What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 05

The morning after my swimming pool exposure I received an e-mail from Lisa—apparently she was very interested in seeing my stuff! She sent me a link to her photography work and I checked it out. To my surprise there were no nude photos. It was all dogs, nature scenes, and wildlife. Almost everything she had was shot outdoors. It was not at all what I expected to see. Was it possible she wanted me to pose in clothing?


Her e-mail said if I liked what I saw to let her know a time we could meet and discuss it. Now that I was no longer aroused/excited/horny and had a good nights sleep, I felt I wasn’t interested. I wrote her back saying I would have to think about it, thinking to myself that I had already made my decision.

I went downstairs and saw my Mom washing her breakfast dishes.

“Good Morning,” I said.

“Hi, Mark.” She said looking up from the sink.

“I’m sorry about last night, I’m sorry you had to see that. I don’t know why this keeps happening to me.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. I guess you won’t be skinny dipping again anytime soon! I am just amazed at the “events” of your life in the past few weeks.”

“You’re amazed! Try being me!”

She finished the dishes and sat at the table with me.

“It’s been a lot for you. I don’t know how I would feel in your situation, but I am impressed with how you’ve conducted yourself.”

“That girl Lisa sent me an e-mail.”

“Oh? What did she say?”

“She just wanted me to see her work and meet with her.”

“Last night she seemed very interested to work with you!” Mom said smiling, “I think you impressed the hell out of her.”

“Do you really want me to pose naked for her?”

“No! I don’t want you to do anything. I just thought that with your newfound confidence in your body and your need for college money, maybe it would be an idea. But if you’re not comfortable then don’t do it.”

“I told her I’d think about it, but I don’t think I’m up to it. The other times were either against my will or at the least unplanned. I don’t think I could do it if I knew I had to do it at a particular moment, you know what I mean?”

“I understand.” She said touching my hand.

“So you’re not going to do it?” Cindy said as she walked into the kitchen, “You wuss!”

“Cindy, give him a break.”

“Why? I’d do it if I were him. Everybody’s already seen you naked on video, in pictures and in real life so why not get some cash out of it. Your job is never going to get you through college. Why don’t you use what you’ve got.”

“It has to be his decision and he’s made it. I’m sorry I ever brought Lisa into this. I don’t want to push you into anything, Mark, I don’t want you to become some kind of weird exhibitionist or pervert or something.”

“Well I became a pervert a long time ago!” I said, “but I don’t know, maybe I could do it. It’s just so bizarre being in that . . . condition . . . in front of people.”

“You mean with your hard penis sticking straight up in the air?” Cindy said with a big grin.

My Mom giggled, “Cindy stop!”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, that’s why! I just can’t seem to keep it . . . you know . . . down.”

“A penis is sexier when it’s hard anyway, girls like it stiff—it shows confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident your body does and it’s the one feeling that a guy can’t hide. It’s very sexy to see a man with a hard one, it shows vulnerability and strength simultaneously.”

“You don’t even like guys!” I said opening up a touchy subject, but she took it well.

“I can still admire the body, it’s a beautiful thing.” She added more quietly.

“Why do we always end up talking about my . . . schwantze in the kitchen? We used to be a normal family!”

“You’re the one that whipped it out and set this whole thing in motion, buddy.”

Mom jumped in, “Okay, enough appendage talk for now. Whatever you want to do we support you. Enough said.” She smiled.

And that was that—at least for the time being. I talked to Jill about it and she said it was up to me, she didn’t see anything wrong with posing nude. Then she shocked the hell out of me when she said that it might be a turn on for her to have other women lust after her boyfriend!

A few days later I e-mailed Lisa and said I would meet with her if she wanted to and we could talk about it. She responded by telling me the calendar idea fell through for reasons she didn’t specify, but she had been working on a new idea and she would be in touch if anything came of it. I said ‘great’ and figured I’d never hear from her again.

Jill and I worked a lot at our separate jobs over the next few weeks, but we spent as much time together as possible. When we were together I tried to restart where we left off in the pool, but Jill told me she thought maybe we were going too fast. So I kind of backed off a little and accepted that I had a girlfriend that maybe didn’t have the same sex drive I did and that’s how it is going to be.

Honestly though, and I realize I am betraying my manliness by saying this, but I would love Jill and want to be with tecavüz porno her even if I could never touch her again! Seriously.

So we stuck to passionate making out and occasional groping. I took care of business when I got home—look I’ve been doing it that way for years at least now I had a real girl I could touch a little bit.

So that’s how it went, until one day when I got a call from Lisa. She asked if I could meet her at a local restaurant so that we could talk, I told her yes and I brought Jill along so there would be no weirdness.

That night when I arrived home my Mom was in the living room reading.

“Hey, Honey. There’s still some dinner left in the fridge if you want to heat it up.”

“No thanks, I ate at the restaurant. I met with that girl Lisa.”

“Oh? What did she have to say?”

“Well . . .” I got nervous all over again and tried to work up the courage to spill it. I don’t get why I’m like this. It seems right after some act of courage I have left over courage, but a few days pass and I’m back to being a shy-guy, “I took her up on her offer,” I finally said.

Mom put her book down and looked at me.

“I thought she told you the calendar was a no go.”

“She did, this is a whole new thing. Apparently she started a website awhile ago where she teaches camera techniques and I guess she gets a lot of traffic and she has sponsors and everything—I didn’t really follow what she was talking about, I never really understood how people make money with a website, but they do. I guess she does okay with it. She showed me on her phone a few examples. She had one lesson for photographing your pet and every day she would post a new picture of her dog in a different kind of style and then explain how she shot it, using filters and whatever. This went on for like two weeks or something and people followed it, so she kept going—choosing different topics, like flowers, sunsets and whatever and it’s caught on really well. I guess by posting the lessons one day at a time it keeps people coming back. But lately she’s been running low on ideas and she had a lot of her followers writing in telling her what they would like her to do. And apparently they want lessons on shooting the male nude,” my voice stuttered on the word nude.

“Ah ha!” Mom said.

“She said the people who follow her site seem to be mostly women for some reason and they want to learn how to photograph the . . . body.”

“I see.”

“She’s going to pay me five hundred bucks for a few hours of work! I would have to work like two weeks to make that much money at my job, so I said yes, as long as it’s not too crazy. She reassured me everything will be tasteful and because this is her professional site it really can’t be anything exploitive. So what do you think?”

I was unsure what her response would be. She sat for a Moment and studied me.

“Well, I think it’s your decision, it’s your body. What kind of nudity does she have in mind?”

“I think . . . everything.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“I guess, like Cindy said, it’s already out there. If I run for President someday this is going to come back to haunt me anyway, so I might as well make some money for it!”

She thought a minute more.

“I suppose five hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at. It’s one step closer to college.”

“Right, with five hundred dollars I could afford one text book!”

“Yeah, but you know what—I bet that’s one text book you’ll read all the way through knowing what you had to do to earn it.”

I nodded.

“What does Jill think of this?”

“She is all for it. I was kind of hoping she would be against it so I had a reason to bail, but she seems excited about it.”

“Why would she be excited? What is she getting out of it?”

“Why are any of you women excited when I am naked? Because you’re all as bad as any guy, that’s why. I mean, I kind of remember someone saying something along the lines of ‘Now let’s raise some cash and strip this boy naked’ to a crowd of horny women!”

Mom blushed a little—which must be where I get it.

“Well I was caught up in the moment. It was all so thrilling, so fun and it was innocent enough, plus it was for a good cause you said so yourself!” She said trying to defend her choice to sacrifice her nude son to a sex-crazed mob.

“And because you got to see your only son strip down naked and expose his body to the world, because you were able to live that experience vicariously through me! Being naked in front of people is letting a secret part of yourself go and liberates you kind of, at least that’s what Jill thinks and I think she’s right.”

Mom blushed even more, “I don’t know about that.”

But her rosy cheeks gave her away.

“Also, Jill gets to be there when we take these pictures, which I think is why she is so into the idea! Lisa said she may need some help with reflectors or something and Jill volunteered, a little too enthusiastically.”

“Where are you shooting it?”

“Lisa knows someplace out in the woods, an old swimming hole. travesti porno That’s the theme she’s going with, you know the whole Naked Swimmer thing.

Mom thought to herself.

“I admire you, Mark. You have bravery I can’t imagine ever having. I could never do what you’ve done or what you’re going to do. Although, I’m still a little unsettled by all this nudity, I think you are amazing for handling it so well. And I think it’s exciting. I’m excited for you. Are you excited?”

“I’m really nervous. I shouldn’t be by now, but I still am. I think that maybe this will help me get over my shyness though, it has to, right? If this doesn’t do it I don’t know what will. I’m trying to look at this as a growing experience.”

“And what about other things growing?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean your little . . . problem with, you know . . . getting erections.”

My cheeks felt warm.

“Is Lisa going to take your photo with an erection? And if so, how do you feel about that?”

“I think it’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll be . . . that I’ll have a . . . one. I can’t help it, it has a life of its own.”

“Can’t you take care of things before you go?”

My face was burning now.

“It won’t matter, believe me. Nothing is going to keep it down.”

“Oh. Well, Cindy’s right, it does look better hard anyway!”


“What? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s healthy and normal. You just can’t admire the male form like a woman can. It’s an exquisite sight. It doesn’t mean anything erotic!”

That was all I could take, I said goodnight and went to bed. While in bed the reality of what I had agreed to do started to set in.

A few anxiety-filled days passed. Cindy teased me relentlessly. I really wanted to back out, but before I knew it the day had arrived.

I got up that morning and both Cindy and Mom had gone to work. Mom left a note saying: ‘Good luck, honey. I love you.’

When I went out to the car there was a note on the steering wheel from Cindy that read: ‘Just try to think about something other than sex, like baseball. You know, choking up on your hard bat—sticking it straight up in the air, rolling those balls around in your hand, wiping the dirt off your hands on your tight hard butt, sliding into that soft warm mound!’ There was a smiley face drawn next to it. And damn it that gave me a boner!

I started the car and drove off to pick up Jill.

When I arrived home that night I was a new man. I had confidence I have never felt before in my life. I was still surging with that courage I mentioned; that leftover post-exposure, testosterone filled audacity. Cindy and my Mom were in the living room when I walked through the door.

“SO?” Cindy asked.

“What?” I coyly uttered.

“Tell us!” Mom yelled. “How was it? Did it go well?”

I played it cool, “Yeah. It was all right. Is there anything for dinner?” I was smiling from ear to ear.

“Look at him! Mr. Happy!” Cindy said.

“You look exhilarated!” Mom smiled.

“I guess it went well.” Cindy beamed.

Mom took charge, “Sit down here and tell us everything leaving out no details!”

“Okay, okay.” I sat down in front of them. “Everything went well. It was all professional and pretty fun. I feel really good about how it went. I think the pictures will be very high quality and sexy, Lisa showed me some of them and they came out better than I thought.”

“When do we get to see them?” Cindy asked.

“I don’t know. I guess when she posts them online, maybe. She said she’ll give me a CD of them when she can.” I shrugged my shoulders not adding anything.

“Well, tell us all about it, NOW!” Mom said.

“The theme was The Naked Swimmer. She basically just went with the idea that I was out at the swimming hole and decided to go swimming. I take my shirt off and jump in the water with only my jeans on. Then I swim a little, but apparently I don’t like the way that feels, so I strip off my jeans and swim around naked. What I don’t realize is that there is a girl walking through the woods—Jill obviously—although I don’t think you ever really see her face, she’s just a girl in the photo. Anyway, she sees me swimming around naked, so she ducks behind a bush and watches. I do a few dives, swing on the tire swing, swim around, etc. then, eventually I realize I’m being watched, and I fall in love or something, and then I stand up and display myself to her. The End.”

“Describe the pictures exactly?” Cindy said almost breathless.

I was feeling very confident right now for reasons I’ll describe in a moment, and I decided I was done feeling shy or embarrassed; I was going to just lay it all out there (or at least almost all of it).

“The pictures were of me taking off my shirt, applying sunblock, rubbing it all over my arms, chest, abs. Then there’s a cool picture of me jumping off a hill into the water where I’m like frozen in air perfectly sharp in a cannonball pose. Then, you know, swimming, etc.”

“Describe the nude photos, with great detail damn it!” Cindy insisted.

I xhamster porno smiled knowing I had these two at the edge of their seats.

“The first one I’m unzipping my jeans and pealing them open. You can see some pubes and the top of my shaft, or technically I guess it’s the bottom of it. Then a picture from behind as I drop my jeans to the ground and you see my naked wet butt. Then a picture of me jumping into the water fully nude, but tilted just right so you only see my side and butt. Then there are a few of Jill walking up to the water and seeing me naked from a distance. Then there was a cool one of me jumping out of the water and again perfectly sharp, no blur, frontal, with the water splashing up just right so it barely conceals my penis, but it’s there. Then a picture from behind showing my full naked backside to the camera while my front is facing Jill. Then I continue swimming. I get out, blocked by bushes so you only see side butt, then another one of me jumping off the hill into the water in a cannonball pose—the same exact picture as before only this time my balls are hanging down in plain sight. That one looks really cool, if I do say so myself.”

The colors of that one are very deep and my testicles were really hanging low from my curled body!

“Wow!” Cindy said.

It’s worth mentioning that I was totally comfortable telling these two about my balls and I don’t think I even blushed! I was so charged, so thrilled, so energized I don’t think I could be embarrassed by anything.

“Then I see Jill and I’m in waist deep water. Then a close up of her reaction as I stand up. Then there is a full frontal shot in broad daylight of me totally nude! And for once I managed to not be hard, although I did have a semi.”

“What’s a semi?” Mom asked.

“When it’s halfway there, duh.” Cindy answered.

“Oh.” Mom blushed.

“Then another closer frontal as I look down at myself and I’m a little harder. Then another one closer still and I’m fully erect! Then there’s a profile shot of Jill standing up on one side of the frame facing me and me facing her and standing on the other side of the frame with my hard penis sticking up at her! Arced just like you like!” I said to Cindy and she lowered her head and giggled.

“Oh my, Mark! You certainly aren’t shy about sharing this!” Mom said.

“I don’t feel shy right now. I’ve been naked outside all day and I feel amazing. I just feel so charged right now!”

“Apparently. Well, I look forward to seeing these!”

Cindy was looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes probably trying to imagine what it must have been like.

“It was incredible. Lisa was really good at making me feel comfortable, but at the same time keeping me on edge a little which I think helped me stay flaccid.”

“How did you finally get it hard?” Cindy asked.

“I just thought about Jill. I wish I could explain what it is like to get an erection knowing that women will be seeing it, looking at it, admiring it. It makes me feel so open and alive!”

“So aroused?” Cindy asked.

“Yup, more than ever before.”

“You must have been rock hard!” Cindy said.

“It was harder than I’ve ever felt. It was straining against its own epidermal confinement!” I said and we both laughed. Mom just shook her head smiling.

“It’s happened! You are an exhibitionist!” Mom said.

“No, I’m not. I’m going to go out of my way to never be publicly naked again. This is it, THE END, really! It was fun while it lasted and I have some unique memories, but it’s over.”

“It’s sounds like quite an adventure!” Mom decided to wrap up the conversation.

Cindy and I knew that was our cue to end the story and move on with our lives. Of course, Cindy couldn’t help but get in one last jibe.

“So you probably have to go upstairs and crank it now, right?”

“Cindy!” Mom exclaimed.

“What? He’s all worked up after that I’m sure.”

“There will be no further penis talk from this point on. It’s time we started behaving like a normal sexually repressed family again. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” I said finally satisfied.

“Okay.’ Cindy relented.

And we all went to bed.

Now as it turns out I didn’t have to crank it at all and here’s why. I left out a significant part of my story for reasons you will soon understand.

Everything I said about the day was true, except I left out a few minor details. For one thing as soon as I hit the water for the first picture I did have a raging hardon and it was interfering with the subsequent pictures.

Lisa told me it was normal and not to worry about it, we stopped shooting; she and Jill made light conversation while I tried NOT to think about baseball, nudity—or anything else. I tried thinking of the most horrific things imaginable to soften up, but nothing changed the fact that I was outside in the middle of nowhere about to whip my dick out in front of these two attractive girls, one of whom I was deeply in love with.

I got myself down to a “chubby” and said “Okay, I think I’m ready now.”

The girls got ready, we were shooting the picture where I am pealing open my wet jeans. As soon as I got into position I got hard again and because my jeans were wet they were clinging to my body and all three of us watched as my shaft lengthened down my leg under wet denim. Lisa looked from the camera and at my crotch.

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