The Sauna


“Earth to Gwen….Earth to Gwen. You okay??”

Gwen snapped out of the trance she had been in, then looked up at the concerned face of her sister. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were talking to me, Brenda.”

“You need to get out of here, Gwen. You’ve been working too hard for too long. How many weekends in a row has it been now since you’ve taken time for yourself? 4? 5?”

“6, I think, but you know I need to be here, I need the money too bad to go home.”

“Oh, bullshit. If you don’t start taking care of yourself, you’re going to be in the hospital. If you collapse from exhaustion, it’ll be much worse than what you’re already going through.”

“I’m okay, sis, really I am.”

“I’ve got an idea, Gwen. Things are pretty slow today, so why don’t you go over to that new fitness club that I’ve been going to and do an easy workout, then spend some time in the whirlpool and the sauna? It’ll make you feel like a new woman.”

“You know I can’t afford anything like that, sis, and besides some of those women intimidate me. I’ve heard some stories about…”

“Not the club for women only, Gwen, I meant over to AllDay Fitness. They are coed, and they have both male and female trainers so you can work out with who you feel most comfortable with. It’s only $20 a month, and it’s been the best investment of a 20 that I’ve made in quite some time. Don’t argue with me, take this money, then go home and get your workout clothes and your swimsuit and get over there. I’m telling you, you’ll feel about a hundred times better when you’re done.”

Gwen protested a bit longer, but Brenda eventually wore down her resistance. After giving her a hug, she went home and got her clothes and swimsuit and drove over to the club, but not without some small misgivings about skipping out on her sister…

“Welcome to AllDay Fitness. I’m Andrea. How can I help you today?”

Gwen took the hand offered to her and shook it. “I’m Gwen. My sister Brenda is a member here and she said that I needed to come over here for a workout. She swore I’d feel like a new woman when I was done.”

Andrea laughed, “Well, I don’t know if it’ll be that dramatic a change in one session, but we’ll see what we can do. Since you’re a first-time visitor, we won’t charge you today. Then if you enjoy your experience, we can talk about a membership for you. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is, too.”

“Brenda said it was $20 a month, so I suppose I can afford that.”

“Well, we can talk about that later, after we find out if you like it here. Now, would you like a male or a female trainer? We have both available most of the time.”

Gwen hesitated, “I’m not sure…”

“I’d suggest a female trainer to start, Gwen. She’s not as likely to push you farther than you are capable of doing. Some of the guys forget from time to time, especially with a new member.” Andrea turned and picked up the phone, “Jill, could you come to the office please?” “Jill is one of our best trainers, male or female, and she’ll take good care of you.”

A few minutes, a bouncy blonde in a t-shirt and spandex pants came into the office. “You rang, Andrea?” she asked.

“Jill, this is Gwen. She’s going to take a demonstration workout today, to see if she’d like to join. I haven’t taken her back to the locker room yet, so if you could show her where all of that is and get her a locker, you can get her started.”

“Sure thing, Andrea. Come on this way, Gwen, and I’ll show you where you can change clothes and a locker to put your stuff in.” She led the way out the door of the office as Gwen followed along…

Jill led the way down a carpeted hallway, first past a door labelled “MEN” then past another door labelled “WHIRLPOOL & SAUNA”, before arriving at the door marked “WOMEN”. She pushed the door open, then gestured for Gwen to go inside. Inside was a standard locker room, but with outdoor carpeting on the floor. “Just pick any locker that doesn’t have a lock on it,” she said.

“What about my purse? My sister didn’t tell me I’d need a lock.”

“I can take it back up to Andrea if you’re worried about losing it. Now back this way are the toilets, and beside them are the showers. Through this door over here is the whirlpool and the sauna, but you can see them after your workout. Go ahead and change, and I’ll take your purse back to Andrea’s office.”

“Uh, okay. Thanks, Jill.” Gwen hurriedly undressed to her bra and panties, before pulling on a t-shirt and gym shorts and a pair of sweat pants. As she was tying her shoes, she heard Jill come back in.

“Okay, you ready to start? I figure for today, we can do a little light weight work and a few jogging laps around the track. One suggestion, though, if you’re going to join up, you’ll want to invest in a few sports bras. They’ll save you from bouncing around.”

Gwen blushed, “Thanks Jill. Sex hikayeleri I didn’t think I was big enough to have that problem.”

“Don’t worry about it. Most women don’t know either, unless they’ve worked out sometime in the past. Besides, about half the guys show up without athletic supporters their first time, and you’d think they would know better from gym class in high school.” Jill laughed, and Gwen laughed along with her. “If you’re ready, let’s go get started”…

About an hour later, Gwen and Jill re-entered the locker room. Gwen was moving slowly, tired and a little stiff and sore from her exertions. They stopped at her locker and Gwen sat down to undress for a shower.

“You did good for your first time, Gwen. What do you think? Are you interested in becoming a member?”

“I had a lot of fun, Jill, even if I’m a bit sore and tired right now. I’d like to think about it, but yes, I think I would like to join up.”

“I knew you would, you seemed like you were enjoying yourself. I’ve got another person to work out with now, but you can use the whirlpool and the sauna if you like after your shower. There are fresh towels and robes and shampoo back by the shower for you to use, provided as a free service to the members and their guests. Don’t forget to stop by and get your purse from Andrea on your way out, and you can talk to her then about the various membership options. I’ll look forward to seeing you here again and working out with you.” Jill shook hands with Gwen, then left the locker room.

Gwen got up and walked back to the shower room and picked up a towel and robe. She returned to her locker, then slowly undressed, wincing from time to time as various muscles twinged with minor aches and pains. Scooping her clothes up, she dumped them into the locker, then headed back for the shower. As the hot water cascaded on her, she thought, “Yes, a nice soak in the whirlpool sounds great, and maybe if I still have time I can sit in the sauna for a little bit too.” She washed her hair, then rinsed off and towelled off as quick as her aching muscles would allow. Returning to her locker, she pulled her bikini out, then slipped into it. Putting the robe back on, she picked up her towel and headed to the door that led to the whirlpool and sauna.

She pushed the door open, and stepped into the room where the whirlpool was. It was warm and humid with the aroma of chlorine in the air. She looked down at the water, bubbling gently, then walked over to the ladder and grabbed it while she gingerly dipped her foot into the water. “Hmmmm, that’s just about right, not too hot or too cold.” She tossed her towel and her robe on the bench by the wall, then lowered herself slowly into the rolling water. She sighed as the water’s warm embrace surrounded her body, enveloping her in soft warmth. She slid over to where one of the jets shot a stream of bubbles out into the pool, then leaned back against it. As the tiny bubbles swept over her aching body like a hundred little fingers, she felt a familiar tingling start inside…

She rocked back and forth in the stream of bubbles, letting them caress her soothingly. But as the tingling intensified, she sighed and moved slowly away from the jet. This was no place to get aroused, she thought, not when she couldn’t do anything about it. She moved reluctantly away from the jet, then moved her arms and legs in a swimming motion through the water as she let it draw the aches out of her. When she started to feel light-headed from the heat, she moved to the ladder then pulled herself up to perch on the edge of the whirlpool before sliding back and shakily standing up. She moved to her towel and wrapped it around her head, then pulled the robe around her and tied it closed. Probably no time for the sauna, she thought with a mental sigh, then went back into the locker room.

To her surprise, she saw that she had only been in the whirlpool for about 15 minutes, that she still had a couple of hours before she had to be home. “All right,” she thought, “I can still get in the sauna for a little while.” She thought for a moment, then surprising herself at her own boldness, she took off her robe and removed her bikini, before pulling the robe back on again. Leaving the towel along with her bikini on the bench, she turned and went back to the room with the whirlpool and the sauna. Tugging the door open again, she walked in, then over to the sauna. She looked at the temperature gauge on the outside and guessed that she could probably sit in it for about 20 minutes before it would be too hot for her. She pulled the door open and slipped inside.

The sauna was smaller than she expected, maybe only room for 6 people if they crowded together, although there was a nice open space in front of the two-level bench that ran the length of the room. Steam was rolling in from the corners, and she saw a small brazier over in the corner with heated rocks in it, as well as a container of water with a dipper in it. She stepped over to the bench and sat down on the first level, then leaned back against the second Sikiş hikayeleri level. She untied the knot in the sash of her robe, then spread it open to allow her body full contact with the steam and heated air in the room. As the heat and steam relaxed her body even further, she closed her eyes and began dreaming of the man she longed to be with…

The sound of the sauna door opening startled her out of her reverie. She hurriedly pulled her robe closed and criss-crossed the belt as a man’s figure loomed up in the steam in front of her. He was about 6 feet tall and thickly muscled. Since he was wearing only a towel, Gwen could see that his entire body was covered with fine black hair, as well as the short full beard and mustache he had. “Sorry,” he said in a voice deep as thunder, “I didn’t know anyone was in here. I’ll come back later.”

“It’s okay, I won’t be here for much longer so you can stay if you want.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude…” as she broke back in, “No, it’s fine, you don’t have to leave.”

He walked over to the brazier, scooped some water from the container and poured it onto the heated rocks. As the steam billowed up around him, Gwen felt that small tingle start up again. She hurriedly closed her eyes as he turned back towards her. He walked over and sat down on her left side, his arm brushing her arm as he sat. Another tingle started at the spot where their bare skin had momentarily touched and swept through her. She bit her lip to keep from gasping at the intensity of it. As she peeked through barely slitted open eyelids, he leaned back against the second level, then closed his eyes and visibly relaxed. He was close enough that she could touch him if she barely reached out with her hand. As she continued to watch him, she could feel the tingle getting stronger in her. She was awhirl in a conflict of emotions…part of her wanting to get up and leave, part of her wanting to stay and offer herself to this stranger.

A drop of sweat formed on his forehead, and as she watched, trembling inside, the drop trickled down his nose. It hung on the end of his nose for what seemed an eternity, then dripped onto his lips. She was struck by the urge to lean over and lick it from his lips, but she barely resisted. A small voice in her said, “Girl, it’s time to get out of here!” But before she could move, she heard the door to the sauna open and close again.

As she looked up at him through her still barely-opened eyes, she saw he was taller and thinner and blonde, built like a swimmer with long rangy muscles. As she watched, a more intense trembling running through her, he walked over and poured more water on the rocks. He turned back towards them, smiled briefly, then walked over and sat down on her right side, just as close as the man on her left side.

Gwen felt a fine sheen of sweat burst out on her body as she sat there. Even though her breathing was still slow and steady, she felt like she was gasping for breath as she struggled with the torrent of emotions running through her. She could feel her nipples swelling and her pussy starting to get wet and that same small voice said to her, “That’s it girl, you have to go NOW!!!” But her body, aflame with desire, acted on its own.

She stretched out both hands and laid them on the inside of each man’s leg that was closest to her. As they turned to look at her, she started dragging her nails up the inside of their thighs. They looked at each other and smiled, then two hands dropped to her waist to pull the belt loose, before taking the edges of the robe and pulling it wide open. Wordlessly, they dropped their heads to her breasts, two mouths engulfing her two already hard nipples. She gasped, arching her back to thrust them even deeper into the hungry mouths as her hands came up to press their heads even harder against her chest. Although she had had men play with one breast as they sucked on the other, it was nothing compared to the feelings of two hot wet hungry mouths, sucking and licking and nibbling with reckless abandon. Breathing in short gasps, she revelled in the wild feelings sweeping through her body and mind. But it had all only just begun…

The two men dropped their hands to the inside of her knees. The slightest pressure from two strong hands, and she spread her legs wide open, laying them across their legs. Their hands slid up the inside of her soft thighs, sending shivers down her legs. The hands came up to the outside of her pussy and stopped, then started a slow stroking up and down on either side of her pussy lips without touching it. She could feel her lips bulge outwards and then part, like the blooming of the most rare exotic flower. Juice started to seep from her tiny pink hole, and just when she was about to scream from frustration, the blonde pushed one long thin finger slowly into her pussy while the dark-haired man lightly ran his shorter thicker finger up and down between her bulging lips. Without stopping their sucking on her breasts, they began to stroke faster and deeper. The sensations were driving Erotik hikaye Gwen mad with lust when they suddenly stopped and pulled their hands away. Even as she was gasping out, “Ohhhhhhhhh goddddddd please don’t stop…” they switched the position of their hands, the blonde running his finger up and down her fully-swollen pussy lips while the dark-haired man turned his hand over, palm up, then pushed his finger into her, spreading her pussy even more open. As she moaned again, they renewed their stroking, but this time with a more urgent pace, as if they felt her impending orgasm through their fingertips. As her body trembled uncontrollably, the dark-haired man bent his finger to stroke her g-spot while the blonde started rubbing over her clit. With a gurgling moan/gasp, she began to come…aware of nothing but the sensations flooding through her body as she clasped their heads tightly to her breasts and her hips came up off the bench to meet their thrusting fingers.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, she felt the two men pull their hands away from her pussy, then raise their heads from her now-aching breasts. “Nooooooooo,” she moaned, “I want more…” The two men stood up, then turned to face her again. They each stretched a hand out to her, and she lifted her hands to clasp theirs. Her legs trembling with weakness, they helped her to her feet, then stepped to either side of her. A gentle push and pull and she was turned to face the dark-haired man, who placed his hands on her shoulders. He gave a gentle push down and she dropped to her knees, then placed her hands on the floor as he stepped back and guided her forward. As she looked up, already smiling in anticipation of what was next, he unwrapped the towel from around his waist and threw it towards the bench. His hard cock sprang out at her, the head a dark purple and a drop of precum already glistening at the tip. Even before he could move his hands from her shoulders to the back of her head, she had already opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the head of his cock, savoring the taste of that first drop. Behind her, she was dimly aware of the blonde flipping the bottom of her robe up on to her back, exposing her soft rounded buttocks. As she ran her tongue around the cockhead in front of her, she felt the blonde pulling her legs apart, then kneeling between them. He grabbed his cock in his hand and started rubbing it up and down her wet pussy lips. She groaned in obvious pleasure, then opened her lips and started to suck the cockhead into her warm wet mouth. As she did, the blonde started pushing his cock into her pussy. Both men slowly fed their cocks into her until they were completely buried to their balls.

Gwen felt like she had died and gone to heaven. In all her fantasies of having two men at once, she had never imagined it could feel this good. As waves of pleasure surged through her body, the two men started stroking in and out of her eager mouth and pussy. At first their thrusting was ragged and irregular, but as they continued they fell into a rhythm that matched each other…both cocks thrusting deeply in then pulling out at the same time. As the thrusting continued, Gwen’s awareness of everything around her shrank and disappeared…no light, no sound, no taste…her entire universe was focussed on the two hard hot cocks filling her and driving her to heights of sensation that she had never known existed. After a time…seconds, minutes, an eternity?…she felt a hesitation in their stroking, and then without warning, she was flooded with two hot torrents of come as the exploded deep within her mouth and pussy. It felt like to her feverish mind that the streams were burning through her to meet in her stomach, and then her own orgasm swept through her, feeling like every cell in her body was exploding like a billion tiny firecrackers. The sensation was more than her mind could handle and she went limp between the two men. Slowly they pulled their softening cocks from her mouth and pussy, then eased her down to the floor to lie in a nerveless heap…

“Gwen? Are you okay? GWEN!!!”

Gwen swam up through the darkness that filled her mind. As she opened her eyes, she became aware that Jill was shaking her shoulder and looking into her face anxiously. She looked around, but there was no one else in the sauna. As she weakly tried to sit up, she saw that she was wearing her robe, tightly cinched around her waist. Jill grabbed up the towel lying on the bench and went over to dip it in the water container, then came back and started washing Gwen’s sweaty face. “I’m so sorry, Gwen, I shouldn’t have left you in here alone. When Andrea told me you hadn’t come out, I knew I had better come find you. Please forgive me for not staying with you.”

“It’s okay, Jill, it’s my fault for not paying better attention to how long I was in here.” She looked around, wondering if the two men in the sauna who had pleasured her so well was all just a dream or a hallucination caused by the heat. She shook her head in had all seemed so real.

With Jill’s help, Gwen stood up and started for the door. Just before they opened it, Jill said, ” Here’s your towel,” as she handed it to Gwen. Gwen took it from her as the two women went back to the locker room…

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