For years I had fantasised about a second man and in due course my current partner Roger made it happen it for me. Initially I was apprehensive, however, after the first time I was hooked. Watching well-built younger men get naked for me and my man was very exciting for me. I love a man with a tight ass and comparing their erect cock with my man’s thick eight-inches.

Our rules were outer sex only, licking and sucking and variations of oral sex – no intercourse.

When we first started having a second man the deal was my partner could watch me with another man and nothing else – watching only.

However, after a while he became very good at flirting with the other man and flaunting himself for them. And I found it really exciting watching another much younger well-hung naked man blowing my man and learning from their technique.

Especially if I was to have him afterwards.

In due course my man managed to find discreet men at the local gym. He would approach them in the showers and visually check them out and ask if you could take some photos on his phone to show me for my approval. What man would say no to a request like that?

He would also tell them we both had an interest in bisexual younger men.

In due course after I checked out some front and rear photos Roger arranged for a new man of my choice to call at three on Saturday; sex is always better in the afternoon we both agree.

By tacit agreement the second man can choose which of us he wants first. This leads to some very competitive arrangements when he arrives. Which of us will turn him on the most? How will we do it?

We have tried many variations, all of them exciting for all three people. One of my favorites is standing naked in heels, legs apart with Roger kneeling in front of me licking my cunt lips as I tease my nipples. A variation on that for me is standing naked in heels, legs apart with Roger kneeling behind me licking and kissing my ass cheeks as our second man enters.

For Roger it is opening the door wearing a cock ring with his roaring erection (which I gave him by sucking his cock) hanging out of his crotch-less jock strap with me standing behind him in heels wearing one of his business shirts, fully open.

The happiest outcome of course is our second man wanting us both immediately as he gains a roaring erection.

On the Tuesday prior to our latest assignation Roger was fucking me as though there was no tomorrow. “After this no sex until Saturday, so make it good, really good. I want you to be horny for our new man, really horny and I want to be horny as well.”

On every night up until the Saturday he would tease my cunt lips with his finger. “Sex with two men on Saturday for you baby, one a complete stranger, though you did like his pics. Athletic build, tight ass and a big cock.”

After lunch on the Saturday we were showering together and teasing each other, exquisite foreplay I mused as I anticipated sex with a second man in little while. I enjoyed Roger shaving my pubic hair – that really is erotic foreplay. Recently I had been completely bald down there but Roger says I look better with a thin strip of pubic hair over my cunt lips, so I had let it grow for a few weeks. As I looked in the mirror I agreed with him and liked that look.

“What shall we wear Sex hikayeleri for John, our new man?” I asked as I toyed with Roger’s semi-erect cock.

“Something that accentuates the parts of your body that you like to be pleasured. Wear your leather slacks with the ass and front cut away with heels and no top. I am going to wear my cock ring and a jock strap.”

John arrived right on time and Roger let him in dressed in just his jock strap as I watched almost out of sight. “This should be fun,” he smiled as he ogled Roger’s almost naked sun tanned body.

“Sarah is to pleasure and be pleasured. She is very good, come and meet her. She dressed especially for you.”

What woman doesn’t enjoy making an entrance, especially in a situation such as this this? I feel sexually charged and very confident as I strut in topless with my naked ass cheeks and cunt framed by my leather slacks for two men.

“You look sensational baby,” Roger smiles and I can see he has an instant erection for me.

“Hello John, I have heard lots about you. Get naked for us, show us what you have for both of us.”

He is naked in a flash and I am impressed and turned on by his slim, athletic naked body. Six feet tall, and a very impressive cock with hardly any pubic hair.

“I love being licked and teased John, show me how good you are. Nipples first, they are very erect for you, Roger loves watching.

“Now my ass, both sides, love it, you are turning us both on, Roger is playing with his erection while he watches. Your cock is bigger than Roger’s.

“Now my cunt lips, I am multi-orgasmic, give me four orgasms, then I want to watch you blow Roger. Then I want Roger to watch me blow you. He loves to masturbate while he watches, he always manages to achieve a second erection.”

I am very much enjoying calling the shots and the power I currently have over two men. John is very adept at licking and teasing my cunt lips and the build up to my first orgasm is magic with two men sporting huge erections.

For the first time ever while another man is licking my cunt lips Roger slides his erection into my mouth. Wonderful sensation and I cum three or four times in rapid succession.

John is very keen to get to work on Roger’s roaring erection as I watch fascinated. He has been eying it ever since he arrived, as I would expect a from a bisexual man. He commences by licking all along both sides of it and then the underside while he scratches his balls. The look of sexual pleasure on Roger’s face as John starts sucking his erection is a turn on for me.

“Love your big cock, and I love Sarah watching me fucking it. I want to blow you, slowly, slowly,” he teases very confident Roger will not last long at all.

I decide to stand behind John and hold his face with my fingers close to his mouth. I can feel Roger’s erection sliding into his mouth so I heighten the pleasure for both men by sliding John’s mouth along Roger’s erection. Roger reacts as I hoped he would by sliding his erection into John’s mouth in a fucking motion.

“I am looking forward to your lady blowing me while you watch – very soon. I want you to masturbate for me while Sarah blows me. The rumor is she is without peer at blow jobs, you are a lucky man to have her on tap at any time.”

I can Sikiş hikayeleri sense Roger is close to orgasm as I tongue kiss him while I watch John blow air on his very wet erection.

“Getting close are you Roger?” John teases as he licks the tip of Roger’s erection, then takes it in his mouth as he runs his thumb and forefinger along the length of his throbbing erection.

Before we started John asked for some ice cubes, I was not sure why, but I thought I knew. I watch with a smile as he puts some in his mouth then takes Roger’s erection back in his mouth and swirled the ice cubes around his erection. I have experienced similar and the sensation of hot and cold on a cock or cunt lips is absolute sexual magic, as evidenced by the look on Roger’s face as John does wonderful things with his erection in his mouth.

“Cum for us baby, then you can watch me blow him,” I urge Roger as I tongue kiss him and watch John working his erection.

“Cum for us baby, then you can watch me blow him,” I repeat as Roger almost screams, “So fucking good, so fucking good,” as John swallows his load with aplomb.

I am loving the feeling of being the main act in a three part event. The main purpose of John’s visit was for me to have a second man for sex, something I expect every month or so.

One man wants me to blow him and the other man wants to watch and masturbate. And I want to pleasure myself by showing two men how talented I am, especially one I have not had before – and this one is hung like a horse. He has had a throbbing erection since he arrived and still has it, though I suspect he is erect for my man as much as me.

“Shall we have a shower together before we move on,” I suggest as I take both men by the hand and lead them to our oversize cubicle.

Roger has lost his erection but I want him to have an erection and masturbate while he watches me blow John – and from past experience I know how I can help him – a golden shower.

After a brief shower Roger lays on his back on the cubicle floor and John watches fascinated and holds my gaze as I squat with my legs apart over Roger’s groin area.

“My cock is throbbing for you Sarah,” John moans softly as he inserts his rock hard erection in my mouth just as I start to release my golden shower.

I have never ever had a man’s cock in my mouth at the same time as I gave a golden shower and the sensation is very exciting for me as I grab John’s ass cheeks for support.

“That is so good Sarah, so good, watching your golden shower with my cock in your mouth. And your man likes it as well, look at the size of his cock now.

“Don’t stop, keep going, I love watching and my cock is rock hard for you.”

A little later I am sitting on a chair and intent on giving John a blow job to remember while my man watches and masturbates, and I want John to enjoy the experience of both of us.

He is standing in front of me and his is cock is rock hard for me as I feel the weight of it and tease it with my finger-tips.

Roger is sitting in another chair and judging by his oil coated throbbing erection he is enjoying watching me pleasuring another man’s cock.

“John is longer and thicker than you baby, you made a good pick for me, a very good pick,” I tease as I scratch John’s balls and lick Erotik hikaye and kiss the full length of his erection.

As I take his erection between my lips I tease his nipples and then pinch them. As I guessed he likes that and wants more.

“Harder Sarah, harder.”

I am watching Roger and he likes it as well as he pinches his nipples with one hand while stroking his erection.

I decide I will take a slow and subtle approach to blow John as I lick and kiss the top part of his erection.

I have two men with full-on erections watching and enjoying my every move and I am enjoying the sexual power I have over them as they both contemplate sexual relief.

As I take the tip of John’s erection in my mouth, Roger emulates me by toying with the tip of his erection with his fingertips wrapped around his erection.

I decide I will vary my technique by licking John’s nipples and then biting them which he relishes as Rogers pinches his nipples in unison.

I resume licking John’s erection then blowing on it while scratching his balls which he is obviously enjoying and decide I will bring him off this way.

I had almost forgotten John is bisexual but I am reminded by the way he is ogling Roger as he masturbates.

John motions for me to let him sit in the chair and for me to kneel in front of him so I can lick his very erect cock. Then by what seems a tacit agreement Roger stands alongside John as he grabs his balls and greedily takes his erection between his lips.

At that moment the sexual tension is palpable as myself and two men explore sexual pleasure and ultimately crave sexual relief. I resume licking John’s erection and I note that the softer I lick the more agitated he becomes, which I feel sure will increase Roger’s pleasure.

“You are dream come true for a bisexual man, older than me, very sexy, totally uninhibited and you have a bisexual man with a big cock for me to pleasure as a bonus,” John mutters.

“And you are very, very talented,” he moans as I squeeze his balls softly while licking the tip of his cock as he sucks on Roger’s erection and scratches his nails over Roger’s ass cheeks, which both of them are enjoying.

“Harder, harder, do it harder,” both men are almost screaming at the same time as they both commence masturbating.

I really enjoy a having a man masturbate for me, especially a well-hung one. At this moment I am enjoying having two well-hung men masturbating very hard as they near orgasm.

“Sit back in the chair,” Roger tells me.

I do and almost immediately John has his cock back in my mouth.

Then Roger commences licking my cunt lips as he places my legs over his shoulders.

The sensation of sucking and toying with a huge cock while my man is licking my cunt lips is sexual heaven for me: I am pleasuring and being pleasured simultaneously.

“That is an absolute turn on,” John mutters, “Watching your man licking your cunt lips while you are sucking my cock and he is masturbating.

“Harder Sarah, harder,” John is almost screaming as I feel him tensing while Roger is licking my very wet cunt like never before while I tease my clit with two fingers.

As John cums in a huge torrent I can see Roger cumming at the same time as he masturbates while licking me.

And I squirt for two men.

“I owe you, next time I will blow you while two of my girlfriends watch. They have been asking me for a while. Would you like that?” I tease my man Roger as we wind down.

“Promise me baby?”

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