Tuition Time Ch. 02


This is Part II of a story was mostly written by my sister. She’s been a writer of fine poetry and short stories for years, but she was inspired to write her first erotic short story after a real life experience. She has been single all her life and a teacher for nearly 20 years (you’ll actually learn more personal details as you read her story). What she brought to me in draft awhile back was amazingly stimulating, for her supposed first venture into the erotic. For an older brother it was at first a bit embarrassing to read but by the time I had helped her edit the story and use language and phrasing she had never dreamed of using before it got rather stimulating for me to say the very least! By the way, she and I collaborated mostly on-line for this although she lives only 20 minutes away. We did not dare sit in the same room and write together, it would likely have been most embarrassing for the both of us!

So, without further aggrandizement, let me let her story entertain and hopefully arouse your senses (amongst other things) on its own merit.

(As a footnote, my sister knows I have been a Literotica fan and submitter for some time now and I introduced her to the site a few months back. She was taken in by the eroticism of the chat room feature and has admitted to an enjoyable late night or two, or three on-line there. — With all that said, she has asked that I share this story with other Lit fans. Enjoy…as I’m sure her young lover continues to enjoy her!)

A woman and younger man had met earlier in their lives and now meet again a few years later…now as more than teacher and student.

David and Reese continue to tell the story in their own words…Part 2


“So, do you cum like that all the time, David?” Shellie asked me.

“Usually,” I said modestly, “Only I don’t have to wait that long to build up that much cum.”

“Wow,” Amanda interceded. “So you didn’t have to store up that load for this show?”

My eyes fell to my crotch, where my hand was still grasping my still semi-hard cock.

“Actually, I hadn’t planned on doing anything like this tonight. I don’t usually even get completely naked for any of my shows. And besides I had a good cum this morning in the shower.”

“Are you kidding me?” Violet laughed. “How much semen does a guy like you build up everyday?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been doing this since I was 13 and have always had a lot of cum each time I do it.” I always had. I had never thought about it much myself. It was a normal occurrence to me. To these women it was obviously a lot.

“Damn, if my husband could cum like that every time, I’d be jacking him off every chance I got.” Violet added. “Oh wait. I do that anyway.” She fell back into the couch laughing hard.


All I could do was roll my eyes and shake my head at my disgusting little sister, Vi.

“Are you tired now, David?” Vi suddenly asked as she stood and walked in front of him again.

“No, not really,” he replied, as I watched him admiring the view of her breasts Vi was giving him.

“Vi, how can you be such a big tease, when you have a hunk like Mike at home?” I couldn’t help but tease myself; with a smile of course.

“What do you think David?” Jenna asked. “You came here as an underwear model and ended up being our nude male entertainment and obviously had a very pleasurable experience.” She nodded down at the globs of my cum on her cocktail table. “You have haven’t you?”

“I suppose.” David muttered.

“I think you pleased us, too. Even with half of us being married and the other half currently in lez mode,” with that last remark Jenna eyeballed me, even though there were two others in the room that could meet that description in MacKenzie and Amanda.

“Hey, I resemble that remark.” Amanda feigned being offended.

Jenna added. “I’m just saying, I’m a happily married woman and I have a wonderfully sexy man who loves to satisfy my insatiable appetite for sex. And well, you, you three…” She waved her arm by all of us.

Mackenzie chimed in, “We three what, Jen? Huh?” With that she proceeded to reach over and squeeze Amanda’s left boob.

Amanda responded in kind, reaching back and squeezing MacKenzie’s right one, “Yea, what about us, you six foot tower of heterosexual hormones you!”

The two boob grabbers started giggling and then the rest of us girls all began to laugh out loud with them.

Finally, Jenna stood and raised her hands in a ‘surrender’ posture. “Okay, okay you lesbie nipple pinchers, all I’m saying, that as for my sexual preference, I am definitely a lover of men and their equipment! I am also definitely into giving that equipment expert oral if I do say so myself.”

“I’ll second that motion!” Vi yelled out. “Truly, there is nothing better than the taste of my man’s rock hard cock in my mouth.”

I looked back toward Jenna and saw her standing with her long arms crossed under her generous bosom as she looked directly down at David’s still bobbing manhood. I swore she was licking her lips.

I couldn’t let my fellow teacher ataşehir escort friend have all the teasing fun, besides an old thought came to the forefront of my mind. “Hmm, got to ask the obvious question now, Jenna. Do you swallow?”

“Oh my gosh, Reese. What a question to ask in mixed company.” MacKenzie exclaimed with a giggle.

“If by mixed company you mean the straight married women here and us ‘other’ women then I’ll open the question to everyone, as I think I know that even us women that prefer women have sucked off a male member or two in our lifetime. Am I wrong?” With that open question I got a lot of looks back and forth across the room. Everyone knew I was bisexual, even though I had not been with a guy in over three years.

We all also thought the same thing as all our eyes fixed on the only exclusive lesbian in our little group.

“Okay, okay, I admit it. I’ve had more than a couple of hard ones in my mouth, too.” Amanda confessed.

“Do tell, my dear.” MacKenzie sat back on the couch beside Amanda.

“I haven’t since college. The first was in high school, it was Jimmy Martin. At the time I thought his was an impressively big example of a guy’s equipment. Of course, even after I realized I was purely lez, I couldn’t resist teasing the guys in college. Usually though it was after several beers. Of course, I know I never came across anything that huge.” Amanda held up her arm and with her finely manicured fingers pointed in the direction of David’s crotch.

“Well then, I sense we all have had some experience in this department. But the question for Jenna is still out there.” I reminded everyone. “So, Jenna, do you?”

Jenna replied, “If you are referring to me swallowing man-cum, yes, of course, I love to swallow. Actually I do it very regularly, just ask my husband.”

“Wow, me too!” Vi joined in. “Well, I only swallow occasionally actually. I prefer to have Jim jack off after I’ve sucked him to the point of no return and lay back to have him squirt it on my sweet spot and then rub it in. That makes me so horny!”

“Oh yea, I have always had this major dream of watching a man jack off over me!” I blurted out before I realized it. “Indeed?” I heard Mac’s voice next to me.

“Hmm, sounds like some of Reese’s old hetero side still has some coals burning deep down somewhere.” Dee commented.

“I just mean…” I tried to explain myself.

“No, no, I think we all heard you.” Mac said. “Maybe we should help finally consummate that long standing dream or rather fantasy of yours. I think we should stop wasting this young man’s time and have him get on with the show.”

David had said nothing this whole time. He stood there as the girls kept up the conversation just as if he were not there.

Well that is until his manhood started to make its presence known again.


I stood there as the girls just excitedly talked about their sex lives. Jenna turned and looked into my eyes with this very seductive look. “Looks as if you up for another round, huh stud.”

“What?” I knew my eyes must have reflected my shock at her question.

“Well, it sure looks like you want to.” The tall, long brown haired woman said as she looked down in front of me.

I looked down and realized my manhood was on the rise again. I had not realized just how excited I had been. I had not been this highly aroused in some time. Even though I had cum just over half an hour ago I knew I could do it again. I know, because I had done it many times back to back when I hadn’t even been half this excited. In fact at that moment I recalled one night just a couple years ago, lying on my bed, completely naked and desperately trying to remember every detail of Ms. Mathews’ face. She had always been my fantasy. I worked hard to get off over her that night.

And there she sat tonight. I looked over at Ms. Mathews as she was whispering something to Mackenzie. I saw her face, her beautiful face. Then she was looking at me.

Before I knew it I looked down again to find my manhood stiff and ready. “I guess that’s our answer girls.” Jenna said as she slid her hand down over my stomach and her pinky tangled in my pubic hair. I tensed, as I was indeed fully aroused again and out of somewhere I got this surge of boldness.

“But don’t you think it’s a bit unfair for me to be naked and all you women get to keep your clothes on?” The words came out surprisingly confident sounding.

“Unfair? Some of us are teachers here and one of us here actually was your teacher, big boy.” Jenna looked over at me at that and laughed. “So we are used to being listened to. And so, tough, we are in the majority here and you came here as the entertainment. Now get to stroking that big cock of yours again!”

“Please, one of you, take something off for me,” I stammered in a little less than confident tone this time.

“Tell you what,” Shellie said sexily just above a whisper, but we all could hear, “If you’ll stroke yourself for us again, I’ll take my top off.”

“Hey, I’ll do you one better, I’ll take my bra off ataşehir escort too.” Amanda said. “You’ll get to see these babies.” She said as she hefted her mighty boobs in her blouse.

“No wait, would you like to hold mine?” Vi stood up, pulled open her blouse and pushed her breasts up in her white lacy bra.

“Well, start stroking, lover,” Dee said.

Here I was, my cock still on display for these women. How many times had I thought of a scene like this since I had started this job, doing it for a bunch of women like this and here I was ready to perform more than my dance routine? I was ready to truly perform for theses ladies…again.


We all watched as David grabbed his hard cock and started masturbating once again. You could almost hear the collective sigh as all the women in the room stared at him in amazement.

“But…How can you…? You just…” Mac stuttered out, the first to voice what all of us were thinking.

David just smiled and kept pumping his hard-on. The girls on the couch let out a roar of laughter.

“This young man has control,” Vi said, leaning forward off the couch. “Watch him.”

Fascinated, I found myself totally entranced with his hard, twitching cock and leaned forward from the love seat.


It felt good to have my hand around my manhood once more, but it wasn’t as hard as before. But then I looked over at Ms. Mathews and she was leaning forward in her seat. Our eyes met and the look she gave me seemed to burn through to the fist around my cock.

It grew harder. Ms. Mathews smiled.

Ms. Mathews had been the woman that had fueled more masturbatory fantasies than I could count over the years. Even after looking at Playboy or Penthouse or even porn on my computer, I had never found anyone sexier to jerk off over than Ms. Mathews. She had always made her way back into my most erotic fantasies.

I smiled at Ms. Mathews and in seconds it seemed I was holding my cock out long and hard for only her.

“Mmmm, I think he has been inspired.” I heard Dee’s voice resonate in the room.


I looked into his eyes and saw a gaze that seemed to burn right through me. My body felt him. I felt his heat. I smiled at him. This young man stood stark naked in front of us, stroking his erect cock again.

I looked over at Mackenzie and she looked back at me. Then we both looked back toward David in amazement.

“My god, he’s awful sexy with that huge thing in his hand,” Mac whispered.

My mouth slowly opened but I couldn’t say a word. I was transfixed by this young man’s cock and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. His cock was long and hard, and he masturbated in a slow, sensuous rhythm.

“Mmmm, I think he has been inspired.” I heard Dee’s voice ring in my ears. “Do you like what you see, Reese?” I heard Mac ask teasingly.

“Oh, I guess,” I finally answered, still staring at David as he fully stroked his cock.

“Then go and get it,” she said.

“What? No, I can’t,” I protested.

“You know you want to Reese.” She commented. “Wouldn’t you love to stroke his cock for him?”

“Do me a favor,” Mac then said, “just walk over and give him a little shake at least.”

Grunting, David thrust his hips forward at that very moment, letting his cock slide through his fist. I could almost feel his strength as he pumped it up and down.

“Oooo, look Reese,” Mac teased a little louder, “he is leaking out of the tip of his big cock for you.”

David proceeded to rub a generous amount of slick pre-cum all over the head. It looked so gorgeous all glistening wet. I just stared at him, trying not to admit to myself that it was in fact turning me on. After all, I was his teacher, well used to be his teacher, but I was still twenty years older than him. I looked away, trying to distract the vision I had in my mind what I wanted to do with him. But then I heard him utter a whimper. I looked back at him and saw him lick his lips as he looked over at me. I knew at that moment we had just turned up the heat several notches.


“Wait.” I then heard Jenna’s voice boom across the quiet room, “take your hands back off your cock young man. I think I agree as to where your inspiration is coming from.”

“I know where his inspiration is coming from.” I then heard Mackenzie’s voice from across the room. I looked over at her in time to see her give Ms. Mathews a wink. “I do too. Stop stroking David.” Jenna spoke once again. “No more masturbating. At this point only Reese has the power to get you off. If you so much as spill a single drop of cum without her to help you won’t get paid tonight.”

I immediately let go of my erection. First I looked at Jenna and saw the devilish smile on her face. She nodded across the room and I followed the nod. I then looked directly into Ms. Mathews’ eyes. She was looking at me with what I imagined was a very astonished response to Jenna’s direction. But then when I saw her look down so obviously at my raging hard-on then back up into my eyes the facial emotion seemed to change. She anadolu yakası escort licked her lips and her eyes literally sparkled at me.


I looked at Jenna and then to David with what I knew had to be the most outrageous look on my face. I couldn’t believe what Jenna had just said. I was the difference in this young man getting his payment tonight. This was bordering on the ridiculous I thought. But I also found myself looking back down David’s young firm body until I saw the hard reflection of his lust straining proudly out in front of him.

Was I really his ‘inspiration’? Did Mac actually see that physical response in me? We had been together for over eight months now. Other than my own sister, she knew me best in this room.

I felt a sudden surge of heat radiate from my core when I came to the realization that maybe I was not only David’s inspiration, but he was making my body react in ways it had not in some time. He was inspiring me to feel wet in ways I had not felt wet and make my heart pound in my ears as it had not in awhile.

I looked back up into his eyes. I didn’t blink as I felt myself drawn in and peering into his alluring eyes.

As I watched his eyes I noticed his lips move. *****

“Ms. Mathews, would you?” I asked before I thought about it. But I was being honest. I did want her to come to me. I needed her to come to me.

I watched her and saw her speaking to Mackenzie but did not hear a word. I knew the other women must have been speaking too, but I was not hearing anything more than the blood pounding through my head. I closed my eyes for what I thought was only a moment, but the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and saw Ms. Mathews walking around behind me.

“Ms. Mathews, what are you doing?”

“You did ask didn’t you? Besides, I don’t want you to lose your pay,” she gave me a smile that seemed a cross between very sexy and extremely nervous. Then she stood directly behind me and I could feel the pleats on her skirt brush against my bare butt. She placed her hands on my ribs and slowly reached around to feel my chest and then stomach. She started rubbing my stomach with one hand and slid down lower with the other.

I heard the words come from my lips, but still didn’t believe I was really saying them.

***** “Ms. Mathews, please do it for me,” he begged. “Use your hands on me, please.”

I could feel my heart pounding as I realized this was not just a classroom exercise. This was for real. I was standing behind this very handsome young man and he had just asked me to give him a handjob.

So what did I do? What else…

I reached my right hand around his body and quite lightly grasped David’s penis with just my thumb and forefinger, encircling it. I could feel the heat of his organ and it throbbed as I slid my hand up toward the head. As I did so it caused a generous amount of clear pre-cum to ooze out and run down over my fingers. I quickly felt my hand get sticky as he leaked onto my fingers. I reached down further and put my whole left hand around his shaft. It was just too big around for one of my small hands though. So, I gripped him with my right just under the thick mushroom-like head.

“Oh, yes!” David groaned. “That feels so good.”

I started stroking him, slowly at first.

David had to be trying to get over the shock of meeting up with his teacher again after all these years, especially in this unusual setting and with ‘Ms. Mathews’ warm hand wrapped around his penis. At that thought, he gently pushed his hips forward so that several inches of him was extending beyond my fist.


I looked down as I watched the wonderfully soft hands of my dream teacher began to stroke my cock. She appeared very nervous at first, but before long she began to stroke it fully until her hands were flashing up and down my throbbing cock. Suddenly my mind snapped back almost eight years to Ms. Mathews’ class. I could picture all my classmates. I could picture Ms. Mathews sitting up front at her desk. Only now I was visualizing her sitting on her desk and with her skirt pulled up. She was naked underneath. I always fantasized that she never wore underwear.

My mind was reeling.

Only now, I was being given an actual handjob from the very same Ms. Mathews. And she was even more gorgeous today than she was in my memories of those years ago. I suddenly felt as if I was at the point of no return. I felt like I had only been flirted with for all these years and was now on the verge of experiencing in real life what I had only dreamed of, feelings were quickly building inside of me.

I was in need of a release.

I looked down and watched her hand moving up and down, gripping my cock ever more firmly, as she continued masturbating me. When I looked back to her face that was just off my right side, our eyes met. I felt her hand moving slower, her grip not as tight as before as she seemed to study my response to her actions.


I looked at David and was suddenly embarrassed to realize he was staring at me as I stroked his cock. But he was smiling with what looked like true pleasure as he throbbed in my hand. I was pleasing him I hoped. I had loosened my grip as he first looked at me, but I tightened it again. A gasp from David told me he was pleased. I grabbed his cock and stroked still faster this time.

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