A Little Bit Of Voyerism


A good question to ask is what I am doing up at three a.m. I’m a night owl, what can I say? I had a long day at work and I got tons on my mind. I know I should be asleep now. Six thirty comes early, especially when it’s all ready three. I was searching the internet as I tend to do when I can’t sleep, not looking for anything in particular. And that’s when I hear it.

It starts with some squeaking. I’m talking loud squeaking, not that of a mouse. I know it’s coming from the apartment that is just above mine. I know I should try to ignore it, but I don’t. Even if I could ignore the squeaking, I hear new sounds from up there. She’s moaning again.

Sadly, I’ve never met the people upstairs. I’ve been in the same apartment for three years. People move in and out of this place though, it doesn’t help that I’m not the most social person there is. I’m sure I have seen them in passing on the way to the office or the mailroom or the laundry room. But gaziantep özbek escort at this exact moment, I have no clue who I hear moaning from the apartment above mine. The sounds flow from their window into the screen window just above my bed. I can’t hear him, but I definitely hear her.

My room is filled with the sounds being made by the bed and by the woman. I can feel my cock getting hard in my boxers. Unfortunately for me it’s been a while since I heard those sounds coming from a closer source. In fact, it’s been over a year. It’s nice to hear the sounds.

I have a picture in my head. She’s no longer a faceless voice. I don’t know the woman I’m seeing, she’s in her mid-thirties with dark hair and medium to large breasts. I’m behind her, bending her over the bed as I slide my cock inside her pussy. I hear the moans of “More, more more” from upstairs but think it’s in my fantasy. porno videolar I push harder into her. She’s so tight. My fingers roam from her hips to her nipples, pulling on them. She squeals with delight as she grinds her hips back against me. She feels so good as I own her body inside and out. Her breasts overflow out of my hand as I squeeze them tight in my palms.

I’m suddenly snapped back to reality as there is now silence in my room. I look down at my hand which is now wrapped around my hard cock. I slide my fingers up and down the shaft of my cock, rubbing it. Damn, I wish I could hear them again. I start thinking back to another time.

My old roommate used to have a real beautiful girlfriend and every once in a while when I was out in the living room, I could her them fucking. I wanted her. I know that’s wrong, but I did. We almost had a moment when they were fighting. I was comforting her gaziantep rus escort and we looked into each other’s eyes. We drew forward like we were going to kiss, but we both knew we shouldn’t. So we stopped. But I know that if we did kiss, it would have eventually let to something more. She was five eight, long straight black hair, tanned skin and a beautiful body. I would listen to them fuck. She sounded so hot on the other side of the wall. I was embarrassed but also very turned on that I was listening to her. They must have thought they were being quiet, but they weren’t. I loved it. I wanted to fuck her bad, but settled for listening to her.

It was almost like I could still hear Stephanie as I rubbed my cock up and down. It’d been two years since then, but the sounds remained in my brain. I pictured myself on top of her, sucking her tits in my mouth as she begged me to fuck her. I wanted to fuck Stephanie so hard. I glanced down as my hand slid up and down over my hard shaft, the picture of Stephanie’s body under mine still in my head.

I continued to rub my cock up and down with the sounds of Stephanie in my ears and vision of her in my eyes. Sweat began to build on my brow as my body erupted, cumming as her name was now on my lips. My cum shot out of me as I moaned. God I wanted her!

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