Unexpected Group Journey Ch. 01


Hello friends, this is my first attempt at writing a story at Literotica. This is a 100% true story that has happened with my when I was in my third year of college. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.


During my 10th grade, there was this beautiful girl with the most innocent face named Shweta in my classes. White milky cheeks, brown silky hair, pitch black cat eyes. I had a very bad crush on her. All I knew was she was a very bold girl(heard from a few of my friends). I never talked to her. Never knew what she did after school.

In my first year of engineering college, during the admissions time I again saw the same innocent face standing ahead of me in queue. This time her figure had transformed into a total hottie. I had to thank my luck. My very first crush was talking admission in the same college as I was. Though I had a few gf’s during the period the way I felt for Shweta was out of this world.

After a few weeks of college, I started talking to her and she did show some interest in me. She did realize that we were in same classes in our 10th grade and asked me why I used to stare at her in between the lectures. I said to her that I used to like and she just blushed. In the month of December after our semester exams we had a festival in college. We spent entire night in the preparation of next day’s event. After we were done and exhausted, I had the key to teacher’s lodge so Shweta and I and one other couple went there to rest. Shweta sat next to me on the sofa and put her head on my shoulder and her hand along my thigh and tried to sleep. It was very cold in the room due to the AC being set at 18deg. All boys might know this that you start getting a boner when you are cozying up with someone you love in cold. I thought she was sleeping but she noticed that and started giggling. I was surprised that she did not get angry. So she looked at me and I could see her cleavage right through her white top. She asked me what’s causing that thing to rise. I looked right through her cleavage and she got the answer. She got up right away(I thought she got angry) and sat into my lap facing me. I looked over at Aditya and Vidisha. They were asleep on the other couch on top of each other. Now coming to Shweta, she was sitting on me and her boobs were facing right anal yapan gaziantep escort through my face. This caused my boner to get more hard and she realized that.

She then started kissing me and sticking her tongue right in my mouth and mine in hers. I was surprised that she was such a good kisser. We kept on kissing for few more minutes and then she started unbuttoning my shirt. I let her do it and her lips moved to my neck and slowly to my chest and my nipples. I then started to unzip her top from behind and moved my hands through her bare skin inside her top. After she was topless, we saw that Aditya and Vidisha had both woken up and her making out just like we were except that they were both in their clothes. I knew that Shweta and Vidisha had seen each other naked but she did not mind being undressed even in front of Aditya. That was quite surprising. Aditya and Vidisha then started undressing each other.

(Let me tell you about Vidisha’s figures. She’s tall a bit dark and has got figure just like Lisa Hayden. I knew she too wanted to be a model and had the looks of it. The perfect round C cup boobs and an ass that even had few professors thinking about her. Shweta too had C cups but Vidisha had more round as compared to Shweta’s.) As Vidisha started getting undressed I noticed that she was wearing a black lacy bra just like Shweta was wearing. After a while of us making out, Shweta got up and to my surprise she went to the other couch and started kissing Vidisha from back on her neck. I was shocked at this and looked over at Aditya’s face and his mouth was totally open too. Vidisha started running her hands through Shweta’s hair and Shweta started opening Vidisha’s bra from behind. I could see her boobs clearly with small nipples. As soon as her bra was off, Aditya started licking at her nipples and she was still kissing Shweta.

Shweta then looked over at me with a naughty look as to command me to get over here. I got up just in my jeans and got to that couch. She whispered to me “I hope you don’t mind sharing me with my babes”. Yes babes. I was surprised as to which other friends of hers she makes out with. Why the fuck would I mind such a thing. I was so happy that such an innocent looking girl anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan in my 10th grade would turn out like such a dirty and naughty girl. I got into that couch and started kissing Shweta and Vidisha came up from behind her and kissed Shweta’s neck and removed her bra too. Her nipples were pretty big as compared to Vidisha’s and I got busy in them. Started nibbling and biting and kissing them while she was kissing Vidisha. The two girls whispered something in each other’s ears which I couldn’t hear but just a few seconds later I realized what it was they told each other.

Vidisha started crawling over Shweta towards me and Shweta did the same towards Aditya and started kissing him. Vidisha started kissing me intensely. Compared to Shweta she used less tongue. Me and Aditya both were pretty shocked at this move but after all we are guys and who is going to stop such a move by their girls. After a while Vidisha started to move towards my dick. She first hold it just over my pants and was shaking it. After a while she opened my jeans. I removed it completely and was sitting there just in my jockey. The head of my dick was popping out of my jockey and it was clearly visible. Shweta stopped making out Aditya when she saw it and said, “I have to be the first one to suck it babes and gave Vidisha a sorry kiss and moved towards my dick. She then pulled my jockey down only to see one of the biggest dicks she had ever seen. A 11″ fair and neatly shaved dick. Vidisha also gasped in surprise and she moved over to Aditya to start sucking on him. Even he had a huge 9.5” dick but was thicker than mine.

I really couldn’t believe what was actually happening. Both the girls were giving us heads in the college lodge where students are not allowed. This was totally insane. Shweta was amazing at sucking dick. She knew right where to lick and how much to shake my dick with her hands so that I wouldn’t cum right away. Ahh..she was teasing me very much with that. I also wanted to know how would Vidisha’s mouth feel around my dick as she had met Aditya cum right away. I couldn’t hold any longer and knew I would cum now. I shouted “I am going to cum now”. Vidisha heard that and moved right next to Shweta and escort gaziantep anal yapan Shweta pointed my dick right on their face. Spurt after spurt of cumming. I shot load atleast 6-7 times(normally it is just 3-4 times but this time was special) and both of their faces were covered by my cum. Vidisha already had some cum of Aditya’s on her face. Surprisingly she came towards me and licked my dick clean and Shweta and Vidisha started kissing each other exchanging cum through their mouths. The night was going hot but this was something unexpected. It was so hot to see two sluts kissing each other and exchanging our cum through their kiss.

Aditya had his hands on his dick as it was hard. So was mine. Just a minute after cumming my dick became extremely hard. Shweta now moved towards Aditya and Vidisha came near me to suck my dick. I must say Vidisha was better at sucking than Shweta, No wonder Aditya came so soon last time. I knew I would cum for the second time also very soon. Now Vidisha wanted to have a boob job. So she placed my dick right in between her boobs and started bouncing up and down. I looked over at Shweta and she was busy in giving pleasure to Aditya. It felt like he was in ecstasy. His eyes were closed and mouth open with a smile. I looked in front of me and saw that Vidisha was still bouncing her boobs in between my dick and realized that I was going to cum. She increased her pace and I again started cumming and this time it all landed right on her boobs and nipples. Some of it even landed on my chest. She licked that from my chest and the cum on her boobs with her finger and licked it clean. She then asked me to lick her finger right after she removed it from her mouth. I licked it and she kissed me. I could feel my cum inside her mouth. She then moved into a different position and layed on her back and asked to me lick her pussy. She was wearing a night track so it was quite easy to remove it. She had black lace and satin panties underneath matching her bra. I removed both the things to see her neatly trimmed wet pussy and dived my tongue into it. I licked her for around 10 mins and she was shouting “aahhh amol…aaahhhh..oh godd..yes..” She was about to cum when Shweta replaced my tongue on her pussy and started licking her cum..They then started kissing and sharing Vidisha’s cum..

We all fell asleep there itself half naked. We woke up next morning to directly enter the festival. The first day of the festival went very hectic to manage all the activities but we knew we were in for much more fun.

Thank you guys for reading it. Let me know in your comments if you like it. Part 2 of the story will soon continue with more characters and much more naughtiness that happened in Goa.

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