The Sleepover_(13)


I’m Mathew. I’m an average 14-year-old boy, a little on the tall side, and live in Sydney, Australia. I go to an all – boy’s school, so I’m still unsure of my sexuality – I think I’m Bi. But anyway.

Since the start of Year 9, a friend of mine, Alex, had started talking to me a lot. After camp last year, he gave me his phone number, and I gave him mine, and it turned out we had a lot in common. We were both REALLY good at playing music, we both liked the same people and we lived really close to each other. He is half Asian (but still quite hot), shorter than me, and his parents were divorced, unlike mine.

Before the following events happened, I hadn’t realised my attraction to Alex. Just to make that clear.

In class one day, Alex said, “Hey, do you want to have a sleep over at my Dad’s place?”
It seemed like a good idea. I replied, “Sure, I’ll ask my parents this afternoon.” He nodded and we went back to our Science work.
That afternoon, I asked my parents if I could sleep over. After a long row in which my Mum argued that she hadn’t met them, and I argued that I was old enough to look after myself, I won. Mum said she would drop me off at his place on Friday. I happily agreed.
Alex inboxed me on Facebook and asked me what my parents said. I told him that I Sex hikayeleri could go to his place on Friday. He seemed good with that.
On Friday at 5:00, Mum dropped me off at Alex’s place. He lives in a high-rise unit overlooking the water. I met his Dad, and then we both went up stairs to his room.
His room had a thin balcony over the water, and two spare mattresses had been piled on top of each other to form my temporary bed, right next to his. We pulled out our MacBooks (recently given to us by our school) and went on Facebook, talking to people about what they were doing on the weekend.
Then Alex, when I wasn’t looking, pulled out a Porno magazine from under his pillow and put it front of my screen. I laughed, and had a quick flick through it. It was filled with enlarged pictures of pussies and tits, and the occasional cock.
“Where did you get this from?” I asked, still laughing.
“It was my brothers,” he said, “I found it in his room one day and I stole it.”
“I didn’t think you were that kind of guy,” I told him. “This is a good appetiser, but the real stuff is on this,” I said, significantly pointing at the MacBook.
“Go ahead,” he said, and sat down beside me. We both started to watch porn. He liked lesbian porn, while I looked at things like double Sikiş hikayeleri penetration. By about 5 minutes, we both had boners (but I only knew I had one then).
He typed in some things in Google like ‘teenage boy masturbation’ and showed me. “Wow, this has 120,000 hits!” he exclaimed.
He closed his MacBook. “The internet’s faster when only one laptop’s using it,” Alex said. He shuffled over, and I put my laptop on a pillow in between us.
I told him to show me his favourite video. He quickly typed something in on PornHub and sat back to watch. I followed suit. We both shifted uncomfortably after 30 seconds, our stiff rods demanding to be released.
Alex threw his head back. “I feel like I want to wank.” It was then I realised I wanted this as well. But I wasn’t about to tell him that.
I nodded and kept watching the movie. Alex was really starting to turn me on, even more than the porno video. He changed the video to something else.
I knew I had to reply for the idea formulating in my head to come into action. After a while, I turned sideways and said, “I really need to wank.”
He paused. “Do you want to?”
It was my turn to pause. “Yeah,” I said after a while.
We both stood up, took off our shirts. We sat down on the bed and struggled with our Erotik hikaye flies.
“OK, I’m out,” He said, as his dick popped out. Trying to look casual, I looked over at his dick. It was darker than mine, uncut, and around five and a half inches long. Lots of precum was dripping out of it.
“Same,” I managed to get mine out. Mine was 6 inches and as wide as Alex’s.
We both slowly started stroking our dicks, both of us occasionally looking over at each other’s cock. I decided to up the anti a bit, and started jerking my hot rod violently. Seeing this, Alex followed suit.
“You wanna do each other?”
If I hadn’t seen his lips move, I wouldn’t of believed he said that. I slowly turned to look at him. “Are you into that kind of stuff?” I said casually.
“Whatever man, it’s up to you,” He was trying to stay casual but I could hear through his voice that he wanted to do it as much as I did. Just as I was about to reply he said…
“Oh, shit!”
Alex had released. I felt like Christmas had been cancelled. I quickly tried to cover up my disappointment, as it had seeped onto my face as he had cummed.
He turned to me, “I forgot tissues!” I laughed. “I wasn’t exactly prepared, was I?” he said.
He held his slightly limp boner in his hand, and it guided him to the bathroom where he deposited his cum.

This is still an ongoing story, as this only happened 2 weeks ago! He told me that he wants another sleep over. Please rate and comment for another chapter if you want one!

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