The Deal Ch. 02


The Deal 2 – Birds and Bees Oh, My!

Diana honked her horn and waved as she pulled up to her son.

“Hey stranger. You are getting home late. Hop in.”

Matthew tossed his backpack in the back seat and strapped in next to his mom.

“So any plans tonight mister.”

“Just some homework, but I want to do it with Craig at his place after dinner.”

“Ooo, the place to myself; private me time. How unusual; I’ve never seen so much of you since you’ve been seeing so much of me so to speak.”

The conversation dwindled off as they pulled into the garage and headed inside.

“Let me get out of my clothes and start dinner,” Diana said as she headed off towards her room.

“Wait, mom. Ah, you know how I am a horny eighteen-year-old right?”

Diana laughed “I don’t know how you kept your eyes in your head during our weekend Wii marathon. So what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well you know how you being nude all the time in the house is a reward for me right?”

“Yeah,” Diana could feel her old friends the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach as she had no idea where Matt was going with this train of thought, and she really wasn’t comfortable with the idea of taking their deal any further than where it was.

“Well, I was wondering if you would let me watch you undress?” Matthew looked down at his feet rather than look in her eyes.

Relieved, Diana smirked “Are you talking about some kind of burlesque strip tease?”

“No, no; nothing like that; just a gradual revealing of ‘things’ rather than the boom ‘here I am all naked’ I get all the time.”

“I could see how that could be more fun and enjoyable and yet not crossing any boundaries I don’t want us to cross so why not. Follow me for the gradual unveiling,” said Diana as she hooked her arm through her son’s and led him down the hall into her bedroom.

“So why don’t you sit on my bed and wait while I use the bathroom. I promise not to remove anything.”

Matthew looked around his mother’s room at all the pictures of himself as he grew up as well as a couple of photos of his dad which helped him to keep what he looked like fresh in his head as he was only ten when he died. In less than two more years and that was half of Matthew’s lifetime.

Diana came out of her bathroom fluffing her short pixie cut hair, “Well, ready for show time, my horny eighteen-year-old audience of one?”

“Mom, how come you haven’t dated anyone since dad died?” Matthew was still looking at the family pictures on the dresser.

“I guess life got a head of me, and I focused on being a mother and worker and never had time to think about anything else.” Diana sat next to Matthew.

“Do you think that you might get married again?” now Matthew did look at her.

“I escort blog don’t know; I am still fairly young – ish. I have to admit that being naked around you is waking up parts of me that I had forgotten about, so who knows what tomorrow will bring. How do you think you have faired the eight years since your dad died; any complaints, honestly?”

“No, you have been wonderful, and I have good friends. I just kind of lost focus for a while there. But you certainly opened my eyes,” smirked Matthew.

“Speaking of which I am in serious violation of our deal, and hungry besides, so it is show time.”

Without getting up Diana steadily unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. She looked down at her pink lace bra and then at Matthew while reaching behind her back for the hooks.

“Did you ever catch a peek of your dear old mom in her underwear, mister subtle?”

“Once from the back but that was the best I ever got other than through the shower curtain a couple of times.” Matthew admitted sheepishly.

“Well, I guess my privacy was seriously invaded,” Diana gave Matthew a punch in the arm before pulling down her bra off her breasts and onto the bed next to her.

“Getting tired of seeing these puppies yet now that you can?” Diana looked down at herself watching her pink nipples slightly harden at their sudden exposure.

“Are you kidding; I haven’t even begun to ogle yet,” Matthew had his eyes glued to her bosom.

“Ogle? Sheesh, what a perv.”

“Mom, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, honey.”

“From my limited experience, aren’t nipples usually browner?” Matthew asked pointing a finger at Diana’s pale pink left nipple that was pebbling even more as the conversation went on.

“Your father used to call my breasts ‘Shelly’ because the color reminded him of the inside of seashells.” Diana laughed which pleasantly shook her breasts. “We would be walking on the beach, and he would pick up a shell with the right color inside and say with a dirty look ‘guess what I am thinking of, Shelly!’ I always liked my nipples’ color because it was so unique.”

Without realizing it Diana’s hands had come up and her fingers were rubbing across her nipples, alternating between pulling them lightly and circling around them. Since she was looking down at them she didn’t notice the effect she was having on her son as Matthew’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and his face slowly flushed crimson as his eyes were locked on the finger play before him.

Diana shook herself, “This is not getting dinner made mister”

She brought her hands down to the waistband of her skirt and pushed up with her butt while slipping her arms down her sides pulling both her skirt and panties down gaziantep escort blogu her thighs and over her knees where they slipped off on their own to puddle on the floor at her feet.

Diana sat back with her arms resting on the bed on either side of her, completely nude.

“I’m hungry so ‘Boom, here I am all naked!'”

Matt’s eyes were drawn to the curly pubic hair resting at the vee of her thighs.

“Have you ever completely shaved off your hair down there?”

Diana also looked down at her pelvic area, “No, this has always been what I look like. Besides, when did you get so knowledgeable Mister twenty-questions? Just how many shaven girls have you seen?”

“Actually, you are the first totally naked live girl I’ve ever seen mom.”

“Really? You mean you are still a virgin?”

Matt got all flustered, “Jeez, now who is asking all the questions? Actually all the girls I like want to wait which is alright with me I guess. It avoids potential complications.”

“If you don’t mind me asking just how far have you gotten in your horny youth?”

“I can’t believe I am talking about details of my sexual exploits with my mother, who just happens to be totally naked besides.”

“Yeah, I sometimes kind of feel like I’m in a Woody Allen movie or something.”


“Never mind, it is just my age showing, any way you were saying about your exploits?”

“Nothing terrible exciting I’m afraid; just some boob fondling once and some kissing so far. How about you, when did you start getting frisky?”

“Getting frisky? Now who is showing some age? I was a virgin until seventeen, but I have only been with two other men before your dad, who I started dating when I was twenty.” Diana was now lying back while still supporting herself with her arms that were behind her. As she lay down she drew one leg up at the knee with her other leg hanging down with the foot swaying back and forth. Without meaning to she was slowly raising the internal temperature of her son.

“Can I ask you something else that I am curious about?”

“Well, we seem to be on a roll here so shoot.”

“Ah mom, they say that there is a spot that when touched right can cause screaming orgasms. Is that true?”

The question brought Diana lean up to focus in on her own pussy which caused her to also open her legs slightly giving her son sitting next to her his first close look at her pussy. His gasp made her realize the effect that she was having on him.

Diana had to think for a moment about whether her son was being honest with her or playing her for a cheap thrill. Seeing his reaction and nervous face, she went with thinking the best of him and made a quick decision.

Finally Diana answered her gaziantep escort sitesi son, “I don’t know about screaming, but yeah it is a really good spot to hit just right. Now remember our boundaries. You can look but you cannot touch, deal?”

Matthew groaned only partially in jest. “Don’t worry mom; as much as it kills me some times, I would never jeopardize our deal.”

Diana leaned up more and brought her hand to the folds between her legs. She spread her legs wider before her son and slipped her fingers down to her entrance. “I will show you this because you’ve been so good and then it is dinner time. I am starving.”

Diana brought her fingers on either side of her lips and pulled them apart using her middle finger to catch the little nub in between. Her own breath caught as she pressed on it. Matthew leaned down inches from her sex, totally absorbed with her womanly charms splayed open before him. She had guessed right, he was honestly interested in learning what she had to teach him.

“Right here is my clitoris, which itself can be real sensitive; in further and behind it,” Diana’s middle finger made the trip that she was describing to her son, “is the g-spot that when stimulated during sex can trigger an orgasm. Just don’t expect screams, stars or earthquakes unless the girl is really, really sensitive or very excited.”

Diana’s breath caught again as it dawned on her exactly what she was doing right next to her fully clothed son. A slight tremor ripped through her body. She bit her lip to stop herself from making a sound to keep from alerting Matthew as to what was going on. She clenched her thigh muscles to keep the spasm from overwhelming her. Once the brief spasm stopped she quickly took out her fingers and sat up.

“And that, my inquisitive son, is the end of our biology lessons for the day, now clear out so I can freshen up and make dinner for us before I pass out from hunger.

“Thanks mom. You really are the greatest.” Matthew leaned in and kissed his mother softly on the lips while inadvertently pressing his chest against her bare breasts. It was the first intimate contact since the deal, but Diana knew she alone realized the transgression. He swung around and up and trotted out of the room feeling like the luckiest kid in the world.

Diana flopped back down in a daze and laid still while the butterflies wrecked havoc in her empty stomach. She was still stunned by what had just happened. She just had an orgasm in front of her son. She looked over at the pictures on her dresser when she suddenly remembered the vibrating flesh-colored dildo that was buried at the bottom of one of those drawers. It had been a pseudo-gag gift from David given after she had revealed to him her fantasy of having two men at the same time. Slowly, she got up to get dinner done, and Matt out of the house, so she could see if she could still have a screaming, star-filled orgasm after all these years.


Note: Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment and please check back as I will respond to all comments as well as emails. Happy reading.

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