The Party


For Sue

The weekend was fast approaching. Clare felt herself starting to get wet just thinking about what she and her sisters had planned for their mother Sue. Her youngest sister Mary had just turned 18 in August and now she too was experiencing the love of their mother.

She thought back to her 18th birthday when she and her mother had taken that short walk into the small bathroom. The full rubber enema bag was hanging from the shower rod and the long tube was coiled over the hook that held it. She had known for a long time the way her mother had felt about good health and hygiene and now was her time to join her mother.

She had felt no embarrassment as she slipped off her shirt and undid her bra. Her breasts were large and proud just like her mothers. Her nipples were hard as she pushed her pants and her panties down over her hips. She had kneeled and dropped to her elbows when she stepped into the tub. She had heard her mother move and the rustle of fabric.

Turning her head she saw that Sue had let her robe drop to the floor. Her mother was now naked like she was. Clare remembered how beautiful she had looked to her that day. Her mother’s proud breasts and her hard nipples and the slight scent of arousal drifting up from between her legs.

She had smiled as she lowered her head to the bottom of the tub and had reached back to spread her ass cheeks. She had felt the Vasaline and then the nozzle being pushed inside her anus. The feeling of her mother’s soft hand on her back. Then the sound of a snap and the feeling of warm water moving into her bowels.

Clare’s hand had made its way down the front of her shorts and she moaned as her finger made soft circles on her hard clit. Leaning back and closing her eyes she let her mind drift back again. She remembered her mother’s soft voice telling her to relax and not to fight the enema. To let it flow in as deep as she could take it. She remembered the first wave of cramps and how she hated the feeling of them. But now she wanted to feel them every chance she got.

Clare pushed her shorts down over her hips along with her panties and spread her legs. Her mind was drifting again as she remembered the first time her mother had lowered her mouth down over her spread pussy.

She had just expelled her now weekly enema and had made her way to the bedroom. Her sisters Jane and Mary had been off visiting friends that weekend. She had found herself becoming sexually aroused every time her mother had given her an enema. She had laid back on the bed not knowing what to do with the frustration she was feeling at the time.

Sue had knocked softly on the door and walked in carrying a small box. “It’s ok Clare,” her mom had said. “I know what you are dealing with because I fight it all the time too. I have something for you that might help but I’ll let you look at it first and see if it’s something you even want,” she added.

She had opened the small box and handed a heavy metal plug to her. There was a beautiful red gem at the end of it. She had seen pictures of them but had never actually seen one let alone be holding it in her hand. “That goes in my ass doesn’t it?” she had asked her mom. Sue had nodded. “Have you ever used one?”

“I have one in my ass now,” Sue had said. Turning around and bending over she had pulled her robe up over her hips and had pulled her ass cheeks apart letting Clare see the bright shining stone that was hidden there. “I love the feel of it and I’m hoping you will too,” she had added. She had gotten up not bothering to close her robe and had walked to the bathroom. When she had returned she held the jar of Vaseline and popped the top off.

Clare had watched her lube the metal plug and then tell her to pull her lay down and pull her legs back to her breasts. Sue had pushed Clare’s legs open and kneeled on the floor. Clare remembered the first breath she felt on the lips of her wet pussy. Then the soft tongue and the pleasure that shot through her when it made contact with her hard clit.

She had felt the plug as her mother had gently pushed it against her anus. Sue’s tongue had made soft circles and Clare remembered how her rectum felt as it was gently spread wider. Her very first climax hit like a ton of bricks. Her mom had timed it perfectly pushing the widest part of the plug into her rectum as her climax hit.

She had screamed and she remembers a small squirt of piss escape at that instant. Her mother’s mouth had never left her clit until she was coming down from the sexual high. Her rectum had been in shock from being opened so far. But now like the enemas she had come to love the butt plug that rode snuggly between her ass cheeks several times a week.

Clare rubbed her clit harder the way her mother had taught her. Feeling her pleasure rushing through her pussy. Her ass closed down tightly around the plug in her ass. Her climax was sweet and she breathed deeply until her heart rate dropped. She slept like a baby that night and when she woke the next gaziantep escort morning she found her pussy again.

Her mother’s 45th birthday party was in 2 days. Clare’s mind thought through what she and her sisters were going to do after the small celebration was over and just the 4 of them were left. She smiled, thinking back once again as she drank her coffee.

It had been just after Jane had turned 18 that they had been able to give their mother an enema for the first time. She had been showing them how to use the inflatable enema nozzle that they had seen in her a few different times. Clare remembered that she and Jane had wanted to know about how it worked. They had successfully turned the table on their mother and they had filled the red enema bag and hung it on the shower rod.

Sue had protested at first but Clare and Jane had finally won the argument. They had made her kneel down on the bathroom floor while they filled the 2-quart bag with warm water. Jane had held her ass cheeks spread while Clare had lubed her asshole and the nozzle. They had both watched with smiles on their face as the balloon disappeared into their mother’s ass.

They had both seen her shutter and whimper when the nozzle went in. And they had enjoyed the way the nozzle had swelled between her cheeks knowing the balloon inside was even bigger. Jane had been the one to open the clamp and a look of meanness had crossed her face when she opened it all the way.

They had worked together and when Sue had reached back trying to find the clamp they had both pushed her hands down. They made her stay in that position until they saw the enema bag go flat. Sue had whimpered as the enema forced its way into her colon. Jane’s finger had found their mother’s hard clit and made fast circles on it until they felt Sue’s body start jerking as her climax came closer.

Jane grinned with the hint of meanness still on her face when she grabbed the inflator bulb. She suddenly gave it 3 hard squeezes and forced the balloon in sue’s ass to suddenly swell. Sue screamed as the sudden pain inside her rectum forced her climax to the peak. Her body had shaken for several seconds before she started to calm down.

They had unhooked their mother from the bag and used a pinch clamp on the nozzle to hold the enema inside her. They had made her walk around for almost an hour before they let her sit on the toilet. They had not let her close the door so none of the noise or smell could be masked.

They had giggled as the heard the hard turds splash into the bowl followed by the watery farts. The smell was soon unpleasant and they had opened several windows but they still wouldn’t let her close the door.

The youngest sister Mary had turned 18 just last month and she too was now in the tight circle of mother and daughters. They no longer hid anything from each other. Mary had struggled when Sue had given her the first enema. But with the support from her sisters and mother, she could now take and hold the full 2-quart bag in her bowels like the rest of the women.

They had gotten together one afternoon while their mom had been at the market and hacked into her computer. They had been able to track down the man their mom had been chatting with for several years who lived in the United States. He had shed some light on the inner feelings of their mother helping them understand her needs.

They had pooled their money and had bought Sue a couple of so-called birthday presents that the man had suggested. They had arrived a few days ago and now tomorrow afternoon they were going to be able to give them to their mother.

The guests started arriving at 11:00 and the table holding the sandwiches and other food had been set up out in the garden. About 20 people showed and the little garden got a bit crowded at times. By 3:00 people were starting to leave wishing Sue one last happy birthday as they left. By 4:00 they had the little house all cleaned and back orderly.

Clare waited for Sue to kick off her heels and slip into her robe as she liked to do when she was relaxing. The girls smiled and nodded to each other as Sue came back into the kitchen. Clare took one side and Jane the other and they forced their mother to lay over the top of the table.

Mary had the leather cuffs ready and locked one around each of Sue’s wrists. Pulling her hands behind her back she locked them together. Sue was still trying to figure out what was going on as it happened so fast. She felt her robe pulled up and then her panties being slid down over her hips. “Does she have it in?” Clare asked.

Sue felt Mary pull her ass cheeks apart then felt Mary’s small hand. “Yeah, she has it in,” Mary said as she wrapped her fingers around the base of the butt plug that their mother always wore. Sue felt her asshole starting to “cone” out as Mary pulled steadily on the plug until the wide part cleared her rectum. Mary held up the butt plug so they could all see the gaziantep escort bayan brown smelly paste that clung to the tip.

“That is unacceptable mom,” Clare scolded. “And on your 45th birthday too,” she added. Jane held Sue down as Clare walked over to the drawer in the counter and took out a long wooden spoon. “Your ass is going to be sore by the time we deliver 45 spanks on your bare ass mum,” she said.

Clare leaned down and planted a wet kiss on her mom’s ass cheek. “Happy Birthday mum, we love you,” she said as she brought the wooden spoon down on Sue’s bare ass cheek. It took a second for the sting of the spoon to register in Sue’s brain but when it did she raised her head and let out a loud squeal. Clare brought the spoon down 14 more times before she handed it to Jane and took her place holding their mother down.

Taking the spoon from Clare, she leaned down and planted her own wet kiss on her mothers’ ass cheek. “We love you mum,” she said and brought the spoon down. Sue’s ass was on fire and the blows Jane was landing only made the fire hotter. By the time Jane had landed her 15 swats tears were running down Sue’s face and her ass was a bright crimson red.

“Only 15 left mum,” Mary had said as she took the spoon from Jane. She bent down and like her sisters she too planted a wet kiss on her mothers’ ass cheek. “We all love you mum, and if you don’t know that by now you never will. But I’m the youngest and for the longest time it has pissed me off that you wouldn’t let me join in on what you and the others have been doing,” She added with just an edge of venom to her voice.

The spoon came down with a hard, loud thwack and they watched as Sue’s foot came off the floor. 4 more hard blows came before Mary stopped. “I’ve been wanting you to give me an enema ever since you gave the first one to Clare,” she said. “But you made me wait till I was 18 and it wasn’t fair as far as I’m concerned.” She brought the spoon down hard again 5 more times.

Sue was sobbing nonstop now. “I’m sorry, but I wanted to start you all on the same terms. I wanted the three of you to be able to make up your own minds as to how you wanted your lives to go,” she said. “I love you girls so much and I didn’t want to push anything on you that you didn’t want.”

The last 5 swats seemed to be a bit softer but Sue knew her ass was going to be sore for a few days. “Well I guess you know what way we chose mum,” Clare said. “Your bum is cherry red on the outside. Now we are going to go to work on the inside. We chatted with your friend in the states a couple of times and he has made some suggestions for this evening,” she added.

The girls let Sue stand but they kept her hands cuffed behind her back. Jane slipped out and returned a couple of minutes later carrying the red enema bag they were all so familiar with. She also carried a large bottle of Castile soap and a large bottle of liquid glycerin.

“Your friend in Idaho said you told him you wanted to know what it would feel like to get cleaned out with a mixture of soap and glycerin. So we decided we would help you experience it,” Clare said as Jane turned the water in the sink on to let it warm. “What did he say Mary? 2 ounces of soap and 6 ounces of glycerin?” She asked looking at Mary.

“Yeah. And he said to make sure she took it all,” Mary answered. “Then we have to make sure she holds it for 10 minutes so it does a good job inside her,” she added. “And what else did he say? Oh yeah, make her empty her ass into a plastic bin so everyone can see her because she wants the humiliation,” Mary added.

Sue’s eyebrows were raised and her mouth partially open as she listened to what Mary was saying. “I never told him that,” she said shaking her head.

“Yeah, he said you would say that and for us not to pay attention to you,” Jane said holding the partially full enema bag up. “Can one of you help me here?” she asked looking at Clare. Clare picked up the Castile soap and started squirting the soap into the neck of the enema bag. After a couple of good long squirts, she set it down and picked up the bottle of glycerin.

Everyone watched as Clare poured the six ounces of the thick liquid into the neck of the bag checking the marks on the bottle several times making sure she got the right amount in. Jane turned the water on so there was a slow flow and filled the 2-quart bag to the brim. “Let’s get this party started,” Clare said and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Clare opened the clasp on her bra and let her breasts swing free. She pushed her shorts and panties down over her hips next and stood in front of her 2 sisters naked. Jane hung the full enema bag from the door handle on the cupboard and both she and Mary both smiled and nodded. In less than a minute, 3 beautiful young women stood naked around their mother. The smell of sexually aroused pussy could not be denied.

Sue felt a new wet warmth running down the inside of her thigh. escort gaziantep Her clit was hard and she wished she could reach it. She watched Clare walked over to her and lowered her mouth down and take her hard nipple into her mouth. Pleasure shot through her as she felt the hard vacuum of Clare’s mouth. Mary’s mouth was on her other nipple a few seconds later. Sue felt Jane’s hand slide down between her ass cheeks and to her hard clit.

Sue found herself opening her legs wider as her 3 daughters guided her back to the table. Hands gently pushed her down until she was laid out over the table again. She felt the nozzle as Clare pushed it into her rectum and then the sound of the snap and then the feeling of warm sensation moving into her bowels. The harsh cramps were almost immediately and she moaned loudly.

Clare’s fingers were making small circles on her hard clit while she held the nozzle deep inside her mother with her other hand. She let her hand go back just a little farther until her fingers closed around the base of the plug she was holding in her rectum. Grasping it tightly she pulled forcing her ass to open allowing the wide part of the plug to pass through.

Holding it up she saw the brown paste from her bowels sticking to the tip of the plug. Jane and Mary each reached back and grasped their own plugs. Clare watched as each girl’s head tipped back with their mouths open as they pulled their plugs from their rectums.

They were all the same size plugs. Gifts from their mother when they had each turned 18. They all laid them on the counter next to their mothers’. Jane’s was the dirtiest with brown past clinging almost down to the narrow shaft. The pretty green jewel sparkled alongside Sue’s. Mary’s was the cleanest with almost no brown paste clinging to hers.

Sue moaned loudly as another harsh wave of cramps rolled through her colon. The girls watched as the last of the enema drained into Sue’s ass. “Now 10 minutes starting now,” Clare said looking at the clock. She pulled the nozzle from her mother’s ass and draped it over the hook holding the bag. All 3 of them were unconsciously making small circles on their hard clits as they watched and listened to their mother deal with what was happening inside her stomach.

“I want one just like that,” Jane said softly. She looked at her sisters and then at the empty bag hanging. She felt herself shudder as an intense wave of pleasure came up from her clit. “I don’t know about you two, but I love cumming with my ass full,” she said.

“I’ve never tried cumming like that,” Mary said softly as if she realized she might be missing something. “How do you keep from making a mess?” She asked looking at Jane.

“Your body will just hold it until you cum. But once you do cum, you will want to be close to the toilet,” Jane said. “But Oh My God, the orgasm is so intense and so worth it.”

Sue moaned again drawing attention back to herself. Her knees were slightly buckled as she fought to keep her ass closed against the war raging inside her bowels. “Two minutes left mum,” Clare said with a slight smile on her face. “Where did you put that plastic tub, Mary?” She asked.

“I left it in the living room,” Mary replied. “Do you want me to get it?” she asked.

“No, Mom can make it that far,” Clare said grinning wide knowing what was about to happen. Unsnapping the cuffs holding Sue’s wrists restrained behind her back Clare quickly pulled her robe down off her arms. Sue was now as naked as her 3 daughters. Clare noticed her mom’s nipples were as hard as her own. The smell of aroused females was even more apparent than before in the small kitchen.

Pulling Sue’s arms back behind her back once again Clare snapped the cuffs back together. She led her mom into the living room and Mary pushed the plastic tub into the middle of the floor. ” No! Let me go to the loo. I never told Robert that I wanted this,” Sue said desperately.

“Oh My God, that is almost word for word what he said you would say,” Clare said giggling. They could all hear Sue’s stomach gurgle and knew she would not be able to hold out much longer. A couple of tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt her rectum losing the battle. She dropped quickly to her knees as she felt the first small squirt leave her anus.

The 3 girls watched as their mother’s asshole started to open. A couple of hard lumps were forced through followed be a long squirt of brown water. A few seconds later they watched as Sue pushed out a long brown log that had started to soften from the enema. The smell of what they were doing quickly filled the room and Jane walked over and opened a couple of windows. They could hear their mother sob softly as her bowels cleaned themselves.

Jane sat on the edge of the coffee table and spread her legs. She didn’t try to hide the wet sliminess on her fingers as she rubbed her hard clit. It was all affecting Mary too. Her hand was on her clit as she watched her mom’s asshole open every few seconds and push more shit and water out. No one had seen Clare leave the room.

“Jane, get your ass in here!” Clare called from the kitchen. Jane was snapped out of her pre-orgasmic trance as she heard her sister call for her. Sue was breathing deeply as her body pushed the last of her enema out. Mary ran to the bathroom for a wet washcloth to wipe her mom’s ass with.

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