Three’s Company

Bouncing Tits

First thing in the morning when Bob (my boyfriend) and I woke up, we discussed the possibility of having a threesome later in the day with another man. As we talked Bob played with my tits making the nipple so hard and sensitive, he slid his hand down my stomach and felt my clit and squeezed it firmly, I was ready for a quickie and Bob said lets just play and fuck in a little while, We talked about Jim and I told Bob that I really didn’t care for Jim all he wanted was a quick fuck, now Brian was a different story he took his time and you got a good fuck from him.

If it is going to be a fucking threesome I want some pleasure out of it, we agreed on Brian so Bob called him to see if he was available. When Brian answered the phone, Bob ask if he wanted to come over for a threesome, and of course his reply was hell yes, what time do I need to get there, 4:00 pm sounds good Bob said. I had taken my clothes off so Bob and I could make love before Brian got here, his hand had me hot and ready to get fucked, he always has had magic fingers.

It was about 4:00 pm when Brian arrived at our house, when the door bell rang Bob went to the door. He invited Brian in and the 2 men came into the living room where we were sitting. Brian said looks like she is about ready and Bob said she is ways read for a good fuck

We had some small talk about work and how your day had went we all agreed everything was fine and work was great. Bob went and got us a beer out of the fridge, it was good and cold, slid down my throat smooth Ankara Escort just like cum does. Held the bottle between my legs trying to keep my cunt cooled down. That was hard to do since Brian and Bob were both hunks and had big cocks. I had fucked Brian before and remember how big and hard he was. As we drank our beer Brian helped me remove my clothes, he was on one side and Bob was on the other side. Each one had a tit in there mouth,I could tell the difference they both teased the nipple in their own special way and made my cunt get so damn wet. Brian placed his hand on my cunt to see if it was wet and found out quick it was. He told Bob how wet it was and he wasn’t surprised, he knew i got wet fast and had told Brian that. After about 3 or 4 beers I was ready and willing to go, I had relaxed just enough to enjoy the threesome.

As we walked to the bedroom Brian played with my ass along the way, he didn’t want me to cool down much, he run a finger down to my ass bud and inserted his finger in my ass and that was a treat. When we got to the bedroom Brian removed his finger from my ass and the men laid down on the bed i got in the middle and rubbed on their cocks and balls, there balls were nice and big. Bob’s balls were a little bigger than Brian’s but both had more than enough. My cunt was about ready so i went and sucked on each cock and made them so damn hard,

Bob slid down to the foot of the bed on the blue silk sheets and I positioned myself at the foot of the bed Brian stood up behind Çankaya Escort me. As I took Bob’s cock in my mouth, Brian pushed his cock in my wet cunt it was so hot inside. Brian asks Bob is Mary’s cunt always that hot and he replied yes always, that is what makes it so good. Brian begin to thrust his cock in and out, this is great, seems like it gets better each time I fuck you Mary, I try to get in a lot of practice and try new things. While I had Bob’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth and he was moaning with pleasure. Brian said I am getting ready to cum, shoot that hot cum in my cunt make it feel so good I said, oh yes, just like that as he rams his cock in hard. I haven’t forgotten Bob he is being taken good care of, his cock in my mouth sucking on his balls and cock. Bob is getting ready to cum and then he shoots in my mouth, what a load fills that mouth up fast. We lay for awhile on the bed and I cuddle with Brian and then he gets up, gets dressed and says when you both are ready again let me know I sure want to be included in this again.

After Brian leaves, I make Bob clean my cum filled cunt out. We then move into the shower where Bob soaps me up with his hands sliding over my tits and circling my hard nipples then down that nice smooth back and over my firm ass cheeks then up between my thighs to soap my cunt into a soft lather, Bob’s fingers moving inside washing all of my soft cunt. He rinses me off and dries my body; he carries me to the bed, where he begins to lick and suck at my freshly Etlik Escort cleaned cunt. His tongue and lips sucking and lapping my cunt to a wonderful mouthful of my sweet juice, Bob reaches over on the night stand and grabs the 7 inch dildo and slowly slides it into my wet cunt, he pushed my legs up and back by my head as Bob attacks my ass bud thrusting his tongue in and out of my tight asshole while fucking my cunt with the dildo. He bends close to my ear and whispers do you want my hard cock in your ass sweetheart and of course she whispers back oh yes my wonderful lover. Bob then slowly pushes his cock into my ass as I let out a loud moaning sound as he slowly fucks both of your wonderful holes, we make it slow and easy after the raw sex we had with Brian. We are so into each other that we made it last an hour Mary having multiple orgasms before my cock fills her beautiful ass with hot cum. He collapsed on top of me as his cock falls out of my ass. we cuddle for awhile as we regain our strength at which point I roll Bob onto his back and place my cum filled ass over his mouth and squeeze the cum into his mouth telling him to swallow all of it then Bob puts his tongue in and licks it clean. We fall asleep with his cock buried in my cunt.

In the morning we wake up refreshed and hungry for some breakfast. Mary decides to cook breakfast and we have homemade biscuits and bacon gravy, it is delicious as always. As I sat at the table surfing the Internet, I was looking for some new fucking positions to try. Bob goes to .com and is reading and chatting. We had experimented with all the different ones and used the positions we liked best all the time. My favorite position is doggy style that cock goes in so deep in that position and I sure like that deep penetration.

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