The Moving

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This following incident actually happened. I only changed the names for obvious reasons.

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It was right after Christmas a few years ago. My wife Janet and I had decided to move since we did not particularly like the area we were living, although the house was really nice. After the decision was made we had slowly started packing our staff. Two days later my sister Anne called to see how we were doing and when I told her we were moving she offered to come and help with the packaging. Janet and I thanked her but didn’t see any serious reason for her to travel all the way from the other side of the state just to help for some little packaging. She insisted, though, saying she needed a break anyway so we agreed.

Anne had just finished with a messy divorce and she was bringing her 5-year-old daughter with her. The next day she drove to our folks’ where she left my niece and then came to us. We were happy to see her as we don’t see each other that often. I’ve always had a little crush on my younger sister (by two years); when we were kids we had often played those games, like “doctor” or “mom and dad”, or “doctor and patient”. We had started off quite innocently but after a few years the situation got a bit more serious. We would see each other’s private parts, later we started touching as well, and when we got in high school I asked Anne if I could lick her pussy!

She was disgusted at first, but after several times of me asking her she gave in; so I licked a girl’s pussy for the first time and it was my sister’s! After that first time she was always willing to spread her legs open for me and I had the time of my life licking and sucking my own sister’s pussy, when others didn’t even know what a pussy looked like!

When we had stopped I was 19 and Anne was 17! We never actually, really fucked; we came very-very close to that on numerous occasions, but it never happened, at least not properly. Anne had seen my cock hundreds of times, held it and played with it and with my balls nearly as many times, but she never touched it with her mouth. She allowed me to put my cock head just inside her pussy lips but when it would reach her hymen she would stop me. She let me feel her (very wet) cunt many times; she was always ready (although she never admitted it) to open her legs so I could eat her; she showed me her tits (which were really big, even bigger than all other girls her age and sometimes older), she let me touch them and suck on them, but not too many times; once she even let me put my hard dick in that valley between her heavy boobs and that stayed in my memory for years, initiating many masturbatory sessions!

Even though many years had passed and we both got married (now she was divorced), my biggest wet dream was to be able to have another session with my sister, but go all the way this time. She would suck me off and dry, I would come inside her mouth and she would swallow all my sperm down her throat. Then I would fuck her for hours: fuck her fantastic cunt with those big, meaty lips without a condom and shoot my load deep inside her womb; fuck her tiny, brown asshole with some K-Y jelly; and finally, fuck those huge, heavy breasts and come all over them and she would lick everything off with her tongue.

I was standing there admiring my now 26-year-old sister Anne having a chat and giggling with my wife. Her body was a killer! She was never overweight but her curves were always there. She was wearing a soft buggy T-shirt and some tight jeans. The sunlight coming in was on her as she stood by the patio door and it was outlining the shape of her massive boobs: they had to be at least 39DD! And that ass, mmm, God, my erection was almost painful!

We had a coffee all together and did some catching up with our respective lives. Anne said she was so glad to get away from that house of hers where everything reminded her of that “bastard” (her ex-husband). Janet asked her if she was seeing anyone else at the moment and she said no, it was far too soon to even think about something like that right now. She would have to go without the sex for a while, she said and everyone laughed; my dick, though, didn’t think it was funny!

I was 28 and so was my wife; our sex life was great but it made no difference, I badly wanted to have sex with my sister! For the past nine years absolutely nothing even remotely sexual had happened between us but this time for some reason I had a hunch in my guts: something good was coming my way!

We started packaging and only stopped around 2 in the afternoon to catch some lunch. We called a pizza place and had some pizzas and beers brought over. Although it was December it was a really nice sunny day and we had lunch outside, washing it down with some cool beer; it was great. We had some more coffee later and then started packing again.

By 8 o’ clock in the evening we had almost everything finished. We even dismantled our big double bed and had the wood planks tied up all together; we had left the mattress because we fetiş escort had to sleep somewhere for the night as the moving truck would come the next morning.

It was then when we realized that there was a problem with the sleeping arrangements: before we knew my sister was coming me and Janet knew that we would sleep on the mattress; now, though, it was three of us. Anne was very cool when she said that we could sleep all together on the mattress; that way we would keep each other warm, as well, since there was no central heating and the fire in the fireplace wasn’t possible to be kept all night. Janet didn’t have any problem with that, so why would I have? I started feeling all excited with the potential prospects of this; later when we were done we all had showers and had another delivery, Chinese this time. We sat and had dinner with our chopsticks and drank beer out of paper cups since everything was packed away. Later we started a fire in the fireplace and sat, exhausted but happy and relieved.

We had a very good time, joking, laughing, remembering stories from the past and sipping brandy from paper cups, from a bottle that was left out especially for that. Around 23:00 everyone was knackered and we agreed it was time for bed since our troubles weren’t over just yet: we still had the next day to cope with. Anne went to the bathroom and when she came back she had a light tracksuit on. She said she didn’t think it would be that cold with the three of us on the mattress but better be safe than sorry; then she jumped on the mattress, on the right side, and covered up. Janet agreed and when she left for the bathroom I decided to test the waters: I mumbled that I was too tired to wait up for Janet and pulled my jeans down!

Of course I had underwear on, and I was facing the hall as I was stood, but I had turned my eyes to the right to see what my sister was doing, and although the light was dim, I was absolutely sure she was looking at my bulge! I was more than glad because I had a massive hard-on, which was impossible for her not to notice! I pulled up my tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt on and I turned just one second too soon for her: I saw her eyes going immediately from my erection to my face and I could swear she was blushing! I pretended I hadn’t noticed anything and when Janet came back I went to the bathroom. After I cleaned my teeth and calmed down a bit from my excitement I pulled the tracksuit bottoms off along with my briefs and then put just the tracksuit bottoms on again: now I had no underwear on!

I got back to the girls and Janet said she wanted to sleep on the left side of the mattress so she would be closer to the fire and a little bit warmer; that left me having to sleep in between of my wife and my sister, which was a dream come true by itself! Just what I thought and hoped would have happened! This was way beyond my wildest dreams! I kicked my shoes away and slipped under the covers, trying not to get too close to Anne already! Janet came, too, we all said goodnight and then both girls turned their backs on me.

In less than ten minutes I could hear them both breathe heavily and I knew they had fallen asleep. I, on the other hand, was wide-awake, although exhausted. My cock was raging to all its 81/2 inches: I never remembered it being so big and so hard! Very-very carefully, I pulled my bottoms down inch by inch till it was down to my knees; then I turned my body to the right and slowly came towards Anne until I felt my throbbing dick touching her firm ass! I almost came right there! A little bit more and my steel-hard member was nestled right between my sister’s ass cheeks!

I had to stop for a few minutes, not doing anything, as the excitement was too much. Then I reached with my left hand and, carefully, grabbed Anne’s fantastic ass: oh, God, was this really happening? Was I grabbing my sexy sister’s ass again after so many years? Anne moved slightly in her sleep and I got really scared, but it was nothing. After I massaged my sister’s butt for a while I decided it was time to be bold: I lifted my hand and slowly placed it on left breast; I realized two things then: first, Anne wasn’t wearing a bra; and second, she had the biggest, softest, most amazing tits I had ever touched in my whole life! Of course they were a lot bigger than those times when we were playing as kids. My sister moved again and I had to back off a little just in case. I needed some rest anyway so I turned and laid on my back; then Anne turned herself in her sleep and readjusting herself she ended up on her left side facing me. Her hand brushed lightly on my bare thigh and landed on the mattress, a few inches away from my dick!

I was trembling now: I turned my body and moved just a little closer to her until I felt my swollen cock head touching my sister’s hand! I managed to push slightly and when most of my prick’s length was inside Anne’s hand she instinctively closed it! This was beyond belief! I had to grit my teeth so I wouldn’t fill my sister’s hand with gaziantep fetiş escort sperm right there! Then I got braver: I put my own hand on top of hers and started jerking myself off with her hand in between! I was going from head to balls, but after a few very pleasant strokes she pulled her hand away. “Oh, shit”, I thought, “she’s awake!” but she wasn’t; she just turned her back to me again and started breathing heavily.

I was way too excited now, I wanted more; I moved closer to Anne once again, holding my huge dick with my left hand and guiding it towards my sister’s big ass. When it touched her buttocks I guided it lower till it slipped between her cheeks and was right on her cunt! Only the thin material of her tracksuit bottoms was in between our genitals! I could feel the upper side of my cock head touching her pubic bone. Then I reached with my hand under her top and slowly made my way to her breasts; almost shaking, my fingers touched my sister’s massive tits, on the skin, with no garment in between, after nine long years! My palm was absolutely full with tit flesh and it wasn’t even covering half of it! I remember Anne having inverted nipples when she was younger but now obviously this wasn’t a case any more: her nipples were sticking out almost an inch! “Being in heaven must feel just like this”, I thought to myself.

After playing with my sister’s ample and heavy breasts I was ready to explode! I slowly moved my hand from her top to her bottoms and I carefully touched her crotch, exactly where my fully erect cock was. She was red-hot and a little damp!

I started rubbing the area between Anne’s thighs, the one I hadn’t touched since we were teenagers. Her cunt felt like it was on fire! Then it happened: she didn’t say a word, but I knew she was awake because first she grabbed my hand with hers and moved it away from between her legs and then she straightened out her tracksuit and moved away from me! Now, though, I was way too aroused to leave it there: I moved closer to her and put my hand again between her thighs! Anne tried to close her legs but I was faster; my hand was on her crotch again and my palm was covering the whole area. This time she didn’t try to move my hand away and that made me braver. I started stroking her pussy, enjoying every second of it! And her being awake and knowing perfectly well what I was doing to her made it even more exciting!

I tried to spread her legs a little, and to my amazement she opened them and left them open! I now had full access to my sister’s forbidden area, her sweet cunt! Jesus, was I dreaming, or what? Next thing I knew, I was trying to get my hand inside her tracksuit bottoms! Anne wasn’t going to give in easily this time: she grabbed my hand again and stopped it; then she said: “Stop it, Derek, are you nuts???!! Janet is sleeping next to you!” she said, trying to be firm and strict, but whispering so she wouldn’t wake my wife. “She’s a heavy sleeper, don’t worry”, I said, being braver than never before. My hand went back in between her legs; she protested again: “Stop it, Derek, please, we are brother and sister, it’s wrong!! And you’re married, as well! God, this is incest, for Christ’s sake!”. All this time my hand was already on my sister’s cunt, rubbed it outside the garment for a while without her trying to move it away (so I knew she didn’t really mean what she was saying) and then slowly went on her waistband and inside: my fingers traced her flat stomach, her soft belly, her thick pubic hair and, finally, her hidden treasure.

As soon as my fingers came in contact with my sister’s pussy lips she let a low growl and she spread her thighs as far as they would go! I was delirious; I started feeling Anne’s pubic area all over; her cunt was drenched it was making funny wet noises under my fingers. Her cunt lips were massive, fat, thick and meaty: God, I loved playing with them! They were actually so wet, they felt like they were dipped in syrup. My middle finger found her clit, which I remembered from years ago being very big and very sensitive to the touch. I started playing with it and that drove my sister mad! In a few seconds she was coming with a vengeance! She was so noisy and wiggling her body around, I honestly thought she would wake my wife up! Thank God that didn’t happen, though.

I needed to come, as well, and badly! When Anne recovered from her orgasm she reached with her hand and she found my steel-hard cock. She whispered in my ear: “My God, Derek, what’s this? I remember you being big, but not this big! This thing is massive! Janet is one lucky bitch!” All this time she was stroking my erection making it almost painful for me. “Sis, I ‘m all hard and ready for you, now; all this big thing is for you!” She pulled her hand away as if suddenly my dick burned her. “No, Derek, no, please, we’ve got to stop now, or we’ll both regret it tomorrow!”. “I don’t know for you, Anne, but I’m sure as hell I won’t!”, I said and I put my arm under her head; then my mouth found hers. That gaziantep fetiş escort was the turning point, it seems: she responded right away, instinctively, and her tongue found mine. In no time at all we started kissing like crazy, like never before in our lives. My other hand went under her top again and found the object of my affection, her huge tits. “Wait!” she said and with one swift movement she managed to take that top off and throw it to the side.

“Take your bottoms off”, I said, as I was taking mine, and then my bottoms. I was stark naked now, and so was my sister! My mouth found Anne’s ear and bit it playfully; then I whispered: “Open up your legs, baby” and she obeyed. I rolled my body and positioned myself right between Anne’s silky-soft thighs; I could feel her cunt’s wetness all over my stomach! I put my hands next to her head on each side and I supported my body to move upward; then I felt my sister’s hand grabbing my huge prick and guiding it towards her opening!

Almost like I was dreaming, I felt my cock head parting Anne’s drenched, fat cunt lips; with just one single movement I pushed and my huge organ was buried to the hilt, deep inside my sister’s body! I could feel her velvety pussy walls all around my cock and the head pressing on her cervix! “Gggnnnhhhn!!!”, she groaned, trying to bite her lips and her hand to muffle her screams. I managed to put her legs over my shoulders and now I had perfect access to her wide-open cunt; both my hands found her heavy tits, grabbed and started squeezing them as I was fucking her, my own sister!! My balls were overloaded with sperm, which I intended to shoot right inside my sister’s womb! I wasn’t wearing a condom so I hoped that she was on the pill; otherwise, we would have to think about that later! “Fuck me, Derek, fuck your little sister, oh God, this is heaven, mmmm, yes, I’m coming, nowwwwwwww!!!!”.

Anne managed to whisper all that in my ear without making too much noise. It was quite strange, though, that Janet slept through the whole thing. My rock-hard dick went on pumping my sister’s juicy cunt like a piston, in, out, in, out, till I was ready to explode: “Come on, baby, give me your pussy, I’m fucking your pussy, my sister’s pussy! God, I’m coming, ooooh, baby, take my sperm, I’m spilling my seed inside you, sis, take your brother’s sperm, come on, Anne, take my cock, take it all inside you! Mmmmm, sis, I love your massive tits, I just love your fucking huge knockers!!” and then I started pumping a red-hot load of come deep inside Anne’s body; at the same time my mouth found her big boobs and started sucking on them like crazy. This was too much for my sister: she started coming again like a volcano exploding, burying her nails in my back, pulling me even deeper inside her.

Even though my balls were empty, I kept pumping, as my erection hadn’t subsided at all. My mouth kept savoring my sister’s knockers and I felt the happiest man alive! I managed to give Anne one more orgasm and then I started slowing down, as I was in no position to come again so soon. That was the most intense fuck of my life, and it was with my sister!

We lay there for a few minutes cuddling, kissing, touching each other all over, with my cock still deep inside Anne’s pussy. I was exhausted but unbelievably happy; the fantasy that was haunting my mind for years, to have sex, proper sex, with my sister now we were adults, had finally become a reality. I just hoped that this wasn’t a dream, like many times in the past, which would disappear in the morning. “We’ve got to get dressed, Derek, and get some sleep” my sister said. We put our clothes back on, kissed on the lips passionately and, trying to keep some distance between our bodies, fell asleep, contentedly.

I was the first to wake up; both girls were still asleep. I instinctively went for my dick and when I found it all sticky and a bit sore I knew it had actually happened at night: I had fucked my sister, at last! I was immensely excited and terrified at the same time: what if Janet knew what had happened and just pretended to be asleep? What if Anne had already regretted having sex with her brother and wouldn’t let me near her any more? What if Janet found out later? I shook all these thoughts away (I tried, at least) and got up. Carefully I headed for the bathroom and I had a nice hot shower. I immediately felt better, and so did my prick! I washed it and cleaned it, as the rest of my body, and with my sister’s hot body in my mind again, I felt it rise again to the occasion! I dried myself, put some fresh boxers on and my robe and came out.

Anne was there, waiting; my heart jumped to my throat as I saw her. She blushed when she saw me, trying to avoid eye contact, and said “Good morning”. “Good morning, sis” I said, but somehow felt it improper to ask if she had slept well. She went inside and closed the door and I went to the kitchen to fix us all some breakfast. Janet was getting up then; she yawned, stretching her arms wide, and I waved: “Morning, sleepy head. Want some breakfast?”. She nodded “yes” and got off the mattress slowly. She came over to me as I started preparing the coffee, grabbed my buttocks from behind and kissing my neck she said: “Good morning, hon. Had a nice sleep?” I almost jumped, but not because she grabbed my ass. “Not bad, baby; you?” “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, actually”, she said, and I wondered what she meant.

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