The Jake Chronicles Ch. 07

Adriana Maya

Letter from the author: This story is about a young man who dominates older vulnerable women. If you find this offensive please find another story. Comments are welcome and e-mail feedback is always appreciated.


To the person who has been e-mailing me about how much she enjoys my Jake stories and telling me about her “Jake adventures”, please give me an e-mail address. I would like to discuss with you the storyline you suggested after my last chapter.

Over the next few weeks Keri got more and more daring. Her attire got less conservative and her actions got bolder. She was now frequently texting Jake nasty messages. She really was enjoying her new naughty, slutty personality. On the other hand, Jake was getting a bit bored. There was no thrill in it anymore. Keri was single, so there was no fear of getting caught and he had already accomplished making her a cock hungry slut. He was looking for a way to spice things up, and Keri provided just what he wanted.

One day near the end of the semester, she made plans to meet Jake after work. She told him she had a conference call she needed to be involved with at 4:00 in her office. It would take about an hour, but she would be able to meet him at her home after that. Jake decided he would surprise her and see how naughty she could be.

Keri was on the speaker phone at 4:10 when Jake walked right into her office without knocking.

“Excuse me!” Keri blurted out to the intruder before she realized it was Jake. Then seeing it was him, a look of fear came over her face. There was only one reason he would be here.

“You OK Dr. Paulson?” a voice came over the speaker.

“Yes, fine Dr. Wilson.” She replied.

Dr. Wilson was one of four people, all from different colleges, participating in this call.

“Someone just opened the wrong door.” She assured him as she lifted her index finger to her lips to “Shhhh” Jake. Then she motioned for him to leave her office with the best angry face she could muster.

Jake just turned and shut the door, locking it behind him. Keri looked terrified. She knew Jake had something very wrong in mind, and she was going to be in a lot of trouble if her colleagues on the other end of the speaker knew what she feared she would soon be doing. The conference call continued and Keri contributed once or twice as Jake mulled around her office. Keri kept watching him wondering what he was up to and trying to stay involved in the call.

Jake waited until Keri became very involved in the dialogue between her peers and her. She was rambling on intensely about something when Jake decided now was the best time to pounce. He walked up behind Keri and without warning; he reached over her shoulders and aggressively squeezed her tits through her blouse.

Keri was quite surprised, and it caused her to gasp and stutter a bit as she tried to convey her thoughts to the group. She regained her composure and continued with her comments. She knew there was no use trying to stop him. It would only cause a disturbance that she would have to explain. Besides, it felt really good. She figured if she just let him get his thrill, he would just tease her a bit, trying to distract her. She should have known better. This was just the beginning of Jake’s plans.

Jake was pleased to find that once again Keri was not wearing a bra under her button up blouse. As he squeezed her big soft breasts, he felt her nipples begin to harden. He pinched then between his fingers through the thin material of her top. Keri finished her speech to the others and dropped her head back against her chair closing her eyes and sighed as the pleasure tingled through her body from her nipples to her pussy, causing the instinctive reaction of wetness between her legs.

Keri leaned back as Jake fondled her tits and unbuttoned her top exposing her big round tits. One of the others made a comment about Keri’s point, but she didn’t hear it.

“Do you agree Dr. Paulson?” Came a voice over the speaker.

“Huh?” Keri replied as she snapped back from her pleasure trip.

She made him repeat his comment and she replied positively while Jake’s hands now fondled her exposed tits. She tried her best to be attentive to the call, but Jake continued to manipulate her tits and caused her to slip deeper and deeper into her slutty, naughty self. The thrill of doing this without getting caught while others listened, appealed to her darker side. Her pussy was dripping now, and her horniness was taking control. When she felt her participation was not needed for a few minutes, she reached out and pulled down the shorts Jake was wearing, releasing his rock hard cock. She grabbed hold of it and slid it deep into her hot moist mouth as the conversation between the others continued.

Jake fucked her face and watched her tits wobble back and forth as she expertly sucked his cock. Keri was listening to make sure no one was talking to her, and as soon as someone did ask her a question, Betturkey she pulled the cock from her mouth, answered and sucked it back in without skipping a beat.

After a few more minutes of that, Jake removed his dick from her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He turned her toward her desk and pushed her over it. Keri placed her hands on the edge of the desk and waited for the inevitable. Jake pulled her skirt up revealing her black thigh high stockings and her big round bare ass. She rarely wore underwear anymore. He positioned his throbbing unit at the opening of her now boiling cunt, but did not put it in. He waited until he heard one of the people on the phone ask Keri a question. As she tried to respond, he slowly slid it in until it bottomed out inside her.

Keri made an effort to answer, but it was very difficult as the gratification of her pussy from Jake’s cock took over her senses. Jake slowly fucked her the whole time she was talking. Keri’s thoughts were hard to retrieve as Jake slid his cock in and out methodically, causing short pauses in her speech. However, she did finish her thought and it sparked a conversation between the others.

Jake heard her finish and proceeded to fuck Keri harder and faster. Keri bit down hard on her lips trying to muffle her cries of passion as Jake pounded her pussy hard and deep. Her tits swayed back and forth violently under her hunched over body from Jake’s assault. Her orgasm was building. She was so turned on by the situation and her pussy quivered with pleasure. Once again someone directed a comment to Keri. Jake slowed his pace so she could answer. This went on for quite a while and Keri’s orgasm would almost peak and then go away as Jake slowed his pace.

Before Keri could achieve an orgasm, Jake felt his orgasm build and he pulled his cock from her pussy. He pulled Keri up and then sat her down in her chair. Grabbing his cock with his hand, Jake stroked it vigorously without making a sound until it shot cum all over Keri’s face, hair and exposed tits. Keri rubbed the hot fluid all over her tits, and then licked her hands clean. Jake pulled Keri’s cum covered face to his cock and she sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it. When she had finished, Jake put his shorts back on and walked out leaving Keri to finish her conference call covered in his seed.

Keri was left to achieve orgasm for herself. While the conversation continued she quietly stroked her clit and finger fucked her pussy to orgasm as the conference call lasted for 20 minutes after Jake left. Except for a few hiccups, no one suspected a thing. Keri found the whole experience rather erotic, and hoped she might again experience the thrill of doing such a naughty thing some time soon. Jake could really make her do some daring things.

A week later the semester ended, and once Jake had his passing grade, he did not return Keri’s calls. It was to be the last time they would see each other until a weird twist of fate brought them back together 2 years later. (To be covered in a future chapter)

Jake spent the six week semester break back home. He kept himself entertained by visiting Victoria, Penny and even Leigh. All were happy to oblige and Jake’s stable of old horny broads made getting laid as easy as waking up in the morning. He saw all his friends and had a good time. A few days before the spring semester started, he visited Penny. He gave her a quick fuck, collected his money for the semester, and returned to school. He dropped his belongings off at his apartment and headed for the store to stock his cupboards.

Abigail Hanson stood reading the labels of the canned soup trying to decide which ones to buy. She bent over and grabbed a can. Just as she began to stand up, Jake reached down and grabbed a can right next to the one she had retrieved. She looked him over as he too stood and continued on his way. His large back muscles and arms spilled out of the tight tank top he was wearing, and his “V” shaped upper body seamed sculptured from marble. She watched him walk away and her desires caused her to become a bit flushed as she stared at his body. Her thoughts of Jake passed a few moments later, and she continued with her shopping. On the next aisle she was fiddling around when suddenly the sound a someone hurrying along in a pair of flip flops caught her attention. She looked up and saw Jake hustling by to grab something and then he disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Abby just stood there and stared at him, not moving a muscle as Jake rushed by.

Abby couldn’t get the sight of Jake out of her mind. He was built like an Adonis. She hadn’t even seen his face, her eyes never got higher than the bulging pectoral muscles straining to get out of his tank top. She shook herself from her day dream and finished her shopping.

Abigail was a 38 year old mother of two. She had been a real sexual tiger in her younger days. Back then she loved sex and had been with many partners. However, her promiscuity Betturkey Giriş had left her with two children at a young age by two different men. Neither was interested in being a father, and the only contact she had with either was a monthly check she received from them through the Dept. of Child Services. Abby’s mother had done much of the child rearing when the girls were younger because Abby was not around as she continued her lustful ways. At 25 she found herself with an 8 and a 6 year old and no father to care for them. She met her husband Travis that year and he had taken good care of all three girls since then.

Although Travis had been a great husband and step-father, his ability in the bedroom left something to be desired. Abby had convinced herself that sex had gotten her into the predicament she was in, and that it was more important to have a loving husband and father than to be sexually satisfied. That worked for the first 13 years. However, the girls were both in college now, and with so much time on her hands, she noticed she was yearning for something more.

When Abby emerged from the store, Jake was sitting in his car waiting for her. Jake had noticed Abby staring at him in the store. He had seen that look before, and figured he had another target. He made his way to the car Abby was filling with groceries.

“Can I help you with that?” he asked.

“Uh, sure.” Abby replied in a startled voice.

He loaded the remaining few bags into her car. She again did not take her eyes off his body, watching his muscles flex as he put her bags away.

“I’m Jake.”

“Abby.” She replied. .

“You like staring at my body Abby?” Jake asked as he moved close to her, almost pinning her against the car.

Abby’s heart raced and she feared a bit for her safety. She wanted to scream, but her breath escaped her. Jake’s hard body was inches from her and his scent filled her nostrils. Her breaths were quick and shallow. Jake placed his hand on her shoulder and felt her tremble.

“Don’t worry toots, I won’t do anything to you that you don’t want.” He said in a condescending tone. Then he ran his hand down her body, over her breast and her stomach until it rested on the crotch of her shorts.

Chills rushed through Abby’s body and her nipples sprung to life. Jake’s hand was rubbing her crotch and it felt good. She knew this was wrong, very wrong, especially in broad day light. But at the same time it felt good, very good.

Before she could catch her breath to protest, Jake looked her in the eye and said, “My place is right around the corner. Follow me there and I’ll give you what you’re looking for.” Then he let go of her pussy and walked to his car.

Abby stood against her car still panting. Her pussy was throbbing and her nipples were stiff. She watched as Jake walked away. She couldn’t move. She watched as he got in his car, started it and began to drive away. Suddenly the prospect of losing this opportunity hit her and she jumped in her car and sped through the parking lot to catch up. Jake saw her approaching from behind and chuckled to himself. Three different times Abby slowed down and contemplated turning around and going home, but her lustful need for satisfaction was too much.

The two of them parked at Jake’s and they walked in. As soon as the door closed, Jake pinned her against the wall and kissed her passionately. His hands roamed her body, teasing it in all the right places.

Abby’s body was very nice. She had worked hard to keep the figure that had attracted all that attention in her younger days. She had only gained about 15 lbs. since graduating from high school. The weight had gone to her tits and ass for the most part, making her just a bit curvier. Her tits now filled out her C cup bras more, almost too much, resulting in quite a bit more cleavage. She had to wiggle into her jeans a little now, but she only wore one or two sizes bigger than her high school days. Her legs were still toned and long since she stood about 5’9″. And all that abs work she did at the gym had paid off enough to leave her stomach flat so she could still sport a bikini in the summer.

Abby returned the passion, kissing him back as she wrapped her hands around his body feeling all his muscles.

Jake slipped his hand inside her shorts and slid his finger between her moist, swollen pussy lips finding her clit. He manipulated it masterfully and Abby gasped as the sensations coursed through her. She again returned the favor, sliding her hand inside his shorts. She found his engorged dick and wrapped her hand around it, delighted that it felt rather large. She slid her hand up and down its length, imagining what it would feel like to have it inside her.

The passion returned her back to her younger days. The days before her husband when she had many rendezvous like this. Her husband did his best, but he could not summon this kind of passion in her. She had forgotten sex could be Betturkey Güncel Giriş this overwhelming.

Abby broke their kiss and pushed Jake back a bit giving her room to drop to her knees and tug on his shorts until his cock sprung into view. She grabbed hold of it and engulfed it with her hungry mouth. As it slid in and out of her mouth, she remembered all the other men she had done this for. She remembered how doing this for them made her feel naughty, dirty, and sexy. She remembered how when they took control it made her whole body pulsate with lust. When Jake grabbed her head and began to force his cock down her throat, it only added to her pleasure. She longed for him to cum in her mouth.

She had sucked her husband’s cock too, but he was just not forceful. He would just sit back and enjoy her expert technique. That was not as thrilling as what Jake was doing right now. Abby had hinted that she wanted Travis to take charge more, but it just wasn’t in his make up, and over the years, the fever in their sex had cooled dramatically. It was all just an act now. She loved her husband, and he was good to her, but he could never evoke this kind of desire.

“You dirty whore.” Jake said. “You sure can suck a cock.”

He was fully fucking her face now. Abby was just holding onto his legs for support and enjoying the ride, as Jake held her head and thrust his hips back and forth forcing his cock to the back of her throat as she moaned lustfully.

“You like my cock in your mouth, huh slut?” he asked.

Abby just looked up at him from between his legs and nodded her head and moaned affirmatively.

“You want me to fuck you with this cock?” he asked again.

“Mmmmm Hmmm” Abby moaned. She could only imagine how good that would feel.

“Get up, you filthy tramp” Jake told her as his cock popped from her mouth. Jake had learned that any woman this willing to fuck him this quickly was very submissive and seemed to like it when he talked to her like this. He was definitely right in Abby’s case.

His talk fueled the lust in her like gas on a fire. She stood as she was told and waited for his next instruction.

“Bend over!” he snapped as he pointed at the couch. “All good sluts love it from behind like a bitch in heat.”

Abby did as he demanded, bending over, resting her hands on the arm of the couch, and sticking her ass out for him to take. Jake grabbed her shorts and ripped them down over her ass to her ankles. She stepped out of them and spread her legs like a good slut.

Jake grabbed his cock and pushed it into her sweltering cunt as Abby moaned out loud. Jake pulled it out until only his head was inside her.

“Is that what you want bitch?” He said.

“Yes!” Abby groaned.

“You want my hard cock in your horny cunt?”

“Oh Yes!” she whined.

“Beg me!” Jake demanded.

“Please.” She pleaded

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me, please fuck me now!” Abby begged.

She knew what he wanted. Many of the men in her past had made her beg. She was easy to make beg. Once she was hot and wet, she would beg like a cat in heat. She liked it, because it always made her lovers hot and they always fucked her better when she begged. She was now all the way back to the horny tramp from her past, and she embraced the feelings as they returned to her body.

Jake buried his cock in her sizzling love canal and grabbed her hips. He immediately found a vigorous pace and Abby just held on for dear life while Jake feverishly pounded her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Abby screamed. “Give it to me. Give me that cock. Harder! Harder!” Those words brought back more memories of her past. She had forgotten how much she liked to be nasty.

Jake did as she asked. His pelvis was slamming Abby’s ass like a jackhammer and soon Abby was experiencing a cum like she hadn’t felt in years. She screamed out as her climax rushed through her body. Her head shook back and forth, and she was screaming with pleasure as Jake continued his battering of her quivering pussy.

When Abby had finished her wailing, Jake pulled his cock out and told her to lie down on the couch. Abby stood and then lay down on her back on the couch. Jake stood over her and stroked his dick as he stood over her.

Before Abby realized what was happening, Jake spilled his cum all over her. Abby still had her top on and Jake’s cum landed on it and soaked in leaving many stains. It also landed in her hair and on her face. Abby was worried and turned on all at once. Jake finished and told her to clean the cum from his cock.

Abby sat up and licked Jake’s and her juices from his still hard cock. When she was done, Jake disappeared down the hall. Abby’s regret surfaced immediately. What had she done? What if her husband found out? She looked at herself and wondered how she would explain this mess to anyone who might be home when she got there. It was afternoon, and her daughters might be at home. She wiped off as much of the mess as she could and got dressed.

“You can go now.” Jake told her as he returned from the kitchen with a beer, sat down on a chair and turned on the TV.

Abby turned and walked to the door.

“Hey slut.” Jake barked.

Abby turned and looked back at him.

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