The Educating of Joan


The educating of Joan – an older woman

I picked Joan up at a party of a mutual friend. I first saw her from a distance talking to another older woman. She was wearing knee length flat heeled boots with rounded toes and a zip that went centrally up the back of the boot. The boots looked well worn, classy expensive, a one inch heel and at the top of the boot were pull on straps very reminiscent of riding boots.

Anyway apart from the boots which drew me like a magnet, she was also wearing a just above the knee soft black leather skirt, and a tight black sweater which clung to her body emphasising her large tits. Her breasts moved and jiggled in her sweater whenever she laughed.

I watched her talking to her friend, my cock twitched as I dreamed of fucking this old slut in her leather skirt and wondered if she knew that I was watching her with my cock erect.

My eyes wandered to her huge tits, saggy of course, because of her age – I supposed she must be 70 y.o. but she still looked sexy in her leather skirt that clung to her buttocks.

She is a bitch – I thought – looking in daily life like a real bourgeois dame in that skirt and flat heeled boots, but who knows, she might take off like a rocket if you press the right buttons. Then perhaps nothing would be too weird or perverse for her.

I started fantasizing about her.

I asked my friend about her and indeed, she was 71years old and lived alone. Yes, she always dressed in leather, but only to suit herself. She seemed to be a real fan of leather and my friend said that she had seen her in a variety of leather outfits over the years including trousers, skirts and jackets. She also had lots of pairs of boots and used to occasionally wear tall thighboots when she was a little younger, pulled up over her tight leather jeans. And what she was wearing right now, seemed to be her favorite outfit.

I had watched her for some time my cock getting ever harder, finally I built up enough courage to approach her, just when she came back from the toilet. As I drew near I was taken by the smell of her well worn skirt mixed with what I imagined to be a faint wiff of fresh piss. She stood with her legs parted slightly.

I approached her from behind, then whispered in her ear. “Sorry to be so blunt, but I would love to make love to you. You are a real beauty and I love the leather skirt and boots. I simply adore older women who wear leather and that are as beautiful and hot as you. You have already made me stiff and aroused.”

She did not answer, but I saw how her face grew red. I put a hand on her hip. She did not back away. Then I gave her a small kiss in the back of her neck. Everyone was watching, but also this she accepted. I took her by her hand.

‘Let’s go to your place.’

And we said goodbye to everyone. She was a little red in her face, a bit ashamed or was she excited? Only time would tell…

We did not speak very much, though I was flabbergasted when she took her long black leather coat out of the mardin escort closet and I made the remark: ‘You, completely naked under this coat… Oh my God’.

She smiled a bit shyly and told me where she lived. She seemed to be enjoying the attention I was giving her and she put on the coat slowly and fastened it up carefully. When she had put it on she ran her hands down the length of it, caressing the soft leather.

Her apartment was on the upper floor of a block of flats, somewhere at the outskirts of town. We went into the elevator up to her floor. She wanted to step through the elevator door when we had reached her floor. But then I held her back. I brought my face closer to hers. I was holding her leather clad body very tightly at her hips. I tentatively approached her desperate to touch her leather clad body.

I could see the creases in her face, the longing in her eyes, those lips trembling a little, because she was afraid she would disappoint me. She was so insecure, because she was so much older than me and she could not imagine that guys like me who are in their forties are raving mad about an old hag dressed in leather. When I drew her closer to me, without uttering a word, my arms going around her back, feeling the well worn leather of her coat, smelling it, I could feel the weight of her body. It is as if she could not hold herself anymore upright. She closed her eyes.

‘Look at me’, I told her.

And she opened them again.

‘Keep them open’, I commanded, while slowly my lips began nearing hers.

When my lips touched hers she closed her eyes again. I grabbed her face at the chin with one hand, pressing hard, in fact so hard that all over her face her skin grew red marks.

‘I told you to keep those eyes open, also when we kiss. Do you understand?’

She tried to nod, which was difficult because her chin still was in the tight grip of my hand. My dick was hard as a brick. I let my other hand wander to her huge ass and pressed her tummy against mine so she would be able to feel that hard pole aching and throbbing to feel her hands around it.

I was so longing for her leather tits, also the supple leather of her very well worn boots. I could see, that what she felt now pressing against her body made her happy and hungry for more. There came a faint smile around her protruding pouted red lips. I kissed her again, tentatively, looking into her grey eyes, which now she kept wide open. Her tongue started hungrily grasping for mine, but she did not dare to take the leading part in the kiss. So now I let go of her chin and with both my hands I started groping her body, pressing her body against mine, tonguing her mouth like mad, exploring every corner of it, licking her lips, biting them softly, nibbling them, sucking on her tongue and feeling her body all over.

She started to moan, she kept her eyes open, but I could see that that was difficult for her. The joy and excitement she was feeling van escort was probably way too much for her. I could see in her eyes the signs that she was on the edge of fainting from the physical pleasure and excitement. I continued kissing her, licking her, biting at the upturned collar of her coat, groping those huge tits, which were wagging in the loose bra she was wearing, kneading them, squeezing them through the leather, till suddenly I smelled urine. I withdrew from her.

She was hanging in my arms, panting, tears in her eyes now. I looked down and saw that we were standing in a puddle of piss. She had been pissing with pleasure and felt so ashamed of it, because she simply could not help it. I saw the anguish in her eyes, that I might leave her there and then, maybe even hit her for what she had done. But I directed my hand under the hem of her leather coat, under the hem of her leather skirt and I grabbed for her pussy that was covered in her piss drenched old ladies panty. I squeezed that wet cunt as if I was squeezing the last juice out of a lemon. I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered: ‘I want more of that, you beautiful old leather whore.’

I knew instantly that I had to reassure her. ‘Hush’, I whispered as tenderly as could in her ear. ‘Watch me.’

I kneeled down and took a booted foot in my hand. The leather was all wet with her salty fluids and the smell of it was intoxicating.

‘Look’, I said. Joan was standing there, one arm stretched out to the wall of the elevator to keep her balance, since one booted foot rested on my hand. She held her face away, her eyes full of tears. The water rolling down her red cheeks. She must have felt so humiliated.

‘Look’, I told her again and started licking piss of the round nose of the boot, pressing my lips to the wet leather.

Joan looked stunned, insecure, not knowing know how to respond to my actions. What to do now? Never had she experienced something like this, a man getting off on the piss of an old woman. Halfheartedly she undertook an attempt to push me away. But I fastened my grab on her boot. The effect of it was that Joan lost her balance and slid against the wall of the elevator. Quickly I rose to my feet again and caught her in my arms. I kissed her on her lips and at the same time I started lifting up the hem of her leather coat and skirt. As soon as my hand reached the level of her crotch I let it explore her soaked pantyhose. The smell of her was nearly too much for me to bear. I started kissing her like a mad man, biting her lips, nibbling on them. She was like a puppet on a string in my arms. I tore down the pantyhose and knickers a bit, so that I could reach more freely her wet cunt, which was very hairy. I brought one finger to her clit and felt how almost immediately she was giving up any resistance.

One finger was not enough. I wanted that smell so I went down again and started to work on her with my tongue. Oh, that taste of her salty liquid made me use ankara escort my tongue urgently on her wet pussy. I pressed my face in her crotch, driving the tip of my nose in that delicious urine stench of hers, rubbing my nose there where I knew her clit was, while flicking my tongue along the inside of her now wide opened labia.

‘Oh my God’, I heard her whisper. ‘Oh my God, what are you doing to me? Please, stop it, stop it, I am going to cum, please, you are making me feel so embarrassed again.’

It was at that moment that I realized that she was starting to enjoy again what was going on, what I was doing to her.

And indeed for one of her hands grabbed my head and pushed it harder and harder against her crotch, so hard that I even had difficulties to go on breathing. But I held on, so delicious was this feeling of my head being pressed against her overly wet panties. I still had the sensation of the pissed leather of her boots in my mind, I loved the quite different smell and taste of these panties and the warmth of her belly. So I simply let her suffocate me, while continuing to flick my tongue in and out of pussy, sucking on her clit. In less than a minute Joan came screaming, gushing her love juices onto my face and from there in her panties and pantyhose. It was all for me to swallow. I kept on working on her cunt, which was a hard job because she kept on pressing my face into her crotch and I nearly fainted because of lack of oxygen. I held on to her hips and buttocks, concentrating on her smells, on her leather clad bum and going deep, deep, very deep into that joy of sexual arousal which she was giving me.

Then I felt how her body relaxed, how the pressure of her hands lifted. I heard a muffled sniffing and realised that she must be crying again. Slowly I pulled my face back, caressed once more those lovely boots of hers and got back again on my feet. I looked at her.

So beautiful she was. I saw those grey eyes, full of tears, those lips in pain of shame, the overall look of distress on her face. I brought my face again close to hers.

‘Look at me’, I commanded. She obeyed. ‘This is only the beginning. I want all of you, you lovely slut. I want to fuck your brains out, to lick every juice out of your delicious body, I want to do the dirtiest things to you, you would never have imagined. Do you want to continue this with me?’

It took Joan some time to let these words sink in, to find their way to her mind. Then she just nodded, still crying. It was then that I kissed her again, softly, caressing, lovingly, tenderly. She answered my kisses in the same way. Both of us felt – I was sure that moment – as young lovers on their first date. I let go of her and asked: ‘Shall we go inside? It is about to be my turn to have fun.’

There, for the first came a faint smile on her face.

Then she faintly whispered: ‘I’ll do anything for you. I never came so hard like just now.’

In the silence that followed, I gave her another tender kiss, caressing one of her leather tits.

‘I cannot believe that you aren’t really repulsed by me, pissing myself in front of you?’

‘I loved every drop of it’, I answered. ‘Like I love that you dress in leather, like I love those great tits of yours, your beautiful face, your smell. Now let’s get out of this elevator.’

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