The Gift – Part 7


After breakfast, I didn’t know what to do. I wondered what Case was going to do to Ted and Sandi. With Ted moving to California, he would have a harder time, but Sandi was here, so Case had easy access to her. I knew Case would not do anything that would put him directly in jeopardy, so what would he do? Case called me out sick from my work for a few days, so I had nothing to do. So, I decided to be domestic and clean the house, do laundry, and later work in the yard. I was sure Case went to his attorney’s office for a few hours. This was not over by any means, so Case protected himself and his job and ensured all the legal things were handled. That frightened me. What would that mean for me?While scrubbing our bathroom, my phone rang, and I ignored it. It rang again a minute later, and I pulled it out and saw a familiar but unwanted number, and I put my phone away.I finished the bathroom and bedroom, then did the laundry. I cleaned the kitchen and dried and folded the clothes. I planned tonight’s dinner and our playtime later by going through my lingerie, looking for the right sexy nightie I would wear for Case tonight.My phone rang again, and I wasn’t answering it. I muted the sound so it would only vibrate, and I couldn’t turn it off, encase Case called me.I was tired and hungry. I made a snack and sat outside, looking at the blue sky and smelling the fresh air. When I looked in the fire pit, I saw one of the bra buckles that did not burn. I picked it up. It gave me an odd feeling as I held it, and I could not keep it. I ignited and burned the fire, ensuring All The Gift was completely gone. My phone vibrated as I sat eating my snack and having a Coke. I looked at it and smiled. It was Case. He had been gone for a while, and it was now midafternoon. “Hi, baby.” My voice was cheery.”Hey, what you been doing?””Been cleaning, washing clothes, and now I am having a snack. What have you been doing?””Just some business stuff so I can take the rest of the week off and some other things. Can you get cleaned up and meet me at 5:00 pm?”Oh No, what does he need me to do now? I had a bad feeling. “Uhhh, yeah, I guess. Where are we going? What do I need to wear?” I am sure I sounded nervous; I was. “Meet me at the office. You can park in my new spot in front of the building, and I’ll pick you up there. You can wear a nice little dress, nothing too fancy, and you know you will look great whatever you wear.”Well, that was a sweet comment. Maybe I shouldn’t expect the worst.”OK, I’ll see you at 5:00 pm?” “That works. I’ll see you then. I love you.””OK, love you too.” I hung up and sat back, taking a deep breath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Today went well. I accomplished a few important things.I met with my attorney Anthony Timms and drew up a Postnuptial Agreement. None of these agreements are ever good for the cheating party and are mostly used to frighten the cheating spouse. That was certainly our intent with Ally. I believed she would never do anything like this again, or I would dump her right now. I thought she was being true and was ashamed about what she had done, and it would never happen again.Anthony suggested that if Ally ever cheats or betrays me again, I should take everything away from her, leaving her with only the bare minimum the court would require, giving her nothing more. If children are involved, the penalties would be severe, losing custody with limited visitation. The Prenup is a hard document, and Ally will be upset by it, but she must sign it without negotiation as one of the stipulations of our staying together. As hard as it would be for me to divorce Ally right now, I could do it and move on. I have a bright future at the company in my new position. I would miss Ally and our future together, but I could do it. Anthony and I discussed at length what that would be like and what the law required. Adultery is illegal in our state, so I could have Ally and Ted arrested should I decide to take a dark path. However, it would not sway the court on our divorce, and the financial split would be the same as any other divorce. I would lose a lot, as would Ally, so I was not going that way now. I did have Anthony draw up the papers so I could share them with Ally, letting her know they would be waiting in the wings should she ever cheat again. Now to a wonderful thing I did today. I bought Franklin Street. I met with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and I made an offer, and they accepted. They had their real estate agent meet us, and we signed the sales agreement, and I gave them a $25,000 deposit. I called my banker and got things rolling on the mortgage. şişman gaziantep escort Franklin Street was finally going to be ours.  The Johnsons had been holding the house for us for over a year. They had already purchased their retirement home in Sarasota, FL. So, they were happy we finally finalized the purchase. They were sweet people and said they could be out as soon as we could close the legal end, in about a month. I knew Ally would be over the moon when I told her tonight.So, today had been a bittersweet day, and it would become even more complicated now.While I was with Anthony, Travis called me with an update. Ted scheduled his movers to load his household goods tomorrow and Wednesday. He was flying out Thursday morning to Sacramento, CA, and I assumed that was his destination, but Travis was trying to confirm that now. Travis had been monitoring both Stacy’s and Ted’s communications. “Case, Stacy has tried to call Ally several times today, but Ally did not answer. It would help if you listened to the message that Stacy left Ally, and it may be an opportunity to do something tonight. Let me know if you need my help.”  I listened to the message.”Ally, how is it going, girl? I hope things are OK. I see you are not at work today, or maybe you’re working from home. Anyway, Ted is leaving for California in a couple of days. If you want to tell him goodbye, we will have a goodbye dinner at the Blue Lighthouse on Reynolds Road tonight at 5:30 pm. I do not expect you to come, but I just wanted you to know. I miss you, girl. Call me.”My blood pressure was about to blow my head off. The audacity of the woman. I needed to deal with her now, tonight. I told Anthony about the message and asked what I could do legally. I must stop this intrusion into our lives, or something else could happen.We set out a plan. Anthony worked quickly, having two restraining orders issued. I also had criminal charges filed against Ted. Anthony drew up an Alienation of Affection lawsuit naming Ted and Sandi as co-conspirators. The suit demanded $2,000,000 in damages. I had all these documents in my hands before I left Anthony’s office to pick up Ally. She was going to wet her pants for several reasons, but once tonight was over, we could move on.  The schedule was we would go to the Brighten Inn for a drink. It was the bar I took Ally to when I asked her to marry me. Ally would remember and feel a romantic spark. We would have dirty martinis and talk about the future. I would show her the Prenuptial Agreement and the envelope with the divorce papers. The documents would shock Ally and bring her to the moment’s urgency. Then we would ride over to Franklin Street, and Ally’s sadness would erupt into euphoria as we walked up to the door. When the Johnsons come to the door, they will say, “Welcome to your new home.” Ally will freak out and may even faint. We will tour the house and stay for coffee for thirty minutes, letting this all sink into Ally. Ally would see she had almost lost all of this and feel sad, exactly how I hoped she would. But then she would be happy once she understood we were staying together. Then we will move on to the Blue Lighthouse on Reynolds Road, where the shit would hit the fan. When I make my move on Ted and Sandi it will be a beautiful thing for me and very painful for them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I saw Ally’s SUV as I drove up to meet her. When she stepped out, she looked radiant, even in her simple dress. She was my beautiful wife, and tonight she will see how ruthless I can be when protecting her and our relationship. I got out, pulled her to me, and kissed her softly. My hands roamed her body. I smiled; I could feel she was naked under her dress. Ally looked me in the eyes and grabbed my head, smashing her mouth on mine and kissing me passionately. Her body felt hot in my arms. The thin dress only covered her firm breasts, so her hard nipples pressed into my chest. Her hips churned, grinding her mound on my growing bulge. We were ready to fuck each other right there in the parking lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     I put on a nice light green dress with nothing underneath. I would seduce Case tonight and make love to him, sealing our love forever. I waited, looking at the building from his new executive parking space. I was so proud of him for what he had accomplished. He was a success, and he was my man. Just then, I saw Case pull up. I stepped out of my SUV, and Case kissed me to him. Wow, he was excited. I could feel him growing against me, and this was promising. Today must gaziantep şişman escort have been a good day. I kissed him back with even more passion pushing my eager tongue into his mouth and dancing with him. We were in a lover’s embrace, and we needed a room. We broke the kiss, and he opened the door for me, and we were off to where I didn’t care. I was with Case, and the night had started beautifully.Our first stop was familiar, the Brighten Inn. The case had proposed to me here in the pub, then we went upstairs to room 311 and made passionate love all night. It was the official beginning of our life together. Was this a flashback replay? My body started to shake, my nipples hardened, and I would wet my panties if I wore any.  We went inside and took a seat in a back booth. The cute waitress came up, and Case ordered two Dirty Martinis. Once she was gone, Case put his briefcase on the table, opened it, and took out two legal envelopes. Oh God, my heart sank. My breath caught in my throat. “Case, what are those?” My voice was shaking.Case looked at me. The look on his face was serious.Our Martinis came, and Case’s mood changed. He put the envelopes on the seat beside him.He picked up his Martini and held it up. “Ally, I want to toast to our future, our long life together, and the children and family we will create.”I looked at Case, very confused but raised my glass. We hooked arms and sipped our drink, then Case pulled me to him and kissed me sweetly. We unwound and looked at each other.Case spoke, “Ally, I love you more than anything, and it would kill me to lose you. We will experience highs and lows tonight, but at night’s end, we will know whether we will be together. Then tomorrow, we can rebuild our life together, end our marriage, and move on separately. Ally, we will not drag this out, so tonight, we will have our mutual answer.”Oh, My God! Suddenly I could not breathe. I sat paralyzed, not knowing what to say or how to react. I drank the rest of my Martini in one gulp and waved at the waitress, “Two more.”  The case laid the two legal envelopes on the table. My heart started pounding as fear consumed me. My whole body began to tremble, and I couldn’t think clearly.The next round came, and I drank my whole Martini, before the waitress left the table.What now?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  I brought Ally here because of beautiful memories, and I thought it was a good place to start what could be a difficult night for both of us, but more so for Ally. Tonight, there would be pain, happiness, revenge, and the final decision would be clear on whether we are still a couple. I prayed that my strategy would work!We ordered two dirty Martini and toasted our future. Then I shocked her by bringing out the two legal envelopes. Ally began to crash in fear, which was what I wanted Ally, to feel the pain and fear so she would never do what she did again. She swallowed her second Martini and wanted mine. “Ally, calm down. What did I tell you? I love you and don’t want to lose you, so we must survive tonight and move on together. So, get hold of yourself. No more drinks.””Case, you went to see Anthony today. Why? What is in the envelopes?””Ally, you must calm down, or I will not discuss these tonight. I will take you back to your car, and you can go home. I will stay away until we can talk this over. We can only finish this when you can keep yourself under control.””Case, let me go to the ladies’ room, and when I return, I will be OK.” I watched her run off to the ladies’ room and waited. Ten minutes passed, and Ally came back. She had washed her face and looked more in control. “I am OK now, Case; you start.””Ally, as part of us moving forward, I have to know that I can trust you and that I don’t have to be a watchdog over you every minute. I know you told me that something like what you did would never happen again, but I have doubts and never thought it could have happened in the first place. So, Ally, as I see it, it could happen again.” “God No, Case Never, Never, again! I could never do that to you! I am so sorry it happened. I never meant to do this to you; it just happened.””Ally, I believe you, but that is why I said it could just happen again. We have to be protected. With our life, your job, and my career beginning to bloom, we must protect each other and our future children.” “Anthony and I drew up a Postnuptial Agreement for us to sign this morning. It protects both of us if either of us ever cheats in the future. The terms are severe, and you will not like them, but you gaziantep şişman escort bayan have no choice. You must sign the agreement, or we cannot continue to be together. I will be forced to divorce you. But like you say, you will never cheat on me again, so that being true, it will become a non-issue in our lives.” “The second envelope is a divorce petition. That will only be used if either of us cheats on the other. It can be filed instantly should infidelity happen, nothing else. Once we have signed the documents, Anthony will hold them in his safe until they are needed, if ever.”I stopped to let Ally process what I had said. She looked sick and confused, and the color had drained from her face. She was breathing harshly. I said nothing, letting her gather herself. I continued when I saw her breathing slowly, and she was back in control. “If you want to read the documents, we can sit here while you do. Or you can sign the documents and read the terms later. If you do not cheat on me again, the terms are irrelevant, so it doesn’t matter what they are.”I took the documents out and laid them on the table for Ally to see. She looked at them and me. “I have to sign both of these?””Yes, I must sign them too, so you’re not alone. I am committing to them as well.”She scanned the Postnuptial Agreement and gasped when she saw the settlement she would get and the fact that she would lose custody of any children we would have. Her hands shook as she held the document, making it hard for her to read. I reached out, placing my hand on hers.”Ally, this is not an issue today, and it will only go into effect if you ever cheat on me again. Since you have stated that could never happen, The divorce papers would never be put into force. Do you understand? You do need to sign it now, though.” I placed a pen on the table and sat back, waiting. I saw tears on her cheeks as she picked up the pen and signed and initialed both documents in all the places marked with the colored tabs. She placed the pen on the table. She picked up my Martini and slugged the whole thing down in one swallow.I signed the documents. We were done. I put them in their envelopes and moved over next to Ally. I pulled her to me, holding her as she softly sobbed. Then in a soft voice, “My God Case, how could I have been so stupid, selfish, and irresponsible? I don’t deserve to be your wife. Why are you saving me?”   I put my fingers under her chin and raised her face, so Ally looked into my eyes. I wanted her to see that there was no doubt in my mind that I loved her, and I hoped she could accept that as the truth. “Ally, I love you. I want you to continue to be my wife. You made a major mistake. I also believe that you are truly sorry. I also believe that now we can move on with our life together. Let’s get out of here and do the most fun thing we have ever done, something we have wanted to do for a long time.”I kissed Ally sweetly, and she grabbed my head holding our mouths together. Tears rolled off her cheeks as we kissed with passion. As our kiss continued, a slightly inebriated man walked by and slurred, “Gett Ahh Roooom!”That broke the tension, and we both burst out laughing. I paid the tab, and we were off to adventure number two, Franklin Street. In the SUV, “Fix your face. We are seeing some people.””Oh no, I can’t see anyone like this.””Yes, you can. Fix your makeup. I pulled into a shopping center and parked while she fixed her face. “Case, where are you taking me?””You’ll see.” I pulled back out in the street and took the serpentine route so she would not figure it out until we arrived. Before I turned onto Franklin Street, I told Ally, “Close your eyes and cover your face until I tell you that you can look.” I stopped in front of the house. I saw the Johnsons sitting on the front porch as I got out. They waved as I opened Ally’s door. “Can I look yet?” “No, just a minute. Step out on the sidewalk.” I held her hand as she slipped off the seat. I closed the door, and we stood facing the house we now owned. “OK, baby, you can open your eyes.”Ally dropped her hands, opened her eyes, and gasped when she saw where we were and the Johnsons walking across the porch to the top of the steps. “Case, what is going on? Why are we here?” “Come on.” I took her hand and walked her up the walkway to the steps. The Johnsons had big smiles as we stopped and looked up at them.Ally looked at me as they said, “Welcome to your new home.”Ally screamed, “What, Case, what did you do?”My heart was beating wildly, and I was feeling euphoric. All the negative thoughts faded away, replaced by pure joy.Ally grabbed me and kissed me hard. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes. “Ally, I bought the house for us today, and it is ours as soon as the closing happens in about a month. Ally grabbed me, jumped up, and wrapped her legs around me. She kissed me hard, squeezing me with her arms and legs. After a few minutes in her embrace, I pushed her away, and she looked at me with a huge smile.

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