Tom and Karen


I know that guys have a reputation for “kiss and tell”, but this is a story of how my girlfriend’s talking to her friends got me into a situation I could never have imagined.

I will start at the beginning. My girlfriend, Karen, and I met just after college, at a party that a mutual friend was throwing. We hit it off almost immediately, dancing together and talking most of the evening, exclusively with one another. I asked her if she would like to go to dinner sometime, and that started our dating life. Karen is about 5′ 4″, has bouncy red hair, just enough freckles, and a body that really turns me on – small breasts (almost never a bra!), and a tight, round ass that just begs to be grabbed – a temptation that I usually give in to. Soon after we started dating, we were running together most days, with me running the 3/4 mile from my place to hers, and then running a 5 mile loop, ending back at her place.

After one such run, she invited me up for some water, and a chance to cool down. I sat on the kitchen chair drinking my water and sweating like crazy, still. I looked at Karen, sweating, too, in her short running shorts and sports bra – her nipples now really prominent in the air-conditioned apartment.

“See something you like?” she asked, jarring me from my ogling.

“Sorry,” I stammered, embarrassed, looking back to her face, where her green eyes sparkled with delight at having caught me.

Not being shy, Karen pushed the issue, “So, I’ll ask again, did you see something you like?” As she spoke, she put down the water, and started walking toward me.

About now, my prick began to stir, as I looked into those playful eyes. Standing on her toes, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, pushing our sweaty bodies close together. With only thin nylon running shorts between us, my cock could feel her pussy grind into it, and what was a stirring was quickly becoming a full-on stiff. My hands slid down her back and grabbed her ass, adding to the crotch grind.

Karen pulled away from the kiss, “My roommate is gone for the week, and I wondered if you wanted to continue the workout?” Grinding her pussy into me emphatically, she added, “I think the answer is, yes!”

She stepped back and slipped her hands into my shorts, “These seem to be constricting you!” as she pulled them over my stiff dick and slid them over my hips and down to the floor. As she did, she lowered her head and kissed the head of my prick, which made it jump. I pulled my t-shirt off, too, as she helped me step out of my shorts.

As she stood, she looked me up and down, my lean body still very wet with sweat from our run, my hard prick bobbing up and down with every breath. I reached for her small breasts, still held tight by the jog bra, and as I touched her very erect nipples, a small gasp escaped her lips, and her hands reached for my erection. I hooked my thumbs under the edge of the bra, and slowly peeled it from her tits and up toward her shoulders. She let go of me so I could pull the spandex over her head. I dropped the fabric to the floor with my t-shirt, and she pulled the scrunchie hair band from her pony tail, and let her red hair flow to her shoulders. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her passionately, my stiff prick poking her in the belly.

Again Karen broke the kiss, and took my hand, leading me to her bedroom. She let go of my hand only to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and slowly slid the fabric over her hips, exposing her red, short and curly bush. She walked to the bed, stripping back the covers.

“Lie down!” she half-asked, half-ordered.

I did so, and she climbed on top, clamping my hard-on between us, and she kissed me again, grinding her pussy against me.

“Don’t think it too strange, but it gets me really hot that we’re both all sweaty and now I want to experience it – raw!”

With that she got up, spun herself around, straddling my chest and she buried her face in my crotch. My cock was oozing pre-come, which she eagerly lapped up.

“Oh, yes, this is so masculine! The smell of your sweat, and the scent of your juices dribbling out makes me so horny!”

She licked the length of my penis, licked my balls, ran her fingers and fingernails over me, making me twitch. Listening to her talk, and her moans made me even more horny. Looking down and seeing that delectable ass, and the red fur peeking out had me going, too.

I grabbed her thighs and pulled back to get her into a 69. Her crotch, too, was a heady mix of sweat and pussy juices, and as soon as it was in reach, I ran my tongue up and down her slit, tasting the copious fluids that were a tangible sign that she was, indeed, very turned on. When my tongue reached her clit, she shook as I kissed it for the first time, Escort Sincan and pushed herself harder into my face. This was the sweetest pussy I ever ate, even with the sweat from the jogging mixed in.

I did my best to focus on this beautiful pussy in front of me and not to get too caught up in the glorious sensations she was causing at my crotch. I slid my hands over her gorgeous ass, running my fingers over her puckered hole, an action that she seemed to like a lot, as she ground into me all the more at that point. As I played and licked, I noticed that the kissing and fondling on my prick stopped and she sat up, straddling my face, her perfect ass now right above my nose, and I focused on bringing her over the edge.

She began getting her breath in little gulps as she twitched her pussy in my face.

“Oh, god, oh, Tom, oh god, I’m gonna come, Tom!”

Her pussy was so wet that my face and chin we slippery with her juices and she rode my tongue all the more.

“Yes! Yes! Now! Now! NOW! NOW! Oh YESSSSS!” she nearly screamed as her orgasm hit. Her hips were gyrating over me, but the speed was slowing as she hit her plateau. I kept kissing her, first on her clit, then on her sweet, sweaty, sticky buns, then on her pussy lips, then her clit again, as her twitching subsided.

Eventually, she turned and faced me, laughing, “Oh my God, I really got you all wet!”, and at that she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, and licked her own juices from my face. Now, I had girlfriends who would kiss me after cunnilingus, but never one who licked my face to get her own juices from me. In hind sight, maybe that should have clued me in…

After cleaning up my face and chin, she smiled, and said, “And now, it’s your turn!”

She then straddled my crotch and started to play with my cock, which was aching for the attention it was now getting. She ran her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, and used her own juices to get me good and wet, then she proceeded to rub and stroke me with those wet hands. As I was getting good and worked up, she lowered her mouth to the head of my cock and opened her mouth so that it was just smaller than the glans, and “popped” me into her mouth, and then “popped” me out again, at which my hips came up off the bed.

“Ooh, you liked that, didn’t you, big boy?”

Karen rubbed my cock on her cheek, licked it with her tongue, slid it over her nipples and slowly stroked and jerked it, until I was writhing beneath her. She knew I was close to climax when she clamped her mouth over my head again, and then jerked and sucked my cock until I moaned loudly that I was coming.

My hips came off the bed again as my first spurt let loose, right in her mouth. She pulled me out and the next spurt went high on my chest. Then she leaned in so the next, smaller spurts went on her chin and her pretty little boobs. As my ejaculation settled into a dribble, she again clamped her mouth over me, and sucked the last into her mouth, swallowing it all.

She smiled a little smile, and then proceeded to lick the come off my chest, but this she did not swallow, but instead moved up to kiss me. Sensing my hesitation, she moved in quick, and pushed a kiss onto my lips, and her tongue into my mouth, flooding my mouth and taste buds with the sensation of my own jizz. It had all been so hot, that I couldn’t refuse it, so I eagerly kissed her back, and swallowed as fast as I could. The taste and sensation were different from anything I knew before, but it was not “bad”.

Karen broke the kiss, saying, “Mmm, now you get to clean my up, like I cleaned you up!” and she offered me her chin and neck, which had dribbles of come on them. Well, I was now initiated, so I looked for little white dribbles, and licked her chin and neck, and then rolled over her and licked her pretty nipple, which was also covered in my come. Once I had cleaned her, she grabbed my face and kissed me even harder, like her tongue was still searching for the taste of my semen.

“God, that was so hot!” I said to her. I could not believe it, but my dick was rock hard again. I had never recovered so fast in my life, but I was ready to go, and Karen knew it. As I lay on top of her, she guided my prick into her waiting pussy.

I love the sensation of a pussy opening to take my prick – the warm, wet sensation as my head first parts the labia, and slips inside. I love feeling her legs wrap around me and pulling me in. I love making love after the first come is behind me, and the urgency for release is past, and we can slowly build to the next one.

Karen, evidently, was still in the urgency phase, as she grabbed my ass, pushing me into her in a single motion.

“Now, fuck me, you stud! God, it feels so good to be full! Fuck me like a Eryaman Escort rabbit!”

Even though I was on top, Karen was moving and setting the pace, and she wanted it to be a fast one. She came twice in little “mini” orgasms that slowed her down, but only a little bit. Even though I had just come, I could feel it coming again, and I started to pull out, but she dug her nails in my ass.

“Don’t you dare pull out! I want to feel you burst inside me! I’m on the patch, so no worries!”

That was just about that. A few more strokes and I was unleashing my canon inside her. Her legs crossed behind me, she pulled me in. Her hands on my ass, she drove me into her. She shuddered, and held me so tight, I thought she might break something. I kept pushing to give her that one more big orgasm, and she slowed me down, and we kissed those deep, post orgasm kisses that say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Eventually, her grip on me eased up, and my prick softened, and I could feel myself starting to slide out. The wry smile returned to Karen’s face, and she said, “I think you’ve made a mess down there, and I think you need to clean up after yourself!”

A day earlier, my though would have been, “Yikes!, you want me to go down on you, *now*! But having been through the earlier time, I, too smiled, and said, “Of course, I wouldn’t want to cause a mess!” and I slid my way down her body, and looked at her freshly fucked pussy. Her beautiful red pubes were wet and matted, and her lips were distended and pink, and at the entrance to her pussy, little bits of white ejaculate were oozing out of the folds of her labia.

I leaned in, still with a bit of trepidation, taking in the heat, the aroma, and the sight. First, I kissed very gingerly around her pussy, where most of the taste and scent were still hers, but then I began to zero in on the opening of her pussy, where the scent grew stronger, and the heat did, too. I kissed her clit, which made her squirm. Then I ran my tongue completely down her inner lips, tasting the strong mixture of our juices. From my first taste, I knew I was hooked, and I pushed her legs apart in an attempt to open her up. As I did, I could see more of the sticky white fluid slipping out of her deeper folds, and I licked to catch it. This was the strongest scent and taste, yet, and far from turning me off, it was turning me on. I licked and licked and clamped my mouth over her opening as best I could and sucked our combined juices out. I licked around her bum and her puckered asshole, getting every bit that I could that had seeped out during our lovemaking.

The more I licked, the more turned on we both got, and she grabbed for my stiffening dick again and licked from it our combined juices. We lay on our sides in another 69, licking sucking and tasting until we both achieved yet another climax, after which I eagerly moved up to her and kissed her mouth, with another chance to taste the mixture. We lay in bed for the rest of the morning, kissing, caressing, napping. Easily, the most beautiful start of a physical relationship that I could imagine.

Not all of our lovemaking includes me “cleaning up”, but I must say that it’s one of my favorite activities. A sloppy wet pussy is a thing of beauty, and tasting it almost always get Karen off again, and on the occasion when I can’t hold back and I come too soon, I know, I mean I *know* that I can happily satisfy her, too!

Well, when I began telling you this, I mentioned Karen’s “kiss and tell” and the “trouble” it caused for me. One day, about 6 months into things, and after having moved in together, Karen had been out on a “girl’s night out” with some of her friends, and when she got home she was a little tipsy.

“My friend Julie is *very* jealous!”, she said while unbuttoning my shirt.

“Why?”, I wondered.

“Because her boyfriend will never kiss her after she sucks him off, much less do the things *you* do!”

“Oh, so you like to kiss and tell?” I said in mock anger.

“Well, after a couple of drinks the talk got a little crazy.”

“Yes, I see, and just where did the talk take you?”, I asked.

“It got me horny for you – made me want to have you come in my pussy, then eat it all back out again! And then share it with me!”

This talk was getting me horny, too, and Karen nearly threw herself at me, kissing me, and tearing at my shirt and pants.

We beat a hasty retreat to the bedroom, where clothes were left in a trail to the bed, the covers were unceremoniously thrown back and we tumbled onto the mattress. I love licking her pussy any time, and I started to go down on her, but she pushed me back and jumped on top of me, stroking my cock and looking at me with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Do not hold back,” Keçiören Escort she said, “do not delay coming! I want you to fill me up – NOW!”

With that she turned and mounted me in a reverse cowgirl stance, impaling her pussy on my cock in a single motion. From my angle I could watch her ass move up and down, and my glistening prick first appearing, then disappearing into her red haired cunt. She kept talking the whole time.

“Oh, yeah, Tom, oh, I love how your big cock fills me up! Shoot your come inside me, I want to feel you twitch and jerk as you come inside me! Please, Tom, shoot it, fill me up!”

Now, normally I pride myself on some control and I try to see that Karen comes at least once before I loose it, but between her talking, and the unbelievable view in front of me, and the sensations in my groin, I knew I was going to give her just what she was asking for, and within a minute I was blowing a big load straight up into her, yelling as I did, with her continuing to bounce on top of me.

As I watched, dribbles of white semen were slipping down my cock. Karen ground her pussy into me, groaning, and squeezing with her vaginal muscles to get all the come out of me. Then she moved herself up, off of my cock, and brought that sloppy, dripping, just-fucked pussy to my mouth.

“Now, lover, eat it! Eat our come from my pussy!”

This, I gladly did, hungrily pushing my tongue into the folds of her labia, and finding the taste of our combined juices just as intoxicating as ever.

“Oh, yes! Julie, he’s doing it! Oh, God, Tom, that feels so good! Yes, lick my pussy, lover! Umm, oh here comes a big gob!”

Sure enough as she said that, a big glob of come came slipping out and I tried in vain to lick it all up, but it went on my chin and down my neck. As I was licking, it suddenly occurred to me, “Did she say ‘Julie, he’s doing it!’? What was that about?”

As if to keep me from asking, Karen pushed her pussy harder into my face, and licked my softening cock, still wet with our juices. Between the smell of sex in my face, and the nice tongue bath my prick was getting, I sort of forgot the question, and I focused on giving Karen the orgasm she needed. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth, making her squirm and buck her hips. I ran a finger into her pussy and licked and finger-fucked her making her moan loudly.

All the while, she was also kissing and licking my cock, which was stiffening again. In hindsight, I suppose I should have wondered at the constant moaning and the fact that I was being licked and sucked, but at the time, I was way into the squishy wet pussy in my face to be thinking logically.

I could tell that Karen was getting close by her hip motion and vocals, and soon she was calling out.

“Yes Tom, yes! Oh, just like that, oh God, I’m going to come!”

Her thighs squeezed hard on my head as her orgasm came to her. Her pussy was spasming, and her hips bucking in my face and her voice became just a squeek. Somehow in, though, I was still getting a nice blowjob, and I knew I was about to come again, when it really sank in that it was *not* Karen’s mouth on my prick. I was not about to complain, as I figured Karen knew what was going on.

In seconds I could feel the my balls tighten and my hips came up off the bed and I let loose another shot of semen into, well, I was not sure just who’s mouth it was. Karen was still in her orgasmic buzz, but had begun to encourage whoever it was.

“Oh, yeah, take it! Don’t swallow it all! Oh, Tom, I just love a close up view of your cock twitching and squirting! Um, here, let me have a lick, too!”

One mouth slipped off my dick, only to be replaced by Karen’s tongue and lips, and her hands squeezing me to get that last bit of come to dribble out the end of my cock.

“Um, so delicious! Now, no hold it in there, OK, now go kiss him!”

Karen’s hips rolled off of me, and there was her friend Julie, a tall, lean black woman, wearing only a smile, with my come seeping out the corner of her mouth. As she leaned in to kiss me, a glob of come dripped from her mouth, leaving a “string”. I opened my mouth and flicked out my tongue to catch it, and she kissed me, open mouthed, so all the come came pouring into my mouth. Her tongue quickly followed and we kissed with fencing tongues, each enjoying the taste sensation swirling in our mouths.

“God, that’s so sexy!” said Karen.

“It is so cool,” said Julie, breaking our kiss. “No way would Charlie do that! He makes me brush my teeth before he will kiss me again! God, Karen when he came in you, and then licked your pussy, oh my God, I almost came just watching it!”

“Tom,” said Karen, “meet Julie, Julie, you’ve already met Tom!”

My head was spinning. Did my girlfriend really invite her friend to join us in bed, so I could kiss my own come from her friend’s mouth? Was she expecting more? Would I get to fuck this hot African-American woman and lick my creampie out of her pussy, too? That will have to wait for part 2!

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