The Initiate Ch. 02


Before sitting down, Geoff went behind his beautiful sub, and taking the colorful silk scarf that had previously been used as her belt, tied it around her head as a blindfold. He could feel the tenseness in her body without touching her, he knew her so well.

Leaning over, he whispered in her ear, “My sweet leilani, be proud and do as you are told, if we pass, I will reward you greatly.” Feeling some of the tension ease in her, he stepped away from her. Geoff sat down in a plush crimson velvet wingback chair set so that he could watch everything as it transpired.

Michael pulled a similar chair next to Geoff’s and then sat down, a glass of Macallan in his hand. “Master James, as the most senior member of our club, it is your right to begin the initiation. Please begin, Sir.” Michael directed in a soft velvety voice that sent shivers up and down leila’s spine. Master James stood up, and softly applying a riding crop to his sub, brian’s, behind, walked toward leila.

Leila heard the smack and soft whimper of the man, and her chest tightened a bit, but she knelt down with all the spirit she had within and waited for His direction. In a voice that held every ounce of authority that a circuit judge should have, He told leila to stand and not make any sound whatsoever. She quickly stood, unable to see anything, her other senses had taken over and she felt the sub behind her, at her feet.

Master James, a very tall man, the graying sides of his black hair making him look as distinguished as a judge should be, came up and ran his fingers down the side of leila’s body, feeling the leather and silkiness of her bare skin. He stepped behind her and untied the leather halter, baring her perfectly formed breasts to the gathering. Some in the group softly gasped and moaned at the exquisite sight of her nipples, and the rosy color and tight bud upon translucent peaks. He tossed aside the halter, and then slipped fingers within the thong, placing His palms upon her slender hips; He hooked his thumbs around the string and slid the thong down to her feet, and told her to step from it.

Standing before the whole group, completely naked, leila was once more hit with an urge to cover herself and flee, but she took a deep breath and stood there, pleased that she was in fit form, and her body admired by those watching. Master James then said, “brian, you may now outfit the girl.”

Curious, leila waited for a few moments before she felt brian’s hands taking her feet and lifting them as he put something on, then, she felt leather being pulled up her body, and settled upon her hips. Fingers quickly buckled the straps, and she felt him unbuckling the front of the device. She heard brian, an opposite of Master James with his long brown hair, and grunge-looking facial hair, drop to the floor, and ask Master James for permission to speak. Receiving Kumköy escort it, brian spoke, “Master James, she is not ready for the cock, may i have permission to make her so?”

Master James replied, “No, I will see to it, she must be a willful girl to not be ready for her Master.” And stepping to her, she could smell the expensive cologne of the Master, and lost in the intoxicating scent, was surprised when she felt the handle of the riding crop between her legs. She moaned softly, and immediately the crop was pulled from her and she felt a sting upon her mound as Master James told her to be quiet.

She lowered her head, not wanting to disappoint this Master or her own. “Very good leila, now, part your legs a bit.” As she did so, the crop once more went between her legs, and she felt it’s hardness upon her clit. She tilted her hips forward a bit, and pleased by this, Master James stroked her several times. Seeing the wet evidence of her excitement, He pulled away and told brian that she was now ready.

She felt something else between her legs and involuntarily opened her legs even more, she felt a huge cock slide into her, and she held her breath as it was so large, and so tight within her. Then she felt brian buckle the cock to her, and pull at it a bit, then push it back, making sure it was held tightly. Leila was unsure what was to happen, but the feel of the dildo within her was so incredible, she was sure that she was going to like this Master and His part of the initiation.

She heard Him speak to her, “leila, hold out your hand, palm up.” As she did so, she felt a cool substance fill it. Careful not to jerk her hand away, she remained still. Feeling someone take her hand and lower it between her legs, she felt, for the first time, the huge cock that was sticking out from the harness she was in. The hand, which must surely be brian’s was guiding her to rub the gel over the cock. As she began to stroke it, soaking it with the gel, she felt the cock within her move in and out slightly too, but she remained silent, not wanting to upset Master James with her moans of pleasure. Pulling her hand away from the now-slick cock, brian cleaned the remaining gel from her, and she felt a warming sensation begin to replace the cool feeling.

Leila heard some sounds similar to a chair being moved across the floor as she stood there. The she heard Master James speak to brian, “brian, you have been a good boy, and I have brought you here tonight as reward. You will now receive your reward, lean over the chair, now.”

She heard some movement, and felt a hand upon the small of her back. Her hands now tingling from the gel and her insides wet from the gentle stroking of the huge cock within her, she moved forward at the gentle prodding of the hand behind her. Coming up close to her, Master James whispered in her ear, “I Kumköy escort bayan want you to please my brian, he has been so good lately, and you are his reward, but, you must also please me, do you understand, girl?”

She nodded her head, unsure of exactly how she would accomplish this, but trusted Him to guide her. He placed her hands upon brian’s hips, she felt him before her, leaning over, his ass right in front of her huge cock. She felt the Master take her cock and guide it to brian, her heart was racing as she realized what was about to happen. She carefully pushed forward and entered brian’s tight anal opening. As the huge cock presses into him, it pushes the other cock deeper into her, and once again, she held her breath, not daring to make a sound.

“Very good leila, brian loves the feel of a huge cock in him. Now, be the good girl, and show him how much you love the feel of your own cock thrusting into you.”

Slowly at first, leila drove her cock into brian, unsure of how hard she could press. Feeling him squirm under her, she began to move faster, the cock within her making her shudder with each thrust.

Wanting to see her move faster, Master James told her, “leila, brian does not want a tender lover, he needs to be fucked like an animal. I will help you now.” And as she pulled back from brian, about to thrust again, she felt the sting of the crop upon her own ass and she thrust forward hard and fast, driving the cock deeper into brian’s ass. “Come on girl,” And she pulled out, and felt again the sting of the crop upon her, making her hips thrust the strap-on harder into brian.

The feel of the hot stinging on her own smooth ass began to make her even wetter than she thought possible, and she began to pull out faster, hoping to feel the crop lash her even faster. Getting into a rhythm, Master James drove the crop harder and faster upon leila’s ass, watching the welts rise up, reddening her.

Excited by the view, he beat her harder, pleased as she never made a sound, and kept thrusting deeper and harder into His sub. Seeing brian’s fingers curled tightly upon the arm rail of the chair, Master James knew he was close to his release. “brian, talk to Me now, and tell Me what you want leila to do. She is yours to command through Me.”

brian growled low upon hearing his Master’s words. Through teeth, gritted with the immense control of not being allowed release yet, brian stammered out, ” i want to cum for you. i want to cum all over my belly and then make leila lick it from me so it will please you.”

“Ah, very good brian, you know I like a clean sub, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master” brian replied.

Returning His attention to the girl, James softly spoke, “leila, you have heard brian’s desire to cum for me. Now, I want you to fuck him harder so he can shoot his seed all Escort Kumköy over his body.”

Whimpering within herself, she nodded, everything within her wanting to do whatever pleased this Master.

As she began to thrust her cock into brian even harder, the crop once again fell to striking her ass with each thrust. Tears were streaming down leila’s face at the pure sensual pleasure of the crop stinging her and the huge cock filling her as she fucked the sub under her. The silk of her blindfold was wet from the tears, but she didn’t care, all she wanted was to make brian cum for Master James. Feeling brian tighten suddenly beneath her, she thrust deeper and held there, feeling the stroking of the cock as brian released his orgasm. The crop kept stinging her as she remain still, the cock buried into brian as deep as it could possibly go. Tormented by her own desire to reach orgasm, she knew that it would not please Master James, nor her own Master Geoff if she were to cum without Their permission.

Feeling brian relax a bit under her, he pulled gently from her and turned around, sitting down in the chair, facing her. She felt the tip of the crop between her shoulder blades, pressing her down upon her knees.

“Now, leila, my sub has made a mess of himself. Clean him, now.”

Unable to see, leila, put her hands out and found brian’s knees, and began to lick up his thighs, seeking the cum that must surely cover him. Reaching his cock, she licked it clean, feeling him tremble at the touch of her trained tongue. Leila then began to greedily lick up the remains of brian’s orgasm. Licking over his hips, his belly and even up on his chest a bit, making sure every inch of his body was cleaned of his spilled seed.

As she began to pull away from her duty, she felt the sting of the crop once more. “You have missed a spot, girl.”

Silently, she began to lick once more, making sure every little part was cleaned. Finally, she found the place where she had missed, and quickly finished her task.

She felt brian relax and knew, without being told, that she had passed the first part of her initiation. Resting back upon her heels she lowered her head, and waited for whatever was to happen next.

She heard Master James address Michael, “Sir, I have tried her, and found she pleased me well. And, thank you Master Geoff, I believe she is ready for her next trial.”

And suddenly, brian was down upon his knees and scampering off with Master James smacking his ass behind him.

Michael then addressed the crowd, “Our Master Geoff has done well so far in training his girl, but, she has much still to prove. Kitten, please get leila a drink of water.”

Michael’s sub, kitten, was a petite 4’9″ with coal black hair that curled around her shoulders in soft waves. The red of her corset, with the nipple area exposed the red g-string and gartered hose ending in ridiculously high heeled black shoes, set off her black hair and creamy skin perfectly. Kitten hurried off to pour water for the pretty girl. Returning, kitten helped her to drink from the glass, silently comforting the initiate.

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