Waking Up in my Girlfriend’s Body


As soon as I realized something was wrong with my body, I locked myself in the bathroom. Time passed without me realizing as I tried understanding why mirror’s reflection showed my girlfriend Rose instead of me. It all felt like a dream, or a sick nightmare, but I was definitely awake. To make matters worse, it had gotten late and dad was got impatient.

There were three knocks at the door and I heard him calling for me, or her. “Rosie, sweetie? Breakfast is almost ready. You coming?”

“I-in a second!!” I responded from the other side. My voice sounded so delicate and soft it embarrassed me. “I just need t-to get dressed! I’ll meet you guys soon…”

“Actually its just us today,” he said. “Sophie’s going to be with some of her friends for most of the day and I think Brian’s already at the beach.”

“You saw him?” It felt awkward to ask about myself, but I needed to know. If I was in her body, maybe Rose was walking around in mine, so my first thought was to look for me.

“Not really. Haven’t seen him all day, but he’s probably there. But we can have fun without him, right? Hahaha! Now, hurry up! No need to look pretty for me!”

I heard him laugh as he walked away, and immediately ran to pick out an outfit for the day. Rose had so many different kinds of bikinis and shorts and dresses… it felt a little overwhelming. It took me a while, choosing the perfect combination to make Rose look as cute as always, so I occupied myself trying to recall the last thing I was doing before the swap.

I remembered that Rose and I suddenly got woken up in the middle of the night by a loud, constant sound coming from the master bedroom near where we were sleeping. It didn’t take long to realize we were hearing my parents fucking like savages, which I found disgusting, my girlfriend was really into it.

“Come on,” she said, putting her hand on my crotch. “Why let them have all the fun?”

But I wasn’t feeling it. After all, hearing my parents fucking made me feel uncomfortable. “Maybe tomorrow? It feels kinda weird doing it with them in the next room…”

“Fine,” she said, sounding disappointed. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was feeling her masturbate next to me. She was moaning something very quietly, but I could almost make up words. Or maybe they were just random syllables?

Between my parents and her, I started feeling my head spinning until I lost consciousness. I had a feeling those syllables I heard might have something to do with the swap, so my best bet was to find Rose as quickly as possible. The outfit I picked ended up being a bit too revealing for my taste, but I couldn’t waste any more time.

Downstairs seks hikayeleri in the kitchen dad was finishing up some scrambled eggs. As he usually did in the morning, he was cooking shirtless with his swim shorts already on so he’s ready for the pool. But this morning something was different about him. His toned muscles and tanned skin made me feel uncomfortable and ashamed, so I decided to look straight down at the table.

Dad laughed and asked, “why so shy, Rosie? Don’t tell me you’re going to make a move on me now that my wife is out!”

“N-no!! Da- I mean, Harry… I would never-“

“I’m kidding!” He said, putting out a fresh plate in front of me. I noticed that for a moment he was looking at my cleavage before going to get his.

I had never realized dad saw Rose that way. I felt sick just thinking about it.

Once we were both eating, he looked at me and asked if I slept well. “Hope we didn’t wake you or anything. Sophie get a bit too vocal sometimes.”

“Oh! Uh… you really don’t have to worry about that…” I didn’t want to even acknowledge that we heard them fucking, but I had to say something. “It… it sounded like you were having fun!”

He laughed and put his hand on top of mine. “You’re alright Rosie. If you ever get bored of little Bri, you know where to go.”

I wasn’t sure if he was joking anymore. “Heh, but you wouldn’t do that to your son, right?”

He looked me in the eyes with a charming smile I had never seen in him and simply whispered, “for a hot little piece of ass… I would do anything.”

I felt my face burn up and my brain shut down. Dad took my hand and softly and placed it in his thigh, moving it closer and closer to his dick.

“D-dad, what are you…?”

“Already calling me daddy?” He sounded excited. “I always knew you were dirty like that Rosie.”

Then, I felt it in the palm of my hand. Underneath the fabric of his short swimsuit, a thick and long pipe that got bigger and harder the more I touched it. This feminine body I was in begged me to continue, even if it made me embarrassed to jerk off my own father.

Without realizing it, my heart started pumping faster and my breath began getting heavy. Dad noticed me first and asked if I was okay. “We can stop any time, sweetie.”

My instincts told me leave, but I couldn’t. “No, no… I’m j-just a little nervous. I’ve never really done this before…”

“But you’ve always wanted to, huh?” He brushed my hair and whispered in my ear, “Brian didn’t get my best assets, did he? Guess we can’t all be alphas.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Hearing dad talk about me that way didn’t feel great, sex hikayeleri but my mind was preoccupied by the hard cock in my hands. With shaky hands, I slowly undid his trunks.

Looking at it towering up like that made me reconsider what I was doing. Wasn’t I straight? Why was I suddenly begging to blow my own dad? Rose’s body was in a way telling me how she really felt.

Noticing my hesitation, dad put a gentle hand on my cheek.

“Tell me,” he said, looking me in the eye. “Tell me you want to suck my dick. Or else I’ll stop.”

Tearing up, and against my own instincts, I told him I did.

“I want to… I really want to suck it, dad… I mean, daddy…”

Hearing this, he looked pleased. His comforting hand now went to the back of my head and pushed my face into his crotch.

I moaned, letting his thick shaft brush against my cheeks and lips. When I was ready, my mouth opened but I could barely fit the tip. With both my hands jerking him off, I explored what I could fit with my tongue, savoring it as best as I could. Eventually my drool dropped all the way to his balls and my fingers slid more easily on his shaft.

Then, just when I thought dad was finally going to cum, we heard a voice coming out of nowhere.

“Dad? Rose? God, this is so hot…”

I saw myself coming into the kitchen, not shocked at all to see us like this. “Please, don’t stop. I want to see you finish,” said the other me as he undressed next to us. Not long after, my dick as out in the open, an embarrassing, little thing compared to the one that was currently filling my mouth.

I wasn’t sure what was going on. Was that Rose speaking? Whatever was the case, dad’s firm grip on my neck didn’t allow me a chance to stop.

“Just grab a seat, son,” my father said with a laugh. “She’s got a good mouth. It shouldn’t take long.”

When he finished, my mouth couldn’t keep all the cum inside. I chocked and a mess of fresh semen covered me from my chin to my tits.

“Oh, honey!” The other me ran to where I was and told me, “I’ll help you clean, don’t worry.”

Dad burst out laugh, watching as his only son lick cum from his girlfriend’s tits. Even if I did return to my original body, how could I face him? From this point on, I know I wouldn’t be anything more than a pathetic cuckold in his eyes.

He left us to clean up and headed to the pool. Once we were completely alone, I asked myself, “Is… are you Rose…?”

“Maybe!” she said playfully with cum on his lips. It felt wrong to see myself like this. “But seriously, you have more fun as me than me! Fucking your own dad? Wow, that’s hot. I can’t wait to try that for myself…”

“Honey, please! This was… I don’t know what this was, but please don’t–”

“Well, technically you cheated on me, Brian,” she said finishing the last of the semen. “Right? Even if it was in my body, you fucked your own dad.”

“… Look, I just want to know how I can get back to normal,” I told her, trying to keep calm. “Any clues?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” she said without a hint of urgency in her voice. “I got a little carried away last night and cast a curse on us. It’s temporary, no big deal.”

“A curse? What are you, some kind of witch…?”

She didn’t respond my question, but told me “look, if it really bothers you so much, close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

I chose to believe her, even if I had no idea what was happening. When I did as she said, I felt her grab my hands and chant syllables similar to the ones the niigt before. When I opened my eyes, I saw Rose’s in front of me.

“Done!” She said. “Now, if you don’t mind, I want to enjoy the rest of the day. I wonder where that dad of yours went off to…”

Mom came back shortly after so the three of us pretended everything was normal, but whenever she wasn’t looking dad would grab Rose’s boobs or make humiliating comments at me.

“You got to treat that girl better, son,” he whispered to me before going to his room for another night of amazing sex. “She’s basically begging for more of my dick. Do you want me ask your mom to let her join us?”

I didn’t respond, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Either way, his question was rhetorical. He wanted it, and Rose wanted it. My opinion didn’t matter in the end.

That night I was suddenly woken up again by the sounds coming from the master bedroom, but this time I was alone in my bed. Rose had sneaked off at some point, and left me alone.

I stared at the ceiling for hours, edging myself and remembering how it felt to be my girlfriend. The attraction I felt to my dad was still there in the back of my mind. The way his cock felt in my hands, his strong hands touching my face… and I felt jealous of my girlfriend who was now enjoying her first real dick in years.

When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sleep any time soon, I did the only thing I thought I could do. Swallowing my shame and what little manliness I had, I browsed through Rose’s clothes again and choose something sexy fro dad.

With a couple of shy knocks at their door I was invited inside. The three of them looked excited to see me looking like a sissy. As I got in bed with them, the smell of their sweat was overpowering. Their skin was glistening and sticky.

“You made the right chose, son,” mom said guiding me closer to dad’s massive cock. Rose and her had left me a nice space between them so the three of us could share it.. “You dad and I will take care of everything. You don’t have to worry about satisfying Rosie any more.”

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