The Hen Party


Everybody used to take the piss out of me when I was in school and college, they used to call me gay and say I wasn’t really a boy. You know why? Because I wasn’t interested in just playing soccer, basketball, or other sports, I liked to dance and act. This meant that whenever we had enrichment activities in school, I would always be in the dance studio with all the girls doing musical theatre and performing in shows whilst all the lads would be outside doing ‘proper’ sports. I enjoyed it that much, that when it came to heading off to university, I was offered a place at one of the most prestigious dance schools in the country which was based in London.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t sing but I was pretty good at the dancing and acting. I really believed that I would make it in the industry, being so passionate about it, I set my standards extremely high. I imagined I would either be a Hollywood actor, or I would be a backing dancer for the biggest music artists in the world. Unfortunately, the amount of people who make it in this industry is extremely low when you consider how many people try and make it. I didn’t make it, and I was left with thousands of pounds worth of student loans that I needed to pay back so I needed a job and I needed one quick.

One of my friends from university was heading off to Ibiza for the summer season to work in a hotel doing the evening entertainment and stuff like that. I’d been away from my family for 4 years so was used to only seeing them sporadically and I didn’t have a long-term relationship to think about, so I quickly jumped on board and joined them at the airport for 4 months of summer sun and work. Our accommodation wasn’t fantastic, it was a box room in the corner of the hotel and the pay wasn’t fantastic, but it was a job I enjoyed doing. I did this job for a couple of years, branching out to the Canary Islands during the winter to keep the money coming in.

Being abroad for most of the year was great. And to be honest, I’d lost count of the number of women I’d slept with whilst I was there. Some holidaymakers were there on ‘girls holidays’ and were always looking for fun. I’d never slept with anyone older than 30 though and I’ve always wanted to bed a MILF at some point before I became too old. Some of the more surprising ones were girls who were 18-21 and were on a family holiday, they couldn’t wait to get away from their parents and spend the night in my room with me. I’d fucked girls from all different countries and had really begun to enjoy my life. It was too difficult for me to hold down a relationship, I didn’t speak Spanish and anybody I got to know was only around for two weeks at the most.

I wasn’t one to blow my own trumpet, but I was a good-looking guy. I was around 6ft 3, a little taller and I had a body that would put most people to shame including a set of abs of which I was proud. I looked after myself including a solid diet, I guess it was just things that I’d gotten used to when performing in shows. I had good stamina, but I suppose the thing that the girls seemed to love about me most was what was between my legs. I had a decent sized cock, when soft I was always around 5, maybe 6 inches but when fully erect I was north of 9 inches and was extremely thick. Girls faces when they saw it for the first time always made me laugh.

Anyway, one night after work in the hotel in Ibiza when we’d been doing our version of a musical, some guy approached me when I was at the bar towards the end of the night having a drink. You know when you can just tell somebody has money? He had the big fancy watch, designer sunglasses, jewellery and the shirt with more buttons undone than were done. To my surprise he was English and more specifically from London, an accent you can never fail to recognise. He started to chatting to me and telling me how much he enjoyed my performance and that I looked talented. I was almost getting ready to give him the ‘thanks but no thanks’ conversation when he offered me a job. He didn’t say much more other than the money was a lot better than the hotel business and I should consider it. He left me his business card and told me to call him when I had a day off and I could come down to speak to him.

I had to wait a few days before I didn’t have anything going on at the hotel but when I got my day off, I gave him a call, he gave me an address and I was off to his office to find out what all this was about. When I got to his office, it seemed high end, whatever his business was, it was doing well and the fact it was air conditioned was amazing given how warm it was. We had a good long chat and he explained what I would be doing. The short story was that I was going to be a male stripper, but the pay was incredible. His company were hired out to private parties in the hot spots of Ibiza, and you dance for the women (or men) practically naked, and they were allowed to touch you and feel you. The rules were that you had to do whatever they wanted you to. The only way I could describe it would be the American evi olan gaziantep escort porn site Dancing Bear? If you’ve seen that, that’s what it was going to be like although I couldn’t guarantee I’d be getting laid at every party.

After he’d finished pitching his idea to me, he looked at me and said, ‘what do you think?’

I didn’t need to think twice, and I accepted his offer on the spot, I just had to let the hotel know I wasn’t coming back. ‘My only concern is where I’m going to live’, I told him. ‘I’m currently living at the hotel, and I don’t imagine they’ll want me to stay there when I’m not working for them.’

‘That won’t be a problem, my business partner is in real estate,’ he told me. ‘I’ll get you a nice apartment close to where most of the parties are, I’ll take your rent straight from your wages and you’ll still be earning more than you are now.’

A smile broke out across my face. ‘Sound good?’ He asked me.

‘Sounds perfect.’ I told him as we shook hands and parted ways. I had to return tomorrow for measurements, and they wanted to see more of me.

I returned to the hotel, spoke to my manager, and told them of my plans. They tried to keep me but what they were offering just wasn’t enough. They gave me a couple of days to get my things together and by the end of the week I was in my new place and was heading back to the office for my second meeting. The second meeting was a short one, we had a quick catch up before they wanted to see me naked, and they seemed impressed but that wasn’t a shock to me. I left, just awaiting the text message to say I was required for my first party. Another condition for the job was regular sexual health check-ups which I was fine with.

Once that was all done, after only a couple of days I received my first job. It was a butler in the buff job for a bunch of older ladies. And as you can imagine nothing happened at this job. A lot of them had wandering hands and were getting touchy feely with me and when they realised how big my cock was, some of them didn’t want to let go but none of them were attractive enough for me. Plus, I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. There was a couple of other guys who were there with me, so it was nice to be able to make new friends whilst I was working.

The next party we were at was a little wilder, again it was full of Spanish ladies but this time it was for a 30th birthday party and we were there to dance for them, and they could do whatever they liked. By the time I’d left the party, I’d cum twice at the hands of two different women. I was stripped naked instantly upon entering the venue and they devoured us for the two hours we were there. Me and the other two guys didn’t know what hit us when we left. An incredible experience but so draining at the same time. But I could really get used to this job.

A week later I got the text for my biggest job yet. It was for a hen party (or bachelorette party) of British girls from Liverpool. They’d specifically asked for a British speaking stripper, and I was the only one available for this date. I was going to be alone with roughly 15 women who could do whatever they wanted to me. I had a few days to prepare so went through my usual routine: shaving my body, haircut, tanning and picking out an outfit. It was the first job I was going to be doing on my own, so I was so nervous but excited for it. It would be the first time working for people who I could understand.

The day of the party soon came around. The sun was blaring outside, and it was one of the hottest days of the year. I got the information from my boss about where the party was taking place. They’d managed to rent out a small bar area to themselves for the party. Their party was starting at around dinner time, but I wouldn’t arrive till about 4pm. I prepared my outfit of choice. It wasn’t my best idea to go dressed in a full police outfit with just a thong underneath, but I was praying that the bar had air conditioning so I wouldn’t melt.

I threw my stuff into the back of my car and made the short journey across town to the destination. Upon arrival I was able to sneak into one of the back rooms where I could get changed. I could already hear the music which was blasting around the building, and the screams of ladies who were already clearly having a good time. I took my time getting changed, first slipping on my thong which had ties at the side like a women’s bikini bottom. The trousers were like combat ones but they also had Velcro sides so I could get them off easily, and finally was the black shirt and pretend police vest. I pulled on my black boots, grabbed the daft police hat I had with me and waited for the moment to enter.

I waited until I heard one of the ladies shout ‘did someone call the Police?’ before I made my way into the room, and I was greeted by cheers, whistles, and applause as the bride to be was in the chair in the middle of the room. I had a quick scan around the room gaziantep evi olan escort at the other women who were there. Most of them were in tiny summer dresses or jeans. A lot of them seemed to be around my age including the bride who had a white dress on and a sash over her shoulder. Around the room, there was a young brunette girl who had a ‘maid of honour’ sash, and then on the other side of the room, the more mature ladies were sat. One had the ‘mother of the bride’ sash and I’m assuming the rest were either her friends or aunts of the bride.

I approached the bride who was sitting in the middle of the room and walked around her whilst touching her on the shoulder. I then spent the next ten minutes or so putting on a show for her. I grinded myself against her, danced around her, used her hands to explore my body before I took my shirt off. I then let her feel my abs before turning around and letting her grab at my ass before I removed the trousers as well. I didn’t expect the bride to be to want anything more than that, so I led her from the chair back to the dancefloor where the party had now started. All the other women were on the dancefloor, dancing against each other and grabbing each other. One thing’s for sure, the ladies of Liverpool definitely knew how to party.

Eventually some of the ladies sat down and were asking for their own personal dances which I was more than happy to do. My thong was still on but with every thrust I gave when dancing, everything threatened to disappear. It was only now that I was realising how difficult it was to control one whole party of women on my own. They all wanted something but had to wait their turn. Some of them couldn’t take their eyes off my bulge when I was dancing in front of them and a couple of them got a little handsy.

One of the last people to grab me for a dance was the mother of the bride. She was impatient though and came and got me whilst I was dancing with one of the other women. She took me by the hand and led me back across to where she was sitting which was with a couple more older ladies and her daughter who was sat on the table next to her. She started roaming her hands all over my body while I danced for her. She was the most handsy of them all and that was turning me on. Then she was kissing my abs whilst her hands were rubbing my legs, she grabbed my ass a couple of times. I’d never expect a woman in her 40s to be this horny in front of her daughter.

A couple of times she brushed my cock with her hands, and I could see her daughter blushing. And my cock started to react to it, I was slowly starting to get harder which was causing the thong to strain more and was giving me a wedgie. Her hands then finally came to rest upon the ties at the side of my thong and she threatened to pull on them before I stopped her. I took my hat off and placed it on the head of the bride to be and covered her eyes, she didn’t need to see what her Mom was about to do. I turned back to the mother of the bride, and she pulled on both ties and within a couple of seconds the thong was now hanging from my semi hard dick. She quickly made sure they didn’t stay there long before twirling the thong around her head and throwing it away.

Cheers turned to gasps when they all saw my cock for the first time. Even the bride lifted the had to see what was going on and her jaw nearly hit the floor. I was still only semi hard so I still a little more growth in me till I was fully erect, and it wouldn’t be long before I was there. Her Mom had grabbed my cock and was now slowly stroking it. I had my eyes closed, hands behind my back whilst I tried to think about anything other than the fact, I had a MILF in front of me jerking me off in front of family and friends. I had a cock ring for these sorts of moments, which would normally help me last longer, but I’d left that at home. I was in serious trouble here.

The mother of the bride and her friend moved closer together so that they were now side by side staring at my cock. The mother of the bride was wearing a tight red top which showed off her magnificent tits and skinny jeans. Her friend was in a tight dress which showed all her curves. Her tits weren’t as big, but they were still a good size. They’d both left my cock alone and were now kissing both sides of my abs and then down towards my legs. They ran their hands up the inside of my legs before both kissing my balls at the same time and then the shaft of my cock which caused me to let out an involuntary moan which brought more cheers and applause from the other ladies.

My cock was now at full mast and all I wanted to do was grab a hold of it, jerk myself off and paint these ladies with my cum. But that wasn’t what they had in mind. They stood, one of them spanked me on the ass and the other led me by the cock to the middle of the room where the chair still was and sat me down. The mother of the bride stood at the side of me and leaned down to kiss me whilst the other gaziantep evi olan escort bayan lady knelt between my legs and began working my cock again. Most of the other guests had now formed a circle around us including the bride. I then felt the warmth of a mouth surround the head of my cock as she gently licked around it.

The other lady dropped to her knees next to me and they both took it in turns to suck my cock which was driving me wild. Whenever one had my cock in their mouth, the other would be kissing and playing with my balls. I was moaning and groaning, and I think the ladies could sense I was close to cumming. The mother of the bride then shoved the other lady out of the way so that she was the only one in between my legs. I heard her mutter something along the lines of, ‘I’m gonna taste him when he blows his load.’ She immediately took my cock into her mouth and her head began to bob up and down with some speed. Her tongue was working magic on my shaft when it was in her mouth, and she was also using her hands to jerk me off. After a minute or so, I couldn’t take it any longer. I tapped her on the shoulder to let her know I was going to cum but that didn’t deter her. She kept going all the way through my orgasm and swallowed everything I gave her. As my body trembled, the audience erupted into applause and cheers.

Eventually she let my softening cock fall from her mouth and looked up at me and smiled. ‘How long does it take this thing to get hard again?’ She asked me.

‘Not long, why?’ I asked. My time at the party was coming to an end. I didn’t have time for another show like that.

‘Meet us outside in 30 minutes,’ she told me. She then left me as she headed towards the bathroom. I said my goodbyes and headed back to get changed. I packed my outfit away before getting dressed in a simple pair of swim shorts, a vest, and a cap before heading out the front of the building.

Outside the building, the two older ladies were waiting for me. I made my way over to them, ‘all the other girls are heading into the strip for the night to get wasted, but we have other plans,’ she told me.

‘And what would those plans be?’ I asked.

‘Care to join us back at our hotel room and find out.’ She offered her hand, which i took and we headed off back to their hotel.

On the way back to the hotel, I learned that the mother of the bride was called Andrea and the other lady was her friend Karen. Andrea was allowed to bring a friend away with her to the hen night as they would be the older ones there and the bride didn’t want her Mom to feel left out. When we finally arrived at the hotel room, it was a basic room. It consisted of two double beds, a tiny fridge, TV, and an en-suite bathroom.

Both ladies were stunning, and I would say they were in their 40s or even early 50s. Andrea was wearing a pair of high heels, a pair of tight skinny jeans which really showed off her round ass and a strapless red top which covered her petite tits, but they looked good, nevertheless. Her blonde hair fell straight down past her shoulders and down towards the middle of her back. Karen on the other hand, she was wearing one of those tight bodycon dresses that women wear. It hugged her figure to perfection; her ass wasn’t as big as Andrea’s, but it still looked good. But she had massive tits which looked like implants but good implants. She had long brown hair which she had tied up into a high ponytail. Both women looked glamourous, and nothing was out of place, whether it was nails, hair or make up.

‘Do you mind if I use the shower?’ I asked cheekily. ‘It got rather warm back there.’

‘Of course,’ Andrea told me and ushered me away into the bathroom.

I stripped off and enjoyed a nice cold shower, hoping that when I left the bathroom the air conditioning would be on. I lathered my body in soap and gave my cock a good clean and then just enjoyed the cold water for a couple of minutes before hopping out the shower and drying myself off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom, my body being hit by the cold air of the air conditioning which felt like heaven. Andrea and Karen were both sat on the bed holding a bottle of beer each. Karen ushered me to sit down in between them.

I sat down on the bed, and we talked, they asked me about my life working abroad and how I ended up here. They didn’t tell me much about their own lives but when we were talking, I couldn’t see any rings on their fingers so I assumed they must both be single. They continued to ask me questions about my work, asking whether they were the craziest party I’d ever worked. Whilst they were talking their hands were resting on my thighs as they gently rubbed my thighs which was causing a stir beneath my towel.

Then things took a quick turn towards a more sexual discussion, ‘have you ever been with a woman of our age?’ The question came from Andrea.

‘I haven’t,’ I replied. ‘But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.’

They looked at each other and smiled. Karen then moved her hand over to my hardening cock underneath the towel and grabbed a hold of it. Andrea leaned over and started to kiss me, her tongue quickly finding its way into my mouth. And that’s all I needed to become fully erect. Her hand was wandering around my chest before she broke off the kiss and stood before pulling me to my feet. The bulge of my cock now very prominent beneath the towel.

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