The First Five Days

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I turned on my phone and was overwhelmed by the flood of messages, dating back five days. Five days!!! Had it really been that long? Wow!

I had only turned it on to snap a picture of us together in the spa tub. It was a hot pic too; you with your large breasts pressed into the side of my body as I kissed you and tried not to drop my phone into the water. We both know the trouble that would have caused!

Five days!!

I had left home to go and pick you up in Brisbane at about 2pm last Saturday. Your flight had been long and you had a one hour layover in Sydney. We finally spoke while you were in that busy airport, trying to find your way to the domestic gates. I could hear the stress in your lovely accent and told you of the wonderful massage I was planning on giving you when you got to the luxury suite I had booked for us.

Nobody else knew where we would be, or even that we were going to finally be together. We had both told our loved ones of mysterious conferences at secluded retreats with no outside contact.

My boy had given me a knowing look.

“Oh yeah?” He smiled ” I suppose the keynote speaker is from the USA?”

” Can’t say…” I replied. “You know how my company confidentiality agreements are…”

I kissed him and left.

” Have fun!” he had said as he waved goodbye. “Make it special.”

There was no doubt he knew.

He had watched me fall in love, laugh, cry and reach the heights of pleasure with this wonderful woman, through my secret online world.

And now I had been missing for five days. He was worried, obviously, from the content of the 12 messages from his phone.

Was I ok?

Had my beloved turned out to be a serial killer, LOL?

Could I get in touch?

Did I need anything?

Was I REALLY at a conference?

After taking the pics, I texted back “all ok! Much love, T.” and turned to you.

You read my mind.

You so often do!

“We should text him that last pic.” You said. “It’s lovely and shows us so happy and in love.”

“we should.” I smiled, and sent it off with the comment “keynote speaker is very passionate and involving..”

You had been so tired when you arrived in Brisbane, but your eyes lit up and I saw that gorgeous smile in person as you rushed towards me.

We hugged and kissed and said “I can’t believe it!” to each other over and over. My eyes were full of tears as I held you close and felt our cyber connection become reality.

“I must smell horrible.” you said “I’ve been traveling for 20 hours without a shower..”

“Honey, you smell fantastic.” I inhaled the natural scent from behind your left ear. “You smell like you.. I love that. I’ve been aching to smell your natural scent for so long..”

We kissed again at the carousel, lips locked forever, only coming up for air to check for your baggage.

“Hot!” said a young guy as he passed…

“Awww, such love…” Whispered a woman to her husband as he offloaded a giant pink striped bag from the circling carousel. He looked a bit uncomfortable at the sight of two attractive females in such a passionate kiss.

I looked over at the woman and smiled. Her eyes were glistening as she smiled back.

“Is that yours?” I asked as a big blue suitcase trundled by.

“Yes!” you said, and we collided in our rush to pick it up.

“I’ll get it! ” I said…

“It’s too heavy for you.” you countered.

“Rubbish” I laughed “I do karate! I’m stronger than I look.”

“What samsun escort are you going to do, kick it?” you giggled and grabbed the handle.

We both started singing “..ah, I, I work out…” and almost collapsed laughing!

I got you a trolley and we enjoyed the ease of each others’ company as we held hands pushing it to the parking bay.

“Wow, that’s tiny! You said as you saw my little Alfa. Will this big ole suitcase fit? “

“No problem… It’s bigger inside than it looks.”

We had a 70 mile journey to make. I forgot to ask if you were hungry. You reminded me as the BP roadhouse appeared.

“Oops, sorry!” I said

You just smiled “don’t apologise.”

I have loved that smile since you first showed it to me. It’s beautiful and makes my heart pound and leap with joy.

After what was a late lunch we raced along the freeway, talking and talking and listening to the music on your iPod.

Journey, Lynard Skynard, Lana Del Rey, … And the miles raced by.

You put your hand on my thigh at the hemline of my skirt as I changed up into 3rd gear to overtake a truck and the V6 engine made an orgasmic howl.

My senses were in overload. I had you in my car, touching me and coming to a secret love nest! I looked over at you and smiled. You were already smiling at me.

Your hand moved up my thigh, just an inch. That was enough to make my already moist underwear take a sudden flood.


“How much further?” You asked as your hand went further up.

“About twenty miles.” I squeaked as my arousal played havoc with my voice

“Maybe we should stop for a rest..”

The picnic area was deserted. I pulled over and stopped the car.

We almost leapt on each other. Our kiss was amazingly beautiful and I felt your hands running up from my waist to the swell of my breasts. I grasped your lovely butt and pulled you closer as our tongues danced together and we moaned in unison.

“God, I’ve wanted this!” I breathed

” ohh yeah..” You managed as my left hand found your wonderful breast.

We continued the most beautiful, most passionate kiss I have ever known for what seemed like hours. The smell of two very aroused women was heavy in the car

“Let’s go on to the room and get showered.”I said “I promised you a massage.”

“Ok!” you said as we completely failed to stop kissing and fondling.

I honestly believe we could still have been there in that picnic area today, had it not been for the family that pulled in.

“Time to go..” I whispered, and kicked the Alfa back into life.

You took a few pics on your iPod as we passed the extinct volcano cores that form the Glasshouse Mountains.

“They’re beautiful, and the clouds above them set them off so well.” you smiled, as you showed me the pic. I loved your eye for beauty. I always knew you saw beauty like me – you had sent me pics before of the snow around your house last winter. They had taken my breath away

A few minutes later, we turned into the lobby of the hotel.

After a quick and painless check in, we walked into the one bedroom suite, hand in hand, hearts bound together.

“Ohh, the ocean!” you breathed, looking at the spectacular view. “I wish I lived near the ocean..”

“You do for the next couple of weeks.” I said and came up behind you, wrapping my arms around you so I could feel the weight of your breasts as I kissed your neck. “Shall we try out the spa tub?”

“oh yes!!” urfa escort You smiled…. I started filling it

I pulled your top off over your head. You unbuttoned mine and we stood, breast against breast through our bras.

Our kiss was long and passionate and very involved, again, and soon we were just in two items of underwear each.

I reached back to unclip your bra.

Your gorgeous breasts spilled from them and my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.

“OHHH!” I breathed “I can’t believe you are really here!”

I kissed your right nipple until it was hard and pokey. I felt you undoing my bra as I switched to the left nipple and made them match..

I looked up into your eyes. So much love. So, so very much.

Your hands lifted my newly freed breasts and you sighed “Gorgeous…even more gorgeous than in your pics.”

We both looked over at the tub at the same time. It was close to overflowing.

I turned off the taps and hooked my fingers in the elastic of your pretty pink panties. A quick pull and they were on the floor. As you pulled mine off, I looked down and saw that little landing strip of hair I had loved and longed for, for so many months.

In the tub we kissed again and used soap to glide our hands over each others curves, exploring, touching, loving every inch of each other. I spent a long time soaping up your breasts. Probably too long, but I noticed you weren’t complaining! You ran your hands up and down my legs and my waist and underneath my breasts until I thought I would die from the pleasure of your touch. You pulled me back into you, between your spread legs, so my back was squashing your boobs and turned my face to yours to kiss me.

We rocked gently together and let our love light an arousal so amazingly strong it made me quiver with excitement.

We ran the jets and let the tumbling, vibrating water lift us higher as our kiss ignited fires in our cores that could only be quenched one beautiful way.

I took your hand and led you to the king bed. I laid you down on your tummy and towelled your gorgeous back and bottom.

“Relax” I said, as my touch on your inner thigh made you jump..

“How?” you smiled back at me “I’m naked with my dream woman, and she’s touching me, really touching me…”

The massage oil felt good on my hands, but when I ran then over your smooth skin, I was almost overwhelmed by the sensations in my fingers.

You. Beautiful, loving, wonderful you..

I’m wanted to massage you so magically, take you places you have never been and eventually to the brink of orgasm, but not beyond… Not yet.

I worked my way down your back, learning every muscle in your toned body.

You felt so beautiful, you looked so beautiful . I loved you with every bit of my heart.

The curve of your yummy bum felt fantastic to my touch and I was so turned on by your moans of pleasure, that I straddled your leg and let you feel the wetness between mine. I kissed your calves with my lower lips as I kissed just above your bum with the other pair.

My massage continued.

I spun around so my bum was touching yours and massaged the soles of your feet, then the sides and between your toes. I found a bit in your soles that crunched and gave it a good work over.

You moaned “That feels so good babe”

I worked my way up your calves and the your thighs. My hand was working its way between your thighs when I just brushed your pussy lips.

I felt the juice sinop escort run out of you as you moaned my name “ohhhh, Teri…”

by putting a bit more pressure into my touch, I managed to get your thighs apart enough to see and touch your most secret, sensitive spots.

I ran my fingers along the spongey softness of the outside of your mound and circled around as I found the bottom of your pubic hair. Around and down again, then again, and again, each time getting closer to the soft tender inner lips that were glistening, swelling and protruding in anticipation of my touch

I felt juice break out of me and attach itself as a string of clear liquid onto your calf. I dropped my crotch right onto you and used the slippery substance to slide my lips over your calf muscles.

My fingers found the lips between your legs. I parted them into the flower I love and heard you moan as you pushed back into me. I put my face between your legs and licked from your clit to your ass.

You rewarded me with a gush of juice and a big moan


“Roll over honey..” I whispered.

I kissed my way up your tummy, over your breasts and met your mouth with mine. You tasted yourself on me and I felt your hands run over my bum to my thighs, where you teased my pussy as our kiss became more urgent.

My thumb found your clit and I let two fingers loiter at your entrance, where I could feel the heat and humidity from you..

You touched my pussy lips!


I felt the start of an orgasm…

My thumb pressed down onto your clit as my two fingers found their way into your warm, silky, wet depths.

I felt you enter me and our kisses softened slightly as we revelled in the feeling of really making love like we only ever had using words before.

My insides were boiling and tingles were staring to spread throughout my body, centred on my core, but reaching the hairs on my neck.

I curled my fingers inside you after moving in and out for a while. I tried to make my fingers inside you meet my thumb moving on your clit. You thrust up into me and cried out

“babe, I’m going to cum… Here I cum… Ohh, OHHH!!

Oh my god….Teri, Teri, Teri ….oh my god…”

We were rocking urgently against each other in a primal rhythm as my orgasm exploded out of me and made me cry out your name five times.

We came together so beautifully. My tears of joy dripped onto your cheeks as we kissed and kissed and pushed into each other and felt the most amazing pleasure together….. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.

We collapsed, still inside each other and were one gorgeous, pulsating pice of female pleasure together. The warmth and feeling of that first orgasm in each others company lasted for hours as we cuddled together and will stay with me forever.

And now it’s five days later and I can’t remember eating and drinking anything except you and some chocolate and some strawberries and plenty of wine.

We’ve played on the beach, teased guys at bars (then walked off kissing and laughing), made out on the balcony, in the kitchen in the bath, on the couch, on the bed and up against the hallway wall….

We had a day where we gave each other 20 orgasms and then stayed awake to watch a silly movie.

We’ve told each other every secret – first kiss, first crush, first orgasm, craziest sexual experience.

We’ve stood on the second floor balcony naked, arm in arm and waved to people who noticed us, then wrapped up into a passionate kiss, and we’ve woken up together, every morning (and some afternoons) and started our day with a gorgeous passionate kiss and some exquisite lovemaking.

I have never been so in love, and it is an amazing feeling.

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