The Interview


He was excited, this job was perfect for him. Administrative Assistant for the General Manager of Sales at SXY inc. He couldn’t find much about the company’s business but since it was privately held, that wasn’t too surprising. He was sure he could find out all he needed at the interview. The GM was staying at an upscale motel and he was told to meet there. He got to the room and knocked. Heart pounding, he took a deep breath.

The door opened and his jaw dropped. The GM was someone from his dreams. She was dark haired with dark flashing eyes that seemed to size him up in a flash. She was attired in a business outfit that accented her curves and did little to hide the sexy figure she cut. “Yes?” she asked.

“I’m here for the ah, interview” His words sounds so weak and his throat suddenly got dry.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable” she offered. He entered but did not feel comfortable, the woman exuded power and authority. He expected she got her way often. She offered him a seat at the small table in the room. “Shall we begin?” she said, skipping the small talk, and sitting across from him with legs crossed. It was all he could do to not down at those perfect legs and black stilettos.

“This position demands focus and attention to detail, are you focused?” She began.

“Absolutely” he said, trying not to focus on her full breasts, DD? DDD?! His mind wandered.

“Really? You seem Escort Bayan distracted,” she replied. She uncrossed and recrossed her legs and he broke eye contact to look down. Was she not wearing panties? He was stunned and embarrassed. She didn’t seem not to notice and continued.

“Your experience seems to be a perfect fit for the position but the job has some unique requirements. Some would say unusual. How badly do you want the position?”

“Very badly” he blurted out and realized how lame and desperate that sounded. “Seriously, I’m very interested and will do anything for it.”

“Anything?” she smiled and the expression sent a chill down his spine. “Let’s see. My day is full of pressure and stress” she continued. “I have many decisions to and meetings to deal with. I usually take a break around 11 in the morning to relax and recharge. Would you be willing and able to help me with that?”

“Sure” he said, not having a clue what that meant. She got up and sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned him over. He stood before her slightly parted legs, looking down on that perfect bosom.

“Down on your knees” she ordered. He obeyed immediately, she was not someone to disagree with. “All right, let’s see if you can relieve my stress.”

She raised her skirt and that confirmed that she indeed had no panties on. “Stop staring and start licking if you want this job!”

She lay Bayan escort back on the bed and put her legs on his shoulders.

“Beautiful” he thought, her nether region was perfectly shaved and shaped. No way had she ever had a child. Her labia were smooth, firm and perfectly shaped. He leaned in and breathed deep her scent. Then ran his tongue along the outside of those gorgeous lips in a slow circle. When he reached the bottom, the tip of his tongue slowly, gently parted her lips. He heard her distinctly breath in. He licked his way to the top of the split where her clit was just starting to peek out from under its hood. He flicked at the tip of the clit, first up then down, He kissed it gently then sucked it slowly between his lips. Her breathing became more distinct and rapid. He put one hand above her clit pulled back the hood so he could lick around it in slow circles and flicks. He opened his mouth and gently sucked her in. Her clit was swollen, wet and responsive. His lips squeezed the clit while his tongue caressed the tip.

“Yes, that it. Don’t you stop!” she cried.

Her back arched and there were small thrusts of her hips up toward his mouth. He released her clit and started licking it like an ice cream cone, bottom to top. Soon she was gasping each time he got to the top. He paused to stick his thumb in his mouth to lube it and placed it down at the opening of her vagina. Escort Placing his tongue under her clit, he began to move his head up and down then side to side so it flicked across the tip. He slowly moved his thumb into her vagina with the fleshy part sliding up behind her clit where he imagined her G spot would be. As he moved his thumb, he felt her squeeze and thrust forward to pull it deeper.

“Yes, yes that’s it, don’t stop” she gasped. “That’s the spot.”

Moving his hand and tongue in concert, he tried to comply but her thrusts got stronger and it was difficult to keep up. He flexed thumb up against her G spot. He had a thick muscular thumb but it seemed to fit perfectly and she seemed to clamp down on it.

Finally, she made a sound that seemed like crying out in pain, almost a scream, but he knew it was quite the opposite. Her thighs clamped on his head while her hips thrust against his mouth as he tried to keep licking. He finally just held on to her hips with her clit in his mouth while he squeezed it. He felt like a boat tossed on an angry sea in a hurricane. He stopped moving, as she seemed super sensitive and fully capable of riding the orgasm wave on her own. Gradually the trembling subsided and she seemed to relax. She released his head and he was able to look up. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted and she looked serene. He was exhausted. His mouth felt battered by her thrusts. His jaw ached from her bucking. She couldn’t possibly do that every day, could she? Could he?

Feeling emboldened, he dared to ask, “So how was that?”

She smiled and said sternly “not half bad, but I always say, one orgasm is never enough.”

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