The Helpful Sister – Part 1 of 2


Spending a quiet Saturday evening alone at home was nothing new for Jodi Mathews. Ever since she broke up with her girlfriend Alex three months ago, there had been many of these evenings alone. At least she had the company of her cinnamon colored cat. The full grown tabby was very affectionate, and often followed her around the house in his unhurried cat way. The plan for the night was simple yet elegant in Jodi’s eyes. She had already eaten a fabulous candlelight dinner delivered by her favorite restaurant down the street. Her tub was filling with water and bubbles from her favorite lavender scented bubble bath. Her stereo was playing her favorite calming music. And finally, standing on the edge of the tub was her favorite water proof vibrator. At twenty-eight years old, Jodi had learned a long time ago how to sexually please herself. While every so often a quickie orgasm was nice, she really preferred to take her time with her pleasure, and build up to a crescendo. Setting the mood was important, and that meant shutting off her phone, playing her music, eating her favorite food, soaking in a hot bath, and then wasting away the evening in sexual bliss. It was a perfect night to stay in anyway, since it had been raining lightly all day and had only recently picked up in intensity. The wind had also picked up and the thought of being out and about on a night like this was not at all a thrilling concept. Jodi made her way into the steamy bathroom and closed the door behind her. The water in the tub was nearly to the point that she liked, so she flipped the switch on the heat lamps over the tub, then began to disrobe in front of the mirror. It may have sounded funny to some people, but Jodi liked to look at her nude body in the mirror. It wasn’t that she felt her body was perfect, because she would be the first to point out her perceived flaws, but she did have sexy womanly curves, and she had reached an age where she was happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin. The water had reached a level which put the foamy bubbles at the top edge of the tub, so Jodi reached over and shut the faucet. She picked up her inflatable pillow and her pink vibrator, and stepped into the hot water. As she sank down into the ambrosial foam, she let out a relaxing sigh as she settled in and found a comfortable spot. It was hot, but soothing, and Jodi turned the dial on her vibrator until it was humming with a slow whine. She placed the buzzing phallus on her nipple and began to lightly trace her brown areola in a slow circle. Soon her nipple had swelled with blood and the buzzing was sending tingles through her body and into her pussy. Jodi enjoyed a lot of nipple play, and could nearly have an orgasm from playing with her nipples only. She had vowed to someday see if she could make herself reach orgasm from nipple play alone. Now however, she really wanted to massage her pussy. Just after she switched the vibrator to her other nipple, there was a loud knocking from the front door. Jodi opened her eyes and sat up, holding the still buzzing vibrator up over the suds. She sat quietly for a few seconds until the knocking began again, louder this time. “Shit!” she grumbled under her breath, then yelled out, “Go away!”. But again the knocking came, and it was insistent knocking, hard and fast and obviously not about to go away. Sighing again, this time in frustration and anger, Jodi pulled her legs up and pulled herself up into a standing position as the knocking began once again. She twisted the end of the vibrator until it shut off, then went to set it on the side of the tub. As she set it on the edge, it rolled off the side and dropped into the water, disappearing under the foam. “Damn it!” she swore, “This better be good.”. The knocking began again, except it was now less of knocking and more of beating on her door. She brushed some frothy foam off her breasts and down her flat belly, then stepped out of the tub, grabbing her towel and brushing more water away as the incessant knocking began anew. “I’m coming!” she shouted in anger, then grabbed her robe from its hook and walked out of the bathroom as she wrapped the garment around her shoulders and covered her naked body. Sex hikayeleri Her cat crouched for a second, staring at her with wide eyes before scurrying away as she stormed across the room. The banging on the door started again as she padded into the kitchen and snapped, “I hear you damn it!” flipping the light switch on and walking around the island toward the door. Throwing the bolt on the door, Jodi sucked in her breath and turned the knob, all ready to tear into whoever had the audacity to disturb her so rudely. She swung the door open wildly, the animosity clearly etched on her face, and shouted “What?!” The instant Jodi saw who was standing on her stoop soaking wet, the annoyance disappeared and was replaced by affection. “Lexi? My God, come in,” she said to her younger sister. As the younger Matthews sister stepped into the house, dripping wet and looking like a drowned rat, Jodi quickly noticed two things. First the purple bruise below her right eye, which had nearly swelled shut, and second, the amount of clothing, or lack of clothing, that she was wearing. Lexi had on a half top with short sleeves, that upon closer examination was torn from her left shoulder down to the top of her breast, and a pair of shorts that were barely larger then a pair of panties. She was also shoeless, and Jodi noticed that she was shivering harder then she had ever seen anyone shiver before. “Jesus Lexi what the hell happened to you?” Jodi asked in alarm, and without thinking about the fact that she was naked, took her robe off and wrapped it around the shivering girls shoulders. “Were you in an accident? Where’s George?” She led her to the couch and sat her down, then wrapped her arms around the girl in an attempt to warm her. Lexi sat and shook her head back and forth slowly, before answering in a barely audible whisper, “I left George,” then her teeth started to chatter as the shivers took over again. “You what? You left him? Why?” Jodi asked, pulling away slightly to see her sister’s face. Then, just after the words left her mouth, she knew the answer without hearing it. George had done this to her. He had hit her in the face and she had run from him. “Oh my God, he hit you didn’t he? Lexi, did George hit you?” Lexi nodded, and her bottom lip, which had been trembling from cold, twisted into a grimace as the tears began to flow and she broke down in a crying fit, laying her head on her sisters chest sobbing loudly. “I’ll kill the bastard!” Jodi growled, gnashing her teeth. “I’m calling the police,” she said, starting to get up. “No! No don’t!” Lexi shouted grabbing her sister, “Please, don’t call the police.” “Lexi, he assaulted you. He can’t get away with this. At least file a report.” “No…If you call the police, I’ll leave, I swear I’ll walk out again into the rain and I’ll…” she trailed off. “Lexi, did you walk all the way here from your house?” “Yes” “My God, that’s like almost three miles, and in this rain, and barefoot…What were you thinking? You could have died from hypothermia.” Lexi lowered her head and nodded, still shivering. “I know,” she said, then lifted her head up and added, “Sis, you do realize that you’re naked right?” Jodi looked down at her body and winced. “Yeah, well I was just relaxing in my bathtub when you started beating my door down.” “I’m sorry.” “Wait, that’s with me.” Jodi exclaimed, standing and helping her shaking sister to her feet. “What’s perfect?” Lexi asked. “Never mind, just come with me, I’ll get you warmed up in no time.” Jodi led her sister into the bathroom where the tub sat, still full of water and bubbles. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes,” she instructed, and began working on pulling Lexi’s top over her head. “Why sis, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to get me naked,” Lexi quipped, as she raised her arms over her head, allowing her older sister to pull her soaking top off. “Ha ha, very funny squirt,” Jodi retorted. When they were kids, Jodi often called her younger sister ‘squirt’, much to Lexi’s chagrin. Lexi wasn’t wearing a bra, and Jodi admired her small but perky breasts with nipples stiff as a board from the cold. Even though it was her little sister, Jodi Sikiş hikayeleri couldn’t help but lick her lips and picture herself latching on to those perfectly formed nipples. It had been a long time since she had made love to a woman after all. She bent down and yanked her sister’s shorts down past her hips until gravity took over and they dropped to the floor with a wet plop, then she began pulling down the skimpy undies. Being wet, they stuck to Lexi’s skin, and Jodi was forced to get down on her knees to work them down her sisters legs. As Jodi pulled her sisters panties down her moist legs, she couldn’t stop her eyes from inspecting her trimmed bush and pussy lips as she slid the garment past. Lexi had shaved her pubic hair into a heart outline. Jodi felt shame as her mouth watered and impure thoughts raced through her head. “That’s nice,” Jodi said, motioning to her sister’s pubic region. “Shit, you weren’t supposed to see that,” Lexi sighed. “It’s kind of hard to miss you know. Especially when it’s all in my face,” Jodi laughed, trying to make light of the situation and get her mind out of the gutter. “Yeah, I did it for George. I thought he would like it.” “Did he?” “He said it made me look like a whore.” “Figures… Come on, let’s get you in the tub so you’ll warm up,” Jodi instructed. “I’m sorry I ruined your bath sis,” Lexi apologized as she stepped into the water and lowered herself down. “Oh shit, this feels so good,” she moaned, seemingly melting into the water. “Don’t apologize, just relax and enjoy it. I’m going to leave you alone, so you can relax, and we’ll talk later.” “Please don’t leave sis. Just sit with me for awhile,” Lexi begged, reaching for her arm. “Okay, I’ll stay,” Jodi relented, picking up her robe and slipping it on. Tying it closed not only covered her nakedness, but also went a step toward getting her mind back on track. She knelt down beside the tub and asked, “Are you ready to talk about what happened?” “Mm, I guess so.” Lexi pushed herself up to more of a sitting position, then her face clouded. “What’s this?” she asked, lifting the vibrator up out of the suds. Upon seeing the adult toy dripping water and foam, her eyes popped open wide and she gasped, “Oh!” then quickly set it on the edge of the tub. “Oops, I guess you caught me,” Jodi sheepishly admitted, her face turning a few shades redder. “I was alone and bored,” she shrugged. “And horny apparently,” Lexi added with a smirk. “I have needs you know,” Jodi smirked right back. “Hey, it’s cool sis.” “Yeah… So anyway, changing the subject. What the hell happened tonight?” So, as Jack the cat pushed his way into the bathroom and began rubbing himself up against Jodi’s leg while purring incessantly, Lexi began to tell her story, and it was about what Jodi expected. George had been drinking most of the day. She did her best to stay away from him when he broke into the hard stuff, because that was when he became belligerent, and could turn violent. Walking on eggshells, Lexi avoided him, hoping that he would pass out. Instead, he began to accuse her of cheating, even though she wasn’t. “He’s always been paranoid that I would leave him for another man,” Lexi said, “It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even talk to or look at another man without him freaking out. He just started talking about all these random guys, saying that he had seen me checking them out, and that I was probably fucking them. I kept telling him that I wasn’t doing anything, that I loved him and only him, but he got so angry. Before I even knew what happened, he punched me in the face, and threw me down onto the floor. I thought he was going to kill me Jodi, so I pretended that I was unconscious. He left the room, and I ran. I ran into the rain and I heard him screaming after me. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore.” “Well, I’m glad you got out. Listen, I’m going to go grab something cold for your eye, and something stiff to drink, and I’ll be right back.” “Okay.” “Sit tight,” Jodi said, and headed out into the kitchen. Once out of the bathroom, she took a deep breath and bit her bottom lip, wondering what had gotten into her in there. She had been staring at her own sister, the girl she Erotik hikaye used to baby-sit when she was twelve and Lexi was five. She had given her baths, read stories to her, and tucked her into bed more times than she could count. Time had been very nice to Lexi though, and now, at twenty-one, she had blossomed into a beautiful, blond haired woman, with a stunning body. “Keep it together Jodi,” she whispered under her breath. In the freezer, she found a bag of peas that would be perfect to help the swelling, and she also grabbed a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. She headed back down the hall, her bare feet silently padding along the wood floor, but just as she reached the bathroom door, she stopped in her tracks and listened intently. The whine of her vibrator, which had been left on the side of the tub, could clearly be heard behind the nearly closed door. Jodi put her face up to the door and peered in through the crack. Lexi was just holding the vibrator in one hand, while adjusting the speed with the other, as if testing the device. At that moment, Lexi glanced up and saw her sister peeking in. “Oh shit, you jumped me!” she exclaimed, shutting off the toy and placing it back on the edge of the tub. Feeling a bit sheepish for spying on her own sister and getting caught, Jodi pushed the door open and stepped into the room. “Sorry, I heard the buzzing and didn’t want to disturb you if you were…you know.” “You think I would masturbate in your tub when I knew you were coming right back in?” “Well…I would hope not, but I wasn’t quite sure.” “I just wanted to see how powerful it was. I wouldn’t use it on myself anyway, it’s your toy.” “I keep it clean enough sis. If you really wanted to try it out, you could you know,” Jodi said matter-of-factly as she handed the bag of peas over. “Put those on your face for the swelling.” “Thanks…” She tilted her head back and laid the bag of peas over the side of her face. “So… you wouldn’t be weirded out by your own sister using your vibrator to masturbate?” she asked. “Why should I be?” “I don’t know, just because I’m your sister I guess.” “Well, I don’t have a problem if you want to try it. You can take it to bed with you tonight if you want.” There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as Jodi’s dirty mind pictured Lexi’s naked body squirming around while she used a vibrator on her clitoris. It was a vivid image and was only broken up when Lexi finally spoke. “Are you gonna pour us a glass of wine, or are you just going to hang onto the bottle?” “Oh! Ah… yeah, of course,” Jodi stammered, glad that Lexi’s eyes were closed so she couldn’t see how red her face became. “So… have you ah, have you heard from mom and dad lately?” she asked as she set the glasses down and opened the bottle of wine. “No, not for a few months. I don’t really care to talk to them anyway.” “Lexi, what they did to me shouldn’t affect your relationship with them you know.” She was pouring the wine into the glasses, and glancing at the swell of Lexi’s breast rising over the diminishing foam. “I know, but I just can’t understand how any parent can renounce their own child based on their sexual orientation.” She reached up and took the glass filled with wine before continuing. “What they did to you, kicking you out of the house at seventeen, is not right Jodi. I used to be so mad at you for leaving me, but then when I found out that they kicked you out because they found out you were gay, I just lost it.” She took a long sip from her glass and sighed. “They are just set in their ways Lexi. They grew up in a different period, and the whole Bible thing doesn’t help either.” “Oh don’t make excuses for them Jodi. They haven’t talked to you in how many years now?” “Eleven.” “Eleven fucking years is way too long to not have any contact with your own child. They treat you like you murdered someone Judi. It’s not fair.” “I know. What I’ve never understood, is that they would be more happy if I had an unhappy and unhealthy relationship with a man, instead of a caring and loving relationship with a woman.” “Yeah, they love George. I wonder what they’ll think when I go over with a shiner courtesy of his fist.” “They’ll probably ask you what you did to piss him off.” “I know,” Lexi grunted in disgust. She tipped her wine glass up and drained it, then turned and held out her glass. “More please,” she smiled brightly. Jodi reached back and picked up the bottle to fill their glasses again.

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