Zeus and Athena


Zeus stared at his daughter with wrath. His wife, brother, son and daughter betrayed him by trying to rebel against his rule. Hera he chained above the Void of Chaos, Apollo and Poseidon he turned mortal, now it was only his daughter who awaited her punishment.

He always had a soft spot for his daughters, so her betrayal stung the most. “Any words for your actions, Athena? Why shouldn’t I let you join Hera?”

Athena would be lying if she said she wasn’t fearful at the moment. While the riot was just in her mind, she knew admitting that would only increase her father’s rage. “I made a mistake my lord father, one that I would never repeat.”

“Do you expect me to let you go?” Zeus asked mockingly and Athena shook her head. She suppressed her distaste and pride for the moment and removed the chest piece of her armour. This was better than Hera’s fate and if she was made mortal like her half-brother and uncle, she could die or get raped.

Her ample chest felt the Olympus breeze and her pink nipples hardened because of the cold weather. “As punishment, I suggest you unleash your wrath upon my body, father. If you wish to make me your slave, remove my chastity or breed me, I will offer no objections,”

As Zeus stared at his topless daughter, the familiar feeling of lust welled up inside of him. He already felt a bulge form in his chiton. “Playing to my lusts, Athena. You know that is a dangerous game. Very well your punishment is a worthy one. Come!”

Athena stepped forwards. Her father was seated on his throne and luckily for her, no one was in the palace. No one wanted to be near their king when he was so angry, Athena continued her advance until she was in front of him, she kneeled once more, dreading what was going to happen.

“Sit on my lap,” Zeus bellowed and she raised her head before following his command. She felt his large member under her and her dread increased even further. “I remember when you were just a little girl barely out of my head. You used to sit on my lap like this, I rarely had to punish you. You were such a good child, my favourite in fact,”

Zeus kissed her on her neck while he groped her supple breasts. She held in her moan, though she shivered a little at his talented hands and lips. “I don’t know what I did wrong when raising you. Not only did you betray me, but now you are ready to break your vows,”

She felt his cock twitch and her own pussy get wet. While she was a virgin god, it didn’t stop her from getting wet especially when the person inducing you with your arousal was the original womaniser, who probably had the most experience in fucking.

Athena whelped as he tore off her combat skirt, leaving her in her thong, something that Aphrodite invented and she prepared in advance to help today. Her father spanked her on her firm ass and left a red handprint. Her ass rippled and jiggled as he continued spanking her.

Zeus moved his lips away from her neck and kissed her jaw before moving to her tits. He took her nipple in her mouth karataş escort and began sucking and licking it. Athena moaned into his ears and subconsciously ground herself against his cock.

“My promiscuous daughter. Are you enjoying this? This is a punishment and not a reward,” He said and he gave her another spank. Athena whelped in pain, though it didn’t stop her arousal from increasing a bit. “Oh no, my daughter is a masochistic slut,”

“I’m not,” She replied only to get another spank. Leaving another mark on the other cheek.

“Only good girls get to talk and you definitely haven’t been good,” Zeus said before lightly biting on her breast. “Luckily I still have Artemis, Hebe and the others. Or maybe I should turn you into a good girl once again,”

Zeus used his divinity and let tiny lightning bolts trace across her skin and most of her sensitive areas. Some were painful, others pleasurable and some combined the two sensations.

Athena gasped as she felt that she soaked herself. Being a goddess of wisdom she knew what had happened even if she never had a sexual experience in her life. She just had her first orgasm, on her father’s lap to boot.

She blushed for a moment and as she looked into her father’s eyes, she looked away not willing to see that smug look. “None of that Athena, you knew what you were signing up for. Now look into my eyes,”

“Yes, father. Is this all you would have me do?” She asked as she stared into her father’s blue eyes.

“No, kiss me and if I’m not satisfied. Well you know what would happen,” He said and she calmed her beating heart. She closed her grey eyes, leaned forward and pressed her lips against Zeus’. She had photographic reflexes and she saw plenty of gods kiss before.

As soon as her mouth was open, Zeus wormed his tongue into it and wrapped his against hers. He easily dominated the kiss, all the while he groped her firm ass. She gasped into his mouth as she felt his thick finger enter her pucker and wiggle around.

Being a goddess, she didn’t have any waste in her ass, so Zeus didn’t have any worries fingering her anus. Athena wiggled into his lap more, arousing him even further. While he had half a mind to just thrust into her dry hole, he wanted to subvert his daughter and if she enjoyed the experience, he could easily get back into her bed.

Athena felt the dam burst again and she soaked them both once more. She stared into his eyes half dazedly and expected him to tell her he wasn’t satisfied. All she received was a roguish grin and the next moment she was on her knees in front of him.

In that split second, he got rid of his chiton and his massive shaft was standing proudly. Zeus nodded and she gave his head a kiss before taking him into her mouth. He groaned and moved her black hair out of her eyes. “If you keep going like that darling, I might have to give your status as my favourite back,”

Zeus inwardly smirked as she became more enthusiastic after his karataş escort bayan words. She was a long way from gaining his forgiveness much less becoming his favourite but if it would help in training her, he would offer lip service now and then.

He had to be careful, Athena was quite good at reading body language and an expert in psychology. He was old however so his feelings were something he could easily hide. He stared down at her grey eyes, enjoying the feeling of having his cock in one of the only virgins gods of his pantheon.

Athena hollowed out her cheeks as she took more of him into her mouth, not forgetting to use her tongue on his shaft. He questioned if she has ever done this but remembered his daughter learned extremely well and Aphrodite wasn’t shy about where she fucked.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed more of his cock into her mouth. She gagged and her eyes were getting wet but he knew she would be fine, he might be strong but he doubted he could seriously injure a major god with just his cock.

He forced her to his base and Athena was quick to obey, using her divinity to make sure that she had no problem deepthroating her father. She smelt his powerful musk and combined with the lightning dancing across her skin, she was soaking wet.

He loosened his hold on her head and she went back, removing his cock from her mouth. She held his cock up with his and licked the underside of his shaft before focusing on his balls. It was degrading, but she wanted her father’s forgiveness. She couldn’t deny she was reluctantly enjoying it, however.

She spent a few dozen seconds slobbering on her father’s balls before she took him into her throat once more. She felt a shift in her father’s cock as he throbbed and she knew he was about to cum.

Athena looked up at her father imploringly. “I want to paint your beautiful face, Athena. You’ll get a taste of my seed next time,”

She came off his cock and jerked it. “Are you going cum on your naughty girl, father? Paint my face white and mark me?”

Zeus groaned in desire, while she inwardly cringed at her attempts at dirty talk. While she admitted to herself it turned her on a bit, it didn’t change the fact that emulating Aphrodite left a sour taste in her mind. She closed her eyes and was soon blasted by his thick semen.

Some landed around her lips and as she licked it, she enjoyed it, far more than a virgin god should. “You look beautiful, my slutty daughter.”

She smiled unconsciously. Aside from the riot, she was always a daddy’s girl. She chose to ignore the slutty remark, even when it sent chills through her spine. As she opened her eyes, confident that there was no cum on her eyelids, they were suddenly in Zeus’ bed chambers.

He patted her hair and she leaned into his touch. He gave her a kiss on her unspoiled forehead. “You have been good so far, Athena. Hopefully, this continues,”

She nodded and she was put on her stomach. escort karataş Zeus got behind her and admired her athletic ass before giving each of her cheeks a few kisses. He moved her thong aside and plunged his tongue into her backdoor, wiggling in it before leaving and sucking at her virgin vulva.

He savoured her taste before stopping and rubbing his cock against her outer lips and clit. Athena moaned and wiggled into the bed, before whimpering a please. “Beg. I won’t fuck you until you properly beg,”

“Please, daddy. Fuck your little girl,” She gasped and her moan turned even more insane as she felt her dad enter her tight cunt. She was soaking so he entered easily, quickly getting rid of her divine hymen.

She whimpered in pain and pleasure as he plundered her previously virginal depths. Zeus enjoyed her warm cunt and it wasn’t long before he reached her cervix. He thrust backwards and forwards, despite how tightly she was gripping him he didn’t quit until he bottomed out in her.

While fucking her, he inserted another one of his fingers in her ass. In sync, he double penetrated his daughter. He spanked her on her ass, letting it jiggle. “Maybe if I fucked you earlier, you wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass, Athena.”

“I’m sorry,” She moaned as she felt him reach her cervix once more. His behemoth of a cock was both a pain and pleasure for the inexperienced woman. As she was being drilled she honestly didn’t know why she vowed to be a virgin for eternity. Nothing mattered to her at that moment except for her dad’s cock. “I’ll be a good girl, just please don’t stop fucking me,”

“I wasn’t planning on it sweetie, not now not ever. You’ll be my eternal daughter-slut.” He said and felt Athena orgasm again. She was lucky she was a god otherwise she would have to get a glass of water in order to stop herself from dehydrating. “I’ll even keep your virginity a secret. While everyone will think you’re proper, I’ll be abusing this tight hole,”

Zeus continued fucking his daughter, he stretched her cunt and ass with his cock and thick finger. He had half a mind to swap holes, but he would save taking that hole for later. He felt his climax approaching and the thought of knocking up his daughter appealed to him greatly. So Zeus let loose and painted her insides white.


Athena rubbed her bulging stomach. She was alone, in one of her temples to give birth. Her status as a non-virgin was hidden to most and even the fates knew not to question Zeus, so she didn’t have to worry. She was planning to leave her child to one of her followers.

The Styx had ways of punishing gods and hers involved becoming addicted to her father. Not even a week would pass by and she would be begging for his cock and while she wasn’t his favourite daughter currently, she was his favourite slut so her addiction wasn’t too bad to handle.

Zeus meanwhile was busy as well. He was in front of his wife, with Poseidon’s wife on her knees taking his cock. He enjoyed the thrill of cuckolding his wife and brother for their punishments, though he had the mist around Amphitrite, concealing her identity.

While Hera wailed for him to stop it, Amphitrite moaned for him to continue. “That’s what you get for betraying me, you jealous slut,”

Everything ended worse for everyone except Zeus and arguably Amphitrite.

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