The Sweetest Dreams


This story is entirely fictional and all parties are over 18. I hope you “enjoy” this story. Constructive feedback is helpful as I’m new to writing things like this.


I had just come home from my freshman year of college to spend the summer with my parents. My boyfriend & I had broken up a few weeks before and I was still kind of feeling the effects of being alone so it was nice to have people around. At nineteen, you’d think I’d be more independent but I had always been shy, even when I was little. I was way more introvert than extrovert but at least I knew how to have a good time when I was with my friends. I’ve always been called “moderately attractive” which I guess is ok? I know I’m short at only 5’4″ but I do a lot of yoga and I keep my hair nicely. I’m built like my mom but everyone says I don’t look like either of my parents in the face which I’ve been told is “pretty” but then I blush.

I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast one morning when my mom came downstairs looking like she was about to make the walk of shame. Her hair was all crazy and she was walking a little funny.

“Little too much to drink last night?” I asked even though I knew she’d only had a glass or two of wine at dinner.

“Sure. We’ll go with that.” she replied. There was no way I was going to let that one go.

“Seriously, what’s with the hair?” I asked.

“Give me a break, I just woke up.” I could tell she was dodging the question.

“Are you going to make me guess?”

“You can blame your father.” she said.

“I’m about to hear more than I want aren’t I?” I replied.

“Don’t ask if you don’t want to know.” she said with a little smirk. “Let’s just say last night was a little more than usual for your Dad & I.” and there it was. Too much information.

“I didn’t realize you & he were still so… active.” I said.

“Neither does he.” she said as she stirred the coffee she’d been trying to make for the last few minutes.

“Wait… What? How does that work?” I asked.

“Your Dad has a kind of a nighttime thing.” she said, unsure how to tell me the rest. “You know how some people sleep walk?” she continued. “Yeah, I guess so.” I said but it was almost more of a question as I tried to understand where she was going with this.

“Well… He sleep… fucks? I guess is how you’d say it?” she kind of laughed at the idea of telling me this. I was shocked.

“He’s done it for as long as I’ve known him. It’s why we never let you sleep in our bed when you were little and had a nightmare. It was WAY too risky. I always came back to your room with you.” I guess she decided she had already let the cat out of the bag so why stop there? This was crazy.

“Have you ever tried to wake him up?” I asked.

“A few times. It never really works. He’s pretty out.” she replied.

“So it’s like an every night kind of thing?” I asked, now more curious than I probably should have been.

“Mostly. I get a break sometimes. I can’t really complain though. I’m incredibly satisfied.” she said as she tried to hide her grin by sipping from her coffee mug.

“Whoa! Um, ok then. I’ll just be going now back up to room thank you very much.” and I jumped up and ran out of the room hoping she didn’t notice the small wet spot in the crotch of my grey leggings. I’d have to take care of that after I locked my door.

The rest of the day really felt weird. I couldn’t look at my Dad the same way and I think he noticed I was kind of avoiding him. I just didn’t know why what Mom had told me made me feel the way I did. I should have been really grossed out and not… turned on. I had never really thought about my parents like that and more importantly, how the hell had I never heard them in the other room? I’m kind of a deep sleeper just like my Dad. Oh God. Do I do it too?

A few weeks later, I had almost forgotten about my Mom’s story but I still couldn’t shake how weird I was feeling personally. That was when Mom told me she was gaziantep escort telefonları going out of town for a few days to see my Aunt in Chicago. A thought hit me.

“Mom?” I asked. “Yeah, honey?” she replied. I hesitantly asked “What does Dad do when you’re not here?”

“What do you mean sweetheart?”

“You know… At night.”

“Oh, right. I forgot I told you. Honestly, I don’t know. I set up a camera one time to prove to him that he did it when he didn’t believe me but I’ve never filmed him while I was gone.” she explained.

“You filmed yourself?” For some reason, I couldn’t believe this part more than the other part.

“Yeah, it was kind of kinky. He made me delete the video after we watched it together.” and there was another smirk. My Mom was frisky and I somehow had never seen this side of her. We usually talk about everything but this was new territory.

Ever since Mom had told me about Dad, I had developed this weird… I guess I’d call it a tingling kind of feeling? Like I was always incredibly horny and never fully satisfied it. I didn’t know what it was. My Dad was an attractive guy and I’ve always thought older guys were really sexy but I still was thinking about their night time ritual more than my Dad himself. Why did this whole thing make me so horny? It was like I just couldn’t masturbate enough. Then I got an idea. I wasn’t proud of it but once I had it, I couldn’t let it go.

Mom put her suitcase in the trunk and kissed me goodbye while Dad waited in the car. When he got back from dropping her off at the airport, he asked if I wanted to grab lunch so I said sure. We had a great lunch, caught a movie that afternoon, followed by a quick dinner and then we went home. It was actually a really nice day. I didn’t hang out with my Dad much but when we did, I always enjoyed it.

After we watched some TV in the living room, he said he was going to bed and I instantly got an image in my head of what he’d do without Mom in bed. I assumed it involved a pillow.

I waited until I figured he was asleep and parked myself in the hall outside his room. I thought I might have to stay up all night but I wanted to hear and maybe even see what he’d do. After a few hours, I was starting to drift when I heard him call out Mom’s name. Not too loud but just enough that I thought he might have been awake. I put my ear to the door and I started to hear the bed moving. He was going to use the mattress to take care of himself I guess. I had to see so I quietly cracked open the door and there he was. Going at it bare-ass with the bed.I watched him the whole time until he finished. I took care of myself at the same time standing right there in the hallway and I wasn’t sure about how I felt when we both came at the same time.

The next morning, Dad brought his sheets to the laundry room and I almost laughed but then was quickly distracted by the memory of what I saw. It was amazing. I knew I was going to watch him again tonight. I might even watch him and Mom together when she gets back.

After a fairly quiet day, I was dying for him to say he was going to bed. When he finally did, I took my place in the hallway to wait until he started. When I heard him call my Mom’s name, something came over me. I could hear him getting wound up but when I cracked the door, he hadn’t started yet. He was just tossing and turning a bit. It was like I was watching myself take off my own shirt. Then I felt my pants fall. Then my bra and finally, my panties. I just left them there in the hallway and stood in the doorway completely naked. I had turned off the hallway light so the only light was from a few electronic devices in their bedroom. I thought I was about to reach my hand down and start touching myself but then I took a step forward.

I quietly opened the door all the way and stepped inside. Dad was completely asleep but was starting to really move around in the bed. He had already escort gaziantep telefonları kicked off most of the sheets and saw that he was completely naked. The only sound in the room was his skin against the sheets and his heavy breathing mixed with sporadic gentle moans from his lips. I couldn’t hear any of this over the sound of my heart pounding relentlessly in my ears. My skin felt hot and I was trembling everywhere but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the strength to stop walking toward the bed.

My Dad rolled over on his back and I got my first real look at his cock. Maybe eight or nine inches and thick enough that it might hurt in the best possible way. My eyes kept shifting between the beautiful thing between his legs to his eyes to make sure he really was asleep, all the while stepping closer and closer. I came up on my Mom’s side of the bed and as quietly as I could, slid myself into her spot. I could feel the indentation from years of her sleeping there. I had never been in my parents bed and now I knew why. Now, I was exactly where I wanted to be and waiting for the next moment. I knew it was coming soon but still couldn’t wait. I just laid there trying to control my heart and my breathing sure that my heartbeat was so loud, it would wake him up. Then he called my Mother’s name.

A moment later, he turned from one side to the other so that he was now facing me, close enough that I could feel his breath on my neck as his arm reached over and his hand landed almost on my breast. It was now or never. I had to either get out of the bed or go through with this. I had no choice. I knew what I wanted.

His hand began to move across my chest to find my right breast and it probably would have felt nice if it weren’t so forceful. I guess his nightly activities were more based on instinct than anything else so it made sense that he’d move in that almost primal way. His hand felt my breast for a moment before his lips found my shoulder. He started kissing it all over and moving himself to be able to kiss my arms, then across to my breast. When his lips found my nipple, I gasped and instantly became worried that I’d wake him up. Then I remembered Mom said she had tried but he was just too deep of a sleeper. I tried to relax and just enjoy what he was about to do to me. I wanted all of it.

His lips moved across my chest as he repositioned his body, almost crawling over me as I laid still on the bed. It took a few moments in his deeply sleeping state to get on top of me and his knee almost hurt my leg but I moved it just in time. He smelled incredible. He smelled like my Daddy. I’ve always loved that smell and now I lusted after it. I wanted to breath him in for the rest of my life.

His lips found my lips with as much force as his hand found my breast. It took my breath away as I gave my lips to him. It wasn’t long before I gave my tongue to him as he gave me his. It was amazing. I had never been with such a good kisser.

As we kissed in ways I’ll never forget, he used his knees and feet to spread my legs which had been held close together from nervousness. He pried them open with his own and lowered his weight onto me. He was maybe 180 pounds of lean grown man after a lifetime of good diet and exercise. I gave in under his mass. A second later, I felt his penis, rock hard and ready to go, press against my leg, seeking where it wanted to go and it wasn’t far. My pussy was soaked already and I was aching for this to happen. I opened my legs wide and moved my hips to help his beautiful cock find its target. He found it. His cock touched my pussy and I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to pull him in. When his penis had spread my pussy lips just enough, he thrust in one fluid motion and was deep inside me. I almost cried from a combination of pain and primal lust. It hurt but I still wanted him deeper. I used my legs to pull him in as much as I could before he started pulling gaziantep escort bayan telefonları out.

He pulled halfway out and then thrust again. This was not going to be gentle. I almost screamed from both pleasure and discomfort as I had never had anything that big in me. None of my boyfriends or my toys were that size and I could see why my Mom couldn’t complain. Thank God she was out of town. I’d have to find more ways to make her leave overnight.

My father was now pushing himself deep inside me and pulling out at a pace that was going to make me cum really really soon. I tried to grit my teeth and be as quiet as possible as the most intense orgasm of my life washed over me and I came hard on his cock and bit my lip so hard, it was probably bleeding. I may have squirted on the bed and would need to clean that up before he noticed tomorrow. Almost a minute later, I couldn’t believe I was about to cum all over again and then I saw his face. The one thing I had forgotten to do was put a condom on him. It had all happened very fast and I wasn’t thinking straight but I knew if he didn’t stop, he’d cum in me and it looked like it’d be a lot. I was on the pill but I was never very good at remembering to take it so I could only hope. He was pumping in and out and I was almost to my second orgasm when I noticed his balls were tightening up and bumping my ass a little higher than they had been before. His face was contorting and his breathing was getting heavier and heavier. In that moment, I went from nervous to very quickly desiring nothing more than his cum inside me. I wanted him to fill me to the point that it would leak out of me for weeks. I wanted to taste it in the back of my throat as it filled my entire body. Softly enough that I wouldn’t wake him, I whispered “Daddy” then I looked at his closed eyes and said “Cum in me.”

On command, he let out a primal yell as he shot wave after wave of cum into me while the orgasmic pulses of my pussy milked him for everything that he had. We did this for almost a minute while his orgasm subsided but his penis was still hard. I could see him starting to drift back into a sleeping state and so I gently nudged him to roll over back onto his back while I tried to keep his cock in me as long as possible. I rolled with him and straddled him (well, more of a hover so my weight wouldn’t wake him) and waited for his penis to soften its way out of me. I waited a few moments but when he fell back to sleep and was still hard and deep inside me, I started moving again. Up and down on his incredible cock and watched to make sure he wouldn’t wake up. I just needed a little more. I could feel his cum dripping out of me around his cock and onto his balls and I thought he was starting to go soft so I gently raised myself off of him and back onto the bed. I could see that a lot of his cum had dripped out and he had a sort of puddle on his dick and balls.

I thought it might be a good idea to try to clean at least some of this up so I slowly moved my head down to his dick and decided to taste his cum. One lick was all it took and I knew I was about to swallow every drop of it I could find. I had to. I licked everywhere and the taste was intoxicating. I would drink gallons of him if I could. While I tried to “clean him up,” I noticed he was getting hard again but he wasn’t doing his sleep-moving thing. I thought it might be smarter to wait for another time in case doing something now would wake him. Maybe he needed to initiate things in his own way.

I pulled the sheet back over him, snuck quietly out of the room, closed the bedroom door, grabbed my clothes and ran back to my room. I fell on my back on the bed elated, smiling, and trembling. What the hell had I done? I didn’t know but what I did know was that I was going to do that every chance I got.

I reached my hand down to my pussy and noticed a little more of my Dad’s cum dripping out of me. I scooped it up with my fingers, brought to my mouth and swallowed it. I knew at that point, I’d be listening at his door any time my Mom was out of town and I’d be coming home from college as much as I could. Maybe Daddy could even come and visit me.

The next morning, he came downstairs just like every morning and walked up and kissed me on the head when he said “Good morning sweetheart.”

Little did he know, I still had some of his cum in my pussy and I’d be getting more every night until Mom came home.

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