Waco Ch. 05

Abby C

“Hardcore on the floor,” we heard a giggly female voice say, turning to see both women smiling at us over the edge of the bed. “You boys ready for a bathtub break?”

Sara and Jon had a huge tub in the master bath, and we climbed into it as the hot water filled it. All of us had silly grins on our faces.

“That was ‘way beyond anything we’d even imagined!” Sara said.

“And we’re just gettin’ started, too,” Denise said. “Now, I’ve got this fantasy…”

“What… What?!” we all asked simultaneously, barely containing our excited curiosity.

“I want to get spit-roasted in the church- on the platform, right next to the pulpit.”

“Ooooo… girl, you are such a perved-out whore,” Sara said. “And just what do I do?”

“You’re the director- you sit in a pew and yell shit like someone in the congregation might do…”

“Wheee!” Sara laughed. “So you’re all my actors, huh? Do I get to join in?”

“Yes and yes,” Denise said; Jon and I both nodded, agreeing with big smiles; my cock started swelling again.

“Well, let’s get dressed and go do it,” I said.

Denise borrowed a short skirt from Sara; Sara put on another one. In a minute we were heading out the door.

The church building was next to the house, and Jon unlocked the back door for us; we walked up some stairs into the area behind the choir loft, past the changing rooms for baptism, then down the hall to the platform. The podium was in the middle, a heavy wooden structure over four feet tall and more than two feet wide. It was open inside, except for a loosely placed shelf, which Denise removed as soon as she saw it.

“I know how I want it to start,” Denise said. “I hide inside here and suck Jon’s cock while he talks… did you see those police academy movies?”

“Yeah… with the police chief…” Sara said, all of us laughing.

Denise backed into the space on her haunches, feet apart, displaying everything under her skirt; the rest of us just stared at her.

“Well, come on, Jon- get over here…” she said. He obeyed, standing right in front of her, his hands on the sides of the pulpit. “Okay, now, start talking- make some announcements or something…” There was the sound of a zipper, then a soft female moan. Jon suddenly gripped the podium tightly…

Giggling, Sara ran down the stairs to the main floor, which was large enough to hold maybe five hundred people, and sat down in a pew about halfway back.

“Okay, Will… you sit down in that big chair behind you,” she said; I obeyed. “Jon, act like you’re preaching or something…” His eyes had been closed, but they opened immediately.

“The biggest problem facing this church today is adultery!” he began. Sara and I both laughed. “The situation has gotten totally out of hand!” he said even louder.

“But not out of mouth,” I mumbled. Jon tried to keep a straight face; Sara giggled again.

“And it is only by our mental purity and strict self-control… ohhhhhh… that this epidemic of unbridled lust can be… ohhhhhhh… can be licked…”

Everybody laughed out loud at that, even Denise. She recovered quickly, though- I could see her inside the podium, eyes closed, sucking and stroking his cock with one hand, the other working between her thighs.

“Hypocrite!” I yelled at Jon, pointing my finger. “I know what that red-haired slut’s been doing with you- and you’re the pastor! And she’s doing it right now, too, right here in this church!” I stood to my feet, looking around in mock indignation at an imaginary congregation. “There’s a whore on her knees inside the pulpit at this very moment- and she’s not praying!”

Much laughter; Denise coughed and spluttered.

“Tell us what she’s doing!” Sara yelled.

I got closer, as if to see more clearly. “Wait… wait… Oh! Oh, no! That’s my wife! This damn pastor is fucking my wife’s face!”

“No, no- you’ve got it all wrong… She’s sucking me,” Jon corrected. “I was just standing here…”

There were some giggles and Sara gasped in feigned shock; Jon held up his hands as if to hold me back as I walked toward them across the platform, fists clenched.

“There’s only one way to deal with a whore like you, you cock-sucking, sleazy bitch!” I yelled.

More giggles.

Jon stepped back, and I grabbed Denise by the arm, pulling her out beside the pulpit and onto her knees.

“Get over here, Pastor Hyprocrite,” I said in a low growl to Jon; he moved quickly to stand in front of us, his stiff cock still sticking out of his fly. “Now, slut-wife- you’re gonna suck that cock you love so much while everybody watches… you craven cunt!” (More snickers.) I held Denise’s head with both hands, moving her forward until Jon’s cock was in her mouth again. She moaned loudly. “Now suck it,” I commanded.

Denise immediately bayan escort deep-throated him, both hands on his ass as she pulled him in.

“Hey! You’re not supposed to enjoy it, bitch! Stop that!” I yelled. Denise sucked with even more abandon, shaking her ass and making her short skirt ride up a little, just above the curve of her ass; there were no panties, of course. “Okay- so that’s how you want it, slut? Well, I’ll show them all what you’re really like…”

I pulled down my zipper, dropped to my knees and slid my hard cock into her juicy cunt in one thrust. She moaned again, arching her back and pushing her ass against me. “Look at this whore take these two cocks! She loves it! Look at her suck!” I called out. “Ohhhhh… your ass is so fine, baby!” I said quietly, accidentally slipping out of character at the end… after all, it is the best ass I’ve ever seen or been in…

“Hey! You up there! Brother O’Connor! You’re a cock-sucker, too! I know you are! I’ve seen you! Cock-sucker! Cock-sucker!” Sara-the-heckler yelled out.

“No, you have not!” I yelled back. “I am not a cock-sucker! I have never… ever… ohh… mmmmmmm…” Jon had put the head of his cock against my lips, and I sucked it in as far as I could.

“Suck it, Layman Hypocrite,” he said quietly, looking down and smiling. I did, looking up into his eyes until I came suddenly in Denise’s squeezing cunt. Jon pulled out of my mouth and gave his cock back to Denise, coming in her mouth almost as soon as it was inside; she squealed, sucking and milking it manically.

Sara had been sitting in the pew with her hand between her legs until then. She got up and nearly ran forward and onto the platform as Jon’s orgasm ended, pushing him aside, lifting her skirt and pulling Denise’s come-covered face into her cunt. Denise squealed again, even louder, grabbing Sara’s naked ass and pulling her tightly against her mouth, sucking and tonguing her noisily as Sara held onto her head. Sara came with Denise’s head up inside her skirt, her hands on her own breasts, struggling to keep her balance. I held Denise’s glorious ass back against me until my cock softened and slipped out…

Sara stumbled back; Denise stayed on her knees, face flushed and eyes glazed, body still swaying, panting… Sara watched her momentarily, then slowly guided Denise onto her back, diving face-first into her cunt as she lowered her own onto Denise’s mouth again. Denise shoved her face up into Sara with a low groan, wrapping her arms around Sara’s waist, and the two women rolled back and forth on the platform, mewling and sucking; sitting beside each other, Jon and I watched.

“Pretty cool fantasy,” he said. I nodded.

Suddenly, out in the foyer, there was the sound of a key in the lock.

“Oh, shit!” Jon said. “The custodian!”

We all jumped up and ran out the way we’d come in…


Back in the house, kissing and laughing, we threw ourselves on the couch in the first room we came to- the video room. Denise and Sara were still without underwear, and their exposed cunts acted like magnets to Jon and I when we saw them- we both got on our knees on the floor and began kissing and licking from the thighs in… Jon on Denise, me on Sara.

The girls both leaned back into the couch simultaneously, running their fingers through our hair.

I lifted my head. “You are the two hottest women in the fucking world!” I said, then resumed my feast.

“I’m sure glad I made the cut, cunt-licker… aren’t you glad, Sara? So, which one’s in second place, oh great judge of feminine torridity?”

‘Troublemaker,’ I thought. I lifted my head again. “It’s a photo finish with an unbreakable tie… Now let me work…” I buried my face in Sara’s delicious flesh again, jamming my tongue ‘way up inside her, my hands under her hips, pulling her close. She still had her fingers in my hair…

Denise wasn’t finished, though.

“Your majesty, your young slave there was being impertinent with us just now,” she continued, then looked down. “Oh, God, Jon… that’s so gooood…” Then back up: “You know we can’t allow such behavior to go unchecked. Your boy must be shown his place- he needs to be thoroughly fucked.”

I lifted my head a third time. “Yes, your royal and imperial majesties… I need to be fucked… Fucked by all of you…”

“To the bedroom- now, slave,” Denise said.

A couple of minutes later we were naked on the bed, passing wine and a joint. After they’d both been handed around a few times, Denise looked at me, exaggerated superiority expressed in a lifted eyebrow.

“All right, boy- get your ass over to the edge… Now. Move it, slave!”

I immediately scooted to the side of the bed; Denise stood on the floor, putting a dildo escort bayan and a lube tube on a small towel next to me. She began to knead my asscheeks.

“Nice ass,” she said. “One of the top five I’ve ever held…”

“Yours is the best in the world,” I said.

She stopped, smiling deep into my eyes. “You still need to be fucked, slave…”

“Oh, yes, your majesty… I do… Please… I need to be fucked… I need you to fuck me…”

“Well, relax and open wide, baby…”

She slid the lube tube into me and emptied it, then began to work the slippery head of the dildo against my slowly relaxing anus; she hugged my thigh, pressing her soft breast against it.

“Mama’s gonna fuck your ass, now, honey,” she said in low tones. “And that’s just for starters. Now relax and open wide…”

She kept gently thrusting the rubber cock against my hole until the head finally popped inside; it really stung, but by then I didn’t care… it was in, and it was going in further… Denise jiggled it and began to drive it forward, one hand on the base. I squirmed on the impaling pole, looking in her eyes as the ridged head of the dildo opened me deeper and deeper. My mouth flew open in an involuntary gasp when I felt the rubber scrotum separating my cheeks, the head still moving even higher up inside me. She leaned forward against me, one hand on the dildo, the other sliding down between her legs.

Sara slipped to the floor on her knees behind Denise, pushing Denise’s feet apart as she shoved her mouth up into her cunt. Denise whimpered, stumbled a little and leaned forward, laying her head on my stomach, driving the cock in and out of my ass as Sara ate her.

I felt the bed sink down next to me, and the head of Jon’s cock came into view, touching my lips; they opened to receive the luscious, pulsing shaft. It slid to the back of my mouth, and my hand came up to stroke the base. I moaned, slowly submerging beneath the feelings as the two hard cocks moved in me. I let Jon’s go for a second and looked up at him.

“Thank you, Jon,” I said softly, and sucked it back in- lovingly, passionately…

“You’re a good cock-sucker,” he said gently, holding my head with both hands.

Denise held onto my leg, steadying herself as Sara pulled her back onto her face; I could feel Denise’s hot breath on my stomach, its tempo increasing along with the dildo’s movements. I stroked her head as her mouth slid over the head of my cock and down… down… She sucked on it idly, however; I could tell that the main event was what Sara was doing between her legs…

I writhed and moaned, sucking Jon’s delicious hard-on while my wife sucked my cock, driving the dildo deep into my ass.


Denise was the only one who came that time. When she did, she let go of both my cock and the dildo and let out a scream, reaching down and pulling Sara’s head firmly up into her. Sara seemed just as much into it as Denise was, jamming one hand up into Denise’s cunt and fucking her with it as she squirmed and bucked out her orgasm. She withdrew it and stood up when Denise finally collapsed onto the bed.

Jon moved up against the headboard, and I slid up between his legs to keep sucking his cock; Denise sat beside him, with Sara sucking a nipple. He leaned over and kissed Denise on the mouth, and she put her hands on his head and held him there. When they broke the kiss, they were both breathing hard; her eyes were on fire as she spoke to him, in a voice breathy and full of lust.

“Fuck my ass, Jon… fuck it while they watch…”

Jon got off the bed slowly, picking up the lube and standing to his feet on the carpet, his hard cock sticking straight out as he pointed down with his finger.

“On your knees, bitch,” he said.

Denise quickly got off the bed, kneeling with that perfect ass pointing toward his cock.

“Fuck me, master,” she said, looking back at him, her voice thick and husky. Then she turned to me. “I’m a whore, Will… your little wife is a whore… Watch your whore get her ass fucked, baby… watch her take this cock in her aaaass…”

She smiled lasciviously at me, wiggling her ass…

Jon stuck one lubed finger inside her after slathering his cock, then withdrew it and put his cockhead against her rosette, holding her by the hips and thrusting into her. He wasn’t at all delicate, and Denise gasped and bit her lip as the big head opened her up and disappeared inside.

“Aaagh… ohh… aaaaghh! Don’t stop, you son of a bitch! All the way! Fuck meeee! Aaaghh… Ohhh… Ohhhhhhunghhhhh… Oh, God, that’s what I needed… It’s all the way up to my fucking navel, you pervert! More… Deeper! Now watch me, you two! Will… now you watch… watch your sweet little wifey go crazy on a escort bayanlar man’s cock that’s fuckin’ her ‘way up in her ass… Ohhhhhhhh… Look in my eyes and see how much this whore craves this long… hard… cock. You watch me, too, Sara… You know I love to put my face between your luscious thighs and into that delicious cunt, baby… I neeed it… but I crave this feelin’ in my ass… crave it like nothin’ else… I’ve got to have a cock soooo deeep in my ass… Fuck me, you beautiful pervert.. fuck my aaaaass…”

I was rock-hard by the time Jon was halfway in her, and when she stopped talking, I jumped to the floor and got on my knees in front of her. I held her head, pulling her mouth onto my cock as I shoved it forward; she grabbed my hips and pulled it deeper until her nose pressed into my stomach. Denise groaned then, a long low sound, writhing on the double impalement.

In what seemed like no time, though, though, she let my cock go, sucking air in huge gulps, eyes wild as they looked up into mine; she pushed back onto Jon’s cock, face flushed, squirming slowly and licking her lips, drool running down her chin. panting hard.

“Watch your whore, baby… watch your whore squirmin’ in fuckin’ ecstasy! Come on and use her mouth… fuck her face, lover… drive it down her throat… watch how much she loves gettin’ double-fucked… you know how I love gettin’ used, baby… ohhhmmmm…”

I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth again, slowly, but I stopped after only a few strokes, moving around to stand next to Jon while lubing my cock. It was obvious to him what I wanted to do, and he pulled out; I shoved my cock all the way into Denise’s open ass in one stroke. She groaned, then whimpered, grinding on it, undulating her body as she reached back to hold onto my hips and pull them hard against her.

Sara watched us carefully, then sat on the edge of the bed, knees open. Denise stared at her cunt for a moment, then began to inch forward with my cock held firmly ‘way up inside her.

Sara spread her legs wider and pulled Denise’s face in to her cunt, then lay back on the mattress, holding her head there with both hands. Denise pushed Sara’s thighs up with her shoulders, then wrapped her arms around them, mewling, sucking and licking; I held her ass back tight against me and flexed my hard-on up inside her.

“Oh, you nasty… fuckin’… sodomizer! Ohhhhhhunghhhhhh… Fuck my ass, you pervert! Ohhhlalalalalammmmm…” She tongued Sara’s button audibly…

Jon had gone into the bathroom; when he returned, he watched as Denise went crazy on us, writhing on my cock while she sucked on Sara’s cunt.

“Let her go, Sara,” he said after a minute. “Will, pull out and sit on the edge of the couch… Yeah, like that… Now, you… Yeah, you- the red-headed whore- get over there and take that cock… reverse cowgirl… yeah- right back in that gaping ass, bitch… now move…”

Denise climbed over me, facing away, lowering her gorgeous ass down onto my cock. As soon as she was all the way down, Jon got between her legs and shoved his long cock into her cunt. She gasped, squirming and bucking on the sudden impalement, wrapping her arms around Jon, pulling him tighter.

“Ohhhhhhunghhhhhh… ohhhhhhunghhhhh… ohhhyeahhhhh… fuhhhck meeeee!” Denise screamed again, her voice rough and hoarse.

Sara, needing no instructions now, climbed over us and pulled Denise’s face up into her cunt; Denise wrapped her arms around Sara’s slim thighs and moaned…

Jon and I held still for a moment, then started a slow, alternating, synchronized thrusting, using Denise’s willing body to climb to the top of our personal roller-coasters. For awhile, she moaned, whimpered, squirmed and sucked on Sara… But in the end, she gave up and mostly just rode the tide as we all used her. I reached around between Jon and her, finding her button with my fingers as she gasped and moaned, finally squealing into Sara’s cunt, her hips grinding in our grip.

“Come for us, you gorgeous slut,” I said in her ear. “Show us how much you love bein’ used…”

She stiffened almost immediately, then screamed into Sara’s cunt, bucking and thrashing between us, finally slowing down and collapsing onto me, her head falling back from between Sara’s thighs. Sara and Jon slowly extricated themselves, lying beside us on the edge of the couch, caressing and kissing both of us as I continued to hold onto Denise’s hips, thrusting up into her ass; she pressed down onto my cock and squeezed it, still squirming and whimpering, though she was moving slower than before her orgasm.

“I love you, you gorgeous whore,” I whispered in her ear. “Now- time for a change, Denise… You get on the edge here like I am…”

Jon and Sara helped Denise up as she climbed off me, standing unsteadily as they guided her back onto the couch. I knelt between her thighs, lubed my cock again and slid it back into her stretched asshole, driving it all the way home in one long, easy move… Her face was still wet from Sara’s juices, and I bent down and kissed her, our tongues sliding deliciously around the other’s.

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