The Family Business


I’m one of the partners in a firm of financial accountants. We’re quite a small firm and we think of ourselves as a family business. My twenty one year old daughter Annabelle is doing an economics degree, and for work experience during her university vacations she comes into our office and works alongside my staff. Knowing my daughter’s interests, the last time she was with us I put her with Justin, one of our most promising juniors. He’s an athletic looking boy in his late twenties with a fashionable beard. The grin on Justin’s face when I asked him confirmed I’d found the right boy. His decision was probably helped by the picture of Annabelle I showed him.

“You’ll find her easy on the eye and keen to have a go at anything.” I told Justin.

Annabelle’s a pretty girl with a shapely figure and a sweet innocent face that makes her look younger than she is. My most recent picture of her on my phone which I showed Justin was of her in her tennis kit of a sleeveless white tennis dress high up her bare tanned thighs with her dark hair just down to her bare shoulders.

My daughter’s very sociable and from the start I could see she and Justin were getting on well together. In the office Annabelle was dressed in less revealing clothes than that skimpy tennis outfit, but which still showed off her figure. A crisp white blouse complemented a tight grey knee length skirt, sheer black tights and simple black shoes. Even dressed like that I could see Justin couldn’t keep his eyes off her bulging breasts, her skirt tight over her bottom and her nylon clad legs.

Our open plan office can get busy and noisy at times. One day I told Justin I’d be at an all day meeting up in town the next day so I suggested he and Annabelle could use my private office and I gave Justin the key. What I didn’t tell Justin was that I’d set up some well concealed tiny but high definition web cams around my office, linked to my laptop. Also I wasn’t up in town but working in my study at home not too far away keeping an eye on my laptop in case anything interesting happened. I didn’t have to wait long before the show started.

Justin and Annabelle came into my office carrying a pile of files as if they planned to go through them. But while Justin locked the door behind him Annabelle put the files down on the floor. She leaned back on her hands against my big old fashioned mahogany desk arching her back so her breasts jutted out under her thin white blouse, spread her legs as wide as her tight skirt would allow and rocked sensuously on her heels. She’d succeeded in seducing him!

Justin had a good fondle of her breasts through her blouse. Then he ran his hands down her sides and lifted her skirt up far enough that I could see Annabelle was wearing black crotchless tights with her panties showing through. They were her very feminine and very brief cream coloured smooth satin panties with embroidered hems. I recognised them because I’d often borrowed them from her laundry basket to play with, worn them stretched over my straining penis and masturbated over them.

Now that the show had started I moved with my laptop to our bedroom. I stripped naked and got on our big double bed. To amuse myself as I watched the show I’d borrowed some tiny all but see through black lacy panties from Annabelle’s laundry. As I watched my sweet little daughter perform for me I got into my favourite masturbation position, kneeling wide legged with my penis sticking out in front of me. I fingered my penis and stroked my cock and balls with my daughter’s black panties to work my cock up hard in case a good time came during the show for me to jerk my load. I masturbate solo a lot since my wife left me. She called me a kinky pervert when she found out some of the things I was into.

Holding up her skirt for Justin, Annabelle spread her legs wide. Justin had a good long fondle of her cunt mound through her panties. He then slipped his hand down inside her panties to feel her naked cunt. Annabelle squirmed and tossed her head back with sex pleasure. Justin crouched down in front of her and pulled the front of her panties down far enough to show her cunt. I had enough zoom in the webcam to get a good view escort gaziantep of my daughter’s neat dark strip of pubic hair before Justin got his head down and kissed her on her pussy.

Justin stood up and the pair of them undressed each other one garment each in turn. I savoured the sight of Annabelle’s shapely curves and Justin’s athletic body slowly being revealed. Justin undid her skirt and let it drop first, then her blouse, tights and bra came off, till finally Annabelle bent over my desk with her big breasts swinging over my desk top and sensuously wiggling her panty clad bottom at Justin. By then Justin was wearing only his grey cotton briefs, which were bulging over his huge erect cock.

Justin fondled her bottom through her panties, tickled her down the thin strip of cloth in her bum crack and reached under her to stroke her mound through her panties. When he pulled her panties down and off my lecherous daughter spread her legs wide to enjoy another feel of his hand between her legs.

From the first time I’d seen Justin I’d imagined he had a fine figured muscular manly body under his business suit and I was right. He stood there thrusting his bulging briefs forward and Annabelle squatted nude in front of him to pull his briefs down. His penis bounced out and swung stiffly sticking out in front of him. He must have had an eight incher bending up from his big smooth shaven balls.

Now it was Justin’s turn to squirm, thrust his hips and toss his head back open mouthed in sex pleasure. Annabelle fingered him between his legs, tickled his balls and lightly stroked his shaft till it was straining rock hard, bending up so its big mushroom head was pointing at the ceiling. Still squatting in front of him she kissed and licked his big round penis head, and took his it into her mouth and massaged his knob with her lips and tongue. Justin looked as if he was fighting not to jerk his cum into her mouth.

They were on the floor together next, wrapped round each other, feeling and kissing each other all over. It was a show every bit as raunchy as any porn movie I’ve watched. Justin got his face down between my daughter’s spread legs, my daughter squeezed his penis between her big soft breasts, they got into 69 position for her to kiss his knob and flick it with her tongue while Justin played with her bottom and thighs and kissed her cunt, and lots, lots more!

Annabelle squirmed out from Justin’s arms. She sat herself on the edge of my desk with her legs wide, her pussy overhanging the edge of the desk with her bare feet on two office chairs. She reached out toward Justin. He stood between her spread thighs and had a good long feel of her breasts. His penis was almost vertical with the head of his hard up cock prodding her belly just above her cunt bush. He started kissing her breasts and licking her nipples, fingering her pussy all the time. His kisses worked their way slowly down her front till his face was between her legs and he was kissing and licking her cunt.

It was obvious Annabelle was getting wilder and wilder from all the finger and tongue attention her pussy was getting. Suddenly, with Justin’s face still buried in her cunt, my daughter’s back arched in an orgasm. Her breasts swung up as she tried to thrust her hips forward against him. She wrapped her thighs round his head to squeeze his head between them and pull his face against her cunt. Her head fell back with her mouth open and her whole body juddered in her orgasm. She stayed sitting on my desk with Justin’s head clamped between her thighs, then finally she released him. Now it was his turn.

Justin stood and positioned himself between Annabelle’s spread legs, held her knees and eased her thighs even wider. He moved his hips till his cock head poked her dark fur lined vagina lips, then with a firm thrust his penis was in her with his belly against hers. He held her waist and she rested her hands on his shoulder and I watched his muscular backside bobbing as he methodically fucked her.

My daughter had another orgasm while Justin was shagging her. Sitting on my desk she spasmed, wrapped her legs round Justin, escort gaziantep bayan pulled him against herself and beat her heels against his backside. Justin kept thrusting his cock into her and a couple of minutes later he came too. With one last thrust he pushed my daughter back on the desktop and his muscular bum quivered in the pulses of his cum.

After their orgasms they stayed like that with Annabelle sitting on my desk and Justin standing between her thighs holding her against him for a while, then Justin stepped back and my daughter slid off my desk. Justin’s big penis was swinging limp and the camera resolution was good enough to show a strand of semen dangling from his cock and dripping onto the floor.

But that wasn’t the end of the show. They chatted for a while, staying nude and kissing and fondling each other. Justin’s penis was soon on the rise again. Annabelle said something to Justin at which he grinned. From her handbag she produced a memory stick. She powered up my desktop computer and plugged in the memory stick. Our IT guy had linked my home laptop to my work desktop so I could see on my laptop at home what my daughter was bringing up on my desktop.

There on my screen was a picture of my ex wife squatting nude but for red high heels on our kitchen table downstairs with her legs as wide as she could get them. Annabelle had my memory stick collection of “private pictures” and was showing them to Justin! The picture was full frontal looking straight up between my wife’s legs at her big heavy breasts and her gaping vagina lips peeping through her bush of cunt hair the same colour as my daughter’s.

As I watched, the picture changed. There was my wife bending over that same table nude except for those heels and a tiny bright red thong down her thighs with her legs spread as wide as the stretched thong would allow. I was in the picture too, standing naked behind my wife, my penis sticking out hard from my hairy balls and my knob nestling in the valley between her bum cheeks, with my thumb and forefinger round my shaft ready to wank. Justin and my daughter were seeing my naked erect penis and in the next few pictures my daughter was going to see me masturbate over her mum! After a few more pictures of my wife, and of the two of us in action, I switched back to the action in my office.

Justin was standing there wearing my daughter’s tiny white satin panties. They were much smaller than his briefs, his big balls were showing at the sides and half his erect penis was poking out above the waistband. I’d long suspected that my daughter knew I borrowed her used underwear to wear, play with and masturbate over. I guess Annabelle wanted to see what a panty fetish pervert like me did with her knickers. Annabelle probably hadn’t guessed I’d often borrowed her knickers to wear in the office to show one of the other partners, to swap with his daughter’s knickers and wank over together.

After playing with Justin’s penis through the thin smooth satin taut over his straining shaft Annabelle pulled her panties down Justin’s thighs just below his balls. He was rock hard erect again. He let Annabelle’s panties drop, stepped out of them and stood spread legged with his erect cock thrust forward aimed at my desk. My daughter picked up her panties and gently brushed the smooth satin across Justin’s hard up penis and over his balls. I do just the same with Annabelle’s panties, getting my penis to the peak of erection and sensitivity, imagining the light touch of her fingers, lips and tongue on my cock before I masturbate over them. I could see the touch of Annabelle’s panties were having the same effect on Justin.

Annabelle spread her panties out on my desk right in front of Justin’s cock head. She snuggled up against him, wrapped her hand round his penis and began to hand job him. She smoothly and rhythmically pumped his shaft, tugging his foreskin and stroking his shaft full length with her closed fist sliding right up over his penis head. As she wanked him he pulled her against him so her big breasts squeezed against his arm. His hands roamed over her bottom, breasts, thighs and her escort gaziantep kızlar cunt, and with her spare hand she caressed his muscular masculine backside.

I could see what the desktop screen in front of Justin was showing. My wife was on the same bed I was on, kneeling nude on all fours with her big breasts hanging down, her thighs spread wide with her vagina slit and bush of cunt hair peeping out below her smooth round bum cheeks. It was a masturbation favourite of mine too. I well remembered taking that picture before sliding my straining shaft into her tight smooth slit as she knelt there like that. But now she’s gone and I’ve just got my daughter. My penis strained with the memory as I watched.

I could see Annabelle knew how to edge a boy to prolong his masturbation pleasure. She wanked him to the brink of a cum, eased off then wanked him again, getting Justin writhing with sex pleasure. After Annabelle had given him what was obviously an exquisite hand job Justin finally came. He rammed his penis hard forward and gripped Annabelle’s bottom. Just before he spurted he quickly picked up my daughter’s panties and held them just in front of his cock head, lightly brushing the tip of his knob. Justin’s body jerked, his bum cheeks clenched then his semen splashed over Annabelle’s panties and my desk top. This time my daughter wiped his semen off his penis, my desk and the floor with her panties.

The show ended soon after that. Justin and Annabelle dressed, then after a brief kiss and fondle, they left my office carrying the bundle of files and returned to the open plan area. I’d recorded the whole show.

Now I’m kneeling on our bed playing back the most exciting bits. I savour Justin pulling my daughter’s panties down and sliding his hand between her spread legs from behind to feel her hungry young cunt. I pause at the moment in their nude romp on my office floor when my daughter’s legs swing wide with lust for Justin. I re-live the thrust of Justin’s hips as he slides his massive penis into my daughter’s hungry vagina, then his bum cheeks clench and jerk spasmodically as he fills her. In my mind I feel my daughter’s heels beat against my bum.

I’m wearing my daughter’s panties fingering my penis and balls through the thin lace. I’m rock hard erect at the peak of sensitivity. I pull my daughter’s panties down below my balls letting my erect cock bounce out as stiff as Justin’s with lust for my daughter. I brace myself for pleasure and wrap my hand round my shaft. I masturbate watching my favourite scene: my daughter hand jobbing her boy zoomed in on Justin’s penis sticking out hard with my daughter’s petite fingers pleasuring his shaft with her dark haired cunt in the background bobbing with the rhythm of her hand pumping Justin’s shaft.

In my mind it isn’t my own hand wrapped round my shaft stroking and tugging and sliding up over my penis head but Annabelle’s. It isn’t my daughter’s black lacy panties snuggling my balls, but her hand reaching under me from behind to stroke my bum and the inside tops of my thighs, ruffling my thick pubic hair and tickling my balls. My penis strains at the thought of my daughter and her boy seeing my naked erect penis and watching me masturbate over her mother’s bottom and breasts. As I masturbate, in my mind my daughter’s on the bed next to me with her breasts against my arm, my hand exploring her bottom and thighs, and her soft pubic hair brushing against my thigh.

My orgasm rises! My eyes roam between my daughter’s big round breasts, her hair ringed vagina, her smooth thighs and Justin’s penis hard in her hand. Justin thrust his penis forward against my daughter’s panties, about to come and I can hold back no longer.

“Annabelle! Annabelle!” I grunt almost involuntarily as my hips thrust forward and my semen spurts simultaneously with Justin’s.

I wiped my semen splash from the bed cover with my daughter’s black panties and tossed them back into her laundry basket. I couldn’t help smiling as I remembered my daughter’s words when she suggested setting up those webcams.

“You’re always trying to see me nude, daddy. With those cameras I can enjoy my boys and you can enjoy seeing me. I’ll make sure we do all the things you like to watch. We can show them your filthy pictures of mum and you.”

My daughter’s idea had been brilliant, and so successful! In my diary I pencilled in another out of office meeting for next week. Then I spent an enjoyable afternoon editing the show ready to watch together with my daughter that evening.

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