The Intern


Background Note: My name is J.C., and I’m a 40-something woman living in a major city on the east coast of the United States. I am a senior executive at a major healthcare company, so I have to be discreet. Several years ago, my marriage ended suddenly for reasons I don’t want to go into here. Up until then, I had a very conventional, monogamous, “vanilla” sex life. For some reason, the end of my marriage triggered a sexual awakening in me. Over the past year or so, I have embarked on a series of adventures that have profoundly changed me and my view of myself as a sexual person. In short, I have done things I never dreamed of doing, and have loved every minute of it. I’ve decided to share my stories with you readers. I hope you enjoy them, and that they inspire you to fulfill your own secret

The Intern

The beginning of summer meant a bunch of things in my office. The weather gets warmer, productivity decreases, staff goes on vacation – generally, things just don’t get done as quickly. And that’s fine with me. Although I have high expectations of my people, I’m a big believer in work-life balance. There are plenty of more important things in life than being efficient all the time.

A perfect example of this is our intern program. Many managers hate the thought of having a bunch of clueless 20-year-olds wandering around the office wasting everyone’s time, but I think it’s great. They have a lot of ideas and energy, and they have not yet become tainted by “conventional wisdom.”

To be honest, I don’t usually have much to do with the interns after the first week they’re here. I give them a pep talk along with the other division heads, and then they get assigned to the various units that they will work in during their two months with us, and that’s about it. I nod to them in the hall and ask them how it’s going from time to time, but I don’t really get to know them well. Until this year, that is.

For some reason, “Brittany” really caught my eye. It’s hard to say exactly why. She was very cute and outgoing, but many of the female interns are. There was just something different about her. She had long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Like many college girls, she was about ten pounds overweight, probably due to too much beer and dorm food. I figured she’d lose it pretty quickly once she got out into the real world. However, it was distributed in all the right places. She had full, round breasts and a nice supple ass that shifted pleasantly as she walked. I found myself paying close attention to her.

A few months ago, I would have been shocked by my reaction to Brittany. However, as readers of my previous adventures know, I was learning to be more flexible with my sexuality and to open myself to new things. I’d had a couple of experiences with other women, and I’d learned to appreciate them quite a bit. They would never replace men for me – I need a good hard cock as much as the next gal – but they have their advantages as well.

Brittany was in a completely different department from me, so I didn’t have any professional contact with her. However, I saw her in the lunch area, ladies’ room, etc. and it wasn’t hard to develop a friendly relationship. She was very outgoing, and seemed eager to make friends with a more experienced women that could act as a mentor for her. She got in the habit genç porno of stopping by my office to chat and get advice about her work, her boss, and her career plans. This casual contact only served to increase my fantasies about her.

Like many girls her age, Brittany had absolutely no idea of how to dress appropriately for the office. She often wore clothes that looked like they were designed to go clubbing in – long spike heels and tiny little skirts. Her tops were either extremely tight or featured a plunging neckline. All in all, her outfits left little to the imagination. I had no problem picturing her naked, which I found myself doing often, especially when I was alone at night with my vibrator.

One day, she came in wearing an outfit that was a bit outrageous, even for her. She had on a skintight white tank top, a tiny black miniskirt that just barely covered her ample ass, and long, black, spike-heeled shoes. It was pretty clear that she didn’t have a bra on. The other interns didn’t seem to notice (young men seem oblivious to young women’s bodies these days), but the other guys in the office were obviously paying close attention. I decided that I had to say something.

“Brittany, when you get a free moment, can you stop by my office?” I asked casually as I passed her in the hall, “I want to run something by you.”

“Sure, J. – I’ll stop by in about 15 minutes,” she replied.

When she came in I was sitting at my desk. “Close the door and have a seat, Brittany,” I said. She sat down across from me. I couldn’t help noticing a flash of bright green panty as she crossed her legs.

“Brittany,” I said sternly, “let’s talk about your choice of outfits for today.”

“Uh…sure, J. What do you mean?”

“Well, wouldn’t you say it’s a bit…revealing?” This was harder than I thought. She clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

“Well, maybe a little, but that’s the style, J. I always like to look stylish when I’m at work,” she said a bit defensively.

“It’s not a question of being in style, Brittany. It’s a question of looking appropriate for an office environment.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when you sat down just now, I could easily see your panties as you crossed your legs.”

“You could not!”

“I could so. They’re bright green – they match very well with your black skirt.”

Brittany blushed, but a little smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. “Well, I DO try to match everywhere,” she said.

“Then I guess you don’t have a matching bra, because it’s obvious that you aren’t wearing one. I can see your nipples from across the room with that tight blouse you’re wearing.”

She blushed again and looked down, but her nipples looked like they were starting to get hard. “I…I…guess I wasn’t really thinking about my outfit that way,” she said.

I have to admit that all this talk about Brittany’s body was making me a little horny. I’d pictured her naked many times in my fantasies, with me fondling her big, soft tits and squeezing that plump ass. This conversation was bringing all that back to the surface for me. I could feel my pussy start to get wet. I stood up and walked in front of my desk to where Brittany was sitting.

“Let me give you another example,” I said firmly. “Stand up.”

She stood full hd porno up.

“Now, let’s say you drop something on the floor. How could you possibly pick it up without exposing yourself?”

A wicked smile passed across her face as she turned away from me and bent over at the waist. Her skirt hiked up over her hips revealing her bright green thong crammed between those beautiful, curvy butt cheeks. “Like this?” She asked innocently.

Before I really thought about it, I reached over and started caressing her ass. I could hear her breathing quicken as she moved her ass toward me appreciatively. “Ooh, keep doing that, J. It’s just like my fantasies about you.”

“You’ve been fantasizing about ME?” I asked in surprise. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a pretty attractive woman. I’m a marathon runner and a gym fanatic. Particularly after my divorce, I make a point of being in top shape at all times. I have long, natural red hair, and full, natural 36 C breasts that have always been a source of pride for me. I’m always very careful about my hygiene, and keep my pussy neatly trimmed but not bare, so you can tell that the “carpet matches the drapes.” However, I just assumed that college kids only had sexual thoughts about other kids their age.

“Ooh, yes,” she said, breathing really heavily now, “I think about you every night when I’m jerking off with my vibrator. You’re totally hot. You remind me of my roommate.”

“I do?” I asked, really curious now. “What do you do with your roommate, young lady?” It seemed that Brittany might be more experienced than me at some things.

Brittany sat back down. “Well, sometimes after parties, when we’ve been drinking and dancing with hot guys, we get pretty horny,” she said, giggling.


“Um, well, sometimes we take turns being the guy and the girl.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“Well, if you’re the guy, you get to be more aggressive, feeling the girl up and making her do stuff.”

“Like what stuff?”

Giggling, Brittany got down on her knees in front of me. I was wearing a tailored black business suit. Brittany reached up to my waistband, undid the hooks, and unzipped me down the side. She then gently tugged my trousers and panties down to mid-thigh. “The girl has to suck the guy off,” she said.

With that, she started licking and kissing my thighs and pubis. She obviously had a lot of practice – she knew exactly what to do with her mouth and hands. Gradually, her tongue found its way to my clit and she started working on it as her hand reached behind me and squeezed my ass.

“That feels great, Brittany. Are you usually the girl?” I asked, breathing heavily now.

She looked up at me, “Yeah, my roommate likes being the guy better, but I like this part.”

The sight of Brittany on her knees in front of me with her face buried in my pussy was pretty exciting, and her tongue was doing wonders to my clit. Her hand slid from my ass to between my legs, and I felt her finger move inside me. I grabbed her head with both hands and started to guide her to the right spots as I thrust my hips toward her. I felt like a guy getting a blowjob in a porn movie!

I’m usually pretty loud when I get close to orgasm, and I had to be careful that no one could hear us through gangbang porno the thin office walls, so I just quietly encouraged her. “That’s it…just like that, baby….oooh yes…I think I’m about to come!”

With a final thrust of my hips, I reached my climax. It took all of my power to not scream out loud.

As I slumped against the side of my desk and tried to compose myself, Brittany stood up and we began caressing each other and kissing deeply. I was intoxicated with everything about her – the way she felt, her smell, her taste. I completely forgot where I was. I pulled off her tight blouse and started kissing and fondling her big, soft tits.

“So, the guy gets sucked off. What does the girl get out of the deal?” I asked.

“After she takes care of the guy, he has to do whatever she asks, no matter how weird it seems,” she whispered in my ear.

“OK, that’s fair. What should I do?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you.”

With that, she hopped onto my desk and got down on all fours with her ass in the air and her face against the desk.

I started stroking and caressing her curvy ass as I pulled her thong panties down to her knees.

Brittany arched her back and opened her legs expectantly. Her shaved pussy was right at my eye level. It was glistening, the lips open. Just above, her tiny puckered asshole seemed to be opening ever so slightly as well. I noticed that it had a soft little circle of blond hair around it. I began stroking her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other as she moaned softly and squirmed.

“Do you like that?” I whispered to her.

“Yes, yes, keep touching me just like that.” I found her clit and increased my rhythm.

“Oooh yes, baby. Just like that,” Brittany moaned, “now put your finger in my butt.”

I was surprised, to say the least. No one had ever touched ME there before. Of course, I knew some couples had anal sex, but I had always assumed the girl did it just to please the guy. Brittany was saying that she actually wanted my finger in her ass.

Intrigued, I pushed my middle finger into her tight little asshole. Fortunately, she was pretty wet, so it slid right in.

Brittany immediately responded by thrusting back on my finger in rhythm to my other hand stroking her pussy. “Oh, God – that feels great. Put another finger in,” she said. I complied.

Now she was doing most of the work. I had two fingers of my left hand in her ass, and I was stroking her clit with my right. She was bucking back and forth pretty hard, panting and whimpering as she reached her climax.

With a final backward thrust that got my fingers as deep into her ass as they would go, Brittany came with a gasp. As she finished, I slid my fingers out from inside her. She immediately grabbed them and started sucking on them like they were a cock as I stroked her hair and kissed her.

“That was awesome, J.,” she said, “just like my fantasies. I’m glad you liked my outfit. I wore it just for you.”

We were both in a state of disarray. Brittany was wearing just her heels and her skirt hiked up to her stomach. My trousers and panties were down around my ankles, and I was still wearing my blouse and jacket. After a few minutes, my phone rang and brought us back to reality. “I guess playtime’s over,” Brittany giggled.

“Or maybe just begun,” I thought as I reached for the phone. It seemed like every time I was open to a new experience, something good happened to me. I couldn’t wait to try the things that Brittany showed me.


The stories of the sexual awakening of J.C. will continue…

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