The Start of Something Great Ch. 02

Later that day I watched as Joan shaved Ruby’s pussy smooth. Then the two women laid me down and shaved my cock and balls completely smooth. As they were doing that, I told them my idea for our tattoos.

I told them that we will have hearts with the following written in them:

Ruby will have “Hers and His”

Joan will have “His and Hers”

And I will have “Theirs”

They laughed but thought it would be perfect. Ruby said she knew someone who would do it and will make an appointment when we got back.

After breakfast we took a stroll around the resort.

I told them that we will look for a place as soon as we got back. All chores would be shared evenly as well as the expenses. The dress code will be whatever we want to wear in the apartment. Sex will be available but a no will mean no.

Joan said that on any trips and happenings at the resort will stay at the resort. There will be no jealousy.

Lastly, if someone wants to invite someone over for sex, they could but the others could watch.

Everyone agreed.

Ruby said she was going to join the resort as soon as they got back from the walk.

We finished the walk and Joan and I headed to the cabin and Ruby signed up for her membership and then joined us.

We had marathon sex for a couple of hours before we had to check out.

When we left, Joan went in Ruby’s car and I drove back alone.

It was late when we got home and we all went to our own place for the night as the next day was work.

Over the course of the next month, we found a three bedroom apartment, signed a lease and we all moved in.

Two of the bedrooms were the same size and Ruby and Joan took them. I took the smaller bedroom.

After a couple of weeks we got into a routine and it worked out fine. We made a point for all three of us to visit the nudist resort monthly and Ruby and Joan would go as often as possible. This was beginning to be like paradise.

That night we went out to the restaurant on Cherry Street. We must have gone through two bottles of wine when some sex talk got things going.

Joan said that Ruby was insatiable in bed. Ruby turned beet red and we all laughed.

Ruby said that she was going to teach Joan how to squirt when she came.

Ruby said the tattoo artist was coming over tomorrow to put our tattoos on and that we all have to be smooth.

We finished off a third bottle of wine and walked home.

As soon as we got inside, our clothes came off and we started pawing each other.

I led the Pendik Escort two women to Joan’s bedroom. The three of us got on the bed and we started feeling each other up. I let the two women have their way with each other as I watched and played with my hard cock.

Then I saw Joan straddle Ruby and place her pussy in front of Joan’s mouth. I watched as Joan started oozing her pee into Ruby’s open mouth, little by little. In no time at all, Joan emptied her bladder into Ruby’s mouth.

Then Ruby mounted Joan and pushed her pussy flush up against Joan’s waiting mouth. I could see Ruby’s pee flowing from her right into Joan’s open mouth who drank it all down.

I joined the two of them on the bed and knelt in front of them. My cock was rock hard now as I was jerking it off.

I told the women I was going to shoot my cum on their faces and right after that they were each going to drink my pee.

They both nodded an ok and laid on their backs in front of me, ready for their cum facial.

After a few more strokes, my cum exploded all over their faces. As soon as I was finished, I had to pee. I held my cock in front of their mouths and my hot stream of pee poured out and into Ruby’s mouth. I held some back and gave the rest to Joan.

This was the first time I ever experienced a water sport and loved it.

After that, we showered and the three of us fucked the night away in Joan’s bed.

I got up early and made coffee. When I went to get the women, they were humping each other and I watched until they had their orgasms. Then I applauded their performance.

I reminded them that the tattoo artist would be here soon and we had to get ready.

The three of us made sure our areas were smooth and ready.

Soon, the bell rang and the tattoo artist arrived. I was surprised that it was a young woman. She looked like a teenager, a very well built one.

We welcomed her in and Ruby introduced her to me and Joan. Her name was Cheryl and she was 18 years old.

Ruby asked if everyone was ready and Cheryl said she was. We went into Ruby’s bedroom and got undressed from the waist down.

Ruby went first and removed her thong. She laid down on the bed with her bare pussy showing.

We explained what we wanted and Cheryl started her work on Ruby. The tattoo was to be on the left side of Ruby’s pussy.

Cheryl started and wrote the words first then encased them in a heart. It took over an hour and it looked beautiful. Then Cheryl said she had an idea for another tattoo. Kurtköy Escort She asked if the women would like a black cat on the other side of their pussy. She said she wouldn’t charge them.

The women said they would like that and Cheryl tattooed a nice black pussycat on Ruby’s pussy.

It was Joan’s turn next and she got on the bed like Ruby did and let Cheryl work on the tattoo. I noticed that Cheryl was taking more time with Joan than she did with Ruby. I also noticed that Cheryl’s left hand was ever so gently rubbing Joan’s pussy. I am sure I saw Cheryl slip a finger in Joan’s pussy and watched as Joan moved her hips upward and smiled but never said a word. After a long time, Cheryl finished both tattoos on Joan.

After the women had their tattoos done, it was my turn.

I laid on the bed and bared my smooth cock and balls to Cheryl.

As she started, my cock started to swell. Cheryl looked at me an smiled and said it was ok and it shouldn’t get in the way.

As she was working on me, she asked if I would like another tattoo, free of charge.

I asked what she had in mind, as did Joan and Ruby. Cheryl said that a rooster tattoo would look nice and send a message.

I asked her where she would put it and she said she could put a nice red one on the side of my balls or opposite the heart, next to my cock.

As I laid there with my cock straight up, I asked the women’s opinion.

They asked Cheryl her thoughts and she said that a nice red rooster would look great opposite the heart.

We finally agreed to put a red rooster opposite the heart.

Cheryl took her time and started to put a nice red rooster on the opposite side of the heart.

Then, without saying a word, Cheryl started handling my cock. We all looked at her and she just said that my hard cock was going to interfere with the tattoo so it had to be soft and the only way to do that was to jerk it off.

Joan and Ruby watched as Cheryl started jerking my cock off. It didn’t take long before the young woman had me ready to cum.

I told her I was cumming and without batting an eye she leaned her mouth over my cock and let me cum in her mouth. She said she did that to make sure nothing got on the tattoo she had done.

After my cock was soft, Cheryl continued her work and when she finished her work and it looked terrific.

She made us all stand together so she could take pictures for her portfolio.

She said she would send us the pictures and thanked us for being good clients.

We Maltepe Escort thanked her and paid her and invited her to come back anytime. She smiled and thanked us.

When she was gone, we admired her work and the women loved my red rooster. I told the women that I can’t wait to go to the resort to show ourselves off and to let everyone know we are a threesome.

After a couple of days the swelling went down from the tattoos and they looked terrific.

Ruby got a call from Cheryl asking if she could come over to see the finished products. She told her she could. Ruby told us she was coming over to see her completed work.

Within an hour, Cheryl arrived. Ruby was the first to show Cheryl her tattoos and Cheryl said they looked perfect and ran her hand over Ruby’s smooth pussy and gave it a kiss.

Joan was next and Cheryl said her tattoos were perfect too and ran her hand over Joan’s smooth pussy but somehow managed to slip her pinky in Joan’s pussy. Joan jumped a little and Cheryl apologized.

Joan told her it was ok and not to think about it since it felt good.

As I was busy, Cheryl asked the women if they cared to see her body tattoos. The women quickly said they would and in a second, Cheryl’s tattooed body was visible to the women. They were surprised that Cheryl’s pussy didn’t have any tattoo.

They admired the work done on her body and both women started to feel her nakedness.

By the time I was ready for Cheryl to see my tattoos, I found the three women naked on the bed playing with each other.

I was surprised to see Joan and Ruby on each side of Cheryl sucking on her nipples with Joan’s fingers in Cheryl’s cunt.

I know they saw me but they didn’t care. I watched them for almost an hour before all three had their orgasms.

Cheryl quickly got up and put her clothes on and wanted to leave as Joan and Ruby just laid in bed with their legs spread and big smiles.

I told Cheryl not to go and that I wanted to talk to her. She said ok and we sat down away from the women.

I told her she was a beautiful young woman. I explained the situation with Ruby and Joan. She said she figured as much from the tattoos.

I asked her if she would be interested in joining us at the nudist resort sometime. She said she was never to one but would go.

I also told her that the relationship Joan and Ruby and myself have is mutual respect and friendship with free sex.

Cheryl said she understood all that and has enjoyed Ruby before and thinks Joan is terrific. She also said that she enjoyed playing with my cock and having me cum in her mouth.

I told her I would speak to the women. I also told her we were going to spend this weekend at the resort if she wanted to join us. She said she would.

Look for Chapter 3

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