The Third Date

The hot water encases her body in a warm cocoon. The candles lining the tub shimmer in the still water as she moves very slowly to enjoy the serenity of the surface. She knows what comes next. Pressing the soles of her feet and her upper back against each end of the tub, she ever so slowly arches her back. The long rounded lips of her pudendum gradually emerge from the still water like a periscope surfacing, searching for land. She loves gazing upon her glistening folds as the candlelight flickers on her lucious labia. She reaches for the razor.

She and Zach have already enjoyed two dates; tonight will be their third. And tonight, she knows, will be the night. Their first two dates had been wonderful evenings, but Zach had seemed a bit reticent to push the envelope after their last date. Oh, they had kissed, and touched a little, but he had declined her invitation into her apartment at the end of the evening. She can sense a palpable sexual undercurrent to their burgeoning relationship, and she knows that it will erupt tonight, at least if she has anything to say about it.

She oozes some lotion onto the palm of her hand and reaches down to apply it to her fleshy lips. She loves the way her labia bulges between her thighs, forming a puffy mound of flesh, divided by an intricate weave of tightly puckered skin. She admires the taut smooth skin of her belly and the gentle rise of her mons as her pubis arches out of the water and proudly displays itself in the candlelight.

She lays the razor softly on her outer lip and drags it slowly and artfully along her flesh, moving with precision and care. Each stroke makes her a little smoother. She can’t help but think that Zach’s face will be down between her thighs before the night is over; his mouth devouring her. He’ll appreciate the extra care she now takes to make herself smooth and slick. She feels a stab of desire, but resists the urge to run her fingers along her slit. She will wait to open herself later in the evening.

They had been introduced by mutual friends at a party and he had asked for her number. She was attracted to his confidence and dry sense of humor. He had an almost goofy demeanor that belied the serious intellect that lay beneath. He hadn’t become one of the more successful young lawyers in Atlanta by chance. She loved his light blue eyes, his carefully messy full head of hair and his tight wiry frame.

Their first date had been dinner and a movie – serious conversation and a little touching. He called two days later to ask her to a Braves game. They ended up at a bar and talked for two hours, their mutual attraction becoming more evident as the alcohol loosened their libidos. He had walked her to the door that night and kissed her deeply. She had felt his hardness pressed against her and had invited him in. Amazingly, he had declined – an early meeting for him the next day – but he didn’t leave before inviting her over for dinner Saturday night.

She notices the pads of her fingers are beginning to pucker and knows it’s time to get out of the tub. She slowly emerges, the water dripping off her exquisite body. She admires herself in the full length mirror. Her considerable curves are accentuated by wet skin and candlelight. Her stiff nipples punctuate her lovely full breasts and her long legs taper into a small tight triangle of downy hair at her groin. She wraps herself in a huge soft cotton towel and heads into her bedroom to dry off and get dressed.

He loves the sizzle and smell of onions as he scrapes them with his knife off the cutting board and into the frying pan. He stirs them in the butter as they brown and he thinks about the night ahead.

Eva will be coming by around six-thirty and he has devoted his morning to shopping and this afternoon to cooking. He has planned the meal around fresh wild-caught tuna that he’d purchased that morning, along with fresh salad greens, some juicy bay scallops for an appetizer, and two bottles of a nice Beaune Meurseault. He is planning to grill and dine on the deck that cantilevers off the rear of his Buckhead condo.

He’d been drawn to Eva at first sight. They had been introduced at Chad’s party and he distinctly remembered her firm grip as he shook her hand and looked into her sparkling dark brown eyes. Her chestnut brown hair was long and full and framed the delicate features of her beautiful face. She had perfect teeth, as well, and it all made for a dazzling smile. Her background of French and Lebanese descent gave her an exotic look, especially her seductive eyes.

Zach had been careful not to stare too hard, but he couldn’t resist checking out her body as they talked than evening. She stood 5′-6″, a good six inches shy of him, and had a slender body with wonderful curves where they should be. She had on a short silky skirt that showed off her tremendous legs when she sat down and moved gracefully with her nice round ass when she walked. Zach found himself fantasizing about running his hand up the inside of her smooth thighs.

Eva was the head Bostancı Escort of marketing for a regional internet company and she had the confident demeanor of a woman secure with her looks, her education and her place in the world. She was several years removed from an MBA from UCLA and had moved to Atlanta just over a year ago to take her present position. Zach was flabbergasted that she was single and, seemingly, available. He hadn’t been his usual smooth self that night inviting her on their first date. He felt like he was back in high school, preparing himself for rejection. But she had accepted enthusiastically and they settled into a nice comfort zone with one another.

They had been on two dates now, and Zach had worked hard at behaving himself and letting the sexual tension build. He was so tempted to accept her invitation to come inside on their last date, but he knew where things would go. He had felt the passion in her kiss and the way she pressed her body against his. No doubt she had felt him as well. But now he is happy he has waited, because it is going to make this night very special.

He continues to slice, dice, and sauté. He is excited knowing that she will appreciate his culinary skills, or at least his effort at such. He fights the urge to think about her, knowing he shouldn’t be daydreaming with a sharp knife in his hand. The meal he is carefully creating will cross her lips, and he can’t wait to do the same.

Eva slides her lingerie drawer open and surveys the colorful array of her delicates. She is planning to wear her “little black dress” and feels in the mood to go black all the way. Her selection of lingerie is mind numbing. It is a weakness, she knows, and she sometimes feels like she keeps Victoria’s Secret and La Perla in business. But she loves having so many choices to match her moods and situations.

Tonight calls for careful selection, because she knows that Zach will be seeing her in whatever she selects and she wants it to be just right. Her black dress is silky and clings lovingly to her body, so she knows she needs something that will slip and slide with her movements, while revealing the smooth lines of her body. She chooses a very simple high-cut black silk bikini that she knows she fills out beautifully. A matching low-cut unlined bra and she is in business. She adds a pair of sheer black stockings to her pile and smiles thinking that she’ll get to wear her new Blahniks to top off the look.

She tosses the tiny pile of undergarments onto the bed and lets the towel fall to the floor. She runs the tips of her fingers over her body, grazing her nipples as they stiffen. God, she is so damn horny and ready to fuck. She has a feeling Zach is in the same state.

She picks up her skimpy little panties and steps into them gingerly. Pulling them up over her slim thighs, she arranges what little fabric there is to encase her cute little pubis. Next she attaches her bra in front, spins it around her chest and tucks her soft boobs into the cups. The silky fabric hugs her breasts and creates a wonderful cleavage. She loves the way her upper breasts jiggle seductively when she wears this particular bra.

She pulls on her stockings and finally dons her dress. The satin material lays beautifully on her curves and the long flowing skirt comes just below her knees. She slides her delicate feet into her high black heels and connects the straps across her slender ankles. She always feels incredibly sexy in these particular heels. Standing, she looks into the mirror and smiles.

“This will do,” she thinks to herself. Zach is going to be in for some big trouble tonight. She sashays off to the bathroom to do make-up and find the perfect perfume.

Zach’s blood pressure rises as he looks at his watch. Eva is coming in less than half an hour and he still hasn’t showered. He bolts to his room, sheds his clothes, and hops into the shower. He makes quick work of things: shampoos, shaves and washes, and gets out of the shower ready for bear. He puts on his soft linen trousers, black silk shirt and dons a pair of sandals. A little cologne at his neck and his groin, a quick brush through his hair and a brief look in the mirror tells him he’s ready before he heads back to the kitchen.

He makes the final arrangements, sets the table out on the deck and puts on some soothing jazz. Just as the sound starts wafting through the speakers, the doorbell rings. His pulse races as he opens the door and there she stands. Eva looks radiant, incredibly sexy and has a huge smile on her face. He embraces her and detects a hint of jasmine. Her body presses against his and he can feel the fullness of her breasts crushed against his chest. He pulls back and looks into her eyes while holding her smooth upper arms.

“Wow. You look absolutely ravishing,” Zach says in awe. He looks at the tight dress clinging to her wonderful body, her luxuriant chestnut brown hair and the sexy strapped high heels. He can’t help but look her up and down and Eva smiles, not Ümraniye Escort minding the ogling and compliment one bit.

“Thanks, Zach. You don’t look so bad yourself.”

Eva slides her arms around Zach’s neck again and feels the taut muscles of his shoulders. He smells freshly showered and she wants to just nuzzle into his neck and forget about dinner. But she behaves herself and follows Zach through his condo. She is impressed with the décor, masculine, but studied. Nice colors, cool lighting and not too overdone. It’s clean, but not obsessively so, and she nods her approval.

“I like what you’ve done with the place, Zach. How long have you been here?”

“Thanks. About a year. Bought it last spring. It’s got a great location and, check this out.”

He leads her through the kitchen and out onto the deck. The grade behind the condo drops off precipitously toward a ravine and the deck cantilevers out into the trees. High lattice fences on either side give it total privacy. Eva feels like she’s up in a tree house.

“This deck is worth the price of admission alone,” Zach says. “How about a glass of wine?”

Eva nods and looks around while Zach picks a chilled white out of the ice bucket and pours a glass for each of them. She takes the slender stemmed crystal glass and they tap their glasses together softly.

“To tonight,” Zach toasts. Eva smiles and takes a sip. “Tonight,” she responds. She takes another sip. Lovely stuff.

As the wine settles in nicely they get comfortable and converse while Zach starts the grill. Eva is seated with her legs crossed and her long lean thighs are on full display. Zach keeps sneaking glances while they talk and he begins grilling the scallops. Eva is doing her own surveillance and admiring Zach’s lean frame and tight butt. She takes another sip of wine.

The evening progresses smoothly as the sun drops behind the trees and dusk settles in. The tuna is succulent and rare, perfectly pink and tender. Their conversation is lively, and they both eye one another with the thought that this is going to be a very special and very hot evening.

Zach excuses himself to get dessert. He picks up the dirty dishes and heads into the kitchen. Eva watches his tall frame stride into the apartment and decides she’s had enough verbal foreplay for one night. She gets up from her chair and enters the kitchen. Zach is at the sink. She walks up quietly behind him and puts her arms around his chest. She cups his pecs and presses her groin against his ass.

“Thanks for dinner, Zach. That was marvelous.”

Zach stays facing the sink, hands on the edge of the counter, while Eva caresses his chest. Her hands wander slowly down his stomach and reach his belt buckle. With great expertise she unbuckles his belt and slides it out of his pants, throwing it onto the counter. The nearness of her body and her hands moving on his make Zach’s cock thicken in his pants. Eva senses it, but resists grabbing it, as much as she wants to. She will get there soon enough.

She reaches back up his chest and undoes the top button of his silk shirt, then the next, and slowly unbuttons his shirt, lingering on the last button, her hands only inches from his raging hard-on. She pulls the shirt off his shoulders and throws it onto the counter with the belt. She runs her hands over his muscular back and admires his taut physique.

Zach loves the way she is teasing him. He closes his eyes and enjoys her tender, yet firm touch. He feels her kissing his back as she runs her hands over his buttocks. His cock is fully erect and creating a huge tent in his pleated linen slacks. But he’s still turned away from Eva and so far she hasn’t touched him down there. He wants to grab her hand, but he takes a deep breath and enjoys her slow seduction. He hears her grab a chair next to the kitchen table and place it right behind him.

“Turn around,” she whispers.

His fully engorged cock is seriously stretching his trousers as he turns and leans his ass against the counter. Eva is seated now and her eyes open in astonishment as she sees Zach complete his turn.

“Oh my. What do we have here?” she says with a wicked smile. “Someone looks awfully excited. We might just have to do something about this.”

She leans down and unhooks his sandals. Then she looks up into Zach’s eyes as she sits up straight and unclasps his pants and slowly, slowly, unzips his fly. He is not wearing underwear, so she unzips carefully as his huge member strains forward. His pants drop to the floor and he pushes them aside. He is now stark naked and fully erect in front of her.

She pulls the chair in close, places her hands on the front of his thighs and leans in to give the tip of his cock a light, wet kiss. Zach catches his breath. Eva looks at his stiff cock and licks her lips. He’s a little bigger and thicker than she’d imagined. And his cock is ramrod straight and jutting from his body at a very nice angle. The crown of his penis is large and round and it appears Anadolu Yakası Escort that he shaves and grooms himself carefully.

“You’ve got a very nice dick, Zach. I don’t know what you had planned for dessert, but this looks good to me,” she says with a wicked smile.

She cups both hands under his low-hanging balls, lifts his cock up and slips it into her wet and waiting mouth. It’s warm and smooth, but rock hard under the thin ridged skin. She absorbs half of the length with her full lips and feels Zach suck in his breath. She kneads his balls gently and slowly disengorges his cock, letting it fall from her mouth. She holds it aloft and kisses her way down the shaft, all the while looking into his eyes.

“Fuck, Eva. That feels so damn good,” he exclaims.

She slips off the chair and onto her knees, holding his cock aloft in one hand while she uses the other to guide one of his huge balls into her mouth. She licks and sucks and smothers attention on his sac, first one, then the other, pulling the entire ball sac into her willing mouth as she makes warm sucking sounds. The feeling is exhilarating; warm, wet and wonderful. Zach loves to have his balls licked and sucked and Eva can tell that her attention to his sac is meeting with rave reviews.

“You like that, baby?” she asks in a soft voice.

“Oh, yeah. Keep sucking.”

Eva moans softly as she sucks and licks some more. She works her way slowly back up his thick shaft, enjoying the nuances of veins and the long thick sensitive ridge on the underside of his rigid flesh. She sits back in the chair again and gently guides his cock back to her hungry mouth, maintaining intense eye contact as she begins to suck his cock – back and forth, in and out. She lets his cock slip out of her mouth and spits saliva onto his cock and goes back to sucking in earnest.

She gags slightly as she goes deeper and Zach can’t stop watching the incredible sight of his cock stretching Eva’s full lips. No teeth, just smooth, slick lips and mouth. She moans quietly as she sucks and the vibration of her vocal chords adds a deeper dimension to her oral assault. She keeps taking him a little deeper, a little harder and a little faster. Zach begins to feel like he may unload in her mouth and he’s not sure she’s ready for that.

“Eva, you’re gonna make me come, baby. You should stop.”

She lets his cock slide seductively out of her mouth.

“I want you to come in my mouth, Zach. I want to taste you. Come for me. Fuck my mouth.”

She now begins to slide his dick in and out of her mouth with a hungry abandon. Zach can’t resist the sight of watching her suck his cock, taking him deep. His beloved cock slides in and out of this beautiful woman’s face; stretching her gorgeous full lips. She keeps trying to take him deeper, but she gags each time. She maintains eye contact and as they gaze into each other’s eyes, Zach feels the familiar feeling welling up in his groin. This is going to be a monster explosion; he is so turned on.

As he nears the brink he feels one of her hands leave his balls and reach down between his legs. He feels her stroking his anal opening and then suddenly feels her finger slowly slide deep into his anus. As she sucks madly she also begins to stroke his prostate. Zach can’t believe the combination of feelings suddenly streaming through his lower body. He begins to convulse.

“Oh fuck Eva! Here I come, baby!”

And with that he unleashes a huge spurt of semen, followed by another, and then another, deep into her throat. She keeps sucking and pulling and kneading like she can’t get enough of his cock or his cum. He is shaking with an orgasmic convulsion and his erratic breathing gradually begins to slow and normalize.

“Oh, Eva, baby. That was incredible. Where did you learn to do that? You are so fucking hot.”

Eva giggles and lets some of Zach’s cum drip out of her mouth and down onto the top of her bulging cleavage. She keeps sucking a bit longer and seems totally absorbed in licking and sucking on his semen.

“Let’s just say I learned it here and there,” she grins. “I love cum, baby. It’s something you should know about me. I’m a bad girl.”

Zach laughs and strokes her beautiful full head of hair.

“You are a bad girl, Eva. Very bad.”

Eva stands up and moves back a few steps and begins to sway to the music, closing her eyes and reaching her hands above her head. Zach’s cock is still spasming and he sees drops of his semen sitting atop her luscious breasts. It’s time for him to take the lead.

“One good turn deserves another. Turn around, baby, and hold the counter,” he commands.

Eva turns, grabs the counter and sticks out her sweet round ass toward Zach.

“What are you going to do to me, Zach?” she asks in a sultry voice.

“Well, if you’re talking about later tonight I’m going to fuck you like you haven’t been fucked in a long time, very deep and very hard,” he croons.

“Ooooh. I can’t wait to have your big cock inside me, fucking me.”

“But if you’re talking about what I’m going to do to you in the next half hour, well, I’m going to slowly undress you, find out what kind of sexy lingerie you put on for me tonight. I’ll wager whatever little panties you wore tonight are soaking wet right now,” Zach seethes.

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