The Toy Boy Call Boy Pt. 02

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Aunt Jane had left for work by the time that I got back to her home after my night with my first client, Kay the executive banker. I called her at work and on the phone, she implored me to give her details, to tell her how the night had gone. I stalled Aunt Jane, telling her that I would do that when next I saw her face to face. Jane wasn’t happy, but she finally accepted having to wait to hear me describe every intimate moment.

That would turn out to be two nights later because I felt that I needed to have dinner at my parents’ home that night to alleviate any suspicion they might have if I was out two nights in a row. I couldn’t afford to have them asking questions that might end up leading them to my close relationship with mum’s best friend.

When I did get to see Aunt Jane and started to tell her how well my encounter with Kay had gone, she stopped me and, to my surprise, she suggested we play-act the whole night. So I got to re-live it all over again, including the waking up in the middle of the night for more sex and Aunt Jane even got to enjoy a reprise of the quick clitoral climax that ended my night with Kay.

Aunt Jane was so impressed with how well I had performed that she began making more calls to try to get me more work. But my next escort assignment would turn out to be bizarre. I got a call from a small company run by two women and one of them, Sally, said that they were scouting to fulfil requests made by one of the world’s top pop music artist divas who was touring this country shortly.

You would recognise her name immediately, so I have had to change it for the purpose of this story. Michaela, as I will call her, turned out to be the epitome of how a dictionary would describe a nymphomaniac. Who would have known sitting in the audience at one of her concerts that this glamorous 40-year-old singer would want sex at the strangest times and in the weirdest places. But that was later. First of all, I was required to go and audition for the two young women who had been given this assignment to vet potential studs to tour with the singer during her upcoming tour of our leading cities.

I climbed some rickety old stairs in a warehouse building to find these two women who shared a one-room office. I sat down and Sally went over the details of what I would be required to do, mainly, she said, to be at the whim and the beck and call of pop diva Michaela whenever she felt the urge.

Sally began fidgeting in her chair, looking across at Bella, her associate. It turned out that she was unsure or embarrassed at how to ask me to drop my gear. Eventually Bella, who had not said a word to this point, yelled out, “Oh for God’s sakes Sally … Jamie, she wants you to drop your pants, show us what you’ve got. There are certain statistical requirements with this job.”

“Sure,” I agreed and complied quickly, unclasping the belt, unzipping the fly and casting the trousers down around my ankles. I slipped my hands into the sides of my boxers and thrust them down my legs, my half erection springing into their view. I had watched their faces while I did all this and the two of them had just stared directly at the spot where my cock would eventually appear … and now did.

The raised eyebrows seemed to indicate that they approved, although Bella naively asked, “Does it get any bigger?” I really did wonder about this one, she had short cut hair, a couple of glittery adornments in piercings around her head. She gave off the impression of butch whereas Sally was the opposite, a real honey, about 23, auburn hair, nice body, very feminine.

Sally answered for me, “I am sure it does,” almost salivating as she said it and looking up to my face for the first time in two minutes, seeking confirmation from me.

“Yes it does,” I verified, but for guys, it doesn’t just spring up. I need some mental or physical stimulation for full arousal.

“Can I … err, can I help?” offered Sally, shedding her earlier embarrassment.

“Sally!” hollered Bella at her associate, obviously ashamed at how forward her business partner was.

“Yeah, that would be great,” I responded, ignoring Bella and wondering what Sally had in mind. To my amazement, the good looking one stepped forward and took my half-mast appendage in her soft warm hand and began stroking the underside. “Aaahhh!” I sighed appreciatively and smiled at her gesture. “That will do it,” I told her.

She stroked wonderfully for only about 3 minutes, but that was all that was needed. Under her tender fondling, my cock stiffened to its full length and girth, meeting with an enthusiastic “Wow!” from Sally and raised eyebrows but nothing else from Bella.

“Get the tape,” said Sally, still hanging on to my hard-on as if letting go now might see it instantly deflate. It wouldn’t, her beauty would keep me up while I stayed in this office.

Bella reached across the desk and came up with a tape measure, handing it to Sally, who very efficiently ran the tape on my length. “My God, just on 8 inches,” video porno she informed Bella.

“Umm, big one,” was all we got in acknowledgement.

Sally then ran the tape around the girth of my cock, “Thick too, that’s the biggest we’ve seen.”

“So you’ve already auditioned a few guys?” I asked, curious about this process.

Sally giggled, “Yes we have, first time we’ve ever had a request like this. We normally just get asked by TV production companies to find particular sites to film commercials, and such like. Occasionally we have to cast actors, but never find a sex stud for a singer.”

“Always a first time,” I said.

“You have done this before?” queried Bella quickly, perhaps misinterpreting my comment about first time.

“Oh yes,” I tried to say confidently, not wanting to admit that I had only bedded two mature women to date. “Only a week ago, I was an escort and later that night, a stud, for one of the top women bankers in this country.” I gulped as I said it, recalling Aunt Jane’s advice to never identify my conquests.

“Not Kay Ballard?” asked Sally, obviously up on her knowledge of identities in the business world.

Caught out in one guess, I stumbled, but hopefully was convincing in saying, “No, not that one, she would be unattainable, she’s called the Ice Maiden.” I attempted to laugh, implying the scorn I was trying to put on her suggestion.

“Never mind,” said Sally, “just so long as you know what’s required, and how to handle these type of women.”

Sally glanced across at Bella a couple of times and the non-talkative partner glared back, “What? What is it?”

“Should I … err, you know, should I try him out?” Sally asked, seemingly seeking approval for what sounded like an interesting development to me.

“Oh, if you want … go on, get it over with,” answered Bella angrily, glaring at me.

Sally turned back to me, “We’ve been told that we have to test you guys, to make sure you’re any good with women. Would you mind … err Jamie … would you mind doing it with me?”

Not even waiting for my answer, she had backed up to the desk and had lifted her dress up to bunch it around her waist. Wow, was I in luck. If the other one had asked, I don’t know if I could have done it. But Sally, I wanted her from the minute I had walked into this tiny office. I glanced around, there was nothing to lie on, but it appeared Sally had already made up her mind where we would do it.

She eased her arse onto the edge of the desk and lay back. Bella quickly brushed a couple of stationery items off to one side so that Sally didn’t lie on them. “Do you want to take my panties off?” suggested Sally and I eagerly stepped forward, naked from the waist down and used both hands to grasp her panties at her hips and pull them down her legs.

I looked down on a beautiful shaved mound, her outer lips slightly parted, a hint of moisture already forming there.

I leaned over her, keen to kiss her. I figured this would get us both in the mood for what was to come. I didn’t like the prospect of just entering her cold. Sally looked up at me from the desk, “What?” she queried, wondering why my face was hovering over hers.

“I thought I might kiss you,” I suggested.

“No, that’s getting emotional, this is just sex so we can test you out. Just go on and do it.”

“I will never get inside you, you’re not ready,” I told her.

“I can decide that, just do it Jamie. I warn you this is part of the test.”

I suddenly realised what she was doing. Her inference was that the pop diva Michaela might want me to fuck her from a standing start, with no emotion, no passion … just wham bam, thank you mam.

My face suddenly diverted from hovering above hers to diving into the vee of her crotch. The move took Sally by surprise, “No!” she exclaimed, but too late as my tongue claimed the gap between her outer labia lips and her protestation quickly switched to an appreciative moan, “Aaahhhh!”

I swiped several strokes of my tongue up and along her now widening pubic slit. I would have liked to have worked my tongue on her emerging clitoris, but I figured that having heated her up, I must now concentrate on the task at hand to claim the job they were offering.

I raised my mouth off her intimate parts and smiled down at her before stepping closer and placing my hard rounded cock tip at her now spread pubis. I pushed my knob into the opening slot of Sally’s cunt and pushed it home. She cried out in alarm at the size of my cock-head, all the flippant bravado of a moment ago gone in that instant.

“Oh my God!” she called out, “it is big!”

I had forgotten about butch Bella quietly watching from the other side of the desk. “Are you okay, Sal?” she said with a good degree of concern.

“Yes Bel, I’ll be alright … it just took my breath away.”

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” muttered Bella.

“Yes I do, we both know you won’t,” Sally responded.

Ignoring sex izle their conversation, I prepared to solidify my position, pushing my pelvis forward and driving two full inches of my cock shaft into the lovely Sally.

“Oh hell!” said Sally quite loudly, still surprised by my size.

Now it was my turn for concern, “Are you okay, do you want me to stop?”

Sally looked back up at me with those gorgeous eyes. I realised that I didn’t want to see her hurt and I eased back a little. “No, don’t pull out, I can do this. Err, do you mind if I get Bella involved?”

‘Get Bella involved’ … for God’s sake, what was she planning? How was she intending to get the girl from the dark side involved in this?

Sally’s eyes rolled back, trying to see her partner standing behind her, “Sit on my face, Bel,” she called out.

“No!” said Bella testily, adding “Why?” as she obviously thought about it.

“I can get you off and it will take my mind off this fuckin’ mallet that’s ramming up inside me.”

This was not how I expected this to turn out and I didn’t like this darling young woman calling my proud cock a mallet. I heard a rustle of clothing and then movement beyond Sally’s head as Bella climbed onto the desk, placing her legs either side of Sally’s pretty head and lowered herself down. Bella had chosen to face me so she needed to lean forward toward me so that Sally’s lips could reach the target clitoris.

Although I would not have chosen to be making direct eye level contact with Bella while I drove the rest of my hard erection into Sally’s hot cunt, I did have a great view of Sally’s lips and tongue working out on Bella’s hair-lined furrow and the budding clit.

Bella was loud in her acknowledgement of the treatment that Sally’s mouth was bestowing on her. Sally had been right. With her attention drawn to pleasuring her business — and maybe personal – partner, Sally seemed not to care that much as I started up a rhythm of hard driving thrusts inside the lovely 23-year-old’s tight cunt.

“Kiss him, Bel,” I heard Sally mumble, her mouth full of an aroused clit.

“No,” answered Bella, obviously finding the prospect of kissing me — and maybe any other male — distasteful.

“Do it Bel, kiss him,” demanded Sally.

“You wouldn’t,” Bella reminded Sally of her earlier rejection of my kissing her.

Sally twisted her face around, a difficult manoeuvre with Bella squashing her pubis down on her partner’s willing mouth. “No, don’t stop,” Bella’s voice said tremulously, her arousal obviously well advanced.

“Then do it, kiss him,” Sally shouted from beneath the spread vee of Bella’s thighs.

Bella leaned in close to me and I obliged, leaning forward myself as our lips met. To my surprise, Bella’s mouth was open and she was a good kisser. It completed the contact of this weird three-way.

I pumped my cock hard and heavy into the receptive Sally while my lips and tongue battled with Bella, whose breathing had become ragged and loud. I figured she was getting close. Why wouldn’t she with Sally’s lips and tongue playing in her pubis?

Bella tore her mouth away from me, but not from distaste. She did it to help her breathe as she loudly proclaimed her orgasm. Seconds later, Sally too exploded loudly, cuming on the end of my hard driving cock. That only left me and I was torn between prolonging my enjoyment of Sally’s body to impress the women, or giving up to the seductive sensations of Sally’s grasping hot cunt.

I chose the latter and exploded into a pulsing throbbing climax that resulted in my cock expelling voluminous spurts of cum into the gorgeous Sally’s cunt. My hands propped my body up until I had totally completed my spasms of lust. Then I silently withdrew my cock from the young woman spread out on the desk below me.

With my withdrawal from Sally’s body, Bella too shifted and slipped off the table. Sally slowly raised herself up from the prone position and still leaning with her arse against the desk edge, said to me, “Congratulations, you got the job. I hope that you and Michaela will have a great time.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had been chosen to sexually satisfy one of the biggest pop divas and recording artists. If only I could put that on my resume.

Oh, and yes, I know you’re curious … I did ask the girls before I left. Bella is a practising lesbian while Sally is bi, and Bella’s sometime partner in bed as well as in business. Bella’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t enjoy seeing men like me pumping their thick cocks into Sally.

Chapter Four

Confirmed to be Michaela’s young man for her tour, I was amazed to find that the tour started in 3 days. They certainly had left it all to the very last minute. On the night before the first show, I was invited up to the star’s suite. It was filled with her band members and a coterie of hangers-on.

I was introduced to Michaela, but she quickly took me aside and told me, “I am pleased to bedava porno have you on board for the tour and I look forward to having you look after me.” She winked, “You know what I mean, I am sure you’ve been briefed. My minders tell me that I am unreasonable and want sex at the craziest times, but that’s just me. I hope you can oblige me. But darling, for now, you will have to leave. The people in this suite are all family, we tour together all year. I don’t combine my local hirings with my touring family.” She was steering me to the door, “Good night, I will see you on tour.”

I was out within less than five minutes of arriving. I wondered if she even knew my name, yet from tomorrow night, I would be regularly fucking her.

I turned up two hours before the show time, Michaela was finishing off her rehearsal and I sat in one of the front row seats to watch her. Wow, what a star, and to think that I would know her more intimately this night than anyone in her audience.

When she was finished rehearsing, she walked back up to the microphone, “Is that guy I met last night … is he here?”

“Yes,” I called out from down in the front row, waving my hand to her.

“Good,” she said through the mike for all in the theatre to hear, “You’re on … now! Come with me.”

I jumped up and rushed over to the stairs beside the stage. She had already turned and was heading somewhere back behind the set and the curtains. I followed as closely as I could, looking around me at the stares I was getting from the assorted stagehands and band members. Did they all know what went on with this diva? Did they know that I was the latest acquisition to the touring party … but with only one role to fill?

I turned a corner in the maze of corridors and alleyways that made up backstage at this enormous entertainment centre. “Did anybody see Michaela come this way?” I asked a group of stage crew.

One answered me, “Yeah, she’ll be back there in her trailer.”

I followed the direction that he had pointed and found myself out in the yard behind the massive building. There was a huge touring coach, but not the normal kind. This looked to be a specially designed private coach for entertainers. I climbed through the open door and up four stairs into a luxurious living area, comprising table and bench seats for about 6 with a fully stacked bar behind.

There was a man sitting at the table. I recognised her manager who I had been introduced to in her suite last night. “Hi,” I said brightly, “I’m looking for Michaela, is she in here?”

He looked up from the paperwork he was bent over at the table, “In there,” he motioned toward a corridor that led back to a closed door. “Be good for her son, she’s been a proper bitch to us all day.”

Not encouraged by his warning, I slipped down that corridor and tapped on the closed door. The manager from the front of the bus, called back to me, “She won’t answer you, just barge in.”

I tried the door … it opened. This back third of the coach was a massive bedroom with the bed taking most of the space. It was huge and plonked seductively in the middle of it was the diva, Michaela, stark naked. I don’t know what prompted me to say it, but quite flippantly, I said, “Hope you didn’t start without me.”

She just glared back at me from the bed and spread her legs a little, revealing a good looking pussy. A thin line of hair, neatly trimmed. My eyes moving out from the key attraction, I noted that this woman had a great body for 40. She obviously took care of herself. “Show me what you’ve got, honey … those mothers better have found me what I asked for.”

I began the process of getting my jeans off. When they fell down by my ankles, I turned my attention to removing my tee shirt off over my head. “Not a bad six-pack,” she critiqued from the bed.

I tugged my boxers over my semi-erection and let them fall to the floor, having stepped out of my jeans.

“Does it get stiff?” she asked sarcastically.

“Just you wait and see,” I told her, taking my cock in hand and beginning to crank it to get it bigger.

“I won’t wait too long,” she told me in true diva style, “now get over here.”

I did as she requested and dropped my knees onto the bed. She spread her legs wide apart. She appeared to be wet and ready. Had she been like this right through the rehearsal, or had she just used some KY to quicken the process?

As I moved forward on my knees, my hand jerking my cock into delivering a teardrop of my juice at my tip, I heard her tell me with authority, “I have to cum.” There it was, an ultimatum … not try to get me off, but simply put, ‘I have to cum.’ It was an order, an instruction, a command, and pity help me if I couldn’t achieve it.

I fitted my body down alongside hers and my mouth moved down over her breasts to devour first one nipple, then the other. She did moan in what sounded like pleasure. My hand slipped out over her body and my fingers dipped into the parted labia lips. She moaned again.

I devoted full attention to those breasts, they were good, but could have been silicone-enhanced. In spite of her earlier gruff exterior, Michaela did seem to be mellowing. This was becoming more like my making love to Aunt Jane or Kay.

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