A Revision Of ‘Girlfriend’s First Domination Experience’


“Baby, are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend as she undressed. She was wearing a hot pink tanktop with a lace trim, short black jean shorts, black fishnets, and no underwear. She smiled, but I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Of course I do, Felix. This is the stuff you’re into, and I wanna make you feel good,” my babydoll replied, now completely naked, her eyes and voice nervous; she sounded..breathy. I felt my dick get hard as I looked her up and down.

Her platinum blonde hair reached her tight little ass, and she had this cute slightly trimmed pussy, and when spread, it was pink and obviously tight. She had C-cup tits, and her nipples were small, and a perfect pink, with a little barbell through each. It was a glorious sight to see.

“Alright, but I get a little mean when I get into this,” I warned, giving her one last chance to say ‘no’.

“I understand baby,” she said and got on the bed.

I went to the table behind me and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs and a ballgag. Her eyes widened but she said nothing, and I fastened the ballgag made of perfect material: squishy so she wouldn’t break her teeth, but solid enough to keep her screams muffled, if need be. I then proceeded to handcuff each limb to a bedpost, her legs spread, her pussy already glistening with juices of excitement. My demeanor changed, and I was in the zone.

“You’ve been a naughty Sikiş hikayeleri little tease, haven’t you?!” I exclaimed, walking over to her. She nodded, shaking a little bit. I struck her tummy, leaving a big red hand print. “I don’t think you deserve Daddy’s cock,” I muttered, smiling as I took off my shirt, my slim body complete with faint abs visible to her.

I went back to the table and brought out a lighter and candle. I lit the candle and moved it around, the flame licking the sides and melting the wax. I strut over and started to pour the burning wax over her tummy, moving it up to her nipples. She tried to cry out and jerk away from the pain, but I had already taken the correct precautions. I smiled at her pain, my dick harder than ever at seeing my cute little tease of a girlfriend handcuffed and gagged.

I kept pouring the hot wax on her nipples, burning them. A tear rolled down her face, and I started to feel a little bad. But not really. I wiped away the tear, a brief loving smile on my face. I peeled the wax from her now sore and hurting nipples, and rewarded her with my mouth, gentley sucking and nibbling to soothe her.

Then it was back to business.

I went to the bag and pulled out a small vibrator, turning it on and shoving it inside my girlfriend’s wet pussy. She moaned and I pulled her gag away, replacing it swiftly with my dick, throat-fucking her hard with Sex hikaye no mercy. She gagged a lot and my dick was soon coated in a thick layer of her saliva.

“You’re going to be glad I made you gag so much,” I muttered and got off, undoing her ankle-cuffs and positioning my wet cock at her asshole. She cried out and I noticed I forgot to put the gag back on her. Too lazy to do it again, I grabbed her panties from the ground and shoved them in her mouth, re-positioning myself at her asshole. I shoved my dick inside her, almost cumming at the tightness.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” I moaned, and started fucking her tight little ass. The moans I heard through the panties were a mix of pain and pleasure, and I reached over and pulled the panties out of her mouth, grinning as I pulled out slowly and then SLAMMED my cock right back in. She screamed, music to my ears, and I started fucking her ass harder than before.

“Felix, I-” she started to say, but I dug my nails into her thighs.

“Master, or Daddy,” I growled as I kept fucking her.

“Daddy! I’m gonna cum!” she screamed, and I felt her ass tighten like a vice as she came. The fact that she had chosen that word from the two options gave me a bit of a sick fantasy of her as my sweet inexperienced daughter.

I pulled out and smiled, proud that I hadn’t cum yet. I reached a couple fingers in her pussy and pulled the vibrator Erotik Hikaye out, tilting my head curiously as I shoved it in her ass. She moaned, still slightly spasming from her rather large orgasm. I grinned as I got up and pulled a couple clothes pins from the magical bag, and walked over to clip them on her hurt nipples. She whimpered and I smiled wider.

“I’m gonna fuck your delightful little pussy, and then we can stop for the day and go shower, okay?” I said, and she nodded, shaking. I smiled, then changed my mind, taking off the clips, and handcuffs. I pulled out the vibrator from her ass, turning it off and dropping it on the ground. I laid down and pulled her on top of me, squeezing her hips hard. My nails dug in and left little red cresents.

“Ride Daddy til he cums, alright?” I almost purred, seeing how vulnerable and nervous my babygirl looked after all of the fun. She smiled and nodded, positioning her delightful little pussy over my dick and dropped down, both of us giving a moan of pleasure.

I put my arms behind my head and watched my cutie girlfriend ride me, slowly at first, building up speed. I got to the point where I knew I was going to cum very soon, and I put my hands on her hips and fucked her from the bottom, hard and fast, til I felt my balls tighten, tingle, and my cum start shooting into her pussy, and that set her off too.

We both came hard, and she fell onto my chest limply, my now-softening dick still inside her. “Thank you Daddy,” she whimpered, exhausted. “You may call me Felix now honey,” I said, and picked her up and laid her next to me, asleep.

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