouldn’t touch, being ever so careful not to bite it.
As she wrapped her soft lips around him she began to move back and forth, making the correct guess that they liked this by the way they were stroking themselves before. She swore he couldn’t get any harder, and yet he was expanding in her hot mouth as she drooled all over him.
The saliva in her mouth was building up and she couldn’t stop it, with the Twi’lek holding her montrals firmly, so she was forced to breathe through her nose as she continued to move back and forth. She was dribbling all over his thing, and she tried to suck it back up, but ended up sucking his expanding dick.
And as her cheeks caved in and she heard a deep groan, she noted that the Twi’lek really enjoyed that. She was onto something!
She was finding a good rhythm as she began to bring him back and forth in her mouth, and she was fascinated by the feel of his cock. She began to probe it with her tongue, first poking and then licking the underside as that seemed to turn him on even more.
When Ahsoka tried less hard to get him into her mouth, licking and probing the end of his dick, he grabbed her montrals and pushed her deeper. Deeper was the way to go, so she tried to get him as deep into her mouth as she dared to proceed. It was hard, because she would gag if she went too far.
“Push yourself further. I want to fit it down your throat. Don’t worry, you’ll make it.” Bib Fortuna encouraged her efforts with a voice of authority and experience. “It’s easier if you play with the balls softly at the same time.” Ahsoka took the lessons to heart, as she always had during her training. Even though the Padawan thought it could not be done, she tried to push him down her throat; he must know he was far too large for her small airway!
As the thick head of his manhood touched the back of her throat she instantly gagged, trying to take him out and only getting to the tip. Her nose made breathing noises and she looked right up at the Twi’lek with her blue eyes, asking for more instruction. But it wasn’t forthcoming.
“Oh… I guess you can’t do that. Perhaps you’re no…” Bib’s chiding comments weren’t even finished as Ahsoka tried to take him deep into her throat, coughing and failing once again, only to try again and slobber all over his cock. She began to stroke his balls with one hand thoroughly, trying to figure out the secret to doing this.
Bib was enjoying this thoroughly as the Gammorean guard gave a grunt of approval. Not long ago she was arguing to get past, and now they were getting her to do sex acts on them in Jabba’s hallway to get past, it was a resounding success.
Ahsoka didn’t seem to realize as she continued to try and push him in. Suddenly her efforts were made that little bit harder as the guard’s finger returned in that place, rubbing against her folds in a very distracting way. Soon it was pressed even deeper than before. She was amazed that it could fit!
Still, she wasn’t going to be beaten. She needed to prove herself. As she relaxed herself into the Force and devoted herself to her goals, she pushed the Twi’lek’s fleshy rod further into her mouth as she felt the end push against her throat. After a few minutes and a lot of failures she at last found that point and her throat suddenly opened.
She was so pleased with herself as it slid down the back of her throat, her lips pressed incredibly close to the base of his heated shaft, as she couldn’t believe she succeeded. It was hard not to gag, but she could do it. She proved it!
“If I can do this, I can do anything!” Ahsoka thought triumphantly to herself as it lay burrowed down in her throat. She continued to fondle his balls, not sure how it helped, gently with her fingers. Meanwhile the guard was touching her; she felt like an electric current was running through her body.
“Very good Jedi, continue.” Ahsoka heard acknowledgement and continued to bob her head in short sharp movements, her montrals swaying back and forth as the Togrutan teen orally pleased the man before her. The groans in the air were music to her ears.
She’d got them to fit in both ways, and really proved herself. If only her Masters were here to see this! Ahsoka thought.
The guard was meanwhile bumping his hard thing against the back of her cheeks. But now something different was happening as he pulled his finger out of her with a sucking noise.
She felt something press against her virgin lips like before, but it felt larger than a finger. Whatever it was felt larger, squeezing against her opening so strongly she felt she’d burst. Was it two fingers, three? Could she fit it?
And then it hit her. He was trying to stick his thing inside of her! Or at least trying to. His thick length failed to enter the teenage Togrutan, and the guard ended up fervidly rubbing his length against her wet slit instead.
The young girl was extremely damp and excited, as she continued to furiously bob her warm, slippery mouth around the Twi’lek’s cock while goading the guard with her wiggling orange asscheeks. Her wet pussy lips clumsily pressed against his stiffened cock, enticing him to continue.
The guard persisted and grabbed his member at the base, pressing the engorged tip against her tiny damp lips, pressing in with animalistic delight as she squirmed half from excitement and half from the stretching sensation. Ahsoka was in doubt if she could take it, but she was more than willing to give it a try.
Soon there was a sensation of giving way and the guard’s head slipped in rather painfully, stretching her wider than the teen could have imagined possible. Ahsoka tried hard not to injure the Twi’lek in her mouth, fondling his balls slower and trying to loosen her lower body up as she was penetrated by the guard.
Only so long ago it was a finger. How far could she go with this?
The small Padawan’s pussy was stretched to its bursting point, a small trail of blood was dripping from her pussy down her legs, though she didn’t notice it. And even if she did, she wouldn’t know the significance.
The guard was in rapture feeling the small Togrutan teen’s untouched pussy stretched around his massive head, barely even fitting it in, letting out a grunt as he wanted to feel the same feeling down the base of his cock. Ahsoka made a noise of her own as she looked up at the Twi’lek, who made the Gammorean guard pause.
“Wait one second.” Bib chided with a tone of authority, which Ahsoka was grateful for, as she furiously took a moment to collect herself. She soon managed to relax her pussy muscles, or thought she did, she then tried to nod to continue while the Twi’lek’s cock was still buried in her mouth.
With permission once again the Gammorean continued to push forward into her tight hole, squeezing into the dampness as Ahsoka once again turned to her early Jedi training. She found when she removed herself, the pain ebbed off and she could just focus on the other sensations she couldn’t figure out.
She was having trouble just breathing properly as she felt the cock squeezing into her tight insides, into her tight thing that had never endured this sort of thing before, as she felt it pressing almost as far as the finger had. It was splitting her open! But it wasn’t bad, Ahsoka thought and she was doing really well.
Suddenly what was an unpleasant experience was soon becoming a heated one as she rocked her tiny waist and ass back and forth as she eagerly coaxed it into her. For the moment she was completely preoccupied as she stopped her oral efforts on the Twi’lek, though a deep sound from her throat reverberated on the underside of his stiff cock.
Bib was shocked to see the small Togrutan take a full Gammorean cock into herself, stretching her as wide as it is, and he marveled at what Jedi- even young Jedi- were capable of. She even seemed to be enjoying it, which the Twi’lek did not think was entirely possible at this stage.
Ahsoka had now taken the Gammorean’s entire hardened cock into her tiny body, and she began rocking her tiny orange hips against the Gammorean’s throbbing hot shaft. Ahsoka was thrilled by the sounds of their moans as she continued to pursue licking Bib, while letting the Gammorean take her from behind. It was a lot to deal with, but she knew that the Twi’lek was enjoying it even when she wasn’t taking him all the way down her gullet.
Soon the guard was pounding deep inside of her, penetrating and splitting her open as it pushed deep into her gut. She felt like it was hitting her insides, and she felt her insides couldn’t decide if they should clench or loosen around it; her small tight pussy was spasming wildly.
The Twi’lek’s hot cock in her mouth was also warm and throbbing as she slobbered all over it, at times trying to stimulate it again. The tip of his fleshy rob was hitting inside her mouth as her tight orange pussy was being rammed by the guard.
Her tiny waist and ass shifting back and forth as she milked the Gammorean’s shaft rhythmically. Her juices coated it completely as she clenched around the base of the cock, sliding down and letting go, squeezing it inside of her.
She didn’t know why she was doing this, if it was the groans she could hear from making it happen or a deep instinct she had. But she was getting very sticky down there and could feel the Gammorean throbbing within her moist young pussy.
“I’m squeezing around these things, should this be feeling as good as it does?” Ahsoka tried hazily to make sense of everything as she became more animalistic, her petite rear squirming against his now wild thrusts. She pushed herself with excited need against the Gammorean’s cock, trying to impale herself deeply on his stiff member.
The guard’s cock expanded further and pushed her open, squeezing into her slick vagina and pumping back and forth and causing a breathless excitement and feverish heat to travel through her body. She felt a yearning emptiness whenever they pulled out, only to be filled just as quickly in her tight virgin hole.
She could feel the slapping of his ball things against her legs, and she was being driven crazy by the sound of it and the sucking sound from her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth as she took the Twi’lek’s cock once again all the way into her young dark mouth, her lips stretched wide to take it all down her slick, slippery throat.
It wasn’t long before Ahsoka’s world was turning white. She already felt like she was going to melt all down her legs and felt like there was a fire these, as the Gammorean banged away inside of her. All she wanted was to squeeze it and pull it deep inside her; her tight virgin pussy was too wet to clench on anymore even though it was so tight.
Groans were filling her ears, and one of them were her own issuing deep from her throat. Her small ass continued to bounce against the guard behind her and her head bobbed wildly on the domo’s cock to the point where her nose was brushing his pale waist. The noise of a pair of balls slapping her chin and another pair clapping against her dribbling vagina filled the corridor.
Suddenly there was a slapping sensation on one of her bouncing asscheeks , causing her to make a muffled squeak, surprised yet too docile at this point to resist as she took it and a red mark appeared on her orange skin.
Then Ahsoka reached her absolute limit, her small petite, sandwiched body began spasming and jerking as if she had been hit by Force Lightning. Her almost constricting pussy began squeezing and spasming wildly, a rush flooding out around the Gammorean’s cock; leaking out of the tight gaps separating their bodies, quickly turning the dirt floor below her into a small, muddy puddle.
The spasming forced another fiercely hot sensation in her insides as the Gammorean pulled her waist deep against his own, plunging his cock with a ferocious fervor as deep as he could. Instinct drove the Gammorean to plant his seed as deep as he could within the young Ahsoka Tano. The guard began erupting hot loads of cum with wild abandon inside her tight virgin pussy.
Ahsoka could feel it coating her tight walls and flowing into her eager yet inexperienced womb. She felt her pussy tightening against the guard’s cock once more and her world exploded into stars, her own body still spasming in frenzy around the cock that was trying to fertilize the young girl. The Togrutan’s juices mixed with the guard’s thick seed as countless spurts filled her tight hole right up to the brim.
At feeling the young Togrutan come and gasp wildly, Bib thrust his cock deep into her mouth as she bit down on it just barely. The Twi’lek major domo was driven wild by how much they had broken the young girl in such a short time, as globs of his cream spurt out of the tip of his cock and poured into her mouth much to Ahsoka’s dazed surprise. The sudden spurting of his seed into her mouth caused her to splutter, as he grabbed her montrals and forced her to keep still.
He didn’t care that she was scratching his foreskin, and suddenly she remembered to suck his cock deep. She sucked down all the strange, salty liquid, and swallowed it with loud gulps. She hoped it was not bad for her stomach, since the Twi’lek hadn’t said she had to. But she was working on instinct, as the Gammorean pulled out of her pussy with a trail of cum linking her lips to the tip of his cock.
Bib Fortuna let the small Padawan Ahsoka go as she fell to the ground without any continued support, falling on her side in a tangled mess.
Ahsoka felt the thick white liquid on her lips, complete dazed as she looked up and saw it trailing from the top, also linking up to the Twi’lek’s cock. Without thinking, she weakly stretched up, taking the head into her mouth giving a weak suck, eating the last drop before collapsing back onto the ground.
There was also a weird running sensation down her legs, she looked down and saw a river of the liquid run down her thighs from between her pussy lips, mixed with just a little blood from her lost virginity.
Pearl white cum continued to pour out of her orange pussy, a little redder from where the Gammorean had stretched her open. It was slightly loose, as the hot seed poured out of her hole in gushes. The creamy mixture of her own juices and the Gammorean’s thick cum seeped out of her extremely messy entrance.
She reached down between her legs from the mysterious sensation and touched it with a finger, pressing against the liquid and bringing her finger up to look at in shock. Whatever it was, she was really filled to the brim with it. Her thighs shifted and even more of the cream goo seeped out from her still-gaping hole. There really was a lot of it.
She didn’t understand what happened…and she didn’t know what to say next.
“I really am an adult now, from whatever that was.” Ahsoka thought proudly, still a little confused about everything that just happened. But sure that she’d done it extremely well by the looks on their dazed faces.
Bib Fortuna and the Gammoreans were now pulling on their clothes with a sense of amusement and satisfaction. While her world was spinning, her head full of many new thoughts, the Twi’lek spoke up.
“You can see Jabba the Hutt now, young Jedi. You are indeed a woman, now.” Bib said with an air of respect, real or not. Ahsoka puffed out her slight cum covered chest in pride. She eventually managed to put down her sticky hands and push herself to her feet, trembling all over.
The teenage Togrutan almost didn’t stand properly for a moment at first, she was so confused. Eventually she pulled herself together.
Right, the mission.
Ahsoka pulled her top back up instinctively and began to press down her skirt. The Togrutan teen didn’t have any underwear now, and the hot liquid was still running down her legs. The sticky substance was dripping against her white stockings now.
She had to tell Jabba that the Jedi weren’t responsible. The fate of the galaxy relied on her, she had to pull herself together.
Perhaps Jabba wouldn’t notice.


Ahsoka was shivering in Jabba’s grand hall. But it wasn’t even cold here, as opposed to the rest of the ancient palace.
It was all the eyes staring at her, and Jabba wasn’t even there yet to greet her.
It seemed like they were eyeing up the young and girlish Togrutan, who felt especially self-conscious right at this moment.
Partially because of what had been done to her on the way to the throne room, and the other half was because she wasn’t wearing a thread of underwear.
What was left of her underwear now adorned the dirt in the palace halls.
Her recently deflowered and youthful pussy was completely bare to the humid air, made so by the sheer number of Jabba’s depraved guests.
And she was hoping they didn’t look too hard at her bruised thighs, making her orange-like skin even darker where a guard had been pounding into her only moments before.
The heat of the room caused her to wriggle around on the spot, as the 14 year old girl’s pussy began to make smacking sounds.
The now violated lips of her crotch began to smack together as she squirmed on the spot, causing a slight gap in her slip.
Suddenly Ahsoka found herself increasingly self-conscious as she grabbed her skirt, trying to push it down as something rather embarrassing happened just as Jabba slid in.
A warm sticky substance was hurrying down the inside of her thighs, hitting the top of her matching cream stockings and dripping down onto the floor.
Little white flecks of the Gammorean guard’s seed was now starting to coat the floor between her invaded thighs.
Ahsoka panicked and turned a deeper shade of red, letting out a small pained cry and clutching at her brown skirt. Why was it still leaking out? What was this stuff?
The young Togrutan teen found it was hard to tell if Jabba noticed or not as he let out a deep booming laugh. Hutts, especially Jabba, were known for doing that as a matter of course.
Her questions did not take too long to be answered. For her benefit, she hoped, a silver translator droid with sparking parts came out before Jabba began to speak.
“HOHOHOHOHOHO! Igsa fetah grau greta Padawan! Ua’leens Iatowah!” “The honorable Jabba the Hutt is amused by the fact a Padawan has been let in to see him.” The droid stuttered out.
It must have been fairly damaged to get that impediment, Ahsoka thought as she pushed her legs together as inconspicuously as possible.
This Jabba seemed like a very bad Hutt to Ahsoka. And she wished Skyguy was coming.
What was taking him so long? If he wasn’t around she wouldn’t have had those guards doing such bizarre things to her in the corridor!
Ahsoka tried her best to speak up while trying to keep her legs as tightly closed as possible. She was dripping wildly down her legs at this point.
It was almost as if the Gammorean guard’s seed had chosen this moment to flow out of her crotch and embarrass her.
“I’m here to… to clear the Jedi’s name!” Ahsoka managed to make her voice sterner all of a sudden, her smooth, bare shoulders pushing out as pridefully as she could manage. “The Jedi brought back your son who the Count kidnapped. The Jedi aren’t responsible!”
“My Master, a grand Jedi Master, will soon be coming with Dooku to bring you the truth from his own lips. He’s the one who betrayed you.” Ahsoka hoped that Skyguy had beaten Dooku, and this was a very big gamble.
Not only did she have to hold his interest, she had to put on an air of confidence or else Jabba would never respect her enough to take her seriously.
But it was far too late for that.
Jabba was already letting out a deep laugh that was being drowned out by every other person in the room, Gammorean, Twi’lek or otherwise. Even Jabba’s band had stopped playing.
Her embarrassment was written all over her young face as Jabba suddenly drowned them all out with his booming voice.
The droid hastily hurried to keep up with him, and Ahsoka just paid attention to the droid as liquid seeped out of her soaking mound.
“The Mighty Jabba says that your master will not be coming, and that Count Dooku had recruited him to the Separatist army.”
“He also says that Count Dooku has relinquished permission of you to mighty Jabba.” Ahsoka was stunned at the last part. Relinquished permission? She didn’t even belong to Dooku!
“No…this has to be some sort of mistake! Skyguy would never betray the Jedi!” Her voice cracked as she tried to make sense of it, her head was spinning and she felt like her montrals had been knocked around. “I don’t belong to you or anyone!”
Ahsoka let go of her brown skirt she was so furious, forgetting all about the embarrassment as she reached out a hand to Jabba.
She was going to grab him with the Force and squeeze him until she got answers!
Unfortunately for Ahsoka, Jabba’s Weequay bodyguards were ready for this sort of thing at Jabba’s insistence. It didn’t take long before they had dashed up behind her, as she was choking Jabba with the Force, and beat her into submission.
Her whole world turned upside down, and all she could think about was how completely lost she was at that very moment.
“Skyguy, did you betray the Jedi and me?” Ahsoka angsted as her world turned completely black.


Ahsoka was shivering from head to toe. If she was human she’d have goosebumps right now.
What she had just done was really, really stupid, Ahsoka thought to herself miserably.
What if it had been a ploy? A trick by Count Dooku? Stupid, stupid,stupid! She berated herself internally, crouching into a ball.
Her whole body was shivering, right down to her small, dainty toes. They were completely bare at the moment.
But the coldest thing of all was her shoulders and her completely threadbare chest.
She was now completely naked from the waist up, her orange-red skin and pearly white nipples exposed to the already freezing air.
They were perked and now pressed against her equally exposed knees in an effort to keep warm. Ahsoka knew it was a losing battle. Tattoine nights were unbelievably cold, and the window here led right outside.
There was no protection, and precious little to warm herself with.
Luckily, no one could see how perked she was with her petite breasts squashed against her legs. There had certainly been enough embarrassment to last a lifetime, in her mind.
They took Ahsoka’s clothes off her- shortly after her painful beating for trying to take Jabba’s life.
All there was left was her skirt. They hadn’t even left her stockings. They’d fiercely torn them off along with her tank top and then unceremoniously dumped her in this cell.
When the guards had thrown her in, she had been dazed and unable to land properly. Her arm felt like it was broken and her skin there had been scraped. She knew better, though.
Even though it ached deep within her arm and she couldn’t move it, it was just very bad bruising. A mere fracture at best.
Her thoughts were on more productive things- like reliving the last few chaotic hours of her life.
“I must have been out of my mind.” Ahsoka thought drearily to herself, then corrected herself and rested against the stone edge of what could be called a bed.
She could have caused an international incident… if Dooku had been fooling Jabba with that information.
Ahsoka didn’t trust anyone right now, except her Jedi training. And even the Jedi were losing their luster right now.
She felt like the strands of her entire Jedi life were being pulled apart, leaving her as bare as she was sitting now.
First she’d been fooled by the guards, and then she’d been fooled by Jabba, and now she could just have been fooled by her Master.
“That’s got to be a record…” She murmered to herself, soft dark lips turning into a frown along with her face- Youngling to Padawan to losing a master within the space of a week.
Perhaps she was defective and somehow he turned to the dark side because of her? Ahsoka thought terrible thoughts to herself.
Ahsoka wasn’t sure if she should feel betrayed or upset with herself. The conflict was tearing her apart.
She was still very confused by the turn of events. There were things that certainly didn’t add up. Why take them and not the skirt? It didn’t make sense.
Ahsoka immediately put her sharp mind to work. She’d often been complimented by her mentors for her quick and accurate thinking.
The only thing she could think of is that they wanted her to be cold. But that didn’t make much sense either. There were better ways to punish her, surely? Ahsoka thought to herself with a silent dread.
She didn’t want to see those “better ways” if that was what was coming for her next.
Not that she didn’t deserve it for putting herself in this place, Ahsoka thought.
Freezing, in a cell and naked from the waist up.
“A perfectly normal Jedi predicament,not.” Ahsoka thought to herself. Perhaps Master Secura or Shaak-Ti would have done better. But she didn’t want to think about the Jedi right now.
What she really wanted, and needed, was Skyguy to sweep in and tell her everything was just one big ruse. But deep down, she knew it was true. She’d seen the darkness, the brooding behind his eyes.
There was that slim chance, that niggling feeling, maybe everything that Jabba said was true.
“No, no, it couldn’t be. He’d never betray them like that.” Ahsoka spoke to herself out loud, then realized she was going in circles, getting absolutely nowhere.
Ahsoka desperately needed something else to focus on. Her blue eyes assessed her bleak situation. Washed stone walls stared back at her.
The walls surrounding her were reminiscent of a lot of the palace; completely and utterly smooth even though they were washed. Still, Ahsoka had no doubt she was in a cell.
There was what could be called a window if you were being generous, up above her bed. With her manikin size, she had only been able to reach it by using the Force.
And when she got there, Ahsoka realized they were made of no metal she’d ever seen.
She came to the conclusion that she was not the first Jedi to be locked in here, and that was a very depressing thought. She wondered if it was a Padawan or a Jedi Knight that Jabba may have confined before her. Perhaps even a fallen Jedi?
Without an avenue to direct it now, Ahsoka’s thoughts soon escaped fully into her imagination. She pulled her naked chest towards her knees, fiercely pressing skin against skin.
For a while it took her mind off the severe cold, and the slowly burning hunger, to think about such things. Perhaps she would perish due to hypothermia- and then she wouldn’t have to face the Jedi Council. She’d turn into bones here, just her and her shame.
But if she had been betrayed by her Master, what would she do then? Ahsoka thought to herself. The question was burning in her mind.
So many thoughts, shames and questions. It was hard to make sense of them all. Hadn’t they returned Stinky to his dad? Shouldn’t this have been the happily ever after, and the Separatists should have been sent packing from Tattoine?
If the Force had a plan, she sure wasn’t getting it, Ahsoka concluded to herself. The Force made little sense to her. Either it was because she was a Padawan, or the Force didn’t exactly have a plan.
And if that were the case, if the Force didn’t have a plan for her, she’d have to come up with one for herself.
With that in mind the Togrurtan teen pulled herself out of her dumps long enough to pay strict attention when someone finally arrived to tell her what would happen next.

Bib had spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to break the young Jedi girl, “Ahsoka”.
Like all things, it started by limiting the options she was presented with, until she willingly did what he wanted- and thought it was her own free will.
Bib gave a fanged smile as he walked down the stairs to the prison where the Togrutan girl was being kept, carrying instruments of her demise in his arms.
He was remembering other girls around her age, and what he got them to eventually do willingly on his beck and call. Jedi or no Jedi, it would make no difference in the end.
Though bib would, of course, take extra precautions. He wasn’t stupid. He knew his race was vulnerable to their sorcerous ways.
That Togrutan girl would not be able to pull a fast-one on Bib now that he was adequately prepared.
Easily the images of her orange skin slipped into his mind when he thought of her, her dark lips pressing around his shaft in the hallway. Sliding her soft young lips back and forth over his engorged cock, her tongue pressing against the underside and running wildly against it. And of course the bliss of watching her eat every drop of seed his balls had produced.
She had been a young creature that he would like to ride quite a bit longer, and have her cry out for him in ecstasy.
And she would, once this was through, against her better nature. The young girl would find herself over-ruled by her needs for the flesh, forgetting all about her Master and the Jedi.
All for someone squeezing into her tight, damp and until recently virgin hole between her slender legs.
With a devious smile on his face, mostly comprised of sharp devilish teeth, Bib Fortuna walked down the hallway and ordered the guards to unlock the cell. They immediately stood at attention and then quickly obeyed the major domo.
In this kingdom of Jabba, Bib was the right hand of the god. None dared stand against his overwhelming authority.
Soon Bib found himself before the Togrutan girl once again.
It had been only a few hours since she had been thrown in, but yet he found the sight of her topless and huddled against herself on the floor very alluring.
It was so simple, she didn’t make any effort to hide her modesty. The act was so instinctual, simply keeping herself warm.
If had not been cold she would be completely facing him, uncovered, with both breasts exposed toward him. The idea of such innocence made him rigid.
Something about this girl made him want to spend special attention to breaking her, this delicate Jedi child.
She was truly small compared to any normal sized man, even Bib- who was only average for a Twi’lek- felt very large while standing near her.
She was still very much underdeveloped in nay aspects, but starting to become a woman in others.
Her breasts were growing, and would soon bloom enough to fit Jabba’s many outfits for his Togrutan slaves.
And she had been deflowered by a Gammorean not too long ago, which she even seemed to enjoy.
Truly, even young Jedi were full of surprise, Bib thought to himself with deep-seated amusement.
Now she was staring at him with wide blue eyes, possibly the wildest he had ever seen.
It was almost as if they were always open to see things, as if you could gaze right into her mind and see what was there behind them.
Right now there was genuine surprise, followed by shock and confusion.
It seemed she was not feeling anger toward him, which means that she had either resigned herself to her fate, or was feeling guilt towards her situation as a Jedi.
Both of which would work in his favor.
Bib smiled wide at such observances, causing her face to register caution Erotik hikaye and confusion.
Soon it was showing surprise as Bib tossed a sack towards the small girl. She caught it, again showing those unusual reflexes of hers, in both hands.
Bib took a deep pleasure in that having to dive for the package, she exposed her chest once again, her breasts jiggling with the sudden movement. Those nipples were to die for.
Of course Bib loved this next part. As she opened the package, those wide eyes registered shock, pulling back and looking once again. Eventually her small hand reached in and grabbed one of the objects, as others fell out.
Datapads spilled onto the floor.
He was interested that the one object that stood out and girls feared most was the one she grabbed with her hand, mammoth within her dainty hand. It was a false phallus, a fake penis that was quite flexible.
Made out of a clear misty substance yet near impossible to even scratch, it seemed to wobble in her hand.
The way she pointed it at Bib was almost comical. “What am I supposed to do with all…this?” She seemed quite confused and perplexed, though he could understand why she was in such a state.
Bib waited the appropriate time, as she was looking the over the datapads now.
As she hit a button, they sprang to life. Holographic people appeared, only slightly smaller than the datapads themselves. They were not datapads, but holopads.
And loud moans were now filling the room, echoing, causing her expression to change to one of even starker shock.
Of course bib knew someone this young would be completely stunned by what was going on in the scene. A Togrutan woman with hefty breasts was being spanked and rear fucked by a Zabrak male, his lined face contorting with pleasure just like hers.
The scene suddenly changed to the Togrutan woman being covered by his cum, splattering all over her mature face and her lips as she cupped her hands and smeared it wildly on her montrals.
Another scene cast by the same holopad only inches away showed a Zeltron woman with red hair, her light pink skin exposed. Having two men- a Trandoshan and a human man, at once pounding inside of her.
She seemed to be clinging onto them as if her life depended on it in the throes of ecstasy, wedged between the two males. The screams were nearly deafening in the room.
It seems the volume had not been turned down, Bib thought to himself. This worked to his advantage.
Ahsoka started to fiddle around with the holopad with shaking hands, managing to reduce the volume and leaving just flicking images in the air.
The different races, faces and bodies still intertwined in the act of mating-sex- were hanging in the air.
Bib Fortuna crossed his lightly muscled arms and smiled at Ahsoka, gesturing a clawed hand to the holovids.
“You better make yourself familiar with those holovids, girl, and memorize every position. There will be no food until you do.” A deep laugh, before moving backwards through the door, grabbing the doorframe. “You must also practice with that there, understand?”
“But there’s got to be dozens of holovids here, and they’re multi-layered with hours of footage?!” The girl panicked. She couldn’t possibly be expected to watch them all before she’d succumb to either the hunger, or the freezing cold.
“Perhaps you should find another way to keep warm, then Jeedai/” And with that, he was gone.
Bib knew she was panicking. The Twi’lek had set her an impossible task to fulfill. And she was right, sooner or later she’d succumb to the cold or hunger.
His training of her had begun, and already she’d taken the bait. Soon she’d be his own little Jedi plaything.
The Twi’lek major domo gave the guards their special instructions before taking off to take care of the rest of Jabba’s extensive harem.

Ahsoka was sitting alone, stripped of her clothes in her cell and now surrounded by holovids on her bed.
And in her hand, the false phallic object barely fit in her demure orange hands.
It had been a few hours since the Twi’lek had shown up, and her severe cravings for food were becoming more insistent.
Her stomach grumbled from within her tiny waist. Had it shrunk already?
No, she was being crazy. It wasn’t possible to lose that much weight in such a short time. At least for a Jedi, even one of her age.
Ahsoka had already gone an awfully long time without food before she got here. The last food she had was on Teth, shortly before the battle with the Seperatists.
That was a week ago. If it weren’t for the Jedi training, Ahsoka knew she’d be halfway to a husk by now.
At least they were still giving her water when she asked.
And these holovids, she knew she couldn’t get through them all. Still, she had to try. The Togrutan teen wasn’t one to give up under any circumstances.
Ahsoka flicked the first holopad on, and was greeted with an orgy between a Nautolan woman and two Sullustian men, one with his cock buried deep between her legs and pumping furiously.
The other shoved back and forth in her rear. Her green ass was bouncing and seemed quite red, like it had been rubbed raw.
Suddenly her lekku-of which she had a lot- were being thrown back as she cried out in orgasmic pleasure. It was hard to tell if her eyes were dialated- they were big black teary orbs.
“Oh Force-ah!-fuck my ass! Fuck it harder! AH! Ah… shove your cock deep inside of me and fill me, fill me, fill me! AH! AHH!!” Her voice was rasping, desperately crying for more.
Ahsoka was literally dumbstruck, as she pushed herself forward and rested in a crouch with both palms pressed against the bed. Didn’t it hurt?
Ahsoka wasn’t sure if she wanted to ever do what she was doing there. It must hurt to have her ass look like that. Her body was red enough as it was.
That, and it seemed like the woman was having a good time. She had been okay, once she had relaxed a lot with her Force training.
The Togrutan girl checked the information on the holotape.
“Attack of the Fireman X!- Nasty Nautolan Action?” It seemed like a historical documentation of a Sullustian attack on the water world of Glee Anselm. It didn’t seem entirely accurate. Plus, Ahsoka had never heard of it.
Rubbing her white and dark blue montrals with both hands, she tried to make sense of it all. Why give her fictional tapes like this?
Unless she had to learn to do this too. Maybe she didn’t have a choice in the matter?
Ahsoka felt way out of her depth, changing the holovid and leaning back onto the wall behind her bed to watch. Nothing in this strange adult world made any sense.
She continued to watch, since it wasn’t like she had anything else to do. It took her mind off the hunger, and her guilt from earlier was completely gone.

Ahsoka couldn’t tell the moment that she began to stop being confused and became fascinated with the tapes, and eventually feeling a bit strange.
It may have taken hours, or days, but eventually she felt her montrals heating up when she turned on the next one.
She was dizzy from hunger at first, and soon she’d have to do something about it. But at some point the hunger just simply disappeared. She couldn’t tell if that was a good sign or not.
Perhaps it was a gift of the Force. She couldn’t tell. Still, it didn’t really matter if it worked, did it?
What she did know was that she felt warmer when watching the tapes, so she kept watching them.
This one showed a busty Togrutan woman touching herself between her spread legs, in all different sorts of ways.
The older woman slid her nailed hand,which had a rusty red color to it, down between her legs and parted her slit wide open, touching herself with a lazy finger.
Ahsoka was stunned. She’d never taken a look at herself that closely, and glanced up at the door. No one was watching, at the moment.
Her montrals were burning hot with the indecent thoughts that were running through her head.
Would she be caught? What would they do to her if they did? They were guards after all… and the last guards had done very strange, adult things to her.
Things that the Jedi would never teach. Things that they had been hiding from her all this time.
Her slender legs parted as she hiked up her skirt, leaning back on the bed…and reached down with a slight hand.
Her blue eyes were staring down at that place a man had been in before, just like the holovids had shown.
Ahsoka imagined with his size that she had pushed her pussy- as they called it on the holovids- much wider than this older Togrutan lady was showing now. She felt a bit of pride at that.
Her fingers did the same thing, and she felt elation when she parted herself and saw her pink bits easily. She tried, clumsily, to touch herself like the other woman was doing.
“Well, he wanted me to practice. So I’ll practice. Perhaps if I just learn the basics, they’ll give me some food.” Ahsoka reasoned to herself, ignoring that she was curious for other reasons.
As the lady on the holovid pushed her finger deep inside, Ahsoka began to press against her strangely damp hole.
It was sticky, and made a squelshing sound. She was already quite “wet”.
That meant she was aroused. She’d figured that out. She’d been aroused when the men had been showing her how to be an adult in the entrance to Jabba’s palace, too.
Soon she was fingering her nubile honeypot as she leaked onto her fingers, pressing inside herself as she made more fresh wet noises.
Soon she was pressing her unadorned shoulders and back against the wall, squirming as she arched her back and her breathing heaved.
The slight alien girl was starting to get it, and a fever was taking over her body.
For the first time in days her mind felt completely full from hunger and cold as she pressed against her slightly puffed lips.
A small whimper escaped her lips as her montrals shook, her dark lips parting and baring her teeth.
Inside her mind Ahsoka was imagining she was that older, mature Togrutan woman with the heaving breasts and the full montrals. The adult that she had seen in the other holovids getting so much attention.
And then the holovid changed to show a man playing with her full breasts, stroking and lifting them in his hands as he nibbled on each of them.
Ahsoka felt an insatiable want for that sort of unsolicited attention, just like that woman was getting.
She wanted it!
Her slight hand reached up to her youthful breasts, pressing against one of her small erect nipples. Her fingers continued to furiously do their wonders.
Playing with her small nubs were driving her crazy, as she grabbed her whole breast and wildly caressed it- closing her eyes for a moment and imagined it was that man doing it to her.
Ahsoka’s small voice was rasping, and she was afraid- and excited- that someone else might hear. Surely what she was doing was indecent.
When the Togrutan woman was turned around by the human man. Ahsoka felt a fevered, impatient longing for him to be inside of her. She couldn’t wait for it to happen.
And when he slipped his rigid cock against her damp orange slit, rubbing it back and forth, she rubbed her own desperately.
“Push it in…push it in…please.” Ahsoka whispered under her breath, as she slipped her own finger out and pressed against herself.
She didn’t even think about what she was doing anymore. Ahsoka was acting on instince, her sharp young teeth bared with bated breaths.
Without thinking, she slipped one of her fingers deep inside of her and played around.
Then the large man slid his cock inside her wet lips, penetrating her depths- and Ahsoka cried out. She couldn’t hold it in anymore! Not even for the best part!
A slight cry escaped her lips as she felt a fever running through her, a molten burning sensation between her legs.
Suddenly her muscles were clinching around her delicate fingers as she came all over them, juices smearing all over them as she soaked herself.
Her juices flooded out from her hand and pooled out a bit over her petite orange ass that had been pressing furiously against the stiff bed.
She almost forgot what her name was as she lay there for an unimaginable time, her fingers still buried within her.
Eventually, the holovid’s noises began to snap her to attention as she looked up and around in panic…no one had seen her.
She’d half thought there would be some sort of consequence for doing something that felt so good. It seemed insane, but Ahsoka thought she’d be struck down by the Force.
Struck down by the Force?! What a crazy thought. The Force wants others to feel happy, and avoid suffering. Ahsoka thought rather matter-of-factly to herself.
As she pulled her fingers from her body they were very vet. And then her hunger started to return.
When she felt up to it again, Ahsoka tried once again.
After all, it was the best way to keep from going mad, warm and her mind off the hunger.
This time, however, she switched the tapes a little louder. She didn’t want anyone to know what she was going to do next.
There were no blankets, so she hiked down her skirt with her delicate thumbs and right down past her feet, pulling them up and putting it over her lap.
It was a poor cover, but it would have to do. Her fingers were great, but she wanted to really feel it. A man’s attentions inside of her. Just then she remembered the phallus from the pack.
Ahsoka’s breathing was rasped and excited with the idea of doing it. She wanted to, now. A dozen more tapes had egged her on.
Her naked ass pressed against the solid bed as she slid the phallic clear object towards her soaked legs.
After so much masturbation, her legs were literally quivering while trying to stay still. She couldn’t tell if it was her exertions, or what she was about to do.
She pressed the cold head against her small, soaked slit. It must be too big for her! But she laid her head back, and thought of the Force.
Except while her Force training kicked in, she started to think about other things. The moaning was filling the young girl’s ears from the holovid.
She was thinking about her master, and his stiff cock. The thought was so lewd, so forbidden, that it excited her so much she could barely think straight.
Her master, the hero of the Republic, taking his young- and spunky- young Padawan. It happened in the scenes of the holovid, and Ahsoka started to have trouble between hunger and the tapes telling what could be real, and what couldn’t be.
Of course he liked her. So why not? Ahsoka’s previous doubts about him were gone in her fantasy, as he came back to rescue her.
And then she showed him all the things that she had learned, how she wasn’t just a youngling anymore.
“Snips…no, Ahsoka… you’ve really grown up. I can’t keep my eyes off of you.” Her master’s voice spoke in her fantasy, as he leaned over her and bit her nipples.
Softly, at first, then he was driven mad by her. His young, attractive, Togrutan Padawan.
She seduced him with a coy stroke of her hand down the top of his shaft, making him furiously hard… and directing him to her entrance.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle Skyguy.” Ahsoka murmured in a husky voice, pressing his throbbing cock against her entrance.
It was a tight fit, he was quite large- and then he slid inside of her. She was so wet, aroused by before and her current fantasy…
… the artificial cock slid into her orange lips as they spread wide open, sucking the cock in and straining as she let out a small sharp cry.
It was thankfully masked by the holovid. But Ahsoka wasn’t even there right now. She was with Anakin, who was inside of her right now.
“…Oh, Ahsoka! You’re so tight! I could…explode in you right now.” And then he slipped slowly inside of her, pushing right into her depths.
Ahsoka was near whimpering at this point, pressing the large toy further inside of her your pussy. She had overestimated her ability to take it.
Relaxing her mind into the Force again, a few short breaths, she returned to her fantasy… pushing her hips up against the balls of the fake dick.
“…Let me make everything better.” She pushed against his cock, stroking it back and forth inside of her tight young box, gyrating her hips after a few moments to get the right spot.
Her imagination was fierce, she even guided Anakin to how she liked it as she wrapped her small legs around his waist. Pulling him in further.
Juices poured down his phallus as she thrust herself again on it, and Ahsoka was trembling with excitement.
Her drooling pussy was soaking the fake penis, as she thrust it inside of her, this time taking it deeper within her body.
She felt a yearning whenever it withdrew that was quickly filled back up as she thrust herself with it. At first it had hurt just a little but now it was driving her wild.
Ahsoka’s ass was now tightening furiously as she thrust it inside of herself, rapidly reaching that wonderful point.
Her small toes tightened up as the young Togrutan girl’s world stopped, a hand pressed down on her skirt over her legs- the other clenching the fake cock and pushing it deep inside of her.
“Ahhhhh Ahan….Aha…Anakin!” Ahsoka cried out, more like a whimper, as her petite body jerked as if she had been electrocuted. Her pussy spasming wildly against the cock.
Her sweet juices flooded out of her stuffed hole, pooling beneath it on the bed and she fainted with the cock inside of her.
When she woke up, she tried again…but felt angry at herself for thinking of Anakin. He had probably bretrayed her. He had not come.
So her next fantasy was about a nameless man.

Ahsoka was reaching her breaking point.
She’d watched the holovids, kept herself warm, and now she was going to starve if she didn’t think of something new.
She’d tried to search the room, but to no avail. Escape was impossible. She was beyond even distraction now.
What was she going to do? The young Padawan was at a loss. Any thoughts of rescue had long ago lost their luster.
And then, a voice from the other side of the door.
“Why haven’t you asked us yet?” One of the guards asked her.
Of course, Ahsoka had asked them when she would get food. But the answer was always the same. Now they were just mocking her.
“Ask what?” Ahsoka took the bait, her young voice calling out.
She couldn’t believe she was going through this again.
“Ask for some food. You know, something to eat.” There was laughter on the other side of the door.
She hated it. It made her feel like a child, and unrecognized. Her starvation made her hate it on an even more powerful level.
“Okay…why don’t you go get me some food?” Ahsoka said tiredly, flopping down on the bed. She hadn’t put her skirt back on, completely naked. She wasn’t even bothering to cover herself anymore.
“Oh, we can’t do that. Ask another question.” Laughter from the other side of the door. Again. She’d tried the Force on them, and it hadn’t worked. She was almost too weak now.
“…Bastard.” She uttered under her breath, leaning against the wall.
“That kind of language isn’t suited for such a pretty little girl. Then again, why aren’t you walking out here for us?”
“Because I can’t get out, stupid.” Ahsoka snapped, then something came to her mind over the next hour.
Yes, she was desperate enough. She needed food. Maybe it was…but even if it was, would she swallow her pride, among other things?
Well. She didn’t really have a choice. And she might get some recognition. Maybe they’d even get her some food, if she did a good job.
Normally, Ahsoka wasn’t the type to bend down for anyone. But at this point she was so hungry, her mind was going to give way before her body did.
Walking towards the door, she stood some distance away from the hole- that was far above her head…and tried a new plan.
“How about I suck your thing, and you go get me some food? Who knows…perhaps it will be appetizing enough on its own?” Ahsoka put on her best, sultry voice that she could imagine. She’d been hearing them for days.
At best it came off cheeky, a little cute and mischievous. Still, it seemed to turn the guard’s head.
He was certainly appraising her young, naked body… and seemed to reach towards the other guard and tap him on the shoulder.
“I’ll be right back, you stand guard. You-owe- me.” He said rather firmly. Suddenly there was an unlocking of the door, and he was in.
Ahsoka couldn’t believe her luck.
The man was a rough faced human with a muscular build typical of a guard, wearing the palace armor.
Though he seemed to be spending no time at all removing the lower part of it.
“If you try any of your sorcery on me, the door’s locked- and the other guard there will report you in.” He said in a ‘don’t get any clever ideas’ voice.
Ahsoka was far beyond it, as she smoothed back her montrals and pressed her youthful breasts, teasing him. She wriggled around on the bed, sitting up on her knees now.
“Come on and take that off…I want to see you.” She said in her still young voice. It seemed to arouse the guard more, hearing dirty talk from her.
Soon his pants were off. He had quite a thick member of average length, and it was already extremely stiff.
She leaned over and touched it. Fiercely warm to the touch. She had forgotten how much she loved touching warm things, even if it was this.
Ahsoka still found them strange and fascinating, these things that were supposed to be only flesh and muscle- but became so impossibly hard and hot to the touch.
Her slender orange fingers eagerly grabbed around them and the small Togrutan took him forward, much to his surprise, and right into her inviting mouth.
Perhaps he was a bit shocked and wary because of her sharp teeth, but she was so hungry she didn’t care. She felt the bulbous head of his member glide gently between her lips.
The head of his engorged cock slipped right into Ahsoka’s wet, warm and inviting mouth.
She’d practiced a little with the fake thing that she’d been given, as she took it in easily and licked the bottom of his shaft. The guard illicited a deep groan and grabbed the top of her montrals.
Ahsoka took that as a sign of affirmation, because the Twi’lek did that too when he was enjoying himself. She began to bob back and forth, drooling over his cock because he was so thick.
He enjoyed her attentions as she slid him out and played with the head of his dick with her tongue, before slipping it sloppily back into her mouth again.
Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the other guard’s head sticking out to peer at her efforts, and she could see a familiar look in his face. She knew he was getting aroused, just like in the holovids, and might be touching himself.
That thought made Ahsoka extremely pleased, as the young naked Togrutan reached up her slender fingers and cupped the guard’s balls, bringing him in and out of her mouth.
Oh, you’re something else.” The guard acknowledged her for her efforts. She felt a zing of pleasure and a heat rising from her montrals as he groaned out loud- the sounds of her movements and his pleasure filling the room.
She focused on her Jedi training again and the experience she had learned and after a few tries, sucked him completely into her mouth.
Her throat opened up diligently, giving way to make room for the cock that belonged down her throat. It didn’t feel natural but she knew that must just be her. All those other women on the holovids were naturals, and could even take two at one.
Soon she was taking him hard and fast in her mouth, stroking him back and forth with her hot young mouth as she took him all the way down her slippery throat. He was incredibly swollen and hard, and she yearned for his liquid to pour into her mouth.
It didn’t take long at all.
She knew when the flavor entered her mouth that it was coming, and she redoubled her efforts- bobbing her head even more furiously. The moans of both guards now filled her ears as she worked wildly on pushing him over the edge.
Her blue eyes were closed and relaxed as she brought him deep down and out, just as it happened. It jerked inside of her mouth, throbbing and burning, as spurts of salty liquid gushed into her gaping mouth.
It squirted onto her tongue and down her throat, almost causing her to splutter at first, as it creamed down her throat and burned in her mouth. She was so hungry she swallowed it all without a second thought.
And even then she didn’t stop, sucking on his cock and licking the thick, salty cream off his dick and pulling it out- only to lick it all over until it was completely clean.
There was the unlocking of a door behind her and her eyes shot over, the other guard had become too enthralled by the Togrutan girl’s efforts to realize what had happened. And before she could do anything, it was already happening.
The guard rushed forward with his cock already out, ready for some action of his own. His eyes were driven mad by list, watching his fellow guard get his share.
“Now it’s my turn, fair’s fair.” The guard said rather matter-of0factly, as if this was the way it would be. But Ahsoka has something that they wanted, and wiped her black lips.
“You promise me food, and I’ll do anything you want.” Ahsoka promised, rather slyly, because after eating the man’s salty cum she knew it wouldn’t be enough on its own. Her stomach was rumbling. She needed real food, and this wouldn’t do.
“…” The guards looked between each other, though the other looked satisfied and moved towards the door with a “Do whatever you want.” Soon it was her and the other guard, who looked leaner, and a little more ragged looking.
“Turn around and get up against the wall.” The second guard ordered, and she diligently obeyed.
Ahsoka suddenly felt a stinging sensation on her rump, and realized she’d been slapped there. Ow! She rubbed it with her hand, trying to sooth the pain- when her hand was grabbed by the man behind her.
Suddenly he was forcing her to stroke her rear, as another hand slipped around her waist. She tried to move free, but found his other hand had a tight grip on her waist.
She was forced to powerlessly caress her ass cheek with him. It wasn’t entirely bad, but Ahsoka liked being a bit more in control. Her body shook a little, as she tried to turn him so she could get him how she wanted him.
But his other hand took control and slipped between her slender legs, rubbing up against her orange crotch.
At first she was put off by how much she was playing into his hands, but another part was flustered from what he was doing with his fingers- she was being pleasured in two places.
He was far too strong for her, and the young Togrutan girl decided to yield to him as she spread her legs obediently. One of his fingers pressed up against her small tight slit, as she trembled.
His finger pressed slowly between her moistening folds, as they spread easily to his touch. Easily allowing him to play around within her delicate folds.
She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her montrals were slowly burning. And she began to pant and moan against her will. Embarrassing, but not so bad…I think?
“You’re breathing heavy. You really enjoy being taken by a large guy like me don’t you?” The guard said rather cruelly, as a denial instantly sprang to her lips.
“You’ve got it all wrong! I’m just tired, and hungry…” Ahsoka tried to deny it, but he lifted his hand up, pressing many fingers against her wet folds as they sunk into it. She couldn’t help but lean over, putting her hands against the wall.
“Nonsense. You’re begging for it and you’ve only done it once. You want me to take you more than I do.” The guard pushed her over so her hands slid further down the wall, as she desperately tried to look back at what was being done to her.
She felt a finger slide within her dampened folds, making an embarrassing sucking noise. She let out a sweet cry and pushed her hands against the wall, as he began to rhythmically push his index finger in and out of her tight yet slick cunt.
“Nnngh…ha…hah….mnnngh…” Ahsoka was breathing hard, rasping, as she tried to desperately hold onto the wall as her montrals swung back and forth. She could hear the sounds her body was making. Very nasty sounds.
And then he stuck another finger into her orange honeypot, pushing her pussy folds wide as she let out another sweet gasp. Ahsoka was yielding, yearning for his fingers to push deeper inside of her. Her ass was wiggling back and forth.
She could barely stay still it felt so good.
“With a sound like that, I bet you want my cock inside of you. I’ve watched you with that fake one…do you want the real thing? Hot, hard, and thrusting inside of you?” The guard tormented her, pressing his thumb against her anus- which instantly puckered up.
She let out a sharp, sweet cry as she wiggled her ass at the assault- and he thrust his fingers right inside of her.
“No, not there. Please, I’m not experienced…I couldn’t” Ahsoka breathed, her hands slipping against the wall. He relentlessly fingered her and the smacking sounds filled the room, as he pressed against her anus to make her wriggle about in stress.
“Nonsense, you took an entire Gammorean cock in your tiny little cunt before. You can take my modest thing withn those cheeks.” The guard laughed as he brought his naked cock up, grabbing both her asscheeks and rubbing his rock hard shaft between her orange cheeks.
Ahsoka tried to get away, but he was far too strong. She couldn’t be violated there!
“I’ll do anything else, not that just yet-okay?” Ahsoka tried to reason with the big goon, trying to keep her ass innocent for now. The guard seemed to consider this very strongly.
“Alright, how about you tell me how badly you want my big stiff cock inside of you, then?” And with that, the guard seemed to kneel down, both hands still on her as.
For a moment she couldn’t tell what he was doing- and then she felt a licking sensation between her legs. She arched her small back, pressing her forearms hard against the wall. A sweet musical gasp escaped her lips.
“Argh, no that’s…!” Ahsoka was powerless to stop the guard, as she need him, and he continued to stick his tongue between her legs.
He was licking right into the young Togrutan’s slit, in front of the other guard, and she was spread right out. Her face was burning red.
For some reason all this attention was really turning her on. That, and this guard licking her dillegently.
Her folds invited his curious, delving tongue and Ahsoka spread her legs further, letting out little grunts and soft moans as her legs felt like they were about to give out.
“…I don’t hear anything. Did you want me to stick it in there?”
“…No, you…big bully! Alright. I want you to st…sti…” She was having trouble saying it, because now when she went to say it the man stuck his far too large tongue into her and was swirled it around, she could hear noises behind her.
And then it was really, really hard for Ahsoka to concentrate. She felt her juices melting and leaking down her legs and all over the guard’s mouth.
And he licked up Ahsoka’s juices eagerly, smacking sounds between her legs causing her to stream all that more over his inviting mouth.
And then the guard was flicking something with his tongue and she felt a molten sensation between her legs- she was having trouble thinking at all!
“Nhhghh…ngg…ah…ah…I…ah…” Ahsoka couldn’t get it out, and then he was pressing his thumb against that place while licking her. She wiggled around and her legs lowered, but she pulled herself together.
The dominating guard seemed to sense it”…Tell me you want me to come like a dirty girl.” And his finger was pressing against those secret places of hers, her head was getting even more fuzzy.
“I…um…I want you…I want you to…ahhh!…I want you to make me…please?” Ahsoka couldn’t believe her own mouth, as she turned around and looked at him with a pleading expression-her legs spread wide over as she leaked shamelessly down her legs.
And as the guard moved away…turning her around rather suddenly and eliciting a gasp from the young Togrutan. For a moment there she couldn’t see his facial expression, presented with only his bare chest.
There was something to be said about being shorter than some men, Ahsoka thought, as he began to push her backwards against the wall.
As Ahsoka was pushed against the wall she put her hands out, invitingly, and as he moved forward she put them on her shoulders. She’d watched this before in the holovids- he was going to take her up against the wall. She didn’t even lie to herself that she wasn’t excited about it anymore.
He put his hands on her slender waist. She felt very small compared to him all of a sudden as he lifted her up and pressed his cock against her thoroughly soaking orange pussy. Owch! He pressed her pretty hard against the wall.
“Hey, not so rough…” Ahsoka chided and pinched his side, he let out a yelp. The guard seemed to grumble. She rubbed her hips against him, coaxing him a little.
“You want it like that, you little minx?” The guard grinned and returned her motions. If there was one thing Ahsoka liked, it was getting attention.
His engorged and stiff cock rubbed against her exposed and soaked pussy. It wasn’t even dry sex because she was so wet. Her juices were showering his shaft which was rubbing Porno hikayeleri against places that caused her to cry out loud and cling on.
And then his hand slipped up and rubbed her breast, coaxing her nubs into stiffness, as he pinched and stroked them. Ahsoka was rubbing wildly against him, though she couldn’t move much and still hold on. She didn’t care one bit.
This guard seemed to know what he was doing, but Ahsoka didn’t realize it. All she knew is that she was getting attention. This guy was going to see what she was really good at.
Her dampening slit continued to rub needily against the shaft of his rippled cock, and it was doused in her young sweet juices as she moaned and wrapped her legs around him
His massive hands grabbed her young ass, squeezing it and causing her to cry out. Her dampened slit- a little turned on by this- rubbed even harder against his monstrous cock as she leaned forward now.
She’d seen this thing done and wanted to try it. She suddenly bit a little on his ear, he seemed to yelp and push her harder against the wall.OH!
“That’s how you like it, little mynx?” The guard seemed to sound approving, at least, as he pushed against her tight slit. It seemed she had a nickname.
Through her training and practice her lips yielded easily for him- along with her mouth- as he slid into her inviting pussy, his knob was swallowed easily into their drenched tight depths.
And as he slid even further, filling her cunt right up, she felt like she was being stretched apart.
“You can’t fit! You can’t…ah!” Ahsoka panicked, grabbing onto his should hard and trying to push him off. He only laughed and moved back, pushing further.
Her fears were dispelled when he grabbed her ass and slid violently inside of her, her body yielding and taking him all in. Oh, he was so long! It hit deep inside of her, this hot rigid thing she was speared on against the wall.
The man then began to thrust her against the wall wildly, pounding her with his exceptionally long cock. She felt like she was already squirting and coating his shaft, but she was just so incredibly wet, aroused and confused.
Her fingers grabbed into his shoulders as she held on for dear life, the cock pounding her up against the wall and his hard place.
She was sure now her orange ass was a deep shade of red from all this pounding into the wall, just like the holovids.
Ahsoka focused on the many pleasurable parts, the same trick she had used to deal with the other guard when she arrived.
In her mind’s eye, she imagined it was one of the many men in the holovids now thrusting inside of her, and she was the busty and mature woman from the tapes.
No, she was adult enough on her own without imagining to be someone else! Ahsoka thought suddenly to herself.
And even so, being taken by this guard right now was causing her to hit a peak of delirium- her head was spinning as she grabbed on for dear life.
With a renewed resolve, the Togrutan teen then pushed her young waist as much as she could against the man’s cock, her montrals wildly swinging along with her small bouncing breasts.
Sweat was gleaming off her orange skin and petite breasts as she panted and moaned weakly with his efforts. And she found herself egging him on.
“ Please stick it in me deep…make me cum all over you.” Ahsoka goaded him further as she rode his shaft, pounding fiercely and fervidly between the wall.
“I wouldn’t stop for the world, mynx!” And he moved even faster, grabbing her waist and pulling her off the wall- banging her in the air now as she rode his cock with no control at all. AH!!
Ahsoka was letting out intense, delirious screams as his shaft made its way with her. Her hands were needily clawing at his back as she leaned back, her burning montrals being thrown about.
She was going to cum and she was grasping at the last sense of sanity she had left. She wanted to get him right to the edge, right as he was.
“Please, I want to cum with you…cum…please cum,” Ahsoka’s sweet voice rang across the room against the gasping noises and his own deep grunt.
Her pussy was incredibly tight again, her walls squeezing onto his already aroused cock. And as his cock pounded back and forth, a slurping sound was being made and her face was fiercely flushed with embarrassment and intoxicated arousal. Sweat was dripping off both their bodies.
At last she clenched his cock with her inner muscles and drove him right over the edge.
“Oh, I’m gonna cum…!” The guard gave some announcement though she wasn’t listening, simply crying out weakly in protest as she felt it bury itself deep inside her young box. It was good, because she couldn’t hold it another second longer.
Liquid fire erupted inside of her as she felt it fill her up, and suddenly she was spurting around him as her world erupted into a blazing light. Her whole body was furiously hot, as her orange pussy spasmed around his unloading shaft, coaxing it to fill her to the brim.
And as she clung onto him with all the strength she could muster, burying herself against the guard’s shoulder, she felt all the warm liquid filling her up to the point she would burst.
Loads and loads of his cream was pouring down his shaft with her own juices, she was filled completely up and beyond. She felt like she had finished cumming, only to start up again as his shaft rocked inside of her causing more juices to pour out.
She didn’t know when everything went black. And as hard as she tried, she could not remember a single thing after that amazing point.
What Ahsoka did know, is that when she woke up she was greeted with the best sight in what felt like days.
At first she felt sore all over, and her legs were very sticky and stung a little. As she sat up crosslegged, there was a thick pool of cum that had oozed out of her hole that had dried between her legs.
How much had he cum for so much to come out even after she had it all on her thighs?
“Hmph, I sure showed them…” Ahsoka said rather smugly to herself. No one was better at this than she was it seemed.
And then she saw food awaiting her on the bed. It seemed the guards had kept their promise.
Later, while she slept the guards had good things to tell Bib Fortuna. Everything, of course, was going according to his plan.
The Twi’lek left them with new orders, to let her gain her strength and then take her again in exchange for food and fun- but her ass was reserved for a much later time.
Soon, it would be a new chapter in the Togrutan girl’s training.


Ahsoka was thoroughly enjoying herself today, taking a little break from just lying down in her cell.
Rather than that she was pressed between two guards as part of her new “morning excercises.”
Ever since the day of inspiration she had come to know a whole lot more about those two cuards, Jos and Durand.
Every morning she was woken up by either of the guards giving a little surprise.
The first morning she had felt something very hot pressing against her lips.
She hadn’t even woken up from her sleep, but through her dreams she had given the probing thing exactly what it had been searching for.
The sight of the Togrutan girl’s mouth willingly pleasure him with her montrals bouncing had driven the guard’s invading member quickly over the edge.
It wasn’t long into her dream when she felt the very real and satisfying feeling of hot liquid gushing into her mouth.
She lazily gulped down each gush of sperm in her drowsy state,nursing like a baby with a bottle and eating the milk that was produced. A second pair of hands pushed her legs wide open.
How could there be so many hands? Ahsoka had thought in a shocked daze before she’d realized it was two sets from both guards, ready to take advantage of her.
Surprrised, a little hungry and eventually excited she stopped resisting and opened her slender legs wide for the two burly men.
She could still remember the morning heated sandstone pressing against her naked ass cheeks as they came inside of her for the fifth time.
She’d felt sore at first being caught by surprise so early after waking, but she had now grown quickly accustomed to waking to a jutting cock rubbing against or inside of her young body.
She was a quick learner after all, able to deal with any situation. She’d been the head of her class at the Temple and she’d certainly be the best at what she did here, in Jabba’s Palace.
Well, the Togrutan teen was not going to start letting them down today- in fact she was sure she’d make them rise to the occasion.
The young Togrutan girl could feel Jos’s pulsating meat rubbing up against her behind, pressing against her tightened ass cheeks. He was propping her up completely as the other guard had his way with her.
Ahsoka couldn’t help but tremble as she felt the throbbing cock slip between her tight virgin cheeks, a hot sensation dribbling between her thighs.
Why did he always stop, Ahsoka thought to herself frustratedly, when he knew she wanted it so bad in her rear?
She could feel her tight, wet womanhood thoroughly coating Durand’s engorged manhood as he thrust against her, shaking her body.
Their large manly forms rocking against her petite form as she felt enveloped by rippling muscles. She was completely drunk on it. They were bucking and colliding nearly in perfect rhythm to her desires.
Enveloped, taken, enjoyed and appreciated. All these things the hapless young teen felt and she drew them in tighter, whimpering slightly as she rocked in unconscious time with their attentions.
She was rewarded with a sliding sensation as his hard shaft sheathed itself even deeper inside of her, his throbbing head so swollen it was nearly tearing her soft moist entrance apart.
Ahsoka pulled for more air before deliberately widening her slender teenage legs even further, allowing Durand much better access to slip inside her orange vagina.
Ahsoka couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be for his firm flesh to be spurting wildly inside her, coating her tight depths with his glistening warm seed.
And when Jos pressed against her ass she expertly widened her young taught cheeks, her asshole flaring deliberately as if inviting his straining shaft inside.
Unlike human females, Ahsoka had learned from the holovids that Togrutan women had a gland that allowed them to universally enjoy anal sex. She had avidly learned that it helped Togrutan women reshift the attention of any predatory males who took them from behind.
Ahsoka had restlessly daydreamed ever since, a fantasy about being on the savannahs of her genetic homeworld of Shili, to be taken by a large Togrutan male from behind.
Redirecting their attentions into her tight puckered hole, and feeling it enter her young body right up to the hilt…wildly taking her right there in the wild grass.
Now it was just a case of getting them to take her there too, Ahsoka thought desperately. She wanted recognition; she felt her acceptance into her new life was far from complete.
As long as they wouldn’t take here there she still felt like the Ahsoka that no one would take seriously. She was 14 years old after all, why treat her like a youngling?
“Please stick it in there! I want to feel both of you rubbing inside me. Please?” The Togrutan girl practically begged.
“No can do, little Mynx! I got express orders that I can’t go there, just yet…” Jos sounded genuinely disappointed. He seemed to want to stick it up her anus just as much as she wanted to be stuck.
Ahsoka knew she could convince him if she tried a little harder, grinding against him once again.
She felt his cock head pressing and rubbing between her orange ass cheeks as she gripped his shaft with her muscles.
“Come on… I’m not going to break apart! I’m an adult! You must want to…” Ahsoka turned her head and pouted, squeezing her sweet cheeks around his throbbing shaft pointedly,”… or else you wouldn’t have gotten me like this?”
Both the guards looked at each other and Ahsoka frustratedly pushed against Jos’s mind with the Force, trying to make the suggestion even more palatable.
“Look…you!…don’t tell anyone, got it?” Both guards looked at eachother with an understanding expression as the young girl let out a pleased sound.
She suddenly felt a spike of pleasure as Jos’s massive head pressed against her flared hole, the pressure pushing her wide open. Ahsoka didn’t expect it to feel so different to her fingers!
She whimpered and wiggled against him, grabbing at Durand’s shoulders, her slender hands getting ready to feel both their erect manhoods squeeze deep inside of her.
But then, at that moment she experienced the biggest disappointment as they withdrew from her body without warning. Ahsoka beat her fists against Durand and cried out in displeasure.
“WHAT in the name of the Force, you vape-brains!” Only then did she realize that another of Jabba’s many servants, a dark skinned man wearing a dewback hide armor was staring at them.
He was holding a weapon, and he didn’t look pleased.
Even though the guards had abandoned their “”posts, Ahsoka thought angrily, it was some consolation that Durand couldn’t remove himself so easily from within her. His hard shaft was still half buried in her folds, glistening pointedly for the new guards to see.
Still, his arms were not gripping her nearly as tightly as before. They were like children with their hands caught in her honey jar, Ahsoka thought disappointedly to herself.
“Mr. Fortuna wants her up in the slave training quarters…You do understand your role, don’t you?” The guard sounded annoyed, his voice was biting at them all.
The frustrated man was suddenly drawn to Ahsoka, and she gently touched out to his mind. She could sense through the Force that he was frustrated that he didn’t have this post, and had to run messages.
She could feel him aroused by the sight of her developing orange breasts and white perky nipples, glistening with sweat because of her efforts.
Knowing he was lusting for her made her skin feel flushed, the attention, the attraction to her young body. Ahsoka’s nimble mind hatched a plan.
“At least let them finish off, you can join in too? Right?” Ahsoka offered craftily, now eager to draw the new guard in.
“Yeah, Salid, have some fun with her! She’s a clean Jedi girl, no seconds.” Jos pushed a little harder, before looking at Durand for confirmation.
He nodded and withdrew completely, moving to Ahsoka’s side with a clearly wet cock and gesturing towards the young teen.
Ahsoka felt complimented somehow and her cheeks flushed red, though she didn’t understand what he was saying.
“Better not be…I always get in late!” In the end it took very little convincing to draw the dour looking Salid in,as he stripped off his pants.
Ahsoka’s montrals and face flushed with excitement at the sight of the man coming her way now, an increasingly stiffening shaft in full focus.
“It’s so fascinating to look at! I don’t get why it looks that way at all…” Ahsoka observed out loud as Durand withdrew and Salid sat down on her stone bed.
“Yeah, well you got what they did soon enough, little mynx!” Jos guffawed as Salid made a rough gesture for her to come his way.
Remembering what she had learned from the holovids, Ahsoka walked and slid a slender hand along the inside of the guard’s thigh.
She could feel the hard pulse of his arousal and his flesh, incredibly hot and rigid against her hand.
She knew she was getting even more excited as she knelt down gently and pressed his throbbing erection against one of her silky cheeks, stroking in lovingly. She decided to give it a little kiss, her soft dark lips pressing against the side.
And she felt a jolting response as it jerked against her face! It almost caused her to jump. She got over her initial shock and licked slowly up its side. She then sheathed him completely into her warm, wet inviting mouth.
“Wh…hooOOooa!!” Salid seemed thrilled with her efforts, as she felt his hand press against her montrals out of sheer pleasure. They weren’t very long but they were enough.
Suddenly Ahsoka’s ears registered some movement and a familiar slapping sound which meant the other two guards were certainly enjoying themselves too.
Pleased with herself, Ahsoka wiggled her orange ass at the general direction of the noises, promptly receiving a small slap on her butt, before continuing her attentions.
There was another noise and she knew something had been picked up from her bed, but Ahsoka couldn’t tell what.
Suddenly she was answered by a pressure against the clasping opening of her anus. The lewd contact made her arch like a Correlian sand panther in response. It suddenly retreated again. She knew it was the anal dildo that she had been practicing with, given to her by the Twi’lek major domo.
“Beg for it, little mynx!” Beg for me to grease up your hole and have me stick it in you.”
“Please…grease up my ass and stick it in…please!” She whimpered and wiggled needily, her face flushed at the sound of her own voice and what she was asking for.
She continued to moan deep, asking, pleading, craving them to fuck her with that plug. It wasn’t long before she felt fingers being pressed and a wet sensation against her anus, probing inside her hole and causing her to shiver, presumably lubing her up.
Suddenly something very thick and familiar was spreading the young girl’s cheeks wide open and there was a pressure against the rings of her anus again. Ahsoka nearly could have purred with delight.
“Please fuck me…fuck me, please!” Ahsoka begged and pushed her puckered cheeks to willingly meet the thick intrusion. The young teen relaxed her muscles as much as possible.
Suddenly her clasping little asshole began to open to the “crown” of the toy and she felt it slide into her relaxed but tight rectum.
Her ass lips strained and involuntarily resisted, mostly because she wasn’t doing it herself, but it wasn’t long before it was buried a few inches inside of her and leaving her feeling gaped wide open.
Ahsoka moaned and continued with great difficulty to lick the guard’s dick while they pleasured her, trying to be kind, but another push forced her to become dizzy with pleasure. Right now the teen felt a burning sensation between her tight thighs and her young ass cheeks.
Remembering her Jedi training, Ahsoka loosened her mind- among other things- and suddenly flared her asshole”…Think of the Force…think of the Force…”
The guards were shocked to see the buttplug completely consumed within the young teen’s asshole, taking in the wide end of the bottom of the plug with absolute ease as it buried itself up to the hilt. “Whoa! That’s really something, eh Durand! Never seen a woman take it like that!”
Ahsoka moaned and breathed heavily as she savored the thick sensation filling up her anus. It wasn’t long before they began to pump her with it as if it were her pussy, hard and deep.
It was so much better than when she did it herself, because she had no idea where they were going to push it- each push spearing into her bowels as she could really imagine she was on Shili, being taken by a broad shouldered Togrutan male.
But in a way it was much more exciting to think she was being taken by three equally muscular men, two stroking their hard shafts to her while using a dildo on her ass- while she was pleasuring the third with her mouth.
Her vision and senses were completely enveloped by his hard throbbing flesh, the smell filling the air as she took him into her dark lips- bobbing up and down as they fuckered her puckered hole. The smacking sounds were driving her wild.
She suddenly squealed as she felt a molten sensation of total release, trying very hard not to bite with her sharp teeth into the guard, as she experienced great shuddering clenching spasms.
Her pussy squeezed and spasmed against nothing at all and suddenly her sweet honey flowed out of her tight folds, leaking down her legs as she suddenly felt extremely faint.
“Hey, none of that!” The guard she was giving oral to grabbed her head and forced her to continue, and she complied meekly, pleasuring him as she shuddered from her sudden release. It wasn’t long before she felt herself getting aroused again and quickly back in the action.
Suddenly Ahsoka had a slight taste in her mouth that signaled he was getting quickly to his bursting point, and she brought him quickly out of her wet gullet.
“Want a small ride, reverse bantha-back?” Ahsoka confidently showed her new knowledge off as she stood up and turned around, facing her slender back towards the guard.
The other two were stroking themselves over her with a look of dazed ecstasy on their faces, while the guard sitting down looked not too far off. She felt like the center of attention.
Now to push them over the edge. Ahsoka thought deviously to herself. She could feel eyes focused on her and she felt moist sensation between her tightly pressed thighs.
She ran her hands down her breasts and touching her small but perky nipples, before running them down her sides and pushing out her rear to connect with Salid’s dick- the anal dildo still buried within her.
And in response she felt a large hand stroking up her ass, pushing the thick head, and an incredibly stiff sensation knocking against her orange hued pussy lips, a perfect target.
She felt at that moment like an expert at dancing, even though the reality for the others was different. But the attempt regardless seemed to arouse the guards much more than she had bargained for.
Suddenly she felt hands grab her waist and lift her up, regaining control as she felt herself suspended over the guard’s swollen didck.
“Hey give me some warning!” Ahsoka chastised the huge guard behind her who began to lower her down onto his swollen thing.
Her orange crotch was soaked from before and now she was getting even wetter, a shiver of excitement running down her back. As he positioned her over him and moved her about, the dildo jerked even more causing her ripples of ecstasy.
Do I like to be taken like this, even by people I don’t know? Ahsoka thought excitedly to herself. She quickly tucked her legs around so the tops of her feet touched the bed.
Her soaked pussy folds answered as he pushed roughly inside of her, taking her voraciously on her cell bed. And her sex yielded completely to his intrusion, tight as she was, trying to engulf the much more mature cock deep within her depths.
Another wild thrust penetrated her pussy and she felt his massive swollen head pushing deep within her drenched cunt. She felt penetrated on two angles, and both were massive!
It couldn’t have possibly grown more! Ahsoka was in disbelief as she saw the other two guards moving up towards her expectantly. She tried to move out her hands despite being impaled on his rigid cock; eventually her slender hands met their targets.
She jerked them with loving care as they met her grasp, sliding her joined fingers up and down and around their shafts.
It became even easier as she felt hands sliding along her waist and coax her to move up and down, his rippled shaft penetrating within her tight young slit. She could feel it pushing her wide open, her pussy was stretched with his intrusion and felt her own juices dribbling all over his offending member.
Eager to completely stroke his mature cock into an erupting submission within her, she began to lift herself up and down to make it venture even deeper within her tight walls. The new guard seemed overjoyed with this and let out a deep groan, pressing against her back and grabbing her even more tightly around the waist. The anal dildo was knocking against his muscled chest, causing her to feel as if she was being penetrated by two men rather than one.
The other two guards grabbed one of her montrals each now. The young teen could feel the pressure of Salid’s hands and the pumping of his cock inside of her now, pushing into her deepest secret parts.
Squelshing noises suddenly filled her ears as her wet box and his already soaked cock smacked together. It was a lewd noise that was incredibly erotic to her.
Ahsoka tried her hardest to remember about the other two guards she was already pleasuring, who seemed to be reaching their limit. She wildly stroked them one minute before slowing down the next. She was barely able to get her petite around their thick bases and pushed their foreskins right down to the thick hilts.
Watching her hands pleasuring two dicks at once, a thick dildo in her anus and feeling another being stuffed inside of her made her reach all new heights of excitement as she clenched uncontrollably against the cock and dildo inside of her. A moan escaped her lips as she felt herself finally able to take him down to the balls. She felt herself smacking against his base and milking him for all it was worth.
Unable to contain herself, liquid fire erupted from between her legs as she full-on squirted her juices across the floor like she’d seen occasionally happen in the vids, clenching around the hard thrusting dick, suddenly squealing in delight. She felt more rushing sensations moving out of her body along with waves of pleasure causing her to tremble and shake.
“Oh Skrag, I’m coming…I’m coming!” Ahsoka’s mind spun in a loop with her words as she tried to think of what to say next but all she could do was cry out as she needily clenched the cock and dildo inside of her as she continually gushed out long steams of her honey that were reaching all the way to the wall.
While the young Togrutan girl was in the throes of orgasm she clutched her hands extremely tight. Too dazed to notice the massive hands grab her own and keep them pressed hard against their cocks, forcing her to continue jerking them off. Her rough treatment drove them even more wild.
“Oh watch out…frag!” All too late Ahsoka saw a white flash followed by a gush of white erupt from one of the tips and splat wetly on her left cheek, nose and lips.
She could feel the offending cock shudder under her grasp as he unceremoniously pumped more and more semen onto her tits, dribbling down the middle of her still budding cleavage..
His cum was splattered everywhere and was extremely hot and sticky, as Ahsoka licked her mouth she felt a hand reach up and touch the globs on her breast, She then realized in a daze that it was her own, as she let out a small moan and smeared the sticky white sperm erotically across her breasts.
Her kneading efforts were met with another splatter of white cream across her right eye and all over her montrals and face, though she managed to quickly close it in time. A white trail linked the tip of his dick-head to her flushed cheeks.
Ahsoka felt an uncontrollable burning between her thighs that had nothing to do with the guard’s seed as she continued to rub her breasts, gyrating wildly back and forth on his cock.
“Sith’s blood! Go easy why don’t you/” Even though he interjected, Ahsoka reached back and grabbed his legs weakly with her slimy hands. The guard beneath her grabbed her wrists and thrust violently inside her in response. Ahsoka grit her sharp teeth and loosened up her pussy lips against the sudden movement.
She was wet enough from her enjoyment that his sudden humping didn’t make her scream, though she came close, and she felt her pussy becoming a whole lot tighter around him.
“Yeah, take it like that, you little Schutta! Tell me you like it!” Suddenlu the guard, Salid, was forcefully invading her and the young teen was forcefully willing herself to relax. The more pain she was in the more she tightened, and the more he continued to pound against her.
“I…I don’t… you ronto-brained idiot!” Ahsoka gasped and cried out as she tried to take her mind off the aching sensation spreading between her legs, reaching down and wildly rubbing her orange pussy.
She tried to conjure up images of Jos doing her before, or just like she had woken up in the morning, while inexpertly trying to find her clit. But his cock was pulling the skin of her cunt back, making it difficult to find.
“Don’t lie! You’ll take it from anyone…won’t you?” She was breathless and could hear him sound even more aroused and realized this was what turned him on.
The young teen slipped her fingers behind her back and between his thrusts managed to grab the anal dildo buried between her orange cheeks, pushing it deeper within her puckered hole. She was going to make herself enjoy it, so she could be the very best at pleasing these men.
Between the thrusts of his cock spearing her, she fucked her anus frantically with the dildo as the guard had his way with her. Ahsoka soon let out a small whimpering cry and clutched his cock, but it was nothing to do with any pain from his wild efforts.
Even though her hand movements were hampered, his muscled chest would hit the back of her hand- forcing the dildo even deeper up her ass.
“You’re fucking your ass while I’m fucking you? You really are a little Schutte, aren’t you?” The guard mocked her even more to which Ahsoka responded with a small moan, still fucking her asshole wildly as she pushed it deep within her bowels. The sensations for a Togrutan were that much more than any other woman as she felt a slick wetness of excitement between her legs again.
The young teen found herself crying out in ecstasy as her small breasts shook about. Suddenly there was a jerking sensation in both her hands and through her haze, quickly crammed both dick heads into her mouth,causing her cheeks to bulge comically as they began squirting globs of seed into her stretched mouth. She let out a muffled moan as she needily gulped down the dual load of sperm that was filling her mouth. Her tongue massaging both heads in erratic motions to coax out every last drop of the cream she’d come to need. As the flows died out she began pushing the tip of her tongue into their urethra’s to scoop out any drops she missed.
The young girl arched her back now in unspeakable ecstasy-partly due to the two dicks she refuses to let out of her mouth- as she met his powerful thrusts, her eyes closed tightly as she could hear the squelshing sound filling her ears.
Her wet depths and his already soaked flesh smacked together, as she continued to work the thick dildo in and out of her asshole.
Suddenly she felt a hand grab her still blossoming breasts and give it a squeeze, thrusting between her legs at the same moment. It drove her wild and she could feel the excitement wildly reaching boiling point, as she mindlessly held the two dick heads still crammed into her mouth, every drop of their sperm was in her belly but all the sensations were causing drool to flow down her chin like a kath hound.
Every one of Ahsoka’s muffled cries encouraged him and every thrust made her furiously hot, as he delved deeper into her with each rhythmic push. The teen girl moved against him, hot, wet and completely abandoned to her impulses.
Suddenly she felt a plunging sensation as his cock viciously buried as deep within her pussy as possible, swelling before exploding with searing hot spurts of cum inside of her. She felt his manhood spewing endlessly into her womb, filling her up with his thick cream.
The spurting sensation in her tight depths and the sudden thrust-pushing the dildo deep into her ass-caused her own orange pussy to clench wildly against the unloading shaft, holding onto him tightly as she came in concert with the guard.
The massive eruption caused her to go limp, except for the massive shudders and twitches her body was experiencing,and was only being held up by the cocks jammed into her mouth,her arms dangling lifelessly as her pussy acts on its own accord,, squirting longstreamers of juice as her womb is busy being pumped full of semen.
She felt like she had finished cumming, only to start again as his shaft rocked inside her, causing another squirt of her honey to squirt out onto the floor.
She wasn’t allowed to enjoy it terribly long, before she was pulled off the guard’s cock and grabbed by the neck. She suddenly felt a yanking sensation as the anal dildo was pulled out, leaving her ass stinging and a windy sensation at her rear- Ahsoka cried out and felt her asshole was left gaping wide open.
She was suddenly transported by the brutal guard out of the cell, barely able to make sense of it as she had a metal collar clasped around her neck. It was attached to a chain, and apparently this Salid brought it with him.
“Get on all fours and walk! We’re going to the slave’s training quarters. And call me Master!” His voice was cruel, barely appreciative. Ahsoka felt furiously angry, but didn’t know what else to do.
She could use the Force to hurt him, perhaps even kill him and take out the other two guards. But where else was she to go?
And she knew they had been appreciative of her efforts, their once rigid flesh now limp and still glistening with her juices as they hastily redressed themselves.
“…Yes, Master.” Ahsoka gritted her sharp teeth and walked on her hands and knees along a sandy stone floor, moving up to and ascending the long spiral staircase that led to the lower cells she had stayed in.
It was a long way, and her hands and knees would either be bruised or bleeding in the end. What was in store for her next, Ahsoka wondered wearily, as she felt a dull ache rising between her legs and from her rear.
Her master and none of the Jedi were certainly going to come and intervene, that much was certain.

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