It’s not always easy to concentrate and do my own work and shepherd even an upper level class of undergraduates.

Just one of the many challenges for a graduate student these days. I need every cent I can muster for those costs not covered by my TA stipend, scholarships, and since I learned how to write grant requests, what can only be called begging for bucks.

It’s also not easy concentrating when some 20 year old almost throws herself at you.

I wasn’t sure about this one. She didn’t really need any help with the course work but had asked for tutoring after hours. She said her job started just after class and would it please be ok with me if I gave her my address and she make an appointment for Friday night.

She must have read my diary. Or maybe it was the pierced eyebrow, no makeup and spiked two inch hair.

Since I broke up with my most recent forever love my Fridays have just happened to be free.

I heard the knocking on my thin wooden door. And I decided as it was just us girls that it wouldn’t be a problem if I stayed comfortable in a t-back and boxers.

I greeted her and she didn’t comment, but her eyes brightened and burst into my small flat.

She was also nearly out of breath.

Part of my frugality prompted me taking an attic flat at the top of a four story building in what had to be the dingiest block surrounding our urban campus.

My furniture is also sparse and cramped so I just flung myself onto my bed and offered her the only upholstered chair.

To my surprise, she had actually brought her text books and additional reading with her.

We shared ideas and concepts for an hour or so.

Not quite as lively as over a pitcher of beer, but she was still a tad young, and frankly I don’t like to encourage the boys at the local watering holes. She would have had a cluster of hormonally challenged studs anyway.

I made a joke about that and she snapped her book closed and just turned and jumped into my bed with me.

She wasn’t interested in any chromosome challenged homo sapien bipeds and made that quite evident by the way she thrust her tongue down my throat.

There had been an underlying sexual tension building between us. It was something I didn’t hinder.

I even encouraged it by the way I propped my back on the pillows on my bed and stretched my legs out during our lesson.

My cotton t-back also did its work by easily making my silver dollar sized ümraniye escort areola obvious.

It also allowed for the growing evidence of my interest in her by revealing the half inch nipples I have been blessed with.

She was wearing a crop top and low rider jeans with the obligatory ripped knees and the torn bottom clearly showing she was most likely wearing a thong.

My hands slid up over her top and cupped her smaller breasts, kneading and rubbing the cotton against my palms.

She pulled my shirt up and over my head tossing it somewhere to the side.

When she finally got a full look at my c cup tits her lips formed into “O’s” and her head fell on them like free pizza at a sorority party.

I leaned back and curled my fingers in her short black hair, guiding her as she sucked and licked. She concentrated on my nipples, murmuring that she had never seen such big or sweet tasting pink tips.

I wasn’t idle either, my hands undid the buttons on her jeans and as she wriggled to get them off slid my hand over the silk triangle covering her smoothly shaved mound.

Damn, she was tight. I wriggled a finger between her lips and pushed the silk into her molten core.

I quickly pushed the silk aside and drove two fingers into her pussy.

At the same time she pushed my boxers down to reveal my equally naked pussy.

There I was. Naked on my bed with a student. Fingers buried in her cunt, my nipples nearly chewed delightfully raw.

She pushed herself away and off the bed.

After peeling out of the remainder of her clothing she turned to show her sweet ass cheeks to me as she rummaged in her knapsack.

She turned with a thick purple dildo in one hand and an elastic harness in the other.

She asked me to “do” her.

I shook my head no.

Tonight was her night to learn to fuck like women fuck, not some barbaric vestigial mating ritual.

She was puzzled.

Of course she had eaten pussy but it was always a prelude with one of her young playmates.

I rose and took the things from her uncertain hands and ordered her onto my bed.

She lay with a slight tremble and a cloud in her eyes, not clear just who was now doing the seduction she had set out for.

Many of these college students are bi or even lesbian until graduation, but few really meet a true lesbian.

Her world had just changed.

I lie at her side, my short cropped hair tickling pendik escort her shoulder as my tongue licked downward to her pert little tits.

My hand spider walked down her tummy and belly over her pubic bone and my fingers rested just over her moist slit

I drew a nipple into my mouth and sucked.

I sucked hard.

I chewed the pink tip

I bit the mass of her tit.

I was leaving marks on her.

My fingers tapped her cunt, the lips softer and very compact.

I curled a finger and found her tightness resisting.

Taking her right nipple between my teeth, I had to lie across her to reach it.

My teeth clamped down just as my finger thrust into her hot pussy and rolled side to side over the smooth inner walls.

I tapped her pee hole, another place she never thought of as especially erotic.

I slid another finger into her pussy and turned my wrist to find her g-spot.

I released my bite on her breast and watched the changes in her face as she grimaced, smiled, moaned as I patted that soft inner pad.

Her legs were roaming over my sheets, her ass almost thumping up and down as newer sensations overwhelmed her.

My fingers were awash with her fluids. My fingertips were gliding in the silky feeling juices as they pushed her to a shuddering orgasm.

Before she could recover in the slightest, or try to move I lifted her legs with her knees nearly on her boobs.

My hands on the backs of her knees and pushing her open as I looked at the now reddened puffy lips and the river of feminine nectar flowing like from a spring.

I shifted now. Kneeling with my knees touching and supporting her ass cheeks as I curled nearly double and lowered my head.

I rocked forward as my lips found the softness of her tummy.

My real goal was to slap my tits against her ass though.

I twisted a bit and one nipple glided up and over her open cunt.

I rocked and let that nipple slap her now exposed clit.

Back and forth.

Slap, slap, slap, slap.

Her clit swelled as did my nipples.

Slap, slap, slap, slap.

She writhed and begged me to do something, anything to let her cum again.

I moved back, my pink flesh covered in her newest flow of honey.

I asked her if she had ever really looked at her pussy, indeed if she had ever really looked at any pussy.

I knew the answer.

As my tongue moved I described bostancı escort her’s to her.

First, the mons, or pubis. My tongue rolled side to side. I nibbled the flesh.

Next, the outer labia. In her instance firm though starting to soften and relax, probably from her ‘exercising’ with strapons.

My tongue ran up and back on both sides of her vagina, lapping, stopping to suck some of the flesh as she rolled side to side and tried to mash my face into her by interlocking her fingers at the back of my close cropped head and pushing.

She was opening, much like the petals of a flower, only much more sensual and compelling.

Her scent was musky and rich with an almost oily texture.

Now, the inner labia. Much softer, more flexible and looser still.

Lapping I sucked one then the other inner labia into my mouth.

That was simply to relax her so my now pointed tongue could drive over the pinkish entrance to her true vagina.

A penultimate stop and my lesson could conclude.

I tapped her urethra with my tongue tip.

As I expected she released a tiny acrid drop.

The way she tried to close her knees together demonstrated her embarrassment.

Now. The final stop.

Her juices were rolling from her open vagina now.

The anatomy of her vulva nearly complete.

I now flattened my tongue and stroked her clitoris.

Long laps. My head twisting side to side as I now was unclinical.

She understood now that I needed to feel her orgasm for myself.

It was my desires that would be fulfilled when she experienced what might not have been her first orgasm without external aids, but surely the most intense.

I now rolled her clit with my tongue.

My lips sucked.

Drawing the bundle of nerve endings between my lips I felt her swell larger as my rough feeling tongue stroked.

I know how numbed she felt her clit was when I released it.

I immediately kissed, sucked, lapped and licked over her young pussy now.

She writhed, pushed against my face and humped.

She had risen almost onto her shoulders to feel the way a skilled lesbian lover made her orgasm an experience rather than just a happy feeling.

She was screaming.

She arched.

Every muscle in her body tightened and came.

She came not just for herself, but also for me.

Her body quivered for what seemed an hour or more.

I had an unfilled ache in my pussy.

I lie with her and held her.

I rained kisses over her face.

She weakly responded and we drew into a slow hot kiss which only ended when she asked if I were sufficiently recovered for her to see if the lesson were learned.

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