What are Friends for?

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This is my first story however I have been contemplating writing for a while now. This Friday night made me realise that I want to share some of my sex stories with the world, as I seem to have wound up in some compromising erotic sexual encounters in the last few years. I’m a decent looking male with short brown hair in my 20’s, have a normal body shape and an 8 inch cock. This story below is a true story and I just wanted to see how it goes down with an audience. If this goes well, I am open to the idea of telling a few more stories of mine. Please leave any comments saying which parts you enjoyed and where I could improve my description as I would love any feedback.

As has been tradition for a while now, Friday nights are reserved for a few drinks with my colleague (E) and now close friend from work, who usually brings his girlfriend (A). This Friday was no different as we shared a bottle of wine at a bar between the three of us before my colleague called it a night, insisting that his girlfriend and I stay out as we both wanted to have a few more drinks.

I didn’t really think anything of the fact that I was going to be spending the evening with my friend’s girlfriend as we had always got along. However, as we started looking for a new place to move on to A made a comment that should have set my alarm bells ringing: “I hope you don’t mind only having drinks with me”. Objectively, that comment appears innocent enough nevertheless it was the gaziantep escort delivery of this comment with a smirk on her face that made me think something was amiss.

We had a rather stiff gin and tonic at another bar which like all the other bars was starting to turf people out as by now it was already getting late and so we were stuck as to what to do. We wandered the streets for a bit and made our way towards a bar with a dance floor which conveniently for me is close to my flat. With another gin and tonic in hand we made our way to the dancefloor and joked around, people watching and enjoying the Latin music that the DJ was playing. I’m not a great dancer by any means and tend to just perch on the side, scouting out any talent and occasionally dancing extremely badly with whoever I’m with at the time so this was a unique experience for me.

After a few songs were played, I had started to have enough and realised that A’s dancing had become very sexual as she was in an almost trance like state on the dancefloor moving her hips and ass, quite well I must add. I asked her if she was okay and she said “yes” before asking me “would it be inappropriate for you to dance with me?” This was my first mistake: I said “no.” A took full advantage of this and used and abused my body, grinding on me front on as well as turning around and grinding her ass all over groin area. She was also putting on a show for me as she would occasionally break off from me and go solo, maintaining her gaze on me at all times. A’s half American and half Mexican with a huge arse. She’s well-endowed upstairs too so naturally my instincts started to kick in and I started going for it too on the dancefloor. I started to get the impression that E wouldn’t have been too happy with what was going on however had drunk enough not to care. Her hands were all over me, stroking my cock through my trousers and slut-dropping several times before I said that we should probably leave as it was starting to get late. As it was raining I said that we could order her an Uber inside my flat building, which we didn’t do for a while as we chatted for a bit, sitting on the ground floor stairs.

A started telling me that she hadn’t had sex with E in two weeks and that she is a very sexual person; I hadn’t picked up on her being sexual previously. She continued to touch me as we sat next to each other and I gave her a hug and told her to make sure she gets fucked tomorrow and consider tonight a write off. She started to touch me, stroking my leg, stroking my torso and I could sense that she was really horny, almost to the point that she was no longer capable of thinking about her boyfriend. I let her kiss my neck and I retaliated by doing the same thing. Her hand kept stroking my cock through my trousers and I was starting to get really turned on by this now. We kept stopping and starting, deliberating and contemplating whether a line had truly been crossed. It certainly had. She started to move my hand towards her V and was groaning with pleasure every time I touched her clit through her trousers. I got her breasts out and started to suck on them which only increased her moaning. She told me that she wants to fuck me and has wanted to do so since she met me. She said that she would like to have a threesome with me and E as she has wanted me so badly. I certainly wasn’t complaining about the attention and enjoyed having this attractive chica desiring me.

I continued fingering her outside of her trousers and started to realise that she was close to finishing. She moved my hand up to her waistline and ushered me in. I have never touched a vagina as wet as hers was at that moment. I fingered her clit for about 30 seconds before she came, screaming that she wanted my cock inside her. It was probably the biggest orgasm I have ever given a girl as her body shook and she cried out for about 15-20 seconds.

I think that was all she needed. She seemed to sober up and become a lot more rational after that, as we spoke about what just happened, trying to rationalise it to ourselves. She said that as we didn’t kiss it wasn’t so bad and that she will just have to try to get E to fuck her more often. She said that she was going to ask about the 3some this weekend before the Uber arrived. I guess that all she needed was an orgasm and I had helped E out by giving her one. I wonder what E’s going to be like on Monday at work. I’ll let you know if that 3some happens or not…

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