A Self-Pleasing Tale

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Dave is a security guard at a local retailer. He is an average looking middle-aged man. He is a devoted husband and father. Dave does, as any man does, enjoy taking in the sites of young good-looking ladies. Dave’s job provides him with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the eye candy. As you know a retail store is a lady magnet! Dave walks his sales floor not only looking for shoplifters but for that one great view for the day. He also enjoys using the stores video surveillance equipment to get even better views, especially if the woman is wearing a low cut top.

On this particular day he was in his office. Scanning the store with the cameras. When all of a sudden he saw her! This girl was incredible. She was a tall, thin brunette about 5’8′ and 135 pounds and she worked at the store. She was working on a register directly below a camera. Wow, what a body, the weight was not fat! She had at least a 36c, bra size (Dave guessed). He zoomed the camera in closer. He could now see her beautiful skin tone. A light olive color not from the sun but natural. He focused the camera on her face, noticing her seductive brown eyes. He noticed how she seemed to flirt while she talked with guys.

He focused the camera lower and noticed her cleavage peeking hatay escort out of her low cut shirt. He was in awe. He could feel his cock growing between his legs. He unconsciously started rubbing it through pants. He lowered the camera further, getting a view of the woman’s waistline. His eyes widened. She was wearing hip huggers and Dave could see her panties when she bent over to get change from the register drawer. He zoomed the camera in as tight as he could. Her panties were pink and silk. He was able to get so close of a view he could actually see the tiny hairs on the small of her back. His hand continued to rub his cock. Dave could not stand it he had to get a better view. He waited for his cock to settle and went out to her lane.

He introduced himself and purchased a soda. Her name was Erica. As they chatted he noticed her smile. It could light up a room. Erica’s personality seemed to be as good as her looks and Dave found this to be even more of a turn on. They chatted for a few moments until another customer game into her lane. Dave then returned to his office.

Once he got in the office he went directly back to the camera. It was focused at Erica’s waist. He began to raise it until he could see her cleavage again. harshatayota.com When she bent over to get a bag for the next customer Dave was absolutely astonished! She had no bra. Dave’s cock sprang back to life and again he was unconsciously rubbing it. He immediately zoomed the camera in. This was the proof that the skin tone was natural. Her breasts were of the same tone, not one shade lighter. He could see all the way between her breasts past the cross on her chain that dangled between them. Oh, how he wished that was his cock there. Then Dave got another surprise, with the camera zoomed all the way in and when Erica bent over, he could see her left nipple. Dave was in heaven.

He was watching this young beauty in a normal everyday situation but she was so sexual. He watched as she bumped the register closed by thrusting her hips into it. He watched as her eyes and facial expressions flirted with the male customers. He looked down at his bulge in his pants and noticed a small wet spot. A big drop of precum had soaked through his pants. He couldn’t take much more. When he turned his head back to the camera he noticed Erica taking a drink from her soda, through a straw mind you. He shivered and then unzipped his pants.

Erica licked her lips after her drink just as Dave’s member was released. He began stroking himself while he watched this beautiful woman. What would she do if she were there? How would she feel? He imagined her kneeling in front of him. Sucking his shaft in and out of her mouth. Smiling up at him and telling him how good he tasted. His hand was jerking faster now. His imagination continued; She would beg him to fuck her but he would hold off, watching her suck his cock. Finally he would give in. He would fuck her in the missionary position. Her long legs (the camera scanning down) would wrap around and lock around his waist.

She would buck wildly (the camera showing her thrusting into the register to close it). Dave’s cock was close to explosion. He had switched hands a couple of times. Erica did not have a customer in her lane and she began to look around. She looked up and seemed to look directly into the camera, as she did Dave came. He exploded all over the floor. He had never before cum at work. He was embarrassed and cleaned up very quickly. Dave then sat back in his chair and stared at Erica on camera.

He wanted to thank her but knew he couldn’t. Dave went out to Erica’s lane and chatted. He even helped her bag one customer’s purchase. She said, “I guess were even now”. Dave paused and looked at her with fear and puzzlement. “I did ring you up earlier.” she said with a smile. If only she knew, how much he still owed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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