The Blessing

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John and I first met in a chat room some nine months earlier and over that time had built up a budding romance. He liked the idea of me being a cross dresser and had soon convinced me to join him the United States. He was single and I was to be his new bride complete with all the trimmings of a wedding. I had told him of my fantasy to be dressed as a bride and I would save myself for my wedding night. I had not been with a man before and John would be my first. When we met at the airport it was strange our first kiss. He also respected my wish to wait until our wedding night. Everything was perfect from the outfit I had selected to the person John had found someone to perform the small ceremony.

My dress was to be a short white strapless one with a matching jacket and white head piece with a veil of fine lace, which covered just my eyes. Under my dress I would wear a white lace corset with white lace top stockings and suspenders. A white lace thong would complete my outfit. John wanted me to be blonde for my wedding, although he was also partial to my long red hair. I was to meet Father Brain that morning and I found it a little strange that he wanted to see only me but didn’t give it another thought as I prepared myself. I showered and did my makeup, then selected something conservative to wear to our meeting.

A short grey skirt with a matching jacket and white blouse would do just fine. Under it I would wear a white lace ¼ cup bra and panties with a pair of sheer lace top stay up stockings and white heels. I would be a red head today I thought and would compliment my hair with peach eye shadow and glossy pink lipstick. Lastly I applied a set of pearl necklace and earrings and my outfit was complete. I grabbed my purse and made my way down stairs to the car, which awaited me at the hotel reception. The doorman gave me a friendly smile and I knew he liked what he saw as he opened the door. I slide into the back seat and I let him look at my stocking covered thigh as he closed the door behind me. The car pulled a way and headed for my meeting with Father Brian.

The small church was on the outskirts of town and after paying the driver I made my way to the door. I rang the bell and was soon greeted by a short but rather large and balding man dressed in traditional church robes. He took my hand and ushered me into the small room off to the side of the main building.

“Hello,” he said.

“You must üvey kız kardeş porno be the future Mrs Brannon?”


“Call me Susan.”

‘Well hello Susan.”

“I’m Father Brian.”

“Nice to meet you Father.”

“John has told me so much about you.”

I could feel myself blush.

“I hope he hasn’t told you too much,” I laughed.

“Oh you would be surprised,” he laughed.

“Can I offer you some tea?

‘That would be nice thank you.”

“Please Susan sit.”

I sild into the chair and I could feel my skirt begin to ride up exposing my thigh, I could see him glance in my direction and he got a good look at it as well. It felt for a moment as if he was undressing me but I soon dismissed the idea from my mind as he poured the tea into my cup. He added the milk and handed it too me.

“Now tell me a little about you.”

I started making small talk as he sipped his tea and I soon noticed that he wasn’t listening to what I was saying. He finished his drink and placed his cup on the table.

“John has told me all about you Susan.”



“He says that you haven’t been with a man at all.”

I could feel myself begin to get uncomfortable at his questions.

“Well no I,” stammered and soon stopped answering.

“Will you be able to please John?”

“I want too,” I again stammered.

“What if you can’t Susan?”

“Father I don’t think that you need concern yourself about that.” I replied.

“Have you ever held a man’s cock Susan?”

I was shocked at his question. I sat stunned and unable to answer.

“Better yet Susan, have you ever sucked cock Susan?”

I felt myself nod my head in the negative. Father Brian took the cup from my hand and took my wrist, pulling me from the chair. He undid the buttons on my jacket and pulled it from my shoulders. Next came the buttons on my blouse and pulled it from my skirt, then tossed it to the floor. I stood motionless and he unzipped my skirt and lowered it to the floor, then pulled each leg out of it and it too joined the other garments in a pile. I stood before him dressed only in my bra, panties stockings and heels. It was as If I was in a trance and Father Brian was in complete control.

“Kneel Susan.”

I did as I was commanded.

I watched as he brown robe fell away to the floor and xnxx porno he now stood before me naked. He stomach was large and below it hung his large semi rigid penis with its two testicles hanging further below it again. His cock was uncut and even in its semi rigid state would have been at least 8 inches in length.

“Touch it Susan.”

I reached out and took his cock in my hand holding it.

“Oh yes.” he moaned.

“Now stroke it for me.”

“Make it nice and hard.”

I began to stroke his cock pulling it back and forth in long hard strokes, forcing the blood toward the head. Each time I pulled it back, the foreskin would contact and the head would pop out like a small animal peeking out of its burrow.

He was being turned on as he started to moan loudly as his cock began stiffen even further.

“Oh yes Susan,” he cried out.

“You must breathe life into it.”

“Put your mouth on it.”

“Put your mouth on my cock Susan.”

I moved my head forward and opened my lips and mouth wide and I could feel it slide over them and into my opening. His hands were on the back of my head and he pushed my mouth further onto his hard cock. It was at the back of my throat and I struggled hard to breathe. My nostrils flared as I continued to suck and breathe at the same time. He controlled my head as he pushed and pulled my mouth on and off his rigid cock shaft.

“Oh yes Susan.”

“Suck It.’

“Suck Fathers cock.”

He released his grip and I found myself now voluntarily sucking his cock. I needed no pressure as I was now Father Brian’s cock sucking bitch. I ran my tongue up and down his cock shaft, and concentrated on his balls, sucking and licking each in turn as I worked hard to please him. I now knew what it was like to be a woman and I loved doing it. His cock swelled and it was soon rock hard. I could taste the precum and I knew it would be long before he would fill my mouth with his juice. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and taking my wrist pulled me to my feet. He moved me to the table and pushed me over it, His fingers were in the waist band of my panties and he lowered them over my hips and thighs to the floor where he made me step out of them. Next he had me spread my legs and he knelt behind me. I soon felt his hot breath on my anal opening and then his tongue was against it pressing to gain entry.

Father Brain began zenci porno to rim me, pushing his tongue against my anal opening. I opened my legs wide to enable him to gain even more access to it. He was trying to push his tongue inside my anal canal and I wanted it to fuck me. His hand reached around and he found may man clit, where he began to stroke it as his tongue tried to fuck me. I arched my back as I was in heaven as Father Brian pulled my clit and tongue fucked my hole. I now wanted him so bad.

I was so turned on as he stopped tonguing me and as he stood his cock head pressed at my anal opening. It was wet with my saliva and it pressed against my tight entrance as he pushed hard to gain entry. I bit my lip as my sphincter soon allowed it to enter and it was slowly making its way into my anal canal. With each thrush it inched its way further and further inside me until his balls now rested against my buttocks. He immediately started to fuck me, pushing and pulling his cock in and out of me. The pain intensified as his serpent pushed deeper and deeper into my anal canal. It gripped his cock like a vice squeezing every inch of his manhood.

He gripped my hips and pulled me on and off his cock. I rocked back and forth on my heels as he fucked me like a rag doll. I could hear myself grunt with each shove of his cock and the slapping of his balls against my buttocks filled the room. He continued to fuck me as he again pulled my clit in rhythm with his thrusts. I wanted to cum and I soon would like I had never cum before.

His rhythm increased and it built to a peak and with one last thrust I felt the first jet of cum shoot deep into my bowel. It was followed by a second, and then a third until all his cum was expended inside me. That feeling was enough to send me over the top as my clit exploded in Father Brian’s hand. My own juices shot over the cold, hard wood of the desk and down my stocking covered legs. I felt him slump forward as he had expended ever last drop inside me and I too had shot every bit of my own hot jism.

He lay motionless until he regained his composure, after which he withdrew from me. He took my wrist and pulled me to my knees, where he made me lick his cock clean.

He replaced his robe and allowed me to dress myself. I fixed my makeup and applied another coat of lipstick.

“Well Susan.”

“I’m sure you will make John a wonderful wife.”

“I also know that you will look very beautiful tomorrow.”

“Today will be our little secret Susan.”

“Yes father,” I replied.

“And you will come to me when ever I call you.”


“Yes Father.”

“Oh, and one last thing?”

“I hope you are wearing white?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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